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  1. What are the best methods to use to rid myself of debt? I have huge outstanding school loan debt that is in deferrement, health bills that are big due to no health insurance, and misc. other bills. I feel overwhelmed and need some help. I want them to disappear! Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey there. This page is actually meant to be closed to questions – not sure how that happened – with questions going to the FAQs. So I’ll try to switch it off again after I’ve answered. If you need more, please send it to the FAQs. Thanks!

      It’s difficult to know without having an idea of your current income, plans etc, whether you’re using magic and know magick. If you have the books, remember that the Cashbook is for burts of cash out the blue that can help, Sigils of Power (by me!) also has a sigil that is working well for this. Magickal Riches is about a better overall flow, so that’s a good way to get out of debt. Wealth Magick is a much longer working, and probably not right until you’ve sorted the debt.

      When it come to debt there are loads of great books, and heaps of average ones, that give the same advice. It sounds obvious, but it’s as important as any magick. Firstly, self-audit. Write down every cent you spend in a two week period, and see what’s digging into that debt. Change things in response. See where your time is making good money, and where it’s making poor money; work on changing that if you can. When in debt, turn your focus to getting rid of that debt, otherwise every time you buy something for $25 on a credit card, it can end up costing you $100 or more by the time you’ve paid for it. Debt isn’t just debt but a never ending tax on everything you buy. Of course, there are debts that people need – like mortgages and that sort of thing. If you were able to get a mortgage, you could (sometimes) roll your debt into that. But it’s a risky business paying off one alone with another. The absolute basic idea is to pay off as much of the debt as fast as you can, and keep going until it’s done. It can mean a total refocus for months or years, and you can support it with magick. But is is absolutely worth doing as it makes all your earned money worth more – because you’re not paying interest. The day you get out of debt, your money starts to pile up. Lovely feeling, and worth fighting for.

      Two good articles that will help:

  2. Firstly, thank you to the Gallery of Magick for supplying such valuable, easy to learn and use information at a reasonable prices! I have almost every book and have had some success with the rituals, sigils, angels and Nikita and hope for more!…. My question is how do I get my employer to pay me properly? I have asked directly and that didn’t work, it fell upon deaf ears and I’m frustrated. The situation is, I am a group fitness instructor and I get paid per class everywhere I teach. This particular fitness director insists on paying me per time but pays everyone else per class. I have confirmed that all the other instructors who teach 45 minutes get paid for “the hour” and I am being held to the standard of being paid for only 45 minutes. I don’t know where to start to tackle this, it is not fair and I’m sick of it. I’d like to keep my job but I am being discriminated against and want to get paid properly. Can you help me in attacking this situation please? I truly appreciate it.

    1. Thank you very much!

      The article I pointed you to on Targeting Your Magick will help. You may need to weaken that person, or strengthen the way you appear; you may need more confidence and authority. I have no idea, because I don’t know you. But reading that may give you clues as to which direction to go. It might be anything from Magickal Attach (not everybody wants to take this path!) or The 72 Angels of Magick, as that gives you lots of ways to seek justice and change minds. Perhaps the easiest would be a combination of Rituals from Words of Power.

  3. Hi! Thanks for opening up for questions again! I’m trying to do the #3 “Greater Sex Appeal” ritual from Magickal Seduction. I asked earlier what those of us who are older with diminished libidos can do. I think I’ve found an answer. The invocations (GO-HEE-AH BEE-EN YOLCAM etc.) from Adventures in Sex Magic works well for me as an aphrodisiac. So the solution is to combine it with the Magickal Seduction ritual. The only problem is that it has to be inserted somewhere in the middle. I’m thinking it needs to be placed right after the Latin language invocations of fire spirits (Descendimus ab Aere….to the end of that section). This, according to your recent rule, is “experimental”. What do you think about the merits of combining these two rituals in this way?

    1. It sounds like you have found your own solution. If those invocations work as an aphrodisiac, then yes, this combination could work very well. Glad to hear that’s working for you, and really pleased to see such a creative combination of rituals.

  4. Dear Damon,
    I would like to read your book
    Adventures In Sex Magick: Control Your Life With The Power of Lust
    as kindle edition.

    unfortunately it is not available or our of print as a book.
    Might you consider to release it as a kindle edition? Which of your great books gives advices
    or ideas or methods how to reduce my 40 kilo overweight.

    1. Please see this link:

      Regarding weight loss, this is from the FAQ:

      Q: Is there a ritual to lose weight?

      A: There is nothing aimed directly at weight loss. When it comes to magick you need to break down the problem, and then tackle each aspect of the problem with magick. With weight loss, it is nearly always willpower that is the problem. So, there is Dedicate Yourself To A New Skill in Words of Power, which can help with your personal dedication to a project. The Power To Improve Physical Health from The Greater Magickal Angels can support your efforts. There are other rituals in that book that also help with other areas of the self, and they may be useful. Perhaps the most useful book would be The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise, as it covers willpower and also works with many areas of the self and the personality. But these are not rituals that can make you lose weight. They can only shore up your own determination.

  5. Thank you so much for all of your books! My question is this: I have done a ritual to gain someone`s respect and he became a little abusive which surprised me because he had not been that way before. I also did a ritual to get him to keep his promise to me. This also seems to have backfired. What is going on? This person is very close to me and the only thing i can figure out is the magick is accelerating him showing me who he really is or maybe he doesnt love me despite what he says and wants me to go. This is a long term relationship and I am a little confused.

    1. You’re on the right track when you say that it may have accelerated things. Magick rarely produces an opposite effect, but when you’re working magick on somebody it can stir them to react against the magick. Sometimes this is just resistance, and it breaks down in time. In other cases, it is a glimpse of the true self. Time makes the difference. Time and persistence. If you have Zanna’s love book, that contains a ritual that deliberately moves a relationship along in this way, so you can see if the troubles will fall away, or if there’s more trouble than you want.

  6. Love GOM and all your books. This is more a request/suggestion than a question.
    I would love to see more success stories, or even stories about unsuccessful workings in the books Oftentimes we learn more from others mistakes than from their successes. I think adding some testimonials specific to each book or working would be valuable to readers.
    Although I know there are reviews on amazon and success stories on the blog- it would be very helpful to actually read examples in the books: For example in the angel books, would of been helpful to hear actual stories of people who had worked the magick successfully and their journey with the magick. I am certain the GOM has shared many such stories with each other over the years. I would love to hear some of these stories in the books.
    Damon comments sometimes about a man I know that did this, or a woman I know that tried this with the magick, my suggestion is to simply add some of these stories to the books.
    Just a thought to consider.

    1. One reason that we don’t put out too much is that people find such stories a little bit fishy. They could be made up. So often when I am writing here, I have so many great anecdotes that I can add to answers, but I am reluctant to do so too often, because (especially for the more extreme stories) they can just sound made up. I do use them, but I know they may be doubted.

      Filling the books with these stories may look like we’re trying to sell the magick or make big claims, and I’d much rather people tried the magick and saw how it worked. And for me, when I read success stories I get a bit bored and just want the techniques to be explained.

      The main reason, however, is that there are thousands of occult books, and very few that focus on the practical. Most are theory and anecdote. By removing the theory and cutting out the stories, these are kept short and practical, which is our focus for now.

  7. Greetings GOM and Happy New Year!

    After much consideration in reading Gordons book I have a few questions.
    I realize Gordon is a pretty illusive chap, so hopefully Damon can answer.
    Gordon has stated that these workings have been simplified for practicality,and are more general in nature. Gordon also stated that one does not know an enemies weaknesses, fears or phobias, but what if you do know. What if you know a target intimately and know exactly what would render the most devastation to said target. I have a need and I’m sure there are others that may have a need for more directed specific cursing that is not covered in the book.
    Let us propose that one would like to destroy a targets finances. This could be directed at a business or a specific person. Rendering this “target” unable to prosper or generate income.
    Many workings are geared toward increasing income and cash, so I would think this is completely possible.
    Could one command a demon in the master curse to carry out this type of destruction and how?
    Could one add a statement to the current working and command lets say Raum, who destroys honor and home to also destroy the targets finances.
    I am sure the demons in the book have many other “specialties” so to speak to bring about destruction in a targets life. Is there a demon that would be best at this?
    I realize with the current working laid out for us, that this would possibly fall under the realm of experimentation, but with a curse, one would definitely want understand the ramifications of attempting to specify a more specific command to these beings.
    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    1. In some circumstances, what you suggest would work, but the particular style of sigil, the nature of the working and the way it is set out means that it’s not too open to adaptation. Some people use just one part of the ritual, for example, but the ritual works when used as sequenced. So you could adapt it by adding a command. But be aware that you might be breaking the harmony of the ritual, and that even if you think you know what will hurt most, you don’t necessarily know what will be easiest to manifest, and that additional commands can restrict the magick more than they open it up. So feel free to experiment, but there may not be a need to.

      Gordon will eventually publish a book on direct contact with these spirits, and will clarify their specialities.

  8. One last question…

    If trying to influence someone, do you think that it adds anything to the magick to perform rituals when you know the other person is sleeping? I have often read that people are more vulnerable at this time, and susceptible to influence. Do you think that this could add any further potency to the magick aimed at influencing others (whether positively or negatively) or would this just be up to the preference of the occultist performing the rituals, and not really affect anything?

    1. Some people swear by this, and if it helps your confidence, why not? Some influence magick is worked directly from the practitioner to the target, and in these cases it can certainly help (but we haven’t published this kind of magick.) But if you’re using spirits to get the result, I think it’s less important, because they will choose when is best, and will wait until the target is asleep. But having said that, I have to admit that sometimes it does just feel right to be up late, knowing the other person is (probably) asleep. It feels more plausible and appropriate somehow, perhaps because they seem vulnerable at a time when you were wielding power. I keep very irregular hours anyway, so this is often an option for me. It would be less ideal if a very late night was going to leave you worn out

  9. So, my message posted before I was finished, but here are the success stories that I wished to share.

    A couple of months ago, I asked about doing magick for a friend of mine who was down on her luck. She had just divorced a truly vile man, and was being forced to leave her home. She had gone from a place of affluence to one of poverty. I had suggested Magickal Jobseeker to her, as she was trying to find a job in the field she was involved in prior to her marriage. She couldn’t bring herself to do the magick, as she was frightened by the concept of calling on entities, so I secretly performed the ritual for her. She had been job searching for months, and had received many rejections, until the morning that I performed the ritual to Poiel for winning a job. Within an hour, she received an offer, and subsequently moved cross country, with very little money, and a truck full of her belongings. Now, over two months later, she is settled in her new location, has a thriving social life, and is very passionate about her new career. I am very grateful to Poiel, and the Gallery of Magick, for the magick that saved my friend.

  10. Hi Damon,

    Before the page closes, I would like to ask a few more questions, and share a couple of success stories.


    1. Does the Ritual To Wield Power (from Magickal Attack) need to be performed only once, or should it precede every ritual in the book?

    2. I am making many changes in my life at this time, and included in this are a change of path, change of residence, and a renewed desire to pursue my dreams. Writing is in my blood. It is something that flows forth so naturally from deep within my psyche, and I would like to pursue it as more than just a hobby. I have been told by many that I should pursue this as a livelihood, in some form, but I have never known the proper way to go about this. I have many samples of my work, including a novel, but I have no idea how to properly put myself out there, so to speak. I realize that you don’t really have the time for answering questions of a non-Magickal nature, but is there any practical advice that you could offer in this regard? I would appreciate it greatly.

    1. Regarding 1, this is from Gordon’s FAQ;

      Q: How often should I perform The Ritual To Wield Power?

      A: It can be performed at your discretion. Performing it once with great intensity can set you up for a considerable time. In The Lesser rituals, however, you are instructed to repeat the ritual each time you work the magick, due to the fact that no other constraints are present in the rituals. When it comes to The Greater Rituals and The Workings of Silence, do you feel you have the authority to command angels and demons? If your initial performance of the ritual gives you the conviction to continue, do so without repetition. If you have any doubts, repeating the ritual will remove those doubts. Even if you have no doubts, you may find that the ritual helps to empower a ritual by re-establishing your sense of command, while firing up your imagination. In such cases, The Ritual To Wield can be performed every time you work a ritual. It is not required for Disruption Magick.

      2. It’s more difficult than ever to know the proper way to go about writing for a living because the industry is changing. Agents shut down every day, publishers shrink, online is taking over in so many areas. That’s probably the greatest challenge – knowing where to focus. But you might want to start by buying some of the books from Writers Digest, which give good advice on career building, who to contact, what conferences to go to. And of course in terms of the work itself, being prolific is one of the best ways to get good at anything.

  11. Hi Damon,

    I have one last question. Your books are getting very popular and I wouldn’t be surprised if they become a lot more mainstream over the next couple years. I think magick is more common than I ever would have guessed and I’ve become fairly certain that it’s quite prevalent in my industry. This question is just theoretical for now, but if someone has protected themselves using the Sword Banishing and the Master Protection Ritual, would they be safe if someone uses some workings from Magickal Attack against them? I guess I’m asking which form of your magick trumps which? Is the protection magick stronger, or the attack magick?


    1. Protection works when consistent, and is an attack is persistent it will break through. If you’re protecting yourself, and know there is a potential attack, then keep the protection up. If you’re attacking, keep attacking – most people don’t have protection in place and those who do will usually miss a day at some point. It’s a war of attrition.

      1. Great, thank you. So if someone does the Sword Banishing twice a day – in the morning and night, as you suggest – and repeats the Master Protection Ritual once a year, would you say that should be sufficient to prevent any attacks from getting through? Once I commit to doing something, I always follow through, so I know I wouldn’t be missing any days with the Sword Banishing. I wouldn’t really be expecting any potential attacks, but you just never know!

        1. Yes, that should do it. Attack is quite rare. Even those who love Magickal Attack are clearly using it in a restrained way.

          Your approach is a good one. Don’t expect an attack, but don’t be too complacent either.

  12. Hi Damon, I am fairly good at not lusting for results with most of my magickal rituals. With an important goal of separating some particular people and dating of these people myself, I think I drastically undermined myself by lusting for results. Now I gave the end a relationship ritual a few weeks to work after I completed it and then I started it again recently.

    Fortunately, I feel I have turned the corner on not lusting for results in this situation. My question is: will the magick be stopped if you hardly think about your desire any longer during your day as long as you put your effort into the magickal ritual itself and then drop the matter? I’ve seemed to go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

    Many thanks for your great help!

    1. For some people, in some situations, forgetting triggers the result. So that could work, and is better than lusting. But it is ok to think about your desire, so long as you don’t check up on the magick and see if it’s worked – that’s what closes off the pathway to manifestation. Forgetting about your desire is OK too, so long as there was genuine emotion when the ritual was performed.

  13. Hello Damon,

    I was wondering if The Gallery plans to release any books concerning a way to work with the 72 Goetic demons much like the streamlined system of working with the Shemhamphorasch angels detailed in your two angel books. Some time ago you did mention that The Gallery has a system of making contact and sending requests to the Goetic demons without having to fully evoke them, so I was curious whether you folks plan on releasing a book on this subject.

    Speaking of evocation, I’m most looking forward to the book concerning full contact through evocation. I understand it won’t be available for some time, but I hope it’s still in the plan.

    1. There are so many books on goetic evocation, but yes, Gordon will eventually publish something on the method of communication (without evocation). It is similar to that in Magickal Attack, in that it uses sigils, but there’s another – quite beautiful – aspect of it.

      Full evocation remains planned, for a much later book. That will be written by one of our new authors.

  14. Hello Damon,
    I love your realistic view on magic. I really find your views enlightening. What is your opinion on magic used to produce phenomena like changing the weather (e.g. cause or prevent a storm) or abilities like telepathy,telekinesis, pyrokinesis (manipulating fire)? Are these feats possible? Do you have any such knowledge available? Any plans of sharing with the public?

    1. Thank you. I’ve tried with weather, but think I probably kidded myself. When there are a billion variables it gives you a billion ways to change things, but you may need to change a billion things to have an effect. And for magick to work you have to want it quite deeply. Why would you want it that much, other than to prove power? Of course, you can do it casually, but if it doesn’t really matter on some level I think it falls flat.

      The other abilities you mention are workable, to one degree or another, but are often unpredictable and unreliable. There will be something by one of our authors on some of these subjects, way down the track, but it won’t be me.

  15. Hi Damon
    Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Its really incredible of you.
    In a situation where a person is having an affair with another married person. Neither person wants to get divorced, but they don’t want to get caught either – is there any magick that they can do for protection? and anything that they can do to bind or withhold a spouse that is suspicious.
    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Anonomous!

      If you have the book ‘Magickal Angels’? the Angel ‘Yahehel’ who has power to ‘Keep Secrets’ ‘to compel another person to your secret’

      Hope this helps!

    2. Lecabel in the same book can make you remain unseen. That could help during clandestine meetings. However, I should urge caution, because inner feelings can be amplified with this magick. I knew a man who got caught three hours into his affair (and nothing had happened other than a romantic chat, but he was caught and that was that). Two weeks later he decided to leave his wife. It was what he wanted after all – to be caught, to urge him to move on. So tread carefully.

      1. Damon thank you for answering. What do you mean: I should urge caution, because inner feelings can be amplified with this magick??

        1. That if you were in a similar situation to the man I knew in the above example – where you secretly wanted to be caught – that inner feeling could be brought to manifest. It’s not likely, but it happens, so just be aware of it when using magick. Usually, magick works with what we feed it directly, rather than being too subtle or underhand – but sometimes, if what we really want is the opposite of what we think we want, magick will make sure we know. This is most likely with angelic magick. But if you’re certain you don’t want to be caught, there’s nothing to fear.

          1. Thank you. Is there any other magick other than Angel Magick that could be used for this type of protection?

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