The Master Works of Chaos Magick


Many years of my life were spent in the world of Chaos Magick, and you could argue that I never completely moved on. One of the aims of The Gallery of Magick is to simplify magick. We do that, for the most part, using a complex methodology that involves evocation and contemplation, but I can’t deny that some of the processes are influenced by Chaos Magick. It still plays a part in what we do.

Chaos Magick is less about tradition and rules than it is about personal experience, but when you’ve read the grand ideas behind the chaos movement, you wonder what exactly it is that you’re meant to do. Which is where The Master Works comes in. Whether you’re an old hand or a complete beginner, Adam’s focus is on teaching magick that works.

He’s put together an assortment of practical rituals, and gets across the main Chaos concepts without dragging his heels in theory. You can use the magick straight out of the book. There’s even a self-contained grimoire for calling on The Olympic Spirits, complete with sigils.

This is not the final word on magick, but I believe it is a valuable contribution to our library, and there’s no denying that the magick works.

Damon Brand

This is what it says on the back of the book:

The heart of this book is magick that works.

Chaos Magick can give you quick fixes, emergency solutions, direct results and rituals that can be tailored to your exact and immediate circumstances. Ideal for beginners, or a new direction for the experienced occultist.

This book presents a revolutionary style of Chaos Magick. These ideas are original, direct and above all, practical.

You will discover:

The secrets of Instant Alchemy, Emotional Crafting and The Fire of Gnosis.

How to generate Magickal Chaos Energy, to empower all your workings.

Influence Magick, Thoughtforms and an alternative form of Sex Magick.

Sigil Magick Remastered – a completely new way of tapping into the essence of magick.

Contacting Spirits – detailed instructions for contacting and commanding entities.

There’s nothing quite like doing magick and seeing it work, so that’s what lies ahead of you. If it doesn’t work, it isn’t magick.

It’s available as an ebook and in paperback. Click the image to buy your copy.

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52 thoughts on “The Master Works of Chaos Magick”

  1. This is a great book!I love the question form ‘how did …’ it struck me first in the Angel books and creates another vibe really easily.In some way this book gave me alot more confidence because it’s easy to see what is and isn’t neccasary to do your own magic.The emphasis on emotional transmutation is really important and has been key to me.I’m glad that Adam pointed out about working with established magical beings and not just ‘making up’ your own.I’m going to try working with Bast.An excellent book,thanks.

    1. I couldn’t agree more about the ‘making up’. Yes, you can, but mostly you don’t. Really glad you like the book.

  2. Hey Damon i just read the part of Seduction, the eye contact method seems interesting but i was thinking that the book would have something about increasing sex appeal and attraction like M Seduction, i guess i could achieve that with the sigil magick right? And I haven’t read the part of the Olympic Spirits but i think there is a spirits from the Olympic that helps with that attraction and sex appeal am i wrong?

    Also I didn’t understand the Gesture Magick at all could you explain it to me quickly, how can i do it in a ritualistic manner?

    And thoughtforms vs Servitors im a little bit confused about it, first because i really love your Servitor Book but if thoughtforms are kinda like servitors why would we bother on creating a servitor?

    And about the effigy sounds interesting am i right if i consider it kinda looks like a voodoo doll?

    1. There is a lot of magick out there that can be used for increasing sex appeal, from the angelic magick through to Magickal Seduction, and a complete method in this book (which you mention), so too much more would be overkill, I think. But yes, the sigil magick can be used for just about anything. The scale of results will depend on many factors, and only by trying it will you know whether it works better for you than other methods.

      I can’t comment on a section of the book that you haven’t read yet (Olympic Spirits).

      I can’t explain the gesture magick any better than the book, except to say that you are creating a living metaphor. One thing becomes another. If you don’t grasp it on first reading, let it sink in for a while.

      You’d bother to create a servitor because, as you say, they are only ‘kinda like’ thoughtforms. A servitor can be designed and tasked and empowered in a very specific way. Also, Adam explains in the sixth paragraph of that chapter when it’s best to use a thoughtform, so the applicability of each approach should be clear.

      The effigy description is short, but there are details in there that make it quite distinct from ‘voodoo’.

      1. I know that M. seduction, but Angelic magick? Which Angel would you refer? Also i just finish reading Olympic Spirits chapter.
        And one other Thing, Adam says in the book that with Chaos we could work with any spirit, if that’s the case i always wanted to work with the Archangel Barakiel for success and good fortune, do you know how could i work with him if i dont even have the correct Sigil formthat spirit.

        Thank you

        1. As for angel, you could start with Vehuiah, Yeliel, Lelahel, Lovel, Mihel… the powers are not just those listed. Those that are listed could work, but it is possible to glean more, as described in the book.

          Glad you’ve read that chapter. I’m sure you can see which spirits would work.

          If you want to move on to other spirits then, as Adam suggests, you will need to do your own research. If nothing is readily available, then you may have to invent a method that works without a sigil. It can be done – a name and an intention might be all you need.

          1. Thank you Damon! I see that i could use Hagith and Phul.

            Does You, Gordon and Zanna use and like Chaos?

            1. Zanna yes. I do sometimes, in a rush, and when I’m feeling a need for something rapid, creative or otherwise unusual. I need to feel inspired. And as I mentioned above, it still feeds into the general principle of simplification. Gordon would say that he doesn’t really perform Chaos Magick, per se, but would also be the first to admit that it was seeing others do Chaos Magick that led to him developing new ideas, and putting The Gallery where it is today. There were documents and ideas in existence that needed some inspiration, and that came from Chaos. So it’s made a difference to us all.

  3. if i understand correctly i can use this system to contact entities other then the ones in the book ?

    1. Yes. It will require some research and work on your part. You’re shown a grimoire for the Olympic spirits, then told how that was created, and from there you can hopefully be inspired to create your own method for other spirits.

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