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This page is for questions relating to Angels of Wrath. 

Q: Is this the same as Magickal Attack? Which should I buy?

A: Magickal Attack uses a demonic master curse and methods from various traditions. This book works with angelic powers. You should use the Look Inside feature on Amazon to see which methods and ideas appeal to you most. The books cover some similar ground, but each contains a different approaches to this type of work.

Q: How can it be right to use angels this way?

A: If you don’t like the idea of this type of magick, please don’t read it. There are many other books that work with ‘lighter’ magick. If you want a greater understanding of the principles behind this work, please do read the book. Gordon explains the philosophy behind it clearly. It is not intended to be cruel or harmful, but is there as a shield and weapon for those who are in need of such magick.

Q: I can read Hebrew and your pronunciations and letter choices aren’t always consistent. Why?

A: There are a couple of places in the book where a TS sound seems more appropriate than a Z sound, for example. Gordon has sourced the names from several texts, as described in the book, but what ends up being used is sometimes one visual spelling combined with a slightly different pronunciation. The lettering is also sourced from several volumes, and in some sigils you may see variations on a single spelling. None of this matters, of course. If you follow the instructions, it will work!

Q: What do all the words in the sigils mean?

A: They are divine names, angelic names and arrangements and encodings of such names, and thus cannot be translated.

Q: Gordon mentions not using a ritual against a parent. Is there a reason why?

A: That was a single example for a specific person. You can use the magick on anybody.

Q: Can I do several rituals at once?

You can, but it’s not the best way to go about this, because the absolute core of this book is sincerity, and several rituals performed one after another may lack the weight, depth and sincerity required by this magick. Note that the apparent simplicity can lead to doing the work without full conviction. Ensure you’ve fully understood the nature of the emotional states required at each point in the ritual. It makes sense to put some space between rituals (maybe a day or more), to acknowledge to yourself the sincerity of each request. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth being patient for a day or two.

Q: Do I have to keep the sigil within view at all times, even while speaking?

A: Gordon says, ‘The sigil should remain within view as you speak your command,’ so at that point, yes. When you speak the angelic names, the sigil should remain within your field of vision, but does not need to be looked at directly. Your main focus should be on the emotional changes, as described in the chapter Working The Words. If you’re using a device and can’t see the words at the same time as the sigil, you have two options. One is to reduce the text size (easy on most devices) so it’s all visible beneath the sigil. The other option is to write out the names you say out loud by hand. In most cases, it’s very easy to see everything on one page, because there aren’t many names to be read out.

Q: Which is more powerful, attack or protection? How can I protect myself against magick like this?

Imagine if somebody tried to sell you an impenetrable shield and a sword that could break through anything. It’s clear that neither could actually work as described, unless operated by the warrior in a specific way. We’ve often said that with attack, it’s a war of attrition, and that holds true; if excellent defences are in place, attacks will have to persist until the defences are down. For most of the population, there are never any defences, which is why attack magick works so well. With this book, the extent of effect is also down to the level of your sincere desire – that can break through many defences. But the debate about which is stronger, protection or attack, ignores that so much is not about which side you’re on and what magick you’re using, but about how well you read the book, performed the magick, choose the right magick for the situation, learned to allow results and worked with all those subtle aspects of magick that are revealed in the books . You can see that some people get saved from car crashes with magickal protection, and others call it useless, and this is not because of any objective power in the magick, but how it has been employed. Magick isn’t so simple that there can ever be an ultimate weapon or perfect defence. We shift and move with the circumstances. If you want to use this magick, you can see how it would work. If you genuinely believe somebody might use it against you, the defence is persistent use of Magickal Protection. It’s never a case of an immovable object and an unstoppable force, because personality and human expression affects the interpretation and expression of your personal magick.

Q: Can I mix this with other magick?

A: Please read the Practical Magick FAQ to get a general overview of how this works.

Q: Can I do this magick for somebody else?

A: I answered this in a question below, so will save myself some time by quoting what I wrote there: Let’s say your Uncle Tim has been made miserable by a man named Barry. OK, you are really annoyed at Barry and sincerely want him to suffer. So, yes, you can aim the ritual at Barry. But it’s your own feelings about this that count. You might be doing it to help Uncle Tim and make his life rosy, but the ritual has to be worked for your own sincere sense of justice. This could never be magick-for-hire; but if you sincerely want somebody to meet justice, and if it affects you on an emotional level even if indirectly, then yes. The ritual is performed the same way, and just aimed at that person, with your personal feelings about the situation and the change you require being at the forefront of the process.

Q: I felt a bit weird while doing the ritual, and even when it was finished. Is that normal?

A: Sometimes, people find that working with this sort of energy can feel quite intense, but this lessens with time and is harmless. There is an overview here: A Touch of The Supernatural.

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62 Comments on “Angels of Wrath FAQ

  1. Thank you very much Adam for your reply. Ive just read Angels of Wrath and I loved the book, but there is an issue that the book doesnt address : when it says you should speak the name of your enemy in the ritual….what if you have four or five enemies , who know each other, working together against you?. As in my case, I have four relatives working together to attack me.

    Should I speak the names of my four enemies in the same ritual, or perform a diferent ritual for each one of them?. Thanks.

    • A couple of rituals mention how you can target several people at once – in those rituals, just do that. Otherwise, it is best to use one ritual per person, taking your time. The reason is that the sincerity required is intense, and it works better when focussed. Although this may seem time consuming, it is nothing compared to the time you have suffered. Even if you are using a sequence of rituals against each person, its best to spread them out. Start with those that will weaken and bind, so the others work better. Also, start your work on the worst person, the ringleader, and then on the weakest, and gradually build up to working on the others.

  2. Please, I need help.

    Ive been harrased and attacked by some relatives for the last 15 years. They have done, and still do, anything they can to ruin my life. They have stolen a huge amount of money that was mine, they even tried to put me in jail for something I didnt do. They are pure evil people who get away with many crimes using flaws and holes in the legal system.And they just cant stop.
    I m new to magick and I wonder which book should I use, Magickal Attack or Angels of Wrath. Any advice would be welcome, please. Thanks.

  3. Adam B here. Sepulchre posted this question on a recent post, but I thought it was more relevant here:

    “I’ve noticed that The Gallery presents similar spells by different people using different methods. That way, you can perform them in accordance to your personal preference. One spell however, that I have only seen once, is in Winterfield’s Angels of Wrath. It is the one that Eliminates Beauty in an Enemy. I think the spell is absolutely brilliant and love the simplicity of such a form of wrath. Is there any way we can see different versions of that spell? Beauty is such a powerful tool, and is so personal to the beholder, that when it does indeed get wiped, especially in the eyes of those we love, it can be devastating. It’s really and truly a ritual I want to master in different forms.”

    My response is that we don’t have anything else that’s akin to this yet, unless you create a servitor for this purpose. There may be other works similar to this in the future, but nothing at present. Glad you like it, though.

    Adam B

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