Magickal Destiny & The Holy Guardian Angel

Finally, Damon Brand reveals the cherished secrets of the Angel.

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Your Guardian Angel is already with you, already listening to your heart and soul, knowing your thoughts, your desires, and your dreams. When you act in ways that align you with angelic contact, awareness of your Angel will increase. The magick you discover in this book will enhance the connection and make it complete.

For most people, life is chaos. It’s a string of weird struggles and problems with barely a moment to reach for the destiny you want. You may be tossed and flung through accidents, mistakes, and more suffering than you deserve.

With magick, you tame the chaos. You choose the direction of your life. There is no destiny laid out for you to follow. There is no sequence of fated events that you are doomed to struggle through. With magick, you get to say what happens, how it happens, and how your life works out. Destiny is your choice. Your Angel will be the guide.

There are hundreds of books on magick with thousands of spells and rituals. There’s so much choice, it can be overwhelming, and you don’t know where to begin. It’s time to offer you something different, something deeper. By using a sequence of magickal Protocols, you can make contact with your Holy Guardian Angel. You will gain a direct awareness of the spirit that watches over you.

The Angel senses your desire for contact and will reach for you as soon as you begin, empowering and supporting your efforts. When you work with the secrets in this book, magickal results can occur without you having to perform a single ritual. All it takes is a moment of decision.

You will discover:

Seven Protocols for making contact with your Angel.

A revolutionary method that is safe and free of disruption.

Systems and ideas tested by The Gallery of Magick for decades.

Seven Energy-Raising Sigils to align you with Angelic power.

A process that is free from wands, oils, incense, and robes.

Magick that works no matter your level of experience.

A focus on practical magick that brings immediate benefits.