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Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: Is this the same as Magickal Attack? Which should I buy?

A: Magickal Attack uses a demonic master curse and methods from various traditions. This book works with angelic powers. You should use the Look Inside feature on Amazon to see which methods and ideas appeal to you most. The books cover some similar ground, but each contains a different approaches to this type of work.

Q: How can  it be right to use angels this way?

A: If you don’t like the idea of this type of magick, please don’t read it. There are many other books that work with ‘lighter’ magick. If you want a greater understanding of the principles behind this work, please do read the book. Gordon explains the philosophy behind it clearly. It is not intended to be cruel or harmful, but is there as a shield and weapon for those who are in need of such magick.

Q: I can read Hebrew and your pronunciations and letter choices aren’t always consistent. Why?

A: There are a couple of places in the book where a TS sound seems more appropriate than a Z sound, for example. Gordon has sourced the names from several texts, as described in the book, but what ends up being used is sometimes one visual spelling combined with a slightly different pronunciation. The lettering is also sourced from several volumes, and in some sigils you may see variations on a single spelling. None of this matters, of course. If you follow the instructions, it will work!

Q: What do all the words in the sigils mean?

A: They are divine names, angelic names and arrangements and encodings of such names, and thus cannot be translated.

Q: Gordon mentions not using a ritual against a parent. Is there a reason why?

A: That was a single example for a specific person. You can use the magick on anybody.

Q: Can I do several rituals at once?

You can, but it’s not the best way to go about this, because the absolute core of this book is sincerity, and several rituals performed one after another may lack the weight, depth and sincerity required by this magick. Note that the apparent simplicity can lead to doing the work without full conviction. Ensure you’ve fully understood the nature of the emotional states required at each point in the ritual. It makes sense to put some space between rituals (maybe a day or more), to acknowledge to yourself the sincerity of each request. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth being patient for a day or two.

Q: Do I have to keep the sigil within view at all times, even while speaking?

A: Gordon says, ‘The sigil should remain within view as you speak your command,’ so at that point, yes. When you speak the angelic names, the sigil should remain within your field of vision, but does not need to be looked at directly. Your main focus should be on the emotional changes, as described in the chapter Working The Words. If you’re using a device and can’t see the words at the same time as the sigil, you have two options. One is to reduce the text size (easy on most devices) so it’s all visible beneath the sigil. The other option is to write out the names you say out loud by hand. In most cases, it’s very easy to see everything on one page, because there aren’t many names to be read out.

Q: Which is more powerful, attack or protection? How can I protect myself against magick like this?

Imagine if somebody tried to sell you an impenetrable shield and a sword that could break through anything. It’s clear that neither could actually work as described, unless operated by the warrior in a specific way. We’ve often said that with attack, it’s a war of attrition, and that holds true; if excellent defences are in place, attacks will have to persist until the defences are down. For most of the population, there are never any defences, which is why attack magick works so well. With this book, the extent of effect is also down to the level of your sincere desire – that can break through many defences. But the debate about which is stronger, protection or attack, ignores that so much is not about which side you’re on and what magick you’re using, but about how well you read the book, performed the magick, choose the right magick for the situation, learned to allow results and worked with all those subtle aspects of magick that are revealed in the books . You can see that some people get saved from car crashes with magickal protection, and others call it useless, and this is not because of any objective power in the magick, but how it has been employed. Magick isn’t so simple that there can ever be an ultimate weapon or perfect defence. We shift and move with the circumstances. If you want to use this magick, you can see how it would work. If you genuinely believe somebody might use it against you, the defence is persistent use of Magickal Protection. It’s never a case of an immovable object and an unstoppable force, because personality and human expression affects the interpretation and expression of your personal magick.

Q: Can I mix this with other magick?

A: Please read The Gallery of Magick FAQ to get a general overview of magick.

Q: Can I do this magick for somebody else?

A: I answered this in a question below, so will save myself some time by quoting what I wrote there: Let’s say your Uncle Tim has been made miserable by a man named Barry. OK, you are really annoyed at Barry and sincerely want him to suffer. So, yes, you can aim the ritual at Barry. But it’s your own feelings about this that count. You might be doing it to help Uncle Tim and make his life rosy, but the ritual has to be worked for your own sincere sense of justice. This could never be magick-for-hire; but if you sincerely want somebody to meet justice, and if it affects you on an emotional level even if indirectly, then yes. The ritual is performed the same way, and just aimed at that person, with your personal feelings about the situation and the change you require being at the forefront of the process.

Q: I felt a bit weird while doing the ritual, and even when it was finished. Is that normal?

A: Sometimes people find that working with this sort of energy can feel quite intense, but this lessens with time and is harmless. There is an overview here: A Touch of The Supernatural.

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50 thoughts on “Angels of Wrath FAQ

  1. Hi Adam,
    i really appreciate your reply, but again you said that cursing remote enemies does not work always.
    worked for some and not for others could you be more specific ?

    the 7 remote enemies (are my former boss and 6 former collegues), i encountered and spoke to them almost daily during 10 months and from time to time, we got lunch together in the workplace until the end of may 2017. i know their face and names and still remember them painfully as they are unpunished : they has harrassed and bullied me during 2 months forcing me to quit the job.

    Now i don’t see them anymore since june 2017, but I continue to curse them.
    do you think it’s pointless to curse them remotely ? (as i still remember their name, their face, their threats, coercion and being bullied by them, i even have some of their pictures)

    I curse each of them with the ANGELS OF WRATH :
    to make them lose their job, HARM and destroy, wound with fury, bring judgement, cause hatred between people, create anxiety, confused the heards and the minds, cause memory loss, create fear in a strong enemy, bring grief, confuse and disrupt.

    I curse them also with DEM : RAUM, GLASYA LABOLAS, AIM, LERAJE, MARBAS, GAAP, vepar, SABNOCK

    If it does not work for remote enemies i had known, what should I do to harm them ?
    do I repeat again the rituals until i feel relief ?

    Do you think that one of this rituals abow have worked for one of them ?

    Could you suggest other books or rituals more effective to do so ?
    I am so frustated when i check out online my enemies (their names) are still working in the company.
    I am still suffering, and i have no means to go to court.

    Sorry for the long request, i have only your books to help myself.
    Many thanks for your reply

    1. Ok, you’ve given me clarity. Remote to a lot of people means, ‘I never met them and don’t know their name’. That’s when it’s tough. So if you knew these people, yes, the magick can work. But remember that all attack magick is meant to bring peace, and it sounds like you are stuck in a cycle of cursing, so you are probably hurting more. The secret is to do this and let go. You say that you are constantly checking to see how they have been harmed. This is the lust for result that we warn about. It is only when you really let go and trust that you get the best results. If you wait and worry and hope for results, they evade you. Doing as much magick as you are also shows an underlying belief that it takes twenty rituals to get a result. It doesn’t. If you were to start from scratch, the best way would be to aim one or two rituals at each person, leaving time between each attack on each person, and then just assume it’s worked, and get on with your life. (Might be worth re-reading the first two or three pages of Performing a Ritual as it is covered there.) The best revenge is living well, and you will find that as soon as you focus on that, and put the rest of your energy into improving your peace, happiness and fortune, you can bet that the attack magick will work. People have reported astonishing results with this book, really quickly, so the magick is sound, but you do need to give it the space to operate.

      See also:

      and maybe even:

  2. Hello,
    I am a big fan of the GOM since 2 years now, I have some succes the GOM books, and just ordered Archangels of Magick.

    since august 2017, i do several different rituals (more and less powerful rituals) targeted to the same enemies from ANGELS OF WRATH every few days (to 7 remote enemies, they were my former collegues and boss, I no longer see them since i was forced to quit the job at the end of may 2017)

    BUT I still remember their face, names as I interacted with them daily until the end of may 2017)

    I do also THE RITUAL FROM THE DEMONS OF MAGICK for each romote enemie (lose their job, sickness, anxiety, hatred, accident, loneliness, etc…)

    In may 2017, still in the workplace, I did twice the MASTER CURSE toward my boss, but it did not work as he became more agressive toward me.

    For the 3 books the questions are :

    Does it work remote ennemies (as I known their names and their faces ?)

    Does it work for ennemies (I know only their name : allies’ennemies) ?

    how can I know that the rituals has worked ? as i have no intuition, non evidence, no clue as i need to do the offering for the DEM

    Each time i do the rituals, my needs are sincere, as i still remember their crual actions toward me.

    Again thank you for your time and answers

    1. Glad to hear you’ve had some success.

      If your boss was more aggressive, that’s a sure sign it was working – but you often need to persist with attack magick, so that they eventually become weak. I understand the frustration, but that’s often how it works; when people suffer, they lash out.

      Remote enemies; works for some, not others, and always better if you at least know a name or a face. Otherwise, are they really an enemy? Same applies to second questions.

      Knowing the ritual has worked – well, one reason we say you should try to feel the satisfaction within the ritual is that you often don’t see the direct evidence. But what you should see is the knock on effect. Depends what you’re doing. If it’s a curse to harm, you may see the person more enraged. But many will hide it. If you don’t actually want their rage then you may prefer to bind or silence them. And then eventually, the result is peace; that’s when you know it’s worked, when you feel the relief.

  3. Hello Adam,
    1. Can I use ‘invalidate magick’ to undo magick I perform from any of your books when I dont want the magick anymore? For instance can I use it to invalidate magick of making someone lust for me or keeping a secret etc. What would it cost me.
    2. Can I use ‘invalidate magick’ to cancel a curse or any wrath I place on someone. If so how would the wording be; invalidate silence/judgement/lust ritual I placed on Mike?
    3. If want to perform the ritual to force exile on behalf of another person, how do i go about it.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi.

      1. No, it’s for the use as described in the book ‘when magick is directed at you’. If you want to stop your magick from working against somebody, usually losing interest in the result does that for you. If not, do a ritual for the opposite result. So if you did a ritual to make somebody lust, then do a ritual to make them lose interest in you.

      2. No. It only works as described, to stop attack. The chapter The Power of Practical Magick urges careful thought before doing the magick to prevent situations where you change your mind. If, however, you just lose the will to harm, the magick will often fizzle out all by itself. If not, you can do some angelic magick to send good things to that person, for example.

      3. See above Q: Can I do this magick for somebody else?

  4. My, my… Mr. Winterfield has been quite busy. This year. This book is definitely my cup of tea. I have Magickal Attack, but this, I feel, is much more conducive to my comfort.

  5. Hi Adam,
    I finally decided on my first work form this book. And it’s “a shield against fear”. Can I perform it in general, without any person in mind, or does it have to be personified? Also, after practicing “The Stillness” all I have to say is “Wow!” It is so deeply connecting and healing, it feels like it’s stitching psyche scattered through time and space back together again. Are you sure it’s just preparatory work and not a ritual proper? It would be very clever to put it in the book like this as a prerequisite to any ritual. You can have your justice or revenge, but first you have to go through healing. Either way you are better off in the end. Please tell Gordon that his book is great! I would pay a lot more money just for “The Stillness” alone.
    Thank you

    1. It’s got more power when personified, but if fear of any kind is weakening you, then it works. The Stillness – glad you like it! Yes it is a ritual in and of itself, but one that then gives you power to perform certain kinds of magick. Using it by itself is not without value.

  6. Many thanks! I had thought to do two one after the other as they were targeting the same person and my thinking was to try and attack the problem from several angles. But as you say, maybe it’s best to space them out.

    1. I was also wondering this – specifically the Ritual to Force Exile, which I wondered if I could do to get rid of an ex of my love interest who is still hanging around.

    2. Not exactly. Let’s say your Uncle Tim has been made miserable by a man named Barry. OK, you are really annoyed at Barry and sincerely want him to suffer. So, yes, you can aim the ritual at Barry. But it’s your own feelings about this that count. You might be doing it to help Uncle Tim and make his life rosy, but the ritual has to be worked for your own sincere sense of justice. So although I said ‘not exactly’ that means this could never be magick-for-hire; but if you sincerely want somebody to meet justice, and if it affects you on an emotional level even if indirectly, then yes. The ritual is performed the same way, and just aimed at that person, with your personal feelings about the situation and the change you require being at the forefront of the process.

    1. They are various arrangements of divine names and angelic names, so can’t actually be translated. A name such as Pariel is pronounced as PAH-REE-YELL, and that’s the angel’s name. In other places, the various words of power are usually variations on divine names (such as the 72 Letter Name of God) or combinations formed from angel names, and that sort of thing – there’s a lot of encoding going on. But it’s really just arrangements of angelic names other than the names that you actually speak. The one’s you speak define the focus of the ritual. The power of the magick comes from combining the sequence of certain names with The Stillness and the other techniques. The meaning of the sigil is what it can actually do.

  7. In the bring grief ritual, can I command the angel to bring grief to an ex spouse for loosing me?
    Do the spells work on someone living in another country?
    Can I use an article of clothing of the target or is naming them enough?

    1. 1, yes, that’s inventive! 2 no reason why not, if the feelings you have are sincere. 3, no need for this or it would be in the book – you can adapt, but doing so often shows doubt in the magick and it’s better to trust what’s there than to pile more effects and artefacts on in the hope it will work better. Cheers, AB.

      1. About bringing grief, I want to use it on my partner who did me wrong and left me. But ultimately I want him back, do you think it’s ok to do that? Or it only brings a sense of lost forever?

        1. In theory this could be ok, because the magick works according to your need and the level of pain you want to create. But it’s not an exact science. It’s possible you could cause a lot of harm, and then if you want to be with that person, the pain you will feel will cause guilt. I’d not rule it out, but I’d advise caution. The question is always, do you, at this point in time, sincerely want the effect you seek? But that doesn’t take the far future into account, and nor can it, because so much is in flux, what happens a year from now will be affected by a billion decisions and random effects as well as choices.

          1. Thank You, Adam.
            Right now I feel this book has arrived in time for me as I felt the way I was treated was extremely unjust. This person is not cruel by nature, but is spoiled by his parents and act without consideration, and has caused me alot of pain and turmoil. I want him to suffer or maybe filled with grief so he understands how much he hurts people.

            One observation, it seems there are waaaayy more cautionary warnings in this book compared to the Magickal Attack. Why is that? As if the damaging power is way worse with the Angels of Wrath.

            1. The cautions are largely about using it when you mean it – and that’s because if used casually, it’s a waste of time because it won’t work. So it’s more about making it work.

              1. Thanks Adam. I want to make a person forget resentments/bad memory. Should I employ “memory loss” from this book? or use a demon like Dantalion?
                I’m a little confused because “memory loss” seems like a good fit but I don’t know if it can only be used for destructive purpose.

  8. I carried out two of the rituals and although as Gordon says, they seem simple, I really felt the power and when I did the Ritual to take away beauty, I really felt the power and had an unshakeable feeling it was already working somehow.
    I just had a few questions:
    1.) Is it ok to do more than one ritual ‘back to back’ as it were? I did the ritual to Bond an enemy, then a few minutes later, the one to take away beauty.
    2.) If yes, so I have to repeat The Stillness for every ritual if I’m doing say 2 or 3 straight after each other? Or can I just do it once and then do the rituals?
    3.) When you say the Angels names, are you supposed to keep the sigil in view like when you are speaking your request? It did not say to so I didn’t.
    Many thanks!

    1. So glad to hear ii. Your questions have been asked by a few people so I’ve updated the FAQ – you should now find the answers above. Cheers, Adam B.

      1. Hey Adam, but in case you want to do 2 rituals one after the other with clear sincerity,do we have to repeat The Stillness or is it enough just doing it once and perform the rituals?

        1. The full ritual as set out in the book starts with The Stillness and goes on from there. So even if you ignore the advice to put space between them, you still need to do the whole ritual as written from beginning to end. You can ignore this too – I ignored lots of advice, especially during my big-chaos days – but in this particular case the results might then be rubbish. Why not wait a day? If it matters, it’s worth waiting a day, surely?

  9. Hi Adam, is there a way of using Destroy with Wrath without being revealed? (Assuming the person is not an occultist) i know the chapter says “there is nothing in the magick that will reveal you to be the perpetrator” but i want to be 100% bulletproof that the attack is going to be anonymous.

    Also from what im reading i think this attack looks quite devastating like Master Curse, in your opinion which ritual do you think has the most devastating power in Angels of Wrath?

    Also i’ve been reading several rituals that mentions “brink of death or tortured almost to death” can you comment on it please?

    And last time we spoke about DoM i asked you about Forcalor and the power to bring death, is it possible to accomplish it?

    1. I can only quote from the book: “Although there is nothing in the magick that will reveal you to be the perpetrator, the target may guess that you are behind this working. Only you can judge whether or not this is likely, or whether it even matters.”

      As mentioned before, no magick is more powerful than any other, objectively – it’s down to your ability to choose the right magick, read the books throughly, work the rituals as written and allow the results. What works best for you at one time in one situation may not be the best thing at another time.

      The book says, ‘as though they have been driven to the brink of death,’ and all other mentions of death refer to references in the source works rather than what’s in the book.

      I think I already answered about Forcalor. Some say this is never possible, others that it is.

    1. The limit is sincerity. Notice how much Gordon talks about this. It is with very good reason. Work done too casually will do absolutely nothing.

      Other than that, there’s no theoretical limit, but most people find they only have good enough focus to do the emotional work and concentrate sufficiently to do one or two.

      But as I say, only if that sincere desire is there. And piling up too much magick, well, some people find it clouds results. Better to do one ritual that you really care about, give it some room, then move on, than to just rush out six rituals and hope they’ll work. Spacing them out gives them more weight.

      I think one danger with this book is that it seems so simple that it can feel too easy, and it isn’t really. Attaining The Stillness and getting the full sequence of thoughts and emotions – it’s not rocket science, but it’s not just a quick glance-and-chant like Words of Power. As Gordon says, the simplicity can make it, ‘all too easy to dismiss these rituals as simple little spells, when they are anything but.’

      In short, I’d space it out a bit!

  10. Hi Adam, this maybe an odd question. I did a couple workings from the book several hours apart and soon after the second one I started experiencing random itching all over. I remember this happening to me the first couple times that I did the evocation of angels from Angels of Alchemy. But this time the itching was more intense and lasted longer. For some reason I decided to banish and that helped subside the itching. Have you ever heard of this occurring after working with angels or demons? Could it be I got overwhelmed by the energy of the angel I was working with? Or that too much of their energy stayed on me after the working? It’s interesting the banishing helped.


    1. Hi. There’s a general overview of this here: but actually, that probably needs an update. But, yeah, sometimes people find that just levelling up the energy can create this sort of effect. Not often, but it happens. Usually goes away all by itself. If it happens with the other angels, which are a completely different class, that suggests it has something to do with the way you experience evocation – it’s not the specific angels involved. If banishing worked it also suggests the same. Nothing was being done to you by anything, but the connection caused the effect. If it’s bearable I’d continue, and so long as you don’t let it bother you, it will probably fade or become less noticeable. Some people always get physical effects during evocation 0 tingling in the scalp, that sort of thing. Most don’t. Cheers, AB.

    1. This is covered in the chapter called Performing a Ritual, three paragraphs from the end. In general, only repeat when something changes to make it required again. But please make sure you’ve read and absorbed everything first! Cheers, Adam B.

  11. I read the book in a couple of hours – another great volume from Gordon and the GOM! It’s truly brilliant. When I was reading through the different rituals with the different Angels and merely looking at the names, I already sensed the power, even though I haven’t actually done any of the ritusks yet. I also absolutely loved the concept of The Stillness! It seems like a more detailed extension of the first part of the Ritual to Wield Power? The bit where you look into the sigil and contemplate your life, etc. I really love the process of the Stillness as it feels like you are taking a step back from your life – almost detaching from it so that you can take an overview of things. It felt like taking a bird’s eye view of things, or that sensation you get if you’re at the top of a building or a mountain, looking down on the world below. You’re seeing the bigger picture of your life.
    I also like that the book has rituals for when you just want someone to be taken down a peg or two and not necessarily destroy their life. I’m definitely going to be using the Ritual to take away beauty from a friend of mine who has become very vain and narcissistic and doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. Along with maybe a couple of others to make him see the error of his ways and how he has been treating others.
    Thanks again GOM!

  12. I bought the book because I believe there may come a day that I’ll need it. But for now I have not read it.
    But I am hoping this can give me something that I have always been looking for – a form of protective magick.
    If the saying “attack is the best form of defense” is true, then the attack needs to be very fast and reliable.
    I am wondering if one find him/herself in real physical danger (like armed robbery attack, rape situation), will any of the rituals in the Angel of Wrath (AoW) useful in that scenerio before the arrival of police/security?

    1. Hi, thanks, and yes I get what you mean. Magickal Protection has methods that can be employed in emergency situations, but this one wouldn’t really work that way.

  13. Hi Adam I have two questions!

    About 20 years ago or so, a curse was placed against me and still has an effect till this day and I definitely know the name of the person… at least the first name.

    So with regards to the ritual to “Invalidate Magick,”

    Is the first name enough to make this work?

    Will this work even though this is an old attack at least 20 years ago?

    1. When this comes up, and it does every few weeks or so, my first question is, how can you be certain the curse is still in place? There are very, very few rituals that can be made to leave and attack in place for that long, and often (without being dismissive) it can be fear or belief in the curse that fuels any bad luck etc I’m really not being dismissive – it may be that you’ve had a curse on you all that time. But let’s say it is, then yes, I would say, yes – the operation to invalidate magick is very powerful. Time is quite fluid when it comes to magick, so it can reach back to when the curse was formed. I believe it will work for you.

      1. Hi Adam yes I am sure but it is a long story and would be hard to convince.

        Any how I have one more question (thanks for answering my previous concerns… much appreciated!)

        With regards to “Invalidate Magick” it says when you speak your command, the sigil should remain within view… Does that mean to just have it near you or do you have to be staring at it while you speak the command. To put it another way can I read my command written on paper first, then look back at the sigil?

  14. Hello Adam!

    Really enjoying this book, I can definitely feel the power it represents! My question is about the adaptability of these workings. My intuition tells me there is more to these rituals and angels, that the intent can be altered for powers similar to whats in the book, and that the sigils are the keys but the desire is what’s for the results. Particularly the Angels of Strength and Angels of Intellect.

    I know the book just came out and Gordon would be the expert so I feel a bit silly asking you this, but I am so very curious about this new material and just wondering if there will be more information in the future on using it for a broader scope such as personal development. Not complaining at all about whats in the book, it is a goldmine!

    1. There is more power, but it’s not quite so straightforward. The Angels of The Second Heaven, for example, are never going to do anything other than the sort of thing described here. But other angels within some of these ranks do have others powers, yes, and these may be revealed at some point.

  15. This is more of an observation than a question, though I will make it a question at the end.
    I bought this book the second I got the notification. And I wanted to point out to readers that if you are shying away from the books that seem “darker”, you are missing out on a lot of good stuff that can be used in other magick that doesn’t need to be “dark”.

    I get the impression that there is always more to see in books like these, and with the GOM, you have to step back and see the whole picture. You need to get ALL OF THE BOOKS!! Many of them have a “preparatory” ritual before the Magick in the book. That’s usually where I see the bigger picture. These are the thing that you can take and apply to your other books. In this book, it is the method of “The Stillness”. In Demons of Magick, there is protection rituals you would expect to find in “Magickal Protection”. I have also combined things from “Master Works of Chaos Magick” with “Magickal Servitors” and “Sigils of Power and Transformation”. You have to create a Servitor Sigil anyway, right? So using an android app, I copied a sigil from “Sigils of power” and erased the center design. Then created my own sigil for “Give Servitor Life and Power” and used the method of Sigils of Power for that to add to the “Magickal Servitors” process. A couple books use “Create Light from Darkness” and a few other Sigil powering methods, which I intuitively chose one to power that Sigil first.

    The point being….when you buy ALL the books, you are getting MORE than just the main topic each book represents. You are getting a comprehensive Magickal Toolkit with which you can creatively apply to your Magick.

    So my question is, was that an intention of the Gallery Of Magick when planning out these various books?

    One last observation: Gordon’s newest books should go a long way to demonstrating that things are not as cut and dry as they tried to tell you in Sunday school. “Demon” doesn’t always equal “Bad” and “Angel” doesn’t always equal “Good”. Angels can wreck shit, and Demons can help you learn music. Ying and Yang.

    If you are picking and choosing GOM books, you are getting a puzzle without all the pieces. Eagerly awaiting Damon’s next book, and hopefully something new from Adam, as “Sigils” was very comprehensive. Thank You!

    1. It’s a very good observation! There is absolutely no requirement to blend methods – each book is self contained. But for those who want to expand their magickal ability, the combined knowledge is the real key. Putting out a book of opening ritual techniques would be confusing and useless, so new techniques are revealed in each book. There was forethought involved in this, but it would happen anyway to some extent because each book contains the ritual technique that was crafted for that particular magick. Cheers, Adam B

  16. Hi Adam,

    I read that Gordon said in the book, if one were to curse, this book would be more efficacious than the demons of magick. What about the Magical Attack? I did read the faq above but in your opinion/experience how are they different? Or how they work differently?

    Can I still use it without knowing someone’s name?


    1. Some of it can be used without knowing a name, but some parts, you still need a name. As always, you can substitute with your name or label for that person, but it’s not quite as effective when you do. When it comes to the better book, it’s like asking whether you prefer pie or cake; I like both, and it depends on what I need. Sometimes I really need cake! The rituals are actually quite different in most cases, and when you’re familiar with both, you can feel a different quality of power to them. And then it’s a case of personal preferences and intuition, as to which you feel would be best to use.

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