The 72 Angels of Magick

There are many ways to contact angels. You can call out sincerely, without any sigil, ritual or psalm, and sometimes you will get a response. Or you can go to the other extreme and employ complex and extensive rituals for full contact, where the angel is summoned into your presence. The approach I have advocated lies between those extremes. Each layer of ritual method assists contact, but complexity is kept to a minimum.


Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels have been combined into a single volume called The 72 Angels of Magick. This means we can get the information to people at a much lower cost. The original books have now been unpublished, and are replaced by The 72 Angels of Magick.

If you already own Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels, you absolutely DO NOT need to buy the new book. What you have will work perfectly well and this is not an upgrade. This is just a way of getting the information out more efficiently to new readers.

The content of The 72 Angels of Magick is largely identical to the content of Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels. As well as combining the books, the other changes are as follows:

The Invocation Chant now uses Hebrew Psalms rather than Latin Psalms.

Hebrew replaces Latin in the sigils.

A visual scan of the letters in the sigil has been added to the method.

A few pronunciations have been modified for clarity and consistency.

There’s also a single Shem Talisman which can be used for all seventy-two angels, so you no longer have to create two separate talismans.

Finally, there’s an option to use an English Psalm if you don’t like pronouncing the Hebrew.

Do the changes matter? Not really. They were made only because the books were being combined (to reduce costs), and I had the opportunity to make changes. I know some readers will purchase this book out of curiosity or for the sake of completion, but I want to make it absolutely clear that if you’re using the original books, you’re not missing out. We’re not publishing a better, updated version to make you pay twice. If you have the original books, you can work with them and all will be well.

Combining the books will make it easier for new readers to navigate the magick.

The response to the two angel books has been overwhelmingly positive. For those who’ve never worked with angels before, I am pleased to offer The 72 Angels of Magick.



28 Comments on “The 72 Angels of Magick

  1. This is absolutely fantastic !!
    I would like to see this book and regular print form In fact this is such a step to the next level I would even like to see it in hardback version
    Please let us know thanks

      • Thank you Damon for the link. Thank you also for all the work you’ve done to facilitate the path and understanding the process, for the rest of us. I’m new to this, and just purchased a series of your books. I have stumbled upon you, your books and the GOM by coincidence… Actually I don’t really believe in coincidence, I feel that things happen for a specific reason, and the timing of events happening take place when one is ready (whether they realize it or not)…. Anyhow, just wanted to express my gratitude. Let me also join in the choir, in saying that it’s with sadness and the utmost respect that I say farewell, and best wishes in your retirement and for whatever the future may hold…

  2. Congratulations on the new release.When will the paperback be available?

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