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The Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise

Frequently Asked Questions

The cover changed in May 2017. It’s the same book.

This page is maintained by Adam Blackthorne, with occasional input from Zanna Blaise.

This page is for questions relating to The Angels of Love.

Q: There are lots of rituals in here that you say help find a soulmate, but why isn’t there an actual ritual to find a soulmate? 

A: There is no one ritual to attract a soulmate because it is a complex, multifaceted and multi-staged process. In the same way, there is lots and lots of magic for making money, rather than a single ‘get rich’ spell. Finding a soulmate can happen without magic, and often does, but when using magic for this purpose, it requires a very tactical approach – that is, you open up all the avenues that make the occurrence more likely.

Q: Where did you find the angels in this book? They don’t show up in Google or my angel dictionary.

A: The angel names are derived from primary source materials. They appear (with different transliteration) in some rare printed English texts, but are relatively obscure outside of Hebrew literature.

Q: Can I do this love magic for somebody else?

A: You can, but it’s probably better to lend your book to the person who wants the result and get them to do the magic themselves. This is especially with this particular group of angels, as they work with personal emotion. If you do perform this magic for others, there are two ways. One is to use your own pleasure in receiving the result, to power the ritual. The second is to imagine yourself as the other person. The second is more effective, but takes a powerful imagination.

Q: Has this actually helped anybody find a soulmate?

A: Yes, there have been several online posts about this, on Facebook and elsewhere. There are even some stories in the comments posted below.



The author of this book, Zanna Blaise, is also a composer, and has produced albums of music that connect you to angels. You can listen to samples or download tracks at her website:

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69 Comments on “The Angels of Love FAQ

  1. Hello Mr. AB! I’ve a little doubt with Capacity for Love ritual.
    It says i should perform this ritual for “Every two Days, for up to a month”
    So, I’m a bit confused with days.
    Does it mean that I shall perform this Ritual Consecutive two days for Each ‘Week’ up to a month?
    Sir, please clarify.
    Thank You.

    And Your Olympic Spirits Works so great for me, Got result Within two days! (To part lovers)

    • Hey, great to hear about the Olympic spirits. Thanks!

      What Zanna means is perform one day, take a day off, perform the next day, take a day off. So you might do the ritual Monday, Weds, Fri, Sun, Tues… until one calendar month has passed, roughly.

  2. Interesting question for you on this particular book, or any of your angel books. I recommended this particular book to a friend who has also found a couple other books on using angels for manifestation efforts. Her concern is that this book in particular (this is the only GoM book she’s explored) uses angelic names that she can’t find references to anywhere, she’s Catholic and has a lot of concerns about how safe this particular book is. She is extremely concerned that “dark” or “fallen” angels (that are now demons or malicious) will be called upon and there would no way to know which is good or bad, and is in question that this system is for real (how does she know you didn’t slip a demon in the callings?) etc.. Can you provide any answers or explanations as to how you have found all the angels that the GoM books work with, how have you ensured safety with even a book such as Angels of Love, and is there any other comments you can provide in this direction? I don’t feel that I’m knowledgeable enough on how the GoM has developed the methods to be able to provide an adequate answer. I’m sure others may have this same question so maybe my post will help with worries or concerns in this area.

    For the record, all of the GoM books I currently own are just amazing and resonate with me well. I have had absolutely astonishing results and it has enhanced my life in the absolute most positive of ways, even books such as “Magickal Attack”. I feel all of the GoM books have been written and put together very responsibly and I cannot say enough good things about them!

    • Hi. Just busy right now, but will answer in detail later. There is some info on the pronunciation page that goes like this:

      Q: I googled the names of angels and spirits in your books but can’t find them, and they’re not in my angelic dictionaries. Why not?

      A: The spirit names are derived from primary source materials. Such books are not readily available online, but must be accessed from private collections or in locations such as The British Library. Some of the angel names are well-known and appear in popular dictionaries and even on Wikipedia. Others, although they appear (sometimes with different transliteration) in some rare printed English texts, are relatively obscure outside of Hebrew literature. With sufficient research you may see the names we use occurring in occult literature.

      And if you have The Angels of Alchemy, a couple of sources are named in there, and they are for the same angels. Will write more later.

      • OK, back again, and I’ve realised that’s not that much more I can add, except to almost quote a bit from the Alchemy book. You can find these angels in pretty obscure texts such as Oedipus Aegyptiacus (Latin), or Shorshei ha-Shemot (Hebrew or very expensive English translations). And then you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of occult texts that dribbled down from these and others. So, like it says above, ‘The angel names are derived from primary source materials. They appear (with different transliteration) in some rare printed English texts, but are relatively obscure outside of Hebrew literature.’ And without a long history/theory lesson, that’s all we can really say here. Our own path to them was a little different, but those old sources are one way. BUT, if somebody is afraid of fallen angels, they will always find evidence that every angel is fallen, that everything is demonic, and that all magick will send you to hell. The way we see that is, even when it’s true that an angel is fallen (which is not that often, actually), that angel’s trying to earn it’s wings back by doing some good. But, anyway, it’s kind of a no-win situation. I can point you at a hundred books that cover the idea of fallen angels, and dispute it, but if somebody is afraid or has made up their mind, nothing we say can change that. Even if I point out all the people the book has helped, and all the people Angels of Alchemy has helped (which uses the same angels), the argument that comes back is, ‘But they will burn in hell,’ And then it’s down to the individual. Your friend may be willing to try, or may be locked into one concept and one feeling. You will be a better judge of that than me.

        • That’s actually incredibly helpful! Well, to me it is, makes perfect sense and the same way I feel. I think it’s easy to gravitate to the few names that you hear from religious sources and let guilt/fear dominate anything that is unfamiliar. Then depending on religious background, some people are way more fearful than others. All I can say is that I’ve never had a negative vibe, experience, or feeling and sometimes you just gotta explore to find what is right for you! I’ll pass this along to my friend, thanks again!!!

  3. Previously, I have used my facebook account to log on to post/write comments – it has my real name and facebook profile pic and when i click on my comment, it is linked to my facebook page!!!! I could not delete the previous comments myself. Could you please help, please please????? panicking

    • This may be because you’re logged in to FB. If you log out and view the page you should see that there is not a link to FB. Which means nobody else can see the link you can see. I could be wrong. I’m the current site admin, and that’s what I see, but i’m not 100% sure of 100% sure of what name you were posting under. If it remains a problem please post again with DO NOT PUBLISH in the heading (and it will be read and deleted with being seen by the public), and tell me your real name or FB name, and quote from one of your posts so I know what/who to delete. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot allow completely anonymous posts (we need logins of some kind), and we cannot let people post and delete on a regular basis. Sorry if this causes inconvenience.

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