Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 5

Accept and Welcome Change

Sometimes, you perform a ritual and then find you don’t really want that result after all. This is why Part 4 looked at Knowing What You Want.

Sometimes, though, you may really want the result, but you are held back by fear of change. In Wealth Magick, I mention that the magick will cause disruption, and this led to literally hundreds of messages from people asking me how they can limit the disruption.

Disruption is what you want. You don’t want chaos and disorder and problems, but you want your life to change. If you are living a life with a poor income, then a wealthy life will be so very different from the life you lead now.

Last year, during one month, I spent time in Vancouver and Singapore, and I stayed in beautiful hotels with astonishing views over the cities. I compared this to my first visits to those cities many years earlier. My first trip to Singapore had me staying in a room so small that I could touch all the walls without moving, and a thick, sickly heat that made my stomach churn. In Vancouver, I first stayed in an area that was so rough that my hire-car was destroyed (right outside my filthy motel) by the second morning.


I was ‘wealthy’ enough to travel the world back then, but I did it rough. Thankfully, I welcomed disruption. I welcomed change. I do not want to travel that way anymore. I do not want to think twice before hiring a cab, buying a meal, taking a trip, or purchasing gifts. To reach that level of wealth, I had to accept change. A lot of change.

From the emails I’ve received, I can tell that this is a major sticking point for many people, and some don’t even attempt the magick because they fear disruption. Sometimes, I may see a comment such as, ‘I don’t mind change, but I don’t want to have to leave my family and live in another country.’ That’s understandable. Although magick will take the path of least resistance, it won’t wreck your life to give you wealth. If the wealth you seek involves staying in a particular place, you can.

Of course, the more limits you place on your magick, the more difficult it will be to succeed. If you insist on living in a tiny English village and want to be a rock star, you may struggle. I know somebody who tried.


I once worked in an industry (that I won’t name here), and I was living in a country that made working in that industry difficult. I used magick to make things as smooth as possible, but I know that if I really wanted to improve matters, all I really had to do was move to a different city. For personal reasons, I didn’t do that. So I do understand that nobody wants change to be too disruptive.

But if you want your life to change from how it is now, you have to be willing to accept that change. Many people use magick to end relationships. Sometimes, a jealous partner will go all-out and curse their partner to force a dramatic separation. It works. At other times, though, I see people using magick to bring about a separation, but then they simply never leave their partner for fear of hurting them. I have done this myself, so I’m offering no judgment. I stayed with the wrong partner for many, many years because I was afraid of causing pain, to her and to myself. It was only when I realized that pain was unavoidable that I was able to go ahead. And then I used magick to keep her as calm and friendly as possible while the separation went ahead.

When I was able to welcome the change, it could happen. No amount of magick would have made her end the relationship. Magick certainly made her less interested in me and more willing to let the relationship die, but ultimately, I was still the one who had to walk out the door. (Of course, you can use magick to make somebody leave the house while you stay, if you’re willing to use powerful demonic magick, but my point is that you’re still most likely the one who has to make the decision when you want to be in control rather than at the mercy of somebody else’s choices.)

It is possible to influence other people, and my current and future books cover this ability, but I look back at so many situations where I have used magick to influence people and realize that no influence was required. All I needed was to be willing to accept change and use magick to bring about that change.


Change is frightening. This is why most people never rise out of their social class, why most people keep doing the same sort of work they have always done and mixing with the same people, thinking the same thoughts. If you want change, you have to be willing to accept change.

If you want a different life, it’s going to be different. This may sound insultingly obvious, but I get many emails from people saying that they want a new life, but then list all the reasons they want things to stay the same.

Magick is all about change, and brief disruption is nothing more than discomfort while you adjust to your new way of life.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a share trader or rock star. True wealth means having enough money that you feel happy and free to do what you want without fear of loss. I know somebody who used Wealth Magick to improve a home business. She’s still working through the book, but she’s getting results. Disruption for her came in the form of realizations about her work practice. She didn’t have to leave the country or become a stock market trader. She just had to see what she was doing wrong.

If you are afraid of change, reexamine what you want from your magick, as discussed in Part 4. If you genuinely know what you want, you are more likely to welcome the change, and when you do, you make it easy for the magick to bring results into your life.

– Damon Brand


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  1. Wonderful and insightful article. It’s true we first need to examine the reasons why we want a particular change in our lives. We want a specific outcome, but don’t want to be willing to adapt. Thank you for sharing, intuitively appropriate for me.

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