Sigils of Power FAQ

Sigils of Power and Transformation FAQ


This page is for questions relating to Sigils of Power by Adam Blackthorne. 

Q: Step 4 seems quite powerful. Can I use it with other magick?

A: Yes. Whenever you use the ’emotional transmutation’ found in other books, you can add Step 4 from Sigils of Power. It is one of the greatest secrets of magick that we know.

Q: Why are some of the powers the same as powers in other books?

A: This book contains completely new rituals for health, personal healing and many other areas. There is also a lot of overlap with other books. As I say in the book, having more magick to use is a good thing, and this is a completely different method of magick that may (or may not) get you better results. The overlap could have been left out to make a shorter book, but that would have meant withholding a lot of magick from you, which I’m sure would have caused more complaints. However, the book is not cheap, so before you buy, you might want to have a look through the Look Inside feature on Amazon, or download a preview and check out the contents. It won’t appeal to everybody, but if you’re drawn to this, it can do so much for you. There are at least 30 powers that aren’t covered anywhere else in our oeuvre, and many more new powers when you notice that these powers are actually quite different in the way they are applied and the way they manifest.

Q: Why is the book so expensive?

A: We try to keep price low, but the large number of high-quality images makes physical and ebook distribution much more expensive. The other option was to print small sigils and cramped text, but we’d prefer to sell a superior product, because that works well for you. Also, if just one power actually works, that’s probably  worth the price of the book. As I write this answer I’ve just seen a review on Amazon that says, “Getting money out of the blue worked with my first try!!!!!!!. Unreal !!!” There are many similar comments.

Q: There seems to be a sigil missing. After the title Inspiring Others, there’s no sigil.

A: All the sigils are there. Inspiring Others is a section title – so it has no individual sigil. As you can see when you read that page, it introduces the ideas that follow and does not describe and individual power. Within the section called ‘Inspiring Others’ there are several chapters, all of which have their sigils. If in doubt, have a look at the Table of Contents on the Look Inside (top left of Amazon sales page) which sets out the Contents more clearly than they ever look in an ebook. The section titles (each with chapters containing the sigils) are:  THE MAGICK OF THE MIND, INSPIRING OTHERS, EXTENDED PERCEPTION, FORTUNE, LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP, BREAKTHROUGH MAGICK, SPIRITUAL MAGICK, PERSONAL STRENGTH, PEACE MAGICK, PROTECTION MAGICK, PERSONAL HEALING, HEALTH MAGICK, WISDOM AND EDUCATION, BUSINESS AND FINANCE and EMPLOYMENT MAGICK.

Q: How do I use this magick to help other people?

A: Please read the chapter called The Flow of Magick.

Q: There are many ‘sigil charging’ methods in other Gallery books. Can they be used on these sigils?

A: They can, but the purpose of charging is not to make the sigil more powerful, but to make your connection to it clear. We talk of charging the sigil with energy, but that energy is a way of making sure you are on the same wavelength as the sigil, that you have absorbed the sigil into your consciousness and that it’s clearly connected to you. If you’re trying to make the sigil more powerful, you need to ask yourself why. If this desire comes from doubt or fear that the magick won’t work, or an attempt to force the magick to work faster and more effectively, it may not be the best thing to do. A relaxed approach, where you assume the magick just works is better than trying to bash the magick into existence. Magick already exists, and only needs to be experienced. But, if you enjoy the sigils, feels a connection to them and want to charge them to feel a stronger connection, you can. I should make it absolutely clear that this is an optional extra. Use the book as written and it works. But if you want to you can use Light From The Dark from Magickal Riches, or the Image Fire technique from Wealth Magick, and there’s also a technique called Magickal Chaos Energy in my book The Master Works of Chaos Magick. In all cases, perform any charging before Step 1 of the ritual. Once the charging is complete, continue the ritual as usual.


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110 thoughts on “Sigils of Power FAQ”

  1. Hello Adam. I have two questions:

    Some say that wearing glasses “freezes” or constricts the visual energy field unnaturally. And even though it helps your eyes focus to read clearly and drive safely, it does narrow the perceptual field.

    So would using the sigils while wearing glasses constrict the natural flow of magic that would happen if the eyes were allowed to naturally gaze at the sigil during a lense-free state of “open focus”, even though the appearance won’t be as clear and crisp? (I am near-sighted)

    Also, for someone who has multiple issues to address, would it be okay to do ongoing daily sigil work where the sigil is changed every 3 days, doing 3 day rituals back to back until the ritual of each issue is completed? Or is it better to do 3 days of 1-3 sigils and then take a few days off magic before progressing to the next sigil(s)? This question goes for other rituals in other books as well. Is it better to combine a 2-3 rituals and then take a few days (or weeks) break, or to do only one specific ritual each time, one after another, when targeting complex issues?

    I have a lot to address in my life at the moment, but I want to give the magic enough space to “breath” and live.

    1. Most of The Gallery are getting to that age where they need reading glasses, and many of us wear glasses all the time – it makes no difference. Even if you let your vision blur during a ritual, or soften, as is often the case, I think having glasses is better as you don’t want to struggle to see.

      It’s good that you know you need to give magick some space. You really do. It often feels like we need to solve everything at once, but a year of good slow magick is going to bring more results than a month of rushed magick. How exactly you time it is up to you, but for more detail and links to articles please see the first question on this page:

      Cheers, Adam B

  2. greetings Gallery Of Magick

    I have purchased 16 books from you and one book remains a mystery to me.
    That is Adam Blackthorne’s Sigils Of Power And Transformation.

    So, please, can we talk about where these Sigils originate from?

    It only says having been handed down ages ago from… “somewhere”.
    I’m not really interested in names unless it’s important to know who did them.
    But what’s really of interest is where they are from and how old these Sigils are.

    Initial guess would be Arabian, or African, or Indonesian.

    These Sigils do have impact on the quantum level to collapse the wave function in your favour, no doubt about that. In fact, my wife has tried one to cope with symptoms and it did work with a long-lasting effect for I don’t know I would say 3 months (more or less).

    Another: make noisy neighbours “keep it kinda low” worked but not for long so I had to take other measurements from one of your books.

    looking forward for a reply from you

    1. Hi. Thanks for buying the books, and glad you like them. If mine is a mystery, I get it, but it’s good to know it’s worked for you.

      Have you tried re-reading The Source of The Sigils chapter? That chapter covers more than I could cover in an answer here. Check that out and see if you need more – it’s about the clearest answer there is. It discusses possible primary sources and the creative trance, along with the private grimoire tradition, and also the souce of power they tap into. I think you’ll find what you need in that chapter.

      Cheers, Adam B

  3. Hello Adam, I’ve been using the sigil book for several months now but I find that I often have to repeat the process as eventually the magic wears off. With one, Encouraging Deep Sleep, the result was completely opposite of what I was expecting and experienced a complete disruption of sleep and an increase in terrible, disturbing dreams. While I’ve been afraid to return to this sigil and admittedly, this is an exceptional case, the fact remains that nothing really sticks even after some initial success. Just to be clear I’m primarily referring to sigils of personal healing, health, strength and peace. I have confidence that this works. But so far, the results have been minimal. Any suggestions or insight would be wonderful. Thank you

    1. Hi. If the sleep sigil did that, it seems like there was something else disrupting the sleep that was stirred up when you actually started to approach good sleep. I can’t say what that was, but it leads me to think that a good approach to all of this would be some of the other inner work (there’s some in this book, but way more in Angels of Alchemy by Damon or in 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna). Magick doesn’t wear off so much as respond to a set of conditions, and then appears to wear off if those conditions change, or if something is blocking it. It’s possible there’s something else that’s making you reluctant to accept that success that comes initially. I’m always careful saying this, because it sounds like victim blaming, you know, like I’m saying, ‘It doesn’t work because you don’t want it to.’ It’s not that at all and it’s not your fault, but I have seen loads of cases where people have been getting minimal results, and then they deal with some issue of shame or guilt, and everything starts to work. This is even more likely to be true with the issues you mention as they often have other things going on beneath them. I can’t guess what inner work you may want or need, but you probably have an intuitive grasp. This post might also be useful:

      Cheers, Adam

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