The Charmed Magickal Life

When you live your life using magick, what sort of results can you genuinely expect? Will your life be absolutely free from harm and flowing in constant riches, without accidents or problems of any kind? Hardly. Life is more deeply textured than that. Your life will be charmed, to a degree, but it will not be devoid of the unexpected. But how good can magick make your life?

I often say that results depend upon initial conditions, but there’s more to it than that. While the initial conditions of your life and your approach to magick will have a profound effect on the results you get in the early stages, one of the most exciting things about magick is that consistent use can lead to quantum leaps. Things can change dramatically when you least expect them to.

When I hear about people having real breakthroughs with magick, such as a large financial windfall, I’m sometimes a little reluctant to celebrate too much or too publicly. Such claims will always be doubted and questioned, or they will make other people wonder why they aren’t getting such a big payout. The big results are beautiful, but it’s just as important to note the smaller, consistent results. Knowing that countless people are using magick on a daily basis to improve their lives is truly impressive. Despite this, quantum leaps happen.

When there’s a quantum leap in a non-financial area, nobody blinks an eye. There are many stories of people having overcome anxiety, and other issues, using Magickal Protection, and although these transformations can come about after years of suffering, most people seem to accept that such changes are possible. When it comes to money, there’s much more doubt, and this shows just how powerfully we can block out money from our lives. It is true that financial changes usually occur in stages, starting slowly, progressing steadily and then leaping. If you’ve only been using magick for a year or so, you’ve probably not even begun to taste what it can be like to experience a huge shift. The blocks that we’ve built up over years or decades can erode slowly, and then collapse suddenly.

The books I’ve published can bring results in days, but I try to remind people that when you’re prepared to wait a year for a result, it can manifest in hours, but when you need a result in hours, you might have to wait a year. This mental juggling act is one that occultists work with all the time. You should focus more on dealing with your mental approach to magic, rather than counting the days since you performed a ritual.

In time, magick can make your life more than bearable; it should become joyful. You can sort out your finances, protect yourself, and begin to shape your relationships and career in ways that are in keeping with your true will. As you get what you want, you change, and want different things, and adapt your magick to attract what you want next. Your life can, at times, feel truly charmed. But this does not mean you will live a life without challenges, annoying people, problems, unpleasant surprises and dramas. There can be days where so many things go wrong, you can’t help but think that you’re cursed, when in fact, you’re having an ordinary bad day. It just doesn’t seem fair. You’re a powerful occultists, so why are you having a bad day? Because you’re still human. The best thing about this is that magick can give you a way to deal with problems that genuinely affect you. In that sense, your life may as well be charmed, because you are equipped to get what you want, change what you don’t want, and minimize the side-effects of unexpected drama.

But what about the quantum leaps? Is there any way to encourage them? For magick to work, you need to be open to change. For quantum leaps, you need to be used to experiencing magickal change, and then experience a period of reasonable satisfaction. You’re never completely satisfied, because there’s always something else you want, but during a period of relative satisfaction, you may find that even though you’re not actually doing magick to encourage change, something magickal happens.

Does this mean you should stop doing magick to encourage change? Not at all. It means that when you bring magick into all areas of your life, you move away from lusting for specific results, and create a state of flux that is backed up by a calm satisfaction. Your life becomes so saturated with magick that you’re open to change – because it doesn’t frighten you – and your genuine desires are closer to the surface, nudging at your consciousness. At these times, change can be sudden and wonderful. It may come in the form of unexpected money, a career offer or even just a realization about what you really want. That last one can be the most potent. When you know what you really want, your magick has an outlet.




9 Comments on “The Charmed Magickal Life

  1. Hi Damon,

    The past 2.5 months I have been applying and studying your good work. Thanks!

    Word of Power/Magick riches: Used daily, specific ones I require…..great visible results…or am I just relaxed now?
    Increased sales, generosity, kinder words, better clients, small goals reached.

    Cashflow Book: still waiting…I suppose Nikita is rather busy??

    Wealth Magick: 2nd workings and enjoying this process.

    Thank you for all the assistance and this includes everyone else, too


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  3. Hi Damon,

    I just finished the Wealth Magick 7th working and was wondering, as I’m trying to let it go, how long it generally takes to see results from that. I think it was about 160+ days of straight magick and I didn’t have much luck with Nitikar once I started doing it. I don’t know if the two working conflicted or what happened.


    , Mike

    • It’s a huge undertaking, so well done, but ensure you read everything else in the book about trying to being about change for yourself. The magick will give strength to your own efforts, and will open new opportunities, but you must be actively seeking them. In terms of when it will work, now try to forget about the magick itself, almost as though it doesn’t matter whether or not it works. If you hang out waiting for it to work you reenforce the feeling of waiting. So do all you can to motivate the changes, and the magick will affect everything you do. If you haven’t already, please make sure you read the free ebook The Power of Magick on the FAQ page, as that can help.

      • Thanks, Damon,
        I guess I’ll just have to try and forget 😉 Ever since I started I’ve been working on what I want to do as an artist and have written two books in the last three months and have been putting money toward professional editing, marketing, etc. So, I feel like I’m doing what I promised the Angels and Demons I promised I would, and I’m still doing it, because it’s what I love to do. Things are looking up in that area, just not financially yet. Catching lots of breaks on pricing and making connections, but not seeing capital to keep it going yet. Still struggling.
        I’ll work on releasing now that I’m finished. It’s only been about 6 days since I finished the entire ritual No more struggle, no more wait. Got it.
        I was just curious if I should be on the lookout for money or just let it go and trust it will come, so I will work on trusting and get out of wait state (even though I’m still working on what I pledged I would do, which is what I want to do, in the wait state 😉

        Thanks, again!

        • OK, well that sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job.That’s what I love to hear. You’ve committed to the work as though the magick doesn’t actually matter, if you will – it’s a strange sort of mental game we play. Yes, we believe in the magick, but as act though we have to achieve everything ourselves. Then the magick kicks in. I’m always reluctant to say, ‘Buy another book’, but if you can get hold of Magickal Riches, it has the best information we’ve published on getting past the feeling of ‘still struggling’. Also, it’s worth doing The Daily Practice from Wealth Magick even when the entire ritual is done. It makes a difference.

          • Cool,
            Now that you mention it, I actually still do the daily ritual (the one that was required every day) out of habit, so I’m still going on that one. I forgot it was part of the plan 😉

            I also own Magickal Riches already, but I haven’t read it yet. Time to get cracking on that one. Working with Nitikar and doing the wealth magick was about as much as I could handle at once, and I’ve been doing sword banishing daily and nightly (after the initial 30+ day main protection ritual).

            I actually own everything you’ve ever written, so thanks for pointing that out. I’ve been so busy writing, I haven’t been reading quite as much lately. The book I have being professionally edited right now is 571 pages and I was getting started on the next one this week while that happens (and I get the final covers and distribution for the book I wrote before that one set up — I’ve been working like a maniac, but since I love it, it just feels like I’m having a lot of fun …and working weekends on purpose some times 😉

            Thanks, again, for the suggestion. I will definitely give that book a thorough reading!

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