The Identity Ritual

Discover who you are, what you want, and how to get it.  By combining archangel magick with sigil magick, you can gain insight into what you really want. This helps you tear away the habitual thoughts, expectations, beliefs, and illusions that have slowed your progress. The result is an easier, clear life, and one where your magick works more often and more powerfully.

Blending magick is about using two styles of magick at the same time to get a result. It’s not like doing ten rituals at once to force a result but uses two processes that interlock. We believe it can help you know what you really want – not what you’ve got used to wanting or been trained and conditioned to want.

This is one of the most powerful keys to magick. When your desire is authentic, magick smoothly shifts things into place.

This is a pretty big claim for a blog post. Although this is powerful, it doesn’t mean you do one ritual and all your problems are solved effortlessly. What it does mean is that you can gain clarity of will, and with that, you can achieve great things. The benefits of this work are immeasurable.

We wanted this ritual to appear in a book or a course because we think it’s a big deal, but there was no way to do it without repeating a lot of things you already know. All the techniques you need are in Archangels of Magick and Sigils of Power and Transformation. The Identity Ritual was left out of the books because it’s annoying to buy one book and be told, ‘If you buy this extra book, you can also do this…’ If you own both books, you now have an optional (and free) way to get more magick.

The Changes

Don’t worry that this will turn your life upside down. The changes can be dramatic, but they are never horrible, and they always give you a choice. You are never forced to change your life, but you see what it can be.

You might realize that a long-dreamt-of career or experience isn’t something you want. That can be a shock but also brings so much freedom, because you no longer have to waste time chasing something you don’t want. Even more exciting is finding out something new about yourself, a hidden dream that makes complete sense, and gives you a new direction.

You may find dreams that you never thought were possible, and find the hope and courage to become the person you want to be. The dreams can be personal, emotional, spiritual and material because they all emanate from who you are.

Your identity is composed of who you are and who you believe you are. This ritual is a way of illuminating hidden aspects of yourself, so you have an authentic identity. With that, everything becomes easier.

You might think, ‘Oh, big deal, this is about finding out who I am, but I want results.’ What this ritual gives you is a faster way to those results, by homing in on your real desires. And when a result is something that will make you happy, satisfied and something that will aid your growth, it’s way more likely to happen.

If you use magick to get the things you desire, the magick will be more likely to work after this ritual. The ritual can give you revelations about what you want on many levels, from the most material to the emotional and spiritual.

The Discoveries

Sometimes you do the ritual and realize you do already know what you want, who you love, where you’re going and what your desires are. If so, that might seem like a boring result, but it’s priceless. If you find out you’re already on the right path, enjoy that knowledge. If you discover a new path, enjoy the challenge. Know that in using this magick you are shown hopes, dreams, and futures that are possible to obtain.

It’s true that there are countless rituals for exploring your needs and wants, throughout our books, diving into your spiritual essence and your material needs. These all remain valid. You may also have seen Road Opener rituals (in The Greater Words of Power for example.) This is similar, but Road Opening rituals are usually about looking for a breakthrough or new opportunity when you feel stuck or jaded. This Identity Ritual is more about the big picture of who you are. When you refine your identity, you can attract all that you desire.

What you discover rarely remains static, because even your ‘core self’ changes through experience, time and your personal development. You might want to use this ritual once a year, to see who you are becoming and how your dreams are progressing and changing.

The Magick

Let’s get into the magick. You need to have two books: Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand and Sigils of Power and Transformation by me, Adam Blackthorne. The research into this method was led by Damon Brand, who used archangel evocation to refine the technique. It was developed many years before either book was published.

Make sure you are familiar with the methods used. Blending uses The Sigil Ritual from Archangels of Magick and the Step 4 process from Sigils of Power and Transformation  (in the chapter How to use The Sigils). Make sure you know how they work and that you are familiar with them. If you’ve not read the books, what follows might sound mind-boggling, but it’s all easy to do.

In a quiet place, with Metatron’s Sigil of Power before you, begin The Sigil Ritual (as outlined in The Sigil Ritual chapter) until you get to the point where it says, “In this state, contemplate the situation that you want to change.” Instead of the usual contemplation of current reality that “only takes a second or two,” you spend quite some time gazing at the sigil while contemplating your life. You are not trying to recall everything that’s happened – that would take hours – but look back over your life. Try to notice three things:

Firstly, notice chance events, coincidences and even accidents, that had a significant impact on your life.

Secondly, try to recall times when you had very determined ideas or goals and obtained them. Even if things have not gone well, everybody has some memory of pursuing a goal and achieving it, even if it was just climbing a tree when you were a kid. Find one or two of those memories, at least, and more if you want.

Thirdly, think about times when, no matter how you tried, things didn’t go the way you wanted.

Keep your gaze gently on the sigil as you do this. You’ll probably find your memory jumps all over the place, sometimes remembering a weird coincidence, then a surprising victory, and out of nowhere you’ll recall a betrayal or disaster. It’s easy to get mixed up in a mass of memories, and that’s OK.

Keep coming back to the idea that you’re reviewing your life to see those three types of events: chance events that made a big change, times you achieved goals, and times when things went wrong no matter what you did.

This is not just a memory game, but a connection to one of the major streams of magick; the balance of chaos, synchronicity and the manifestation of your will. If you skip this part, the ritual won’t work. But don’t spend hours and hours on it. An hour at the most is enough, and if you get a good feel for this mix of events in less than an hour, that’s OK. Ten minutes might be all you need.

Don’t worry about getting it right. Obsess about the method, and you miss the magick, so try the method. Remember to keep your gaze on the sigil as you do this, and when you feel ready, confidently move to the next step.

In Archangels of Magick, where it says, “You now scan your eyes around the outer circle of letters in the sigil…” you continue from that point as normal. At the point where it says, “As you scan your eyes over the archangel’s name, allow yourself to feel that the result has already happened.” You do this, feeling that the ritual has worked, and you’ve gained great insight into who you are and what you should do with your life. Do this only for a few moments.

It then says, “The final step is to take this slightly further.” Instead, you now switch to Sigils of Power and Transformation.

Locate the sigil called Recover a Sense of Joy. This is possibly not the sigil you’d expect, but that’s the one you use. You are not using it to recover a sense of joy. You are using it to achieve the result described here, but trust me, this is the sigil that does that work. The sigils have powers that aren’t always obvious.

You skip steps 1, 2 and 3, and go straight to Step 4. Normally, during Step 4 you feel the resolution of a problem as though it is in the past, but here there is no problem as such. You are seeking insight. Instead, imagine what it would feel like to look back from the future, as though you have gained all the insight and power you seek. It’s that simple and doesn’t need to take any longer than Step 4 usually does.

When you have done that, instead of closing your eyes to end the ritual, you again gaze at the Metatron sigil and say the name Metatron three times, as you usually would for a sigil ritual. You now close the ritual as described in The Closing Ritual (in the chapter Part Two: Opening and Closing.)

Experiencing the Magick

If all that sounds complicated, it isn’t. Go through the books and make notes if you need, to clarify what you will do. Take your time preparing. If you’re familiar with the processes, you can probably dive in now.

The most challenging part of this is having two books open at the same time, so both sigils are easily accessible. If you have the eBooks only, you might want to take screengrabs or photos of the sigils you’re using, and print them out, or display them on two different devices at the same time. You don’t need to see both at once, but it’s easier to have them both in front of you, rather than switching from one book to another.

You don’t need to look for answers actively or seek any result. When the ritual is complete, as instructed in The Closing Ritual, go about your normal life. That is unless you feel an immediate revelation. Some people finish this ritual in tears, filled with an instant and deep realization with profound inner change. If that happens, or if you gain insights, don’t push them away. Contemplate them.

If you feel absolutely nothing at first, and it feels like nothing has happened, just let go and get on with your life. Gradually, the knowledge seeps into your consciousness over the coming weeks, often nudged by key moments – you see something symbolic, somebody says something that makes you realize a truth, or something happens that makes you know what you want. Stay alert, but don’t strain for insights, and the insights will come.

What else happens?

What if you feel like you didn’t get it all right? Unless you miss a step or do something completely wrong, put your trust in this ritual and be open to finding out who you are and what you want. If you did make a huge mistake, try it again in a week or so.

You may come up with all sorts of ideas for adapting this method, with different archangels, different sigils, and so on. If you want to try something else, go ahead and experiment, but we can’t predict how well it will work. We can say that what’s described here is the best way we know to get this magickal insight into your identity. You can also do this ritual when you’re working on other rituals unless a book has specifically instructed you to take a break from other magick for a period of time.

You may also have lots of questions about how to get this right, and whether you’ve interpreted it correctly. Trust that what’s written here is enough for you to get the result.

The process of self-discovery can be subtle or quite alarming, sometimes slow, sometimes happening in occasional bursts. It also feels utterly natural to come to terms with who you are. As I mentioned earlier, there may not be much new that occurs to you, or you may undergo a big change, but something will happen.

Many people find that the influence and judgment of others -such as parents and peers – falls away. Sometimes, you know something is not right, but you’re not sure what it is; this can nudge your mind for days or weeks. Don’t worry; if a gap appears, it will be filled. In time you will know who you are and what you want, and you will start to get ideas about what magick will help you get there.

This is one of the most valuable rituals we have ever published, and I hope you get a lot out of it. When you know yourself well, magick becomes close to effortless.

And just in case you’re worried, the results of this magick never wreck your life. You are who you are, and this is a gentle, kind reminder of what burns softly within you. It can sound a bit frightening to be told you might have all your illusions stripped away, but unless you’re really good at self-deception, it unlikely to be a shock. It’s more like a feeling of, ‘Yes, of course.’ If you’re in your sixth year of training to be a dentist, it won’t make you run away to live in a cave.

Most people who use this ritual gain freedom, direction, and improved magickal results. When you feel ready, see how it works for you.

– Adam Blackthorne

If you don’t own the books yet, here are the links so you can buy them now:

Archangels of Magick

Archangels of Magick

Sigils of Power and Transformation

Sigils of Power and Transformation


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  1. Hello… I have a few more “broad” questions on magick, if you don’t mind… After many years of magickal life (since childhood), I am wanting to go deeper into understanding magickal structures/constructions, the nature of magick and spirit contact, etc. I’m wondering a few things: 1. Why are Archangel names written backwards in ritual sigils, in the new Archangel book? 2. Would you have any suggestions/experience on how to discern spirits one is contacting or comes into contact with -a truth from deception method, and a matter of truly knowing who you are dealing with for sure? 3. Does any of the GoM have thoughts on the nature of the Book of Enoch? 4. Would you have any suggestions on how to go further into magickal development not just on the results side, but to be able to get clarity on any magick/ritual/spirit contact of knowing what one is getting into… basically of how to go way beyond the surface into getting one’s own clear knowing of things and not just blindly diving into systems or approaches or contact depending on what others suggest? I am honestly seeking to get to a point of greater independence in magick/spiritual insight (which I naturally had as a child and it seemed to fade). Thanks a mil for any suggestions on these matters.

    I would prefer these answered privately/not posted but if they must be, I understand. Thank you.

    1. Hi. I’m afraid we can’t go into theory too much – there are thousands of opinions, thousands of books, and nothing that helps with practical magick, so I’ll have to stick to the practical, but I’ll do what I can. 1. Its Hebrew so, always written right to left, so see this page for more details:
      2. There are many methods but if you’re using the rituals as set out in our books there’s no need to test; there are safeguards to ensure the wrong things stay out.
      3. It’s a primary source that we have used and I can’t get more theoretical than that. We do have some theory and reference to sources here:
      4. That’s almost impossible to answer because if I do you might then be going on my suggestions, which is what you’re trying to avoid. Overall I’d say trust your intuition, watch out for people who say they know the only way – we say we know ways that work for us and we share them, but we don’t say it’s the One True Way or anything daft like that. And if you want to use our books, then we think that using magick like this ritual, like the magick in Angels of Alchemy and The 72 Sigils of Power – that’s the best way. Know thyself. When you get to you know yourself through magick, the magick you need and want to work with becomes apparent to you. The other way that I like is Chaos magick – experiment using other systems, or from scratch. You learn more by doing than by trying to work out what might work.

      Sorry we couldn’t answer privately but it’s against the site rules, for legal reasons and others.

      Cheers, Adam B

      1. Hi Adam. For #1, even reading right to left, Gabriel’s name is backwards, at least from the Hebrew I’ve seen…. Like, if I Wiki his name, it is written the opposite way… does that make sense? I was wondering why all of them are written such? Your answers are so deeply appreciated and the time you’ve taken to address all I wrote. I’ll definitely take it all into my intuition and step deeper on my path from there (which is funny, cause that’s how I’ve always worked… and magick came to me as a child, before I knew that’s what it was labelled! Lol….) I also appreciate the links, and will do some follow up reading with everything you’ve referred me to. You’re swell. 🙂

        1. Maybe your browser is doing something weird, I’m not sure, but I just looked at the wiki for Gabriel and for the Hebrew it shows this order (from right to left) Gimel, Bet, Resh, Yod, Alef, Lamed. Sort of: G, B, R, Y, A, L. Gabriel. Which is the same as in the sigils in Archangels of Magick. Hebrew is written from right to left. If the first letter is G, or Gimel, it will be on the far right of the word. To an English reader it looks like the last letter in the name. In Hebrew, it’s the first. Everything in the book is as it should be, I can assure you. AB

          1. Thank you very, very much Adam. I sent another comment acknowledging that I found Wiki did “adjust” the letters to English reading, even with Hebrew letters. I didn’t know they’d do that for another language. When I went on to a Hebrew site, it lists the letters just as they are in the GoM’s Archangels of Magick book. -I appreciate you, and sorry for the confusion.

      2. Oh Adam! So sorry…. I realize that actually Wikipedia kind of “misprinted” Gabriel’s name, in the sense that they did not write the Hebrew as it was meant to be read, right to left. I thought they’d post the letters correctly, as it would be read in Hebrew, since they posted Hebrew letters! I apologize for the confusion…. But I have at least learned deeper by this, how things can get skewed!

        Thank you so much.

  2. Question and comment.

    Thanks for this interesting article about a subject we very often forget about.

    Maybe somehow related; I was wondering if the Gallery has any plans of releasing soon any book/ritual that can help us achieve access/conversation with out HGA, which – if I’m not misunderstanding – is equivalent to achieving a enlightenment/perception of our true nature.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi. Thanks for your interest. This is what it currently says in one of the FAQs:

      Q: Will you ever publish a book about obtaining Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel?

      A: In late 2017, Damon Brand made this statement: ‘There is a way for me to communicate what needs to be communicated about the Holy Guardian Angel, and that is an exciting development, because for some time I thought it would be impossible to share the knowledge; it is, after all, an esoteric and much-misunderstood subject. I maintain that there won’t be a simple how-to book, because I am certain that many people are hoping that I will provide a quick, easy method. I can make it easier than it has ever been before, but I cannot make it easy, and any book that made such a promise would be doomed to disappoint. I have now implemented a plan to reveal the best methods that we know, so that you can begin the journey to make direct contact with your Holy Guardian Angel. This communication does, however, require a lot of initial work from myself, and that means it will not be available for quite some time, so please be patient. I am only willing to release the material when it is absolutely ready to be shared.’

      There’s still some work going on with this, trying to work out how to present the material; whether as a book, an online course or something else altogether, so it’s still some time away. Weirdly enough, somebody else just asked this about a minute before you, on Facebook. Interesting.

      Cheers, Adam B

  3. I know you’ve heard this in many comments before, but I can’t help but echo it: Thank you so much for everything you’ve shared with us. I needed this ritual, and to say your timing could not have been better is beyond an understatement… Although you (and yes, I do mean both you, Adam personally, as well as the entire GOM body of work as gifted to us by Damon, Zanna, and Gordon as well) have shared many different nuanced rituals aimed towards gaining self-awareness and insight into one’s true nature and desires, the only desire I’m 100% certain of is an achingly genuine yearning to simply know who I am, now, simply and without judgments, labels, or the innumerable layers of influences that inevitably accrued over my 40 yrs
    here – not to even get into past lives, future potentialities, parallel realities and infinite dimensions – stuff that’s beyond my current capacity to understand but must exist because Archangels, angels, Genii, Demons, and so many other Beings do exist – but just as my eyesight is limited to seeing a very tiny sliver of the known light spectrum, so my current 3D experience limits my experience to a small yet delicious slice of the Greater Cosmic Pizza. I have felt – thwarted and self-limiting because of this need (and I do believe it’s a true NEED) to Know Myself, and I haven’t been using the wisdom of the GOM to the fullest BECAUSE I haven’t had the faintest idea of who I really am or what it’s like to know myself, so how can I trust that my desires are really mine, or my dreams of what could be not just a reaction to what’s come before? Damnnit, my eyes are filling with tears, who’s chopping onions at 2:15 am? 🤔🙄😏😉 – I’ve been going over the whole ritual and making notes for the past week, sort of allowing the whole idea to sink in, and become real, rather than rushing to do it without considering whether I’m truly willing to receive the results, to allow them to manifest as they will, and to feel confident I’ve let go of any fears or preconceptions to the best of my ability. My heart feels open and full of gratitude and awe at the miracles of every day life – I love Gordon’s descriptions of this state of wonderment and have found them infinitely practical in determining whether I’m in the right space for magick. Plus, I’m never EVER here when Comments sections are open, so I’m taking it as a 🔮🆗️🧜🏽‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️♾🏁🗝🚪🌈 sign.🕉 Thanks Adam, and Damon, Zanna, Gordon, and everyone else who has helped to make the world a better place through your generosity, hard work, crazy experiments, blood sweat and tears. Much Love and Light to you all and yours.

    1. Thank you. It’s posts like this that make such a difference to us. Love it. Thanks again. Adam B

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