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  1. What are the best methods to use to rid myself of debt? I have huge outstanding school loan debt that is in deferrement, health bills that are big due to no health insurance, and misc. other bills. I feel overwhelmed and need some help. I want them to disappear! Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey there. This page is actually meant to be closed to questions – not sure how that happened – with questions going to the FAQs. So I’ll try to switch it off again after I’ve answered. If you need more, please send it to the FAQs. Thanks!

      It’s difficult to know without having an idea of your current income, plans etc, whether you’re using magic and know magick. If you have the books, remember that the Cashbook is for burts of cash out the blue that can help, Sigils of Power (by me!) also has a sigil that is working well for this. Magickal Riches is about a better overall flow, so that’s a good way to get out of debt. Wealth Magick is a much longer working, and probably not right until you’ve sorted the debt.

      When it come to debt there are loads of great books, and heaps of average ones, that give the same advice. It sounds obvious, but it’s as important as any magick. Firstly, self-audit. Write down every cent you spend in a two week period, and see what’s digging into that debt. Change things in response. See where your time is making good money, and where it’s making poor money; work on changing that if you can. When in debt, turn your focus to getting rid of that debt, otherwise every time you buy something for $25 on a credit card, it can end up costing you $100 or more by the time you’ve paid for it. Debt isn’t just debt but a never ending tax on everything you buy. Of course, there are debts that people need – like mortgages and that sort of thing. If you were able to get a mortgage, you could (sometimes) roll your debt into that. But it’s a risky business paying off one alone with another. The absolute basic idea is to pay off as much of the debt as fast as you can, and keep going until it’s done. It can mean a total refocus for months or years, and you can support it with magick. But is is absolutely worth doing as it makes all your earned money worth more – because you’re not paying interest. The day you get out of debt, your money starts to pile up. Lovely feeling, and worth fighting for.

      Two good articles that will help:

  2. Firstly, thank you to the Gallery of Magick for supplying such valuable, easy to learn and use information at a reasonable prices! I have almost every book and have had some success with the rituals, sigils, angels and Nikita and hope for more!…. My question is how do I get my employer to pay me properly? I have asked directly and that didn’t work, it fell upon deaf ears and I’m frustrated. The situation is, I am a group fitness instructor and I get paid per class everywhere I teach. This particular fitness director insists on paying me per time but pays everyone else per class. I have confirmed that all the other instructors who teach 45 minutes get paid for “the hour” and I am being held to the standard of being paid for only 45 minutes. I don’t know where to start to tackle this, it is not fair and I’m sick of it. I’d like to keep my job but I am being discriminated against and want to get paid properly. Can you help me in attacking this situation please? I truly appreciate it.

    1. Thank you very much!

      The article I pointed you to on Targeting Your Magick will help. You may need to weaken that person, or strengthen the way you appear; you may need more confidence and authority. I have no idea, because I don’t know you. But reading that may give you clues as to which direction to go. It might be anything from Magickal Attach (not everybody wants to take this path!) or The 72 Angels of Magick, as that gives you lots of ways to seek justice and change minds. Perhaps the easiest would be a combination of Rituals from Words of Power.

  3. Hi! Thanks for opening up for questions again! I’m trying to do the #3 “Greater Sex Appeal” ritual from Magickal Seduction. I asked earlier what those of us who are older with diminished libidos can do. I think I’ve found an answer. The invocations (GO-HEE-AH BEE-EN YOLCAM etc.) from Adventures in Sex Magic works well for me as an aphrodisiac. So the solution is to combine it with the Magickal Seduction ritual. The only problem is that it has to be inserted somewhere in the middle. I’m thinking it needs to be placed right after the Latin language invocations of fire spirits (Descendimus ab Aere….to the end of that section). This, according to your recent rule, is “experimental”. What do you think about the merits of combining these two rituals in this way?

    1. It sounds like you have found your own solution. If those invocations work as an aphrodisiac, then yes, this combination could work very well. Glad to hear that’s working for you, and really pleased to see such a creative combination of rituals.

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