Find Your Soulmate with The Angels of Love

It’s one thing to say that magick can solve problems and bring you money, but it’s quite another thing to claim that magick can help you find your soulmate. In a world that’s filled with loneliness and isolation, can magick really make a difference?

We wouldn’t release a book that gave false hope. But I have to admit that I didn’t use all the magick in this book to find my soulmate. That’s because, at the time, this magick was still in development. I did use some of this magick, though, in an early form (along with other rituals). I have used several of the rituals in this book on other relationships in more recent years. And I have helped other people use this magick to find their soulmate.

Although The Angels of Love is going to be popular because it can help you find your soulmate, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the other rituals. The workings for emotional healing, passion and trust are as valuable as anything else in the book. (Within hours of the book being published, there was a Facebook post from a reader saying that a result had been obtained, by using the magick to improve a current relationship.)


One of the more unusual aspects of the book is that it contains information that was communicated to us directly by the angels. We have not yet published a book on direct evocation, partly because our task is to simplify magick, and conjuring angels to visible appearance is no easy task. We will eventually publish a book detailing a workable method for evoking an angel for direct contact. But for now, our focus is on making the angels accessible to you with the most refined magick. This is backed up by the communication that has taken place when we have contacted the angels directly.

When communing with angels, we were able to ask for ideas that will help the magick to manifest. This has been a gradual process, and the final stage involved Zanna Blaise collating and interpreting the information. She is at pains to say that this is not channelling, perhaps because channelling can so often reek of fraud and theatrics. Whatever way you look at it, though, the information in the book is inspired by angelic contact.

Sharing the secrets of The Gallery of Magick is always a pleasure, and although we get enormous joy from seeing people thwart enemies, attract money and improve their luck, there is nothing as beautiful as love. This book is one of the greatest gifts we could offer.

– Damon Brand

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