Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 1

It’s true. Sometimes, magick doesn’t work. If the magick in my books is so powerful, how can it ever fail?

I receive a lot of messages, and thankfully most of them are from people who are thriving with magick. The results are frequently stunning and prove to me that we’ve done everything we could to create a magickal system that is accessible and effective.

Some messages are from people who are getting a few results, but not quite what they want. For others, there are no results at all. Thankfully, there is always a way to improve your chances of a good magickal result.

(There are also some people who get a result – sometimes a truly stunning result – but dismiss it as a coincidence. That is a fast way to shut down your magickal power, because coincidence is the engine of magick. Welcome and enjoy coincidence and you will be rewarded.)

There are a few reasons that magick can fail, but these posts will look at four good solutions to get your magick working.

Enjoy the act of magick as much as the result.

Some occultists like to spend hours each day meditating and contacting spirits. I don’t. I like to do as little magick as possible, but when I perform magick I enjoy it as much as I can. If you can approach magick with a sense of wonder rather than obligation, fear or doubt, you stand a much better chance of getting results.

Magick should provide results, and if it doesn’t, then it’s right to question the validity of the magick. I am a great believer in Results Magick, so if something doesn’t work I throw it out. The only problem with this approach is that it can lead to an attitude that is too skeptical. I have received messages from people saying, ‘Well, we’ll see if this works then,’ and the tone is very much along the lines of, ‘I think you’re trying to fool me, but I’ll go through the motions and see if there are any results, but I doubt there will be.’

The problem with this level of skepticism is that it creates a sort of antagonism towards your magick. It’s as though you’re saying, ‘I don’t believe this nonsense, so it’s going to have to be miraculous to convince me.’ It’s far better to get into magick with a sense of childlike wonder. Treat it as an interesting game, and be willing to keep enjoying the ritual without worrying about the results.

When some time has passed, review your results skeptically, but when you’re doing the magick, don’t see it as a test of the magick. The magick works, so commit to the ritual as an actor commits to a performance, with imagination and concentration.

You don’t have to believe in magick, but if you can pretend to believe while you’re doing the ritual, and then just keep acting as though the result is inevitable, rather than testing, hoping, checking to see if your wish has come true, you will get better results.



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