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  1. Dear Damon,
    I would like to read your book
    Adventures In Sex Magick: Control Your Life With The Power of Lust
    as kindle edition.

    unfortunately it is not available or our of print as a book.
    Might you consider to release it as a kindle edition? Which of your great books gives advices
    or ideas or methods how to reduce my 40 kilo overweight.

    • Please see this link:

      Regarding weight loss, this is from the FAQ:

      Q: Is there a ritual to lose weight?

      A: There is nothing aimed directly at weight loss. When it comes to magick you need to break down the problem, and then tackle each aspect of the problem with magick. With weight loss, it is nearly always willpower that is the problem. So, there is Dedicate Yourself To A New Skill in Words of Power, which can help with your personal dedication to a project. The Power To Improve Physical Health from The Greater Magickal Angels can support your efforts. There are other rituals in that book that also help with other areas of the self, and they may be useful. Perhaps the most useful book would be The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise, as it covers willpower and also works with many areas of the self and the personality. But these are not rituals that can make you lose weight. They can only shore up your own determination.

  2. Thank you so much for all of your books! My question is this: I have done a ritual to gain someone`s respect and he became a little abusive which surprised me because he had not been that way before. I also did a ritual to get him to keep his promise to me. This also seems to have backfired. What is going on? This person is very close to me and the only thing i can figure out is the magick is accelerating him showing me who he really is or maybe he doesnt love me despite what he says and wants me to go. This is a long term relationship and I am a little confused.

    • You’re on the right track when you say that it may have accelerated things. Magick rarely produces an opposite effect, but when you’re working magick on somebody it can stir them to react against the magick. Sometimes this is just resistance, and it breaks down in time. In other cases, it is a glimpse of the true self. Time makes the difference. Time and persistence. If you have Zanna’s love book, that contains a ritual that deliberately moves a relationship along in this way, so you can see if the troubles will fall away, or if there’s more trouble than you want.

  3. Love GOM and all your books. This is more a request/suggestion than a question.
    I would love to see more success stories, or even stories about unsuccessful workings in the books Oftentimes we learn more from others mistakes than from their successes. I think adding some testimonials specific to each book or working would be valuable to readers.
    Although I know there are reviews on amazon and success stories on the blog- it would be very helpful to actually read examples in the books: For example in the angel books, would of been helpful to hear actual stories of people who had worked the magick successfully and their journey with the magick. I am certain the GOM has shared many such stories with each other over the years. I would love to hear some of these stories in the books.
    Damon comments sometimes about a man I know that did this, or a woman I know that tried this with the magick, my suggestion is to simply add some of these stories to the books.
    Just a thought to consider.

    • One reason that we don’t put out too much is that people find such stories a little bit fishy. They could be made up. So often when I am writing here, I have so many great anecdotes that I can add to answers, but I am reluctant to do so too often, because (especially for the more extreme stories) they can just sound made up. I do use them, but I know they may be doubted.

      Filling the books with these stories may look like we’re trying to sell the magick or make big claims, and I’d much rather people tried the magick and saw how it worked. And for me, when I read success stories I get a bit bored and just want the techniques to be explained.

      The main reason, however, is that there are thousands of occult books, and very few that focus on the practical. Most are theory and anecdote. By removing the theory and cutting out the stories, these are kept short and practical, which is our focus for now.

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