Performing Magick For Others

Many people ask me how they can help others with magick. They also politely point out that because the magick in my books is  aimed at getting the results you want, that there doesn’t seem to be room to direct the workings to help others. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

You can use magick to make more money and then share the excess around, or you can direct your magick to work for another person. There is a third way to give. The most powerful and mutually beneficial method is one that is not widely known. You perform a ritual for yourself and give some of the resulting energy or result away. It’s that simple, and it works amazingly well.

I’ve never been a big fan of tithing. Routinely giving away ten percent of your income without feeling anything is like taxing yourself for no good reason. If you like giving, you should enjoy the act of giving as an experience. I’ve met many people who tithe and who think it would be wrong to tithe with the intention of making more money, so when they give, they try to pretend it’s purely for the good of the other person. That seems like self-deception at best, and also a wasted opportunity.

Giving works best when you actually enjoy it and when you revel in the knowledge that giving will bring you more as well. This is true whether you’re giving away cash, gifts, or magickal results and energy.

There are two main reasons that giving is good. The obvious reason is that it helps others, and as you become more powerful, well, that just seems like the right thing to do. Let’s just say it’s wise to share the love.

When you get good at giving, you get better at receiving. This is what all the New Age and self-help books tell you. What they don’t tell you is that you can give magickal power instead of money.

How does this work in practice? If you’re using the Magickal Cashbook, for example, then when it comes to Step 4. where you call and command Nitika, instead of saying, ‘I command thee to bring me wealth,’ you can say, ‘I command thee to bring me wealth, and give a small share to…’ and name the person you want. If you like, you can get specific with percentages or even give half away. Most importantly, feel pleasure in the act of giving our of pure generosity, but also feel pleasure in knowing this can bring more to you.

This flies in the face of most of the new age books, which suggest giving should be selfless. They clearly haven’t tried the above method.

It doesn’t take much imagination to get this to work. Whenever you make a statement or issue a request or command, modify it so that some of the result is passed on to another person.

You can pass the result on to somebody you love, somebody you loathe, or pick a stranger. The act of sharing your magick in this way can make it more enjoyable and often makes it more effective.

What if you simply want to help another person using magick without gaining any results for yourself? Many occultists advise against doing magick for others without their knowledge because you may be interfering with their true will, but I have never found this to be a problem. Every interaction we have with another human could be seen as interference.

So let’s say you have a friend who is lonely, and you really want your friend to be more attractive to the opposite sex. You could use a ritual to create an aura of attraction, and the only thing you change is that you picture your friend being the one who gets the result.

If you’re ever struggling with magick or having doubts about how well it works, give this a try. You’re much less likely to lust for result when you’re working for somebody else, and when you see the dramatic results, you will feel great faith in your power to work creative magick.

There’s a more detailed and up-to-date post about this here: Doing Magick For Others

– Damon Brand

3 thoughts on “Performing Magick For Others”

  1. Hello Damon,
    My father was swindled out of close to or more than $1,000,000 (his life savings) by a ruthless con-man he believed to be his friend. My father believed he was investing in property only to find that it didn’t exist. We dont know what to do and are at a loss as to why he won’t go to the police. We can only put it down to his pride, because we all warned him. My question is how can I use the Magickal Cashbook or Words of Power to help him? Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.

    1. Hi Stacy. This is a complex problem, and you’d be better off with Magickal Angels, which can be used to influence people and situations. Your priority, however, will be to decide what you want to change. Do you want to change your father’s mind, or get the con man investigated, or something else. Only when you know that can you devise a magickal plan. It’s also worth asking Nitika to help, via the Cashbook, as Nitika is excellent at recovering debts or money that was stolen. But this is a larger situation and may require a more thorough approach.

      1. Thank you Damon for replying do quickly. I will definitely be getting your MagickalAngels i had instant success with your Power of Words. Within an a lady rang me wanting to buy something and then 40 minutes a man rang asking for something else! Coindidence? Definitely not. I had some items on gumtree,which had been for sale for about three months, that sold as soon as I did the ritual.
        Thank you again for your help. I am so blown away by your books and cant wait to get the others.

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