The Angels of Alchemy

In recent months it has become clear that one of the best ways to get magick working, is to work on personal transformation first. When you have clarity within yourself, magick works more easily. And that is why I’m delighted to announce the publication of The Angels of Alchemy.


Here’s what it says on the back of the book:

“Acclaimed and best-selling occult author, Damon Brand, presents a potent, yet subtle form of angelic magick. Alchemy is a process of change. The angels revealed in this book enable you to access personal alchemy, to change who you are, to refine yourself at the deepest level and thus attract the life you desire.

With the help of these angels you can find patience, endurance and persistence, completing projects to your satisfaction. There are angels that can speed up the flow of reality, to help bring about rapid change, and angels that work to purify and clarify your emotions. They provide emotional balance and sustenance, while giving insight into situations, revealing the easiest way to get where you want to be.

The angels can aid your spiritual development and clarify the desires that lie within. These angels can support your ability to maintain integrity when faced with compromise, and give you the power to project charisma. By working with the angels you can develop your imaginative abilities and intuition. The angels can restore confidence, inspire your thoughts and help you to see visions, to obtain mystical guidance.

This is a subtle and sophisticated form of ritual magick that gets the results you want by an indirect route. Rather than tackling the obvious symptoms of a problem, it works on aspects of your inner being to reorder your life. By undergoing personal transformation, you can obtain the life you want.

The first style of magick is all about making direct requests for change. The second style of magick is evocation, where the angel is called to appear visibly, so that you can receive wisdom, guidance and change more directly.

The powers conveyed by these angels are immense, because they connect you to your deepest self, making it easier to progress through life, attracting the situations and people that will bring you the most happiness. When things are difficult, these angels offer sanctuary and emotional healing.

You will discover:

A simple ritual process requiring no special tools.

42 Angelic Sigils.

Divine names and Words of Power that unlock the magick.

The Keys of Evocation

The primary focus of the book is on practical magick that achieves results through inner change.”

Get the eBook here:

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89 Comments on “The Angels of Alchemy

  1. Thank you Damon and GOM for your incredible spirit of generosity in sharing your amazing knowledge. I am using the Magical Cashbook and I have to say that I feel so lucky & almost guilty because it feels so easy so far. I think that The Alchemy of Magic may be exactly what I need moving forward.

    I however need to ask your expertise In regards to an extremely negative outcome I had using the Words of Power several months ago now. I used the good luck words, in addition to a carefully considered decision, research, good reasoning and not listing results. However the outcome was the opposite to what I had anticipated. It was in fact, devastating , an irreparable result which cost me my good health and with no exaggeration very nearly, my life. It is an intensely private experience and I was wondering whether I could please have your guidance so that I can ensure that I avoid making a similar mistake with magick. I feel naturally drawn to it and want to work with it to create a better life for my children and I. I would sincerely appreciate it if could communicate with you some how in a more private forum to gain a better understanding of what I did wrong. I understand that you are exceptionally busy and can imagine you get hundreds if not thousands of these requests but I just don’t think it would be a good idea to post my experience publicly.

    • Thank you, and it’s great to hear about your results, and that’s it’s worked easily.

      You are right that I get hundreds of requests for personal contact, and if I accepted just a tiny percentage of them, I’d be working full time on nothing but personal coaching. Which is why I’m afraid I just can’t go any deeper than with interaction here. And even that, as you can see, is limited as questions are closed most of the time. I really want to encourage people to read whats already out there (which they do when the questions are closed), and then practice the magick. You are obviously doing that, which is great.

      If you want to post anonymously, you can do so here. Hit the Change button, if you’re logged in, or just use a false name. Many people do.

      With that said, I can say that I am 100 percent certain that the magick in Words of Power, if used as instructed, is never going to cause the sort of disruption and reversal that you talk about. Without going into the theory, the structure of this magick simply wouldn’t allow it. Of course, magick can respond in unexpected ways, and reversals happen at times. But with this magick, I would say it is either a coincidence, or something else that was put in place beforehand. That may sound very dismissive, but I can assure that it is not. Sometimes, people start using the Cashbook when they are getting into desperate financial trouble, and then when their finances continue to worsen, they assume the magick has reversed. It hasn’t. It’s just not had time to stop the negative flow that was in place. This happens a lot – magick is used when something is going astray, and then any negative events can seem like a reversal. Again, I should stress that I’m not being dismissive, but nothing that I’ve seen or learned in many decades of magick would suggest that this magick could ever backfire in this way. If you’re going to use The Angels of Alchemy, there is certainly magick in there that could help you to explore what actually went on.

  2. Hello Mr Brand, awesome book! Congratulations.

    What is the difference between Amiel’s power and Magickal Seduction ritual 3? Or Olympian spirit Hagith?


    • If you read some of the older texts, there are sometimes 23 different spells to cure a toothache. And so on. There is always lots of magick for any given problem or situation. So you could say these are all the same to an extent, and you use what appeals to you, or what works most readily. We all have styles that work better than others, at various times.

      However, the magick in the Seduction book is more about a general aura that is quite heady and irresistible – when it works well. The ritual in The Angels of Alchemy covers similar ground, but also includes the ability to improve your confidence; and I think the atmosphere of this is subtly different, but it’s hard to say how. You might want to try it, to see what works best for you. Hagith is about sexual expression; at least in terms of Adam’s take on that spirit. So, interpret that as you will. I see that as being about enjoying sex more, but as it’s chaos magick, it’s very much open to interpretation.

  3. so by changing your self that will attract what you truly want to you?like money or a relationship?

    • That’s the idea. If you’re looking for something external, you’re more likely to get it if you’ve become more receptive to it, and that can happen with inner work.

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