How I got a $4000 debt paid in less than three hours using magick

Is there a way to get the money you are owed using magick? I was asked this question by a reader who already had success with the Magickal Cashbook but was struggling to get a debt repaid. The good news is that with one or two small adjustments, you can get the money you are owed rapidly.

Some years ago, I had a problem with a bad debtor who owed me roughly $4000. I performed the following ritual, and in less than two and a half hours, I was paid in full.

Normally, when performing money magick, I suggest that you never limit the magick by saying where the money should come from. This can not be stressed strongly enough. If you limit your options for manifestation, you limit your chances of success, so most of the time, you should not try to force the money to come from a particular source.

If, however, you are owed money, you can make the magick more direct. When using the method in the Magickal Cashbook, write the exact amount you are owed and also write the name of the person or company that owes you the money, and draw a circle around both. When you perform the ritual itself, address Nitika directly. When you make your command, ask for the debt to be repaid, naming the debtor and the amount. Keep it simple, plain, and direct. You don’t need to explain why the money is owed or why you deserve it. Simply state the facts.

The second adjustment is to add some sex magick to the process. Nitika loves sex magick. If you offer up a sexual experience and an orgasm to Nitika, this brings enormous power to your workings. Normally, I am not interested in offering too much to the spirits (whether angelic or demonic) because you can end up in a dangerous pact. But I also know that adding sexual energy to any ritual can bring extra power. In the case of Nitika, you can offer up a sexual experience without any danger to yourself, and this makes the magick work rapidly.

When you come to the part where you say, ‘I command thee to bring me wealth…’, change it to, ‘I command thee to bring me wealth, and I offer the sexual release of this working to you.’ At this point, you need to experience some form of intense sex (alone or with a partner), and as you climax, think or chant the name Nitika, and know that your pleasure is being gifted to Nitika. That’s all there is to it.

Remember, you offer this as a gift. You are not making a trade, deal, or pact. Offer it as a gift without thinking about the result you want.

This sexual technique can be used every time you work with Nitika, but you can save it for those times when you want a large amount or when somebody owes you money. $4000 in two and a half hours was proof that when everything is aligned, magick can work with tremendous speed.

– Damon Brand


4 thoughts on “How I got a $4000 debt paid in less than three hours using magick”

  1. What i read about magickal cashbooks and wealth magick descriptions and reviews from amazon webpage, i understood that for one to get the authentic result from the above books one have to perform some rituals outlines in the books per instructions that ensues each. You and i know that in order to perform ritual one must get some materials or items neede for the rituals.

    I resides in Nigeria as at this moment, all the materials or items needed for the rituals that are outlines in the above books can i get them here in Nigeria? Or maybe you might not have that answer to that question. I think i should ask what are the alternative ways to get the items needed for the rituals in the above books if i resides in Nigeria?

    1. For the cashbook you only need a notebook that can be painted with grey (or silver) and orange paint. You also need to print out or copy the sigils. For the wealth book it helps if you can print out the sigils, as they are complex. If not, then get a physical copy of the book rather than the ebook, and these printed sigils will work for you. Other than that, you don’t need oils, candles, incense or anything like that. I hope that helps.

  2. Greetings Damon to you and to the rest of the readers!

    Excellent article and VERY useful!! One clarification only…when you come to the part where you say, ‘I command thee to bring me wealth and i offer…”, is this the part which is before or after we make the circle in the cashbook with the name of the person and the amount of money that he/she owes us? I think that you refer to the first one..

    The reason for asking you, is because the phrase ”bring me wealth” by its self,is repeated twice…in the very end of the first part of the invocation,then we make the circle,and then the second part of the invocation also starts with it…

    As for the sex magick act-and this question is of course hand in hand with the previous one- and if my speculation above is correct,then 1)after finishing the first part of the invocation with the additional phrase of yours ,2)then the we make the circle with the name and the amount inside,3) then we proceed with the sex magic act and 4)after the climax of it ,we carry on with the rest of the invocation. … i command you to bring me wealth in the name of etc…

    i have multiple ”targets”,so i think that the best solution is to deal with everyone of them seperately…meaning NOT different rituals for lets say 3 people,but writting down on a piece of paper the names of the people who owe me in a specifique order and then performing one ritual for every case..after having success with the first one and get my money back,then i’ll proceed with the second ”target” and so on..

    Just to let your readers know that each and everyone of these people in one way or another took advantage of my my kindness and sentimentalism as they did with my dad who has a heart of an angel..they bought things from our shop,they said that they would pay us later,they lied and then ”dissapeared” (how strange…)

    …or i gave them money in their hour of need and in some caces not just once,and when i was in need,as i am right now(Damon knows the details),they ignored me and they continue to ignore me completely..If most of them they haven’t forgotten about me or my dad completely…All i ask for is for these people to fulfill their obligations and pay what they owe..i wanted to clarify this just in case that people may wonder how come and several people owe me money?Some of them were customers and some of them were people that i trusted and who i concidered friends instead of what they realy were…sneaky snakes…

    Take care everyone and i wish to all of you(including my self) who have similar problems,to have absolute success with this modified ritual,as Damon did! Have faith in God,trust Nitika and approach her with respect and he/she WON’T let you down..i work with her on a regular basis and to make it simple…Nitika ROCKS!!!

    ps) Thanks in advance for your answer Damon!!

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