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Many years of my life were spent in the world of Chaos Magick, and you could argue that I never completely moved on. One of the aims of The Gallery of Magick is to simplify magick. We do that, for the most part, using a complex methodology that involves evocation and contemplation, but I can’t deny that some of the processes are influenced by Chaos Magick. It still plays a part in what we do.

Chaos Magick is less about tradition and rules than it is about personal experience, but when you’ve read the grand ideas behind the chaos movement, you wonder what exactly it is that you’re meant to do. Which is where The Master Works comes in. Whether you’re an old hand or a complete beginner, Adam’s focus is on teaching magick that works.

He’s put together an assortment of practical rituals, and gets across the main Chaos concepts without dragging his heels in theory. You can use the magick straight out of the book. There’s even a self-contained grimoire for calling on The Olympic Spirits, complete with sigils.

This is not the final word on magick, but I believe it is a valuable contribution to our library, and there’s no denying that the magick works.

Damon Brand

This is what it says on the back of the book:

The heart of this book is magick that works.

Chaos Magick can give you quick fixes, emergency solutions, direct results and rituals that can be tailored to your exact and immediate circumstances. Ideal for beginners, or a new direction for the experienced occultist.

This book presents a revolutionary style of Chaos Magick. These ideas are original, direct and above all, practical.

You will discover:

The secrets of Instant Alchemy, Emotional Crafting and The Fire of Gnosis.

How to generate Magickal Chaos Energy, to empower all your workings.

Influence Magick, Thoughtforms and an alternative form of Sex Magick.

Sigil Magick Remastered – a completely new way of tapping into the essence of magick.

Contacting Spirits – detailed instructions for contacting and commanding entities.

There’s nothing quite like doing magick and seeing it work, so that’s what lies ahead of you. If it doesn’t work, it isn’t magick.

It’s available as an ebook and in paperback. Click the image to buy your copy.

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52 Comments on “The Master Works of Chaos Magick

  1. is it a new way on creating sigils or is it some different?

    • There are sigils. “Sigil Magick Remastered – a completely new way of tapping into the essence of magick.” So, yes, that’s a new way of creating sigils. But there are many other ideas in the book as well. The description above gives more detail than I can in a reply, but if you’re curious you might want to click on Look Inside on the Amazon page, and then you can read the first few pages, see the chapter titles and get an idea of whether it’s going to work for you.

      Actually, I’ve just tested that, and it’s not working. However, the free sample is working, you could try that.

      I’ll try to get them to sort out the Look Inside feature.

      • ok thank you it wasn’t working me but i should read the blog better lol
        thanks again.

  2. Hey Damon, congrats to the GoM and Adam for this great book.

    When he talks about Sigil Magick he talks about getting into an altered state of consciousness and he mentions several methods like the Orgasm method. Must of us here are kind of ritualistic when performing GoM rituals, obviously we like straightforward and quick techniques, and if he says that the sigil should be fired up the same day, i would like to do it the moment im doing my “ritual” so if i dont want to have an orgasm , he mentions another method that is chanting the divine names for 10 min approximately, obviously that could be ritualistic and ceremonial and work, but for me chanting for 10 mins its to boring and complicated, so if i don’t want to do the Orgasm method or the Chanting method, what other methods could do the trick? (Being simple and fast like th orgasm) what suggestions or ideas could you give us.

    Thank you

    • As you’ve probably gathered, the idea is to take what’s there (several methods on offer), or if not, contrive your own from what already works for you. Alternatively, you could chant for one minute. Or allow the boredom to be a part of the process.

      Another process is to simply use the method from the Magickal Chaos Energy chapter and when you’ve built the energy, fire it into the sigil.

  3. Hi Damon. I just bought the paperback version of this new Chaos Magick book, to add to my library of all of your other books. Do you know if the kindle version is free for those who purchase the paperback, the same way that all of yours and Gordon’s books are? Amazon isn’t letting me download the kindle version.

    • Thanks. If you bought it through then you need to go to and click on the Find Your Kindle Matchbooks Titles button (so long as you are logged in). That should do the trick. Only works with, not any of the other Amazon stores.

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