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On Sunday August 7th 2016 we will be performing our long-awaited group ritual. You can join in wherever you are in the world. Details regarding the exact purpose and nature of the ritual will be published in mid-July. For now we can say that it is a form of ‘road opening’ – a way of discovering new opportunities.

The ritual takes about 20 minutes. You can work for longer if you want. The method uses a sigil from The Greater Words of Power, but the method is different to the one in the book. By releasing this new method in the PDF document in mid-July you will have plenty of time to prepare for the ritual.

The ritual will take place on Sunday August 7th, between the hours of 5am and 10pm British Summer Time. So that would be 2pm Sunday to 7am Monday in Sydney, or 9pm Saturday to 2pm Sunday in Los Angeles. We’ll publish the exact timings in the document, making it easy for you to find a time during those 17 hours when you will be available. You only need half an hour, but you will benefit from the entire 17 hours.

During those 17 hours there will always be at least one member of The Gallery of Magick supporting the ritual through direct participation. The entire Gallery will be present (at various locations around the world) for the opening hour of the ceremony.

The idea is that by working in harmony, we will all be able to access the power of a 17-hour ritual.


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UPDATE: The ritual was completed successfully, with many excellent results. We may perform more rituals of this nature in the future, but nothing has been decided as yet.




40 thoughts on “Take Part in a Worldwide Ritual

  1. Hi Damon,
    Would love to take part in the ritual. Looking forward to more information about it as it becomes available.

    Jan 17 2016, I ordered hard copies of 7 wonderful books, totaling $81.17. However, I wasn’t given the option of the digital version. I would like a digital copy for my own personal use, and to add to rest of the GOM books I have. How can I get these? I can forward you a copy of the invoice if you like.

    So far the magick is working great and I can’t wait to get the upcoming Words of Power when it comes out. I really like lightheartedness of Chaos Magick. It’s probably the least stuffy writing on Chaos magick out there and I really thank you for it’s release.

    Thanks again Damon, and everyone else in GOM!

    1. Thanks for buying the books. The free ebooks are available when you purchase new print copies through Amazon.com (no other Amazon sites work, unfortunately). If you purchased through Amazon, log in to your account and then go to this link, and hit the button that says ‘Find your Kindle Matchbook titles.’


      1. Thanks Damon,

        With a bit of muddling I got it to work. Except for “The Greater Magickal Angels” didn’t show up for Matchbook. It Says it’s been included in 72 Angels. Do I need to buy that if I have the two Angel books? I notice the print versions are going for CRAZY mad money! Almost $2000! That sure beats the stock market!
        I’m glad I have my print version but the sigils are printed very poorly, I’m sure the digital version is clear and I’d like to get the digital version of this.

        On another note, here’s a cool story I’d like to share.

        A few days ago I was on ebay and wanted by Product X Pro Plus. The unit is about $1000 new. A used one was for $750?

        So I did “Make Your Money Go Further” from “Words of Power”
        The next morning I check and it was taken down. Then I looked at the other listings.
        The Pro version is $650 with used ones going for $450.
        I WAS looking at one before the ritual at $420 incl shipping. After the ritual IT ALSO disappeared and then reappeared at $375!
        Funny enough, the lower model is ALL that I need, and If I decide to upgrade, I can still sell it for a nice profit to go towards the other model.

        Coincidence two:
        After work I was hungry for some Basmati Rice and stopped in to the local grocery store. I was headed for the ice cream but was almost pulled to the rice section. Of COURSE it was on sale, as was the ice cream.

        I find that Words of Power works that fast! Note that I did not do a specific working for rice and ice cream, but I find the that effects of a a working seem to water-colour-bleed into other things as well. VERY Cool!

        Question: In this case, whom do I thank and give gratitude to (other than yourself)? I have done a working a few months ago with Nitika ( I haven’t purchased all three things I asked her for yet, but she did provide the money) Should I thank Nitika or just acknowledge the Sigil and give thanks to the Beings written in it? Is Nitika continuing to provide by being around me or something?

        Thanks again Damon

        1. Good to hear. There’s nothing we can do about the price gouging, except hope that people realise it’s wise to pay less than $10 for the combined material of Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels, than to pay $2000 for the older material.

          We tried to let everybody know about the shift to one combined book, so nobody would have to buy twice. You should note, however, that the material has been updated, with Hebrew chants instead of Latin, and a new Shem talisman and a few other small changes. Most people prefer the new version, but I thought you should know it’s not identical to the original. The magickal effect is identical.

          I love those coincidences. That’s exactly how this can work. The opportunities are there, and magick draws you to them.

          With Words of Power, you only need to enjoy the feeling – gratitude for the fact that it worked, that magick is real in your life. The spirits that are involved will know, and that is enough.

  2. Hi Damon, where can I ask you a question or 2 which might be theory? about using servitors and your angelic protection together.
    Thank you for your great books.

  3. Just curious. I’ve seen and used a couple of spells aimed at slowing the passage of time. Are there now or will there be spells in the near future that can speed up the passage of time?

    1. It could be said that most magick is aimed at this. In many ways, when you do a ritual to get something, you’re speeding up your personal universe – the reality you desire comes days, weeks, or years sooner than would be possible with mundane effort alone. But other than that, there will not be anything to directly make time go faster.

  4. I am greatly looking forward to this. Does August 7th have any particular signification, or is just a day that works well for all in your group?

  5. I just want to thank the GOM. My husband purchased a few books for me as a birthday gift less than 3 weeks ago.
    We are on such a tight budget. Power was turned off, next day we had the money to turn in back on. I am not living in a constant state of fear and anxiety. I am feeling better and so is my husband. The improvement in health, shocking. Shocking, that’s the only word for it. Even the cash coming in, people being kind. What’s going on? Oh yeah, working with the info from the GOM. Life changing. We are not even arguing, believe me, we argued over anything. We are doing so much better.
    Thank you so much! So many great things have happened to us. Too many really to list. Things are improving! I love every moment of it! It’s changing my life for the better.
    I have practiced alot of systems. I never seen results come in like this.
    So I will be participating, thanks for the invite and the heads up on the new book, so I can budget it in.

    1. That is so good to hear. To remove that fear and anxiety from your life is so wonderful, but then to add in all the other changes – that’s just so great. I’m really glad you’re getting so much out of it.

  6. It’s quite amazing how people’s opinions and circumstances differ.

    If I had the money, I’d purchase all your books in one shot. No problem. No hesitation.
    But I haven’t, so I have to buy your books according to a budget, one at a time.

    And you know what, it’s probably better this way, because it gives one time to study, consider and digest the material presented by the Gallery, properly, one book at a time.

    I’ve just purchased a 6th book of yours, “Magical Attack”. What an eye opener. And it really compliments “Magical Protection”, which I purchased just a little while ago. A very clear and comprehensive picture is obtained on the subject matter from – and – with both.

    And I’m glad I purchased them, because I “see” – “feel it”, that there is a major problem to be sorted out. I’m busy with it, now – from the books. I must say that I like, the personal magick.

    I’m aware that some subscribers already have most, if not all of your books already. They are most fortunate, in my opinion. But don’t worry I’ll get there, in time, although, I must say, that you don’t make it easy, with all your new books, being published.

    Also I’ve now completed my readings and studies of your archives, and I’d like to say, that I found two most helpful, namely, October 2015 and February 2016.

    I’m now going through your FAQ’s (frequently asked questions), with lots to consider!

    A name is only a name – don’t be fooled by what or who is behind it.

    Thank you so much – everything up to now, best quality, and really most appreciated.

    Best Wishes and Success to all.

    PS : Really looking forward to August. I need some group support!

    1. Thanks. Some people say we publish way too slowly, others say it’s too fast. I’ve tried to slow things down a little, but there are (usually) daily requests on Facebook for more books, so it’s difficult to please everybody. But I’m glad you like the books and appreciate your comments. And yes, taking the time to study is wise. It is very clear to me that many people rush through the books – the downside of trying to make things clear, simple and easy is that it perhaps trivialises the subject to the point where people don’t give it the time and attention that is required for results, so a steady approach should work well.

  7. Really looking forward to the second book. About the ritual.. So what are we going to work on? Dealing with ISIS (I hope)?

    Thank you

    1. No, the ritual is a ‘road opener’ of sorts. Such rituals enable you to find new opportunities in life. The exact nature of the ritual will be revealed in the document, but although worked by a group the benefit is for the individuals who take part. By working collectively, a greater magickal effect can be brought about for each individual within the group.

      Although group rituals can be used for the greater good, The Gallery focuses on personal magick. Your personal magick can, of course, be used to benefit others. But it might be worth quoting from the main FAQ page:

      Q: Is there a ritual to end poverty, end war and save the environment?

      A: If there was a ritual for World Peace, we would be performing it. That is, if there was a ritual that worked. There have been many large rituals, over the decades, aimed at this. And people do use magick in politics. But there is nothing we can do to just cure the world, because magick is about affecting our sphere of influence. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do. The influence of one individual on any given situation can be enormous. But as always, with magick, the key is to see what you can change, and then break that problem down and direct the magick at those changes. When you change your own world, it has a ripple effect. So if you are able to change a few minds, or bring more peace to a place, or more rationality, that is good. But can you affect the feelings of Congress with magick? Highly unlikely. There are too many other factors in play. But you can affect the minds and hearts of those you know. The ripples will be felt. If you move in political circles, the ripples will be felt in more influential places. Magick is used by pressure groups, political campaigners and others who affect that state of the world, and it makes a difference, but it is all about finding what change you actually want to make, and then supporting your real-world efforts with magick.

      1. Thank you for explaining it further. I have never participated in a worldwide ritual before, and looking forward to it now. I did read the FAQ, but it didn’t hurt to re-read it.

  8. Terrific- will be there!
    Thanks for all efforts extended!
    Will the new book be named such that it won’t overwrite/eliminate access to the original Words of Power (for those of us still using/appreciating that work)?

    1. Words of Power will not be affected in any way. You can think of the new book as Words of Power 2, a sequel (although it will have a different title to make it very clear that they are different books). They used the same method, but each contains a completely different set of rituals.

  9. Thank you, Damon. Your generosity is much appreciated! I cannot wait! So grateful for this. I’m so happy I can join.

  10. Looking forward to both the new book and Global ritual. So glad Damon you rescinded on your plans to retire, although new to all of this, I feel a sense of comfort following and reading your posts. Already purchased many of your books and awaiting for new ones to come out. Anyhow….Thank you.

  11. Hi Damon,

    Really happy that we will get to do this, thank you so much.
    Question: can I do the ritual with a friend sharing the e-book (ie: doing it together at the same time, in the same room)?.
    I would like my friend to benefit from it, he needs some luck.

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, that would be fine. In the same way that you could share a real book, it’s perfectly ok, but thanks for asking. It’s only deliberately copying and sharing that we frown upon.

  12. Would it be possible to perform this ritual in nature? Park, meadow, near a river etc? Or does this need to be done indoors? Thanks

    1. I can guarantee that I will be outdoors. But I will also ensure that I have privacy. You can work in a park, or similar public place, but this might limit your concentration and your ability to say the various words out loud. But yes, it can be done that way.

  13. The release of the new book is in June. Try to find ot on Amazon.com in the part of “release soon” still not there. Can the at least we can have a glimpse of the cover?? So we can find it and buy with anticipation, please

    1. We upload the book to Amazon the day before release and they have nothing on record until then. I really appreciate your enthusiasm, but we can’t reveal the cover until nearer the time.

  14. Will that be a completely new book, like a Volume 2, or just a new edition of the original version? Looking forward to it either way, and the worldwide ritual. I’ll be there.

    1. It’s a completely new book, which we normally refer to as Words of Power 2. That won’t actually be its title. But yes, it will have over 30 new powers.

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