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Sigils of Power and Transformation FAQ


This page is only for questions relating to Sigils of Power by Adam Blackthorne. 



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: Step 4 seems quite powerful. Can I use it with other magick?

A: Yes. Whenever you use the ’emotional transmutation’ found in other books, you can add Step 4 from Sigils of Power. It is one of the greatest secrets of magick that we know.

Q: Why are some of the powers the same as powers in other books?

A: This book contains completely new rituals for health, personal healing and many other areas. There is also a lot of overlap with other books. As I say in the book, having more magick to use is a good thing, and this is a completely different method of magick that may (or may not) get you better results. The overlap could have been left out to make a shorter book, but that would have meant withholding a lot of magick from you, which I’m sure would have caused more complaints. However, the book is not cheap, so before you buy you might want to have a look through the Look Inside feature on Amazon, or download a preview and check out the contents. It won’t appeal to everybody, but if you’re drawn to this, it can do so much for you. There are at least 30 powers that aren’t covered anywhere else in our oeuvre, and many more new powers than that, if you notice that that powers are actually quite different in the way they are applied and the way they manifest.

Q: Why is the book so expensive?

A: We try to keep price low, but the large number of high quality images makes physical and ebook distribution much more expensive. The other option was to print small sigils and cramped text, but we’d prefer to sell a superior product, because that works well for you. Also, if just one power actually works, that’s probably  worth the price of the book. As I write this answer I’ve just seen a review on Amazon that says, “Getting money out of the blue worked with my first try!!!!!!!. Unreal !!!” There are many similar comments.

Q: There seems to be a sigil missing. After the title Inspiring Others, there’s no sigil.

A: All the sigils are there. Inspiring Others is a section title – so it has no individual sigil. As you can see when you read that page, it introduces the ideas that follow and does not describe and individual power. Within the section called ‘Inspiring Others’ there are several chapters, all of which have their sigils. If in doubt, have a look at the Table of Contents on the Look Inside (top left of Amazon sales page) which sets out the Contents more clearly than they ever look in an ebook. The section titles (each with chapters containing the sigils) are:  THE MAGICK OF THE MIND, INSPIRING OTHERS, EXTENDED PERCEPTION, FORTUNE, LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP, BREAKTHROUGH MAGICK, SPIRITUAL MAGICK, PERSONAL STRENGTH, PEACE MAGICK, PROTECTION MAGICK, PERSONAL HEALING, HEALTH MAGICK, WISDOM AND EDUCATION, BUSINESS AND FINANCE and EMPLOYMENT MAGICK.

Q: How do I use this magick to help other people?

A: Please read the chapter called The Flow of Magick.

Q: There are many ‘sigil charging’ methods in other Gallery books. Can they be used on these sigils?

A: They can, but the purpose of charging is not to make the sigil more powerful, but to make your connection to it clear. We talk of charging the sigil with energy, but that energy is a way of making sure you are on the same wavelength as the sigil, that you have absorbed the sigil into your consciousness and that it’s clearly connected to you. If you’re trying to make the sigil more powerful, you need to ask yourself why. If this desire comes from doubt or fear that the magick won’t work, or an attempt to force the magick to work faster and more effectively, it may not be the best thing to do. A relaxed approach, where you assume the magick just works is better than trying to bash the magick into existence. Magick already exists, and only needs to be experienced. But, if you enjoy the sigils, feels a connection to them and want to charge them to feel a stronger connection, you can. I should make it absolutely clear that this is an optional extra. Use the book as written and it works. But if you want to you can use Light From The Dark from Magickal Riches, or the Image Fire technique from Wealth Magick, and there’s also a technique called Magickal Chaos Energy in my book The Master Works of Chaos Magick. In all cases, perform any charging before Step 1 of the ritual. Once the charging is complete, continue the ritual as usual.



101 thoughts on “Sigils of Power FAQ

  1. Hello Adam, I’ve been using the sigil book for several months now but I find that I often have to repeat the process as eventually the magic wears off. With one, Encouraging Deep Sleep, the result was completely opposite of what I was expecting and experienced a complete disruption of sleep and an increase in terrible, disturbing dreams. While I’ve been afraid to return to this sigil and admittedly, this is an exceptional case, the fact remains that nothing really sticks even after some initial success. Just to be clear I’m primarily referring to sigils of personal healing, health, strength and peace. I have confidence that this works. But so far, the results have been minimal. Any suggestions or insight would be wonderful. Thank you

    1. Hi. If the sleep sigil did that, it seems like there was something else disrupting the sleep that was stirred up when you actually started to approach good sleep. I can’t say what that was, but it leads me to think that a good approach to all of this would be some of the other inner work (there’s some in this book, but way more in Angels of Alchemy by Damon or in 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna). Magick doesn’t wear off so much as respond to a set of conditions, and then appears to wear off if those conditions change, or if something is blocking it. It’s possible there’s something else that’s making you reluctant to accept that success that comes initially. I’m always careful saying this, because it sounds like victim blaming, you know, like I’m saying, ‘It doesn’t work because you don’t want it to.’ It’s not that at all and it’s not your fault, but I have seen loads of cases where people have been getting minimal results, and then they deal with some issue of shame or guilt, and everything starts to work. This is even more likely to be true with the issues you mention as they often have other things going on beneath them. I can’t guess what inner work you may want or need, but you probably have an intuitive grasp. This post might also be useful:

      Cheers, Adam

  2. Hello Adam.
    About “Heal with loving light” from the book “Sigils of Power and Transformation”
    So I can do the healing on the 3rd day right after I do this for the 3 day in a row correct?
    And obviously if I ask for the persons permission to try to help them and I know they will agree,I’d just tell them not to lust after the results and let it be?
    Is it ok to use both of my hands or just the right hand?
    And if I’m imagining the white light going in do I need to imagine the dark coming out or is it enougth to send the light in?
    Thank you Adam and GOM!!

    1. “3 days beforehand” has some flex – you can work on the third day, or the day after you finish. It’s a judgement call what to tell them. Getting people involved with magick can be easy or really demanding – but yeah, if you can get them to allow it to happen and expect nothing but allow healing, great. If that’s too much, tell them you’re just trying this and to see what happens. One hand, two hands, whatever feels right for you. The visualisation was mentioned as something that some people do, but not a requirement. Like it says, “we’ve found it can be as simple as placing your hand there with the intention of healing.” If you just do that, it enough. If you want to use a visualisation it can be anything that you like. But it’s not required. Cheers, Adam.

  3. Hi, is it normal that I feel power of sigil how it helps that wish come true in the third step and that I have visions of spiritual energy or spiritual beings how they are doing the work and make wish come true during that step ?

    And, I found my self in situation without a book (on tablet), and I want to use sigil! So is it possible just to visualize sigil and do the complete work in imagination (of course if I know how sigil looks like) ?

    1. It’s different for everybody, but what you describe is not too unusual. And yes, if your imagination is good enough, you can do it that way.

  4. Hello Adam, I wrote a thank you note yesterday and it disappeared. I wanted to let you know how much I love this book. When I first read it, I was lazy felt the steps were too long, re-read the book, and realized how silly and lazy I was. This book has become one of my favourites. The section on Wisdom and Education is priceless. After completing your worldwide ritual, my path became clear and I went back to school. I also used The Greater Magickal Angels (love Damon). Needless to say, every test, every paper, I pull out Sigils of power. I also want to say ( yes you have to study ) if you study, it’s like icing on top of a cake. It is hard to explain, but seriously, When I put in the work, I am rewarded, with an A. Thank you very much.

    1. Ha, that’s funny, you’re not the only one. A few people have said it seemed too much and they couldn’t be bothered, but then they went back and found it was all easy enough. So, there’s something weird going on there, but cool that it all works out in the end.

      Really love to hear about results like this and when people mesh with the magick. Thanks for letting me know! Makes my day.

  5. In his new book about Archangelic magick (published in 2018) Damon Brand uses white surface of sigil as an symbol of archangel and from there one imagine white light of supernatal. Okay, but in your book same white surface at the beginning of the method is used as container for negative states of mind. Can you tell us difference and how to understand that ? What is actually white surface of one sigil and why your and Damons rituals are clashing with informations ?

    1. They are entirely different methods. His uses archangels, the one in this book doesn’t. Images such as white light are used in many ways, in lots of rituals – it’s all quite adaptable.

  6. Hy Adam!
    I’m practicing magick, living in China, like a foreigner student. I have to pay for my life here, what is a little bit expensive, so I start to make money magick, I did the MONEY OUT OF THE BLUE visualization with the sigil, imagining that im already enjoying expend the money that I want to do something here, but instead of the 1000 Yuan(chinese money), I just saw that 10 yuan note inside of a cloath washer in the University’s laundry….
    It means that my money magick will finally work? Can I continue using this sigil and the others on money magick, and maybe have better results?

    Thanks a lot you and all the Gallery Of Magick, love especially yours and Gordon Winterfield books,


    1. Hi Martin. Thanks for buying the book. Yes, that’s the idea – it can often start will small, symbolic amounts. A lot comes down to your ability to perform the magick and let go and allow. Some useful posts about money and related ideas are:



  7. I am interested in buying this book, but understand I might need to be able to print out the sigills? If they are in colour in the book, I only have a black and white laser printer. Must I then go elsewhere to get them in colour, in order to have the full magical effect ?

  8. Hi Adam:
    Recently I have been involved in a harrowing marital separation (hopefully soon a complete divorce), then *WHAM* I was hit with the news that my beautiful 23 year old State Police Officer son has leukemia. I asked a coven I work with to create a pact with a powerful angel for healing; it worked beautifully and my son is in remission after approximately 8 weeks. But now my son is being advised and coerced by fear and intimidation to continue research treatment which will flood his brain with chemotherapy (this is what cancer research calls “prophylaxis TX”, or treatment “just in case”) This advice is mainly being pushed onto my son by my estranged husband who hates me and hates the relationship my son and I had prior to this illness. As you can probably tell I am exhausted and have almost lost my mind. But I have used your sigils book, Zanna’s book, and Damon’s books to stabilize my emotions as mush as possible. Truly they are the only things keeping me alive besides my 2 daughters. Now after all that sob story my question is this: What is the best sigil I can work with to help me STOP the love I have for my son and separate myself from his medical decisions. I need a way to stop the love I have and move on with my life. I know it might sound cruel or weird to some, but it’s my only hope at self-preservation. Otherwise, I will lose my mind. BTW, I am seeing a psychiatrist for all of this, but it isn’t helping the pain. Thanks to all of the Gallery of Magick members who have literally saved my sanity so far.

    1. Hello. Your story is a difficult one to hear. As I get older, ‘cancer’ is a word that is heard more and more often – somebody is always being tested or treated. But when leukaemia in somebody so young is very difficult to take, for anybody. I’m glad to hear your son went into remission.

      It’s also lovely to know that the books, along with your daughters, have offered support. But despite a very strong desire to help, because I do not like to see somebody in such pain, I have to be honest and say that I don’t know of magic that can take away love. I can understand why you would want to, and it doesn’t not sound cruel or weird to me. I won’t go into the personal details, but I was once in a situation where my fear about the death of a loved one caused me to shut down emotionally – it happened all by itself, without any magick. But the love never went away, and when my loved one died, I was all the more damaged. I wish I’d kept my love present, regardless of the pain. This is not advice. I can’t advise you on something so raw and painful and personal, but I can say that I don’t believe that magick can take your love away. It may be able to help you cope. As we always say, the conventional approach is essential, and I think even your psychiatrist would agree that nothing will take away the pain, because although it feels unbearable, pain is what you feel in situations like this. Make sure you let your psychiatrist know that you have reached a point where the pain is so unbearable you want to stop loving. It’s a very important thing to communicate. For supporting yourself with magick, if you’re using my books and Zanna’s books, you already have what I would suggest. The rituals can help, they can give you strength, but they won’t stop love. I’m sorry I can’t give the help that you’re asking for.

  9. Hi Adam, thanks again for answering questions. I like to experiment and my question is about something I recently experimented with regarding Sigils of Power.

    Before starting the ritual, I inverted the color on my phone, so that black became white and vice versa, so then the sigil and rings were white and everything else is black. What I did was during step 3 was I imagined bright light coming through the sigil as I felt the result, similar to how Damon instructs us to in some of his books, and it felt very good!

    Since you are so knowledgeable about the material I just wanted to ask if there was any reason I shouldn’t do that, and if there was anything you would do to alter what I did.

    Also is there anything you can say about what you think powers the magick and what kind of energy that is? In the book you say it represents the “pure essence of magick” and I was wondering if you could expand on what you believe that is. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Phil. No reason why not. I’ve made them flicker different colours on my screen – didn’t help, but it was fun. There isn’t much I can say about the essence of magick except that it’s a supernatural attainment of sincere desire. Anything else and I’d be getting theoretical, and in truth, that’s all opinion and speculation and doesn’t help the magick to work at all. Cheers, Adam.

  10. Hi Adam
    I am writing this query on behalf of a friend who asked me to post this for your attention.

    Hi Mr Blackthorne

    There is a problem I hope you can help me solve. I have suffered with a problem for many years, I am so desperate to be rid of it.

    Through the works of black magic, hoodoo, witchcraft or some kind of evil work a dark entity has taken hold of my body. It causes fatigue, depression and various illnesses.

    Its presence is felt more in my stomach but also my body as a whole and even my head.

    I have tried for years, going to other people of help, but thousands of pounds ( I no long have that kind of money) later, no change. If I try to get rid of it myself I becomes angry and starts making horrible sounds. It has turned my life into the feeling of deathrow.

    I have began doing the Magickal Protection; Sword Banishing ritual.

    What I need to know is there something else I can do to rid help remove this creature?

    God Bless


    1. Hello. This comes up from time to time, and it’s very difficult to know how to deal with it, because my understanding is that a lot of the magick you list (such as hoodoo) relies – or at least benefits – from the victim being aware of the attack, and that belief feeds it long after the magick has actually lost power. I’ve worked with quite a few people who were convinced that they had an entity attached, but when they cleared up their own fear, they realised they’d essentially crafted a thoughtform, or even just an echo of some former curse. The entity was long gone. Now, this can sound really unsympathetic, like when you go to the doctor with real pain and they say, ‘Its all in your mind.’ But what I’m getting at is that whatever started it, and whatever it’s level of reality may be, the best way to tackle it is not by feeding its presence with belief. No matter how real it’s effects, it needs to be replaced with pleasure, and you need to conceive and believe in a future where it is no more. That step is as vital as any. As you can see, in Magickal Protection there is a lot of work – the main ritual, the daily SB, also Remove Parasitic Beings and Cancel a Curse or Supernatural Attack. That, combined with Banish Negative Energy, Cancel a Curse and Protect Against Psychic Attack (from Sigils of Power) is going to be more than enough protection. In fact, you might want to spread that out a bit, and instead of focussing on this negative experience, seek more positive ones. You can’t tell a depressed person to cheer up – it’s offensive and unhelpful. But you can take them for a day out and make them climb a mountain. You get perspective, feel better. Damon Brand cured me that way once, long, long ago! And in terms of magick that means not just focussing on getting rid of something, but on making the most of who and where you are, finding your needs and sensing the most about yourself that you can. Sounds a bit weird, but what I’m getting at is using Zanna’s 72 Sigils of Power to explore your own needs, the things that delight, the things that give you pleasure, how you relate to people. And Damon’s The Angels of Alchemy – lots of work on the self in there. Truth be told, most people don’t want to do this work – it’s a bit boring compared to instant cash and great, exciting results. But it’s the most important work. Even with protection, I’d say you’ll get better results if you look through those books and start to explore who you are and what you want, almost as though the problem you describe doesn’t exist. When you can see a life beyond it, and start to dismiss it, and find energies that are more powerful and beneficial, it will fade. The protection is enough to make it go, but you need to refill the space within yourself with more desire, more pleasure, more of yourself. I’ve rambled a bit, but hope you can get something out of that. Cheers, Adam.

  11. I Adam
    Just wondering do you respond to comments on ‘Words of Power’ page?
    I have left a question there concerning a Words of Power ritual. However, if you do not comment on this page should I move the question to this one?

    V Daisy

    1. Yes, I answer everywhere! Sorry, I just missed that one. We get so many a day that I can’t always keep track. I’ll answer soon. Need to eat something first…

  12. Hi Adam,

    I just started working with your Sigils of Power and I really like it! Can the Sigil ‘Business Booster’ be used by someone who doesn’t actually sell anything, e.g. a movie actor, performer, etc? So instead of boosting a business boosting a career?
    Or is it better to use rituals like ‘Obtain any desire’ from Words of Power, and some angelic rituals from the ’72 Angels of Magick’?

    And when doing multiple rituals (for one objective or different ones) is it necessary to wait between the rituals or can you do them in a row?

    I hope this question is not too theoretical: In some rituals you work with demons. Some occultists say that they call on Satan to do their bidding. What’s the difference between calling on Demons and calling on the Devil? Are they in any way connected? Could you recommend some books that are more theoretical, to get an overview?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there, and thanks. Glad you like it. Yes, any business! Doesn’t if you’re making a sale or landing a role, if you’re running it as a business (i.e to make money, not as a hobby) then yes. Obtain Any Desire is a weird one, as I think you really need to be on the cusp of getting it already. But angelic magick can help, for sure – depends on whether you need to improve your skills or the way people see you. Find the magick that tackles the weak spots as well as the strengths,.

      As for multiple rituals, please see the fourth and fifth questions on this page: On the same page have a look at Theoretical Questions about Magick for your question about theory. It would take a book for me to even begin to answer. Hopefully the answers on that page will give you something to go on.

  13. Hi,
    I think I need help with my company. The company I work for is about to sign a new contract with her client. This presents a good opportunity for people to get an uptick in the wages. Problem is, the salaries are usually done at management end and most times, without consultation with the workers. So the terms and conditions are mostly non negotiable – more like take it or ship out. The only option left to have any sort of influence in this is to deploy some of GOM’s teaching 😉

    From the book of Sigils of Power, I thought of “Be Seen in a Good Light”. But the book says “This sigil works for a few days at most”. So I am not sure this is the ideal working I should use since nobody knows for sure when the documentation will be made.

    So where in Sigil of Power or other GOM’s teaching will you suggest I do?

    1. I would do that one! But maybe repeat every few days until things are done. You probably don’t have time for a full angelic working, so from Words of Power all these re good: Have Your Talent Recognized, Appear Valuable to Somebody of Importance, and maybe even Be Given a Chance, Against the Odds. Cheers, AB

      1. Thanks for the suggestions.
        Appear valuable to somebody of importance looks good/promising. I will look into that
        But doing a few search on my own, I can’t seem to get the magickal servitor off my mind because it appeals to much to me except for one issue.
        If you don’t mind discussing magickal servitor on this thread, I have a little challenge with the magickal servitor. I am a “relatively” religious person and the religious part of me strongly believes that all appreciation should be directed to the DIVINE. So I find it a bit unsettling when Mr brand suggested giving periodical “appreciation” to the servitor (in addition to energy from the successful task) as food to the servitor.
        I feel I am not thinking straight – maybe I need to view this from a different perspective. What do you think?

        1. We never pray to angels, we never worship them, we don’t worship servitors etc, but showing appreciation feels ok to me. Some people get magick to work without even believing in God, but if you do, well, the way I see it is that the gratitude you feel is the message you want to pass on, the thanks you’re sending up. Or, on a more basic level, you could say that when you ask a dog to sit, you say, ‘God dog.’ When a friend passes the cake, you say, ‘Thanks.’ It’s like that. Just plain thanks. Hope that helps!

  14. Do you think Adam, that the Magical Protection enhanced everything the rituals intended?

    Do you think that my own inner healing abilities were enhanced by the M P, as I have done healing over the years but, I was out of practice and I just could not find the energy to set the healing up, which involves candles, oils incense etc etc…

    The sigils were easy and worked perfect for someone who is too ill for long winded stuff.

    Also I want to go back to my community work but need help getting things done without hassle from other people. Is there a Sigil that I can use to take control and prevent people pulling me down?

    Is there sigil to control violent groups of people as my work will take me into various neighbourhoods and I want no reprisals.

    I do not want protection just for myself but for other people is there a sigil for this?

    I want to defuse violence with certain boys, is there a sigil for this?

    I want to get on with my life now as this was something I promised myself if the lump was benign. It is also my way of giving back to the universe.

    Thank you for everything.

    Love V Daisy

    1. Some people really believe that the MP enhances everything, and I think that’s almost universally true with the Sword banishing, but the Master Protection clicks with some and not with others, if we’re honest. When it clicks, it clicks well. So, yes to that!

      To be more in control of a situation and stop people pulling you down, some of the sigils some the Inspiring Others section of Sigils of Power and Transformation could work. You may need to think quite creatively in how and where they are applied. Several in the Protection Magick of that book could also apply. If ‘taking control’ requires change in the self, then there’s a lot in Zanna’s 72 Sigils, but also some in the Personal Strength section of my book.

      For violent groups and neighbourhoods have a look at Protection from Violence in Magickal Protection.

      For protecting others, there’s Protect Family and Loved Ones in the same book.

      For specific violent boys, it can be more difficult. Do you want to calm, bind, silence etc. It will depend on the situation and your knowledge of the individual, plus what sort of magick you like. Take Power From A Bully in Magickal Protection might work, and again, some of the stuff from my book mentioned above.

      Cheers, Adam.

  15. Hi Adam
    I would like to say thanks to both you and Zanna Blaise for you amazing books Sigils of Power and Transformation by yourself and 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise.

    Between these books I have recovered from three months of being seriously ill including a cancer scare.

    I know the GOM has a disclaimer on healing but I know for a fact that Z Blaise ‘Recovery’ sigil and your ‘Healing with Loving Light’ brought me back from a very scary place. I had a lump that I had for months that was not picked up on any of my imaging scans ( MRI, CT’s and Ultrasound). I was sore from blood test that left me tearful because my veins were collapsing and the doctors were taking blood from delicate places that were more bone than flesh.

    Moving things to an whole new level of fear my doctor saw the lump and went into panic mode, forwarding me for biopsy as soon as possible. I was petrified because both my parents died from cancer five years apart.

    Anyway, I used the sigils mentioned, and as advised by the books. I would place my hand on the lump daily determining that I was going to take control over my ‘domain’ and my ‘immortality’ like what the Magickal Protection book rituals involve. I was also doing the Magickal Protection!

    I notice one day in the bathroom that I could hardly feel or see the lump. This encouraged me to do the rituals with more conviction and the lump faded to a size hardly visible to the eyes.

    The doctor called me up reminding me of the biopsy appointment. I informed that the lump was shrinking but she still wanted me to see her the next day.

    She had to do a thorough examination to find anything. She said there was something but it was probably a cyst or pile of sorts as it had shrunk on its own. She still wanted me to go to the hospital but not for a biopsy as she said it was no longer necessary, but just for an less intrusive examination. She told me to book the appointment my self and not to rush.

    I know the sigils helped me loads

    Love and Blessing Viveen Daisy

    1. Hello and you can’t imagine how good that makes us feel, and like I said elsewhere today, everybody gets to hear these stories in The Gallery. You understand that we can’t say too much, because we don’t want to make health promises that could be misleading. But it is so lovely to hear your story and really made my day. I can’t say much more than that, but thanks, and well done for using the magick so well.

  16. I just tried something with SOPAT. Sometimes I do things because in the moment they feel right, but I was curious to your thoughts because I figure anything I can think of, you already have.

    Lets call it “Dictation”.

    In trying to more clearly grasp the target emotions, in each step I dictated the what and why of the feeling. Step 1: “This problem is bothering me and it MAKES ME FEEL _____”
    Step 2: “…and I’m DECIDING right here, right now it’s going to change because this is the way it is SUPPOSED to be!”
    Step 3: “(the intended result) happened and it was SUCH a RELIEF! Now everything is better because…
    Step 4: “It’s funny how all those YEARS AGO that issue was such a big deal and then it just POOF! Fixed itself LIKE IT WAS NOTHING!

    So basically, I am speaking my way through the ritual, using key words to trigger the emotion I’m after. Plus, at least for ME…it feels like I am giving the process more discernible “structure”….not unlike how Words of Power requires speaking parts. It seems to make it a bit easier to hit those emotional triggers.

    Just curious if that makes sense, or it’s recommended to do it all in your head.

    **SIDE NOTE**

    You now how sometimes people say that there are sigils missing in Kindle? I noticed that too…till I figured out the issue. Tell people to zoom out the page. I have also noticed sigils that were “chopped” that I wanted to print. “Pinch” the screen to make the text smaller, and the “missing” sigils will appear (like Magick). Ok…that was low hanging fruit…

    1. Hi.

      What you’re saying absolutely makes sense. This is what we suggest to people who can’t visualise. If you can visualise, and the ritual suggest you visualise light descending from above, cool, you just picture it. But if you can’t, the workaround is to say,’Light descends from above.’ Some people combine both. Doing what you’re doing isn’t quite the same thing, because it’s not fro an inability to visualise, but i’m just trying to say, yeah, saying stuff out loud can be really helpful. Some people find it counterproductive and mind numbing, or distracting, but others find it really helps. If it’s working for you, stick with it.

      With the images thing, I know images can sometimes chop on some devices, but for the people who wrote it was always because they’d misread a section heading as a chapter heading. So they thought Inspiring Others was a chapter with a sigil, when it’s actually a section heading. If I update the book, I might put in a little sentence under each section change, so it’s obvious it’s a section rather than a chapter. That might be a bit more palatable than going for: Section 6: Inspiring Others.

  17. hi Adam,
    I have the 72 Sigils of power book by Zanna Blaise. Is this book similar and/or should I have both? thank you for your amazing work and help.

    1. Hi George. No, it’s really quite different. Hard to explain how without an essay. If you can, click on the Look Inside on the Amazon page and you can read the first few pages, or look at the Table of Contents. That should give you an idea; some of it covers the same powers as you find in Words of Power and Greater Words of Powers, but it’s a different style of magick. If Look Inside doesn’t work you can click the free sample button instead – I think it’s the same content.

      1. hi Adam,
        Thank you for your reply. I will order your book today. I have a couple of questions I haven’t seen addressed on any of the FAQs. Can 2 people work the same Angel Majick or Sigil ritual together? For example, if you have a partner you write music with and you are both having a creative block, can you work the creativity Angel together or do you need to do it individually? My 2nd question is if someone can observe you when you are doing a ritual? Thanks again for all your help and support.

        1. Hi George. Yes, people can work together. How exactly you do that is a personal thing. You can do it either way. Both perform the ritual together, calling the angel together etc, (or using the sigil or whatever it may be) – this is cool if it’s a good relationship or working relationship, with loads of trust, and if you’re both at roughly the same level of magickal competence. That is, if one has been doing it for years, and the other is on Day One and might feel a bit silly, it’s not the best. But otherwise, yeah, it works. The other way is to both do the same ritual, separately, for the same goal. Personal choice as to which you do.

          Yes, somebody can watch you, but if it’s somebody who’s going to laugh or whatever, then no, bad idea. I suppose that’s obvious. But if you’re in a calm, trusting place and don’t feel weird being watched, the spirits are not one tiny bit bothered. Make sure it’s somebody who won’t freak out if they hear noises or sense the atmosphere change or something like that. If it’s somebody else who already does magick, that’s ideal. If you’re demonstrating, to a newcomer, make sure they know to keep calm and quiet and right out of it until you say so. Cheers. AB.

  18. Amazing! Just purchased the ebook… I have a downstairs neighbor whose music to tv can be extremely annoying… Now, the moment I finished the 3rd step of “Make Noisy Neighbors Quiet” … Silence! Peace! I am now trying about seven sigils at the same time! Not sure if this is a good idea, but I will try it…

  19. Hi Adam,
    I love your book on the Sigils of Power and Transformation. I love all books by GOM, but this one has become my “go to” book when I need something. It’s just everything is there, and it works fast. Thank you again for writing it. I do have a question. I have tried “Release the energy of youth” sigil, and it’s awesome! Does the “Glamour of youth” ritual with 2 angels, that Damon posted a while back on FB work the same way as your sigil, or is it different? Or do I have to try it to find out?

    Thank you

    1. Thanks so much. Great to know it’s working. I don’t remember anything about the glamour of youth – I didn’t watch the FB page much, so there were a few things put out that I never heard about. Was this a sigil or something else? I’d ask Damon but he’s more than a little bit out of reach. Whatever the case, if it was angelic, it wouldn’t be quite the same under the hood, and in magick ‘glamour’ often suggests a near-deception, a mask almost, that changes the way you are seen, but what’s in the Sigils book is more about releasing what’s still within you in an honest, beautiful way.

      1. Thank you for clarifying. I also didn’t watch FB page much in the past. I don’t know if there was a sigil posted. One day someone posted a question “What angels to contact for glamour of youth?” And Damon posted 2 names from the ’72 angels of Magick’ book. I wrote it down, and the answer was gone from FB within next 30 mins. I will use the ritual from the ’31 new angelic powers’ blog for this, probably, for 11 days.

  20. This is in response to the guy or lady dsm888,who sent me the email in defending GOM masters.(i see the smoke)The way you r saying to me in this email is 100% contradicting from the book . here u said all 4 steps in two lines making it very easy, now take the book and compare the same 4 steps where the author spent 6 to 8 pages explaining the same two lines of your interpreted steps. I am not disrespecting any one specially the people in this field which i like myself very much. Go and read Damon brand books his instructions are very easy to understand only his instructions involves more steps and involve calling the names of angels. I bought this expensive book thinking it will be easier to follow author’s instructions as was promised in the advertisement of the book. Also the people who are thinking to buy this book should know ahead of time. I don’t have anything personally against the author. I also have read hundreds of books not only in english but also in other languages too of the same field and know the difference. May be I was not right when said about making business for the author and his friends. I admire the work of these authors who spend their time to work on this subject and bring the knowledge of this invaluable field in front of the people. I have tried two sigils from the book and still waiting for the desired outcomes to come. Also please don’t expect that people should give you and your group 100 % +ve comments all the time and learn to accept -ve criticism also. Thank you.

    1. Hi there. We published your criticism – and here were are publishing your response, so please don’t say we expect 100% support. I dedicate several hours a week to answering questions on these pages to offer support to our readers. If we just wanted support we wouldn’t bother with that. (Mind you, I think I do need a break from that. The questions are getting very boring and repetitive.)

      And on the issue of complexity, we can never win. For the really simple books – we get literally thousands of questions asking for more detail. When we add more detail, people say it’s too theoretical or too long. I tried to aim for illustration through example, rather than a single paragraph that would leave people wondering what I meant. You can’t please all of the people…

      However, we don’t allow flame wars here, so the case is closed. So if people want to argue I really suggest going to the occult forums, which are designed for that. Privately emailing one another (if that has in fact happened) may not be the wisest way to deal with disagreements, and we certainly don’t want flame wars here. But as I say, we try to help. We love support, we try to help, but we don’t like being accused of doing this just for the money, given the hours spent helping people, so I appreciate your retraction of that.

      And in that spirit, how can I help? Well, when you say ‘i have tried’ and ‘still waiting’, that perhaps shows an underlying approach that is not ideal for magickal results. Trying, striving, waiting – that’s not ideal. The books, and this site, try to emphasise that waiting is the opposite of expecting, and a calm expectation is what you need. Work for a result that is just out of reach at first, not wildly impossible, and then do what you can to allow the magick to occur without lust for result. As you can see, that is working for 99% of the people who use this magick. If you go in feeling that the book had annoyed you, that it’s too complex, that 8 pages were too much description, that might take away the calm and confident feeling of potential that you want. If you can shift that, you might get better results, and who knows, they may also come faster. A useful article on this can be found here:

  21. I just wanna share this gem I’m working on (KINDLE LOC. 866) EXPAND AVAILABLE TIME 🙂 😀 – I long for the day that someone may just invent the technology so that Mr. AB’s sigil can be viewed, from a reader’s perspective in 3D! 😀 how awesome is that?! kinda like pop up books which I’ve enjoyed & loved very much when I was a kid.

    I’m putting my request for this technology to be available ON ALL my G.O.M masters’ book. My other request is – make it before I die (to all the angels of communications) 🙂 😀 I don’t want ONLY the next generation magickians to enjoy my awesome idea of 3D sigils, etc. with much gratitude to the spirits listening (GOD MERCURY) S.M.888

    1. Just dealing with Facebook, this blog and getting the books out is taking every spare second of time – I don’t see a popup book in my lifetime! You could make your own, for personal use… but in practical terms, I don’t see how the bits could hang in the air without all sorts of horrid little connections. A 3D glasses version could work. But it wouldn’t help the magick. They are as they are meant to be.

      1. Hello Mr.AB 🙂 I think my imagination lately is off the hook – like my mind is so futuristic lately. I was imagining 2099 future magickians using holograms & thinkin “what? you mean magickians in 2017 were printing sigils?! that must have been a tough time” (2099 sorcerer responds) “let’s respect our ancestors they paved the way”. 2017 (magickian version) “what is a typewriter?!” “what is a polaroid?! what do you mean?”

        😀 🙂 be safe Mr. AB thanks for the magickal sigils – seriously it has added a lot to my imagination & hence affected my rituals in a positive way (million times over than the lack of imagination). WITH futuristic gratitude.S.M.888

  22. Kindle location 1145 : DISCOVER THE WILLPOWER TO EAT WELL 🙂 😀 – never thought it would erase my addiction to coffee! Because sometimes I would just read things nonchalantly. Or think of toooo general of a ‘wish’. Maybe my subconscious fused with this sigil intensely & pinpointed my addiction (which I very love hhahhaha, hence why it is an addiction).

    What’s magickal about it? it happened so subtly – I was just thinking in the beginning “ah maybe because as a chick, my taste buds fluctuate” you know the monthly thing that happens to us ladies. BUT NOW? One cup of coffee can last me the whole day – before? literally from 5-10 cups of instant coffee that it was almost water to me.

    There are results that I document privately in my private notebook, but there are things I wanna share publicly such as this :D, with much gratitude. S.M.888

  23. Hi Adam,
    I have quite a number of GOM kindle books I bought on amazon including sigils of power.
    I have a very big issue with reading books generally – novels, manuals, office documents etc. I am a terribly slow reader and can’t complete 5 pages of normal book without falling asleep or at least losing interest. Especially the ones that has 200+ pages. Strangely though, for some reasons, I seem to be able to fare better with GOM books and others in this genre. But even books in this category bore me when if it has over 300 pages.
    Can you direct me to which of the GOM books and section that can help me in this regards. I want and need to be able to pick a book (no matter how many pages) and read all the pages in no more than 3 days.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi there. Not completely sure how to answer because I can’t glean from this if the problem is lack of concentration, being easily distracted, lack of motivation, procrastination, or purely that you read slowly. If it’s the last one, the best solution might be non-magickal; there are good books on improving your reading rate. I like to read slowly as its the best way to get all the sensory impressions, and for mystical stuff, it’s the only way to leave room to detect the deeper ideas. But I learned some speed-reading tech to help me get through required reading. That might do it for you – if so, magick to learn a new skill can help.

      If you want magick to help the best suggestions (depending on the possible causes etc listed above) would be:

      From The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise: 1. Vehu, 20, Pahal, 23. Melah, 32. Vesher – and maybe others depending on what you think!

      Gahdiel in The Angels of Alchemy by DB.

      Really worth looking to see if you can find any underlying stuff too. If you just don’t feel at peace, or feel edgy, there’s lots in those two books that can deal with that. Some people find the Sword Banishing in Magickal Protection, done regularly, gives a sense of peace that can make focussing and being calm a lot easier. Not everybody, but some.

      Also Dedicate Yourself to a New Skill from Words of Power or Develop a New Skill Easily from this book – Sigils of Power and Transformation. What else from this book? Worth looking at everything under Personal Strength and Personal Healing – many of those, or just a few, may apply.

      Cheers, Adam

  24. Hi, the book sigil of power is not very easy book to follow as was claimed by the author. There is lot of mumbo jumbo, Author has made it very confusing and not used easy language.Also there is no sigil to achieve your goals, which is very important topic for most of the people. The book is not for the beginners. Author has left lots of things for the future books to make more business for himself and his colleagues.

    1. I have this book, and although I’ll admit I haven’t used this magick much, it’s not difficult to understand. I’d argue it’s much easier than all the other rituals in GOM

    2. Hello, I’m the author! Sorry you didn’t like it, but have you tried it? We have hundreds of reports from people who have actually used it, and they say not only was it the simplest and easiest magic they’ve ever used, clearly written, but that they also got results. Many were complete beginners. You obviously disagree and that’s sad to her, but have you tried it yet? That’s the only way to get it to work.

      As for mumbo jumbo, a little extra background material was put in because people asked for it, but the actual method is just four steps. Compared to most ceremonial magick, this is about 50 times simpler.

      And I left things out to make you buy more books? No. The book is self-contained. You don’t need to buy anything else to get it to work. You can, if you like magick, but if you think magick is a money-making scam, then nothing I can say will convince you. We’re actually not that interested in more ‘business’. We’re only publishing two more books this year, and after that maybe one a year. Occult publishing is not big business. It’s something you do for the love of sharing it.

      The desire for a General Purpose Ritual or a ritual to ‘achieve your goals’ is very common, but an unrealistic fantasy. People might sell you an amulet or potion to achieve your dreams, but it won’t work. You achieve your dreams by using magick on each small change that needs to occur. It’s very clear to me that many people do achieve their dreams by following what’s in the books and reading the blogs on this page. You can see that on our Success Stories page. But there will never be one super magick spell to solve all problems. If we sold you that, we really would be con-men.

      If you need more details on using the magick, or if there’s something you don’t understand, let me know. If you’re open minded, it can work for you.

    3. All I can say to this very confusing? STEP 1: LOOK AT THE SIGIL, 2) THINK OF WHAT YOU WANT 3.. 4… – confusing? where? Nothing can be more beginner than that 😀 – also? to drive more business to themselves? My hunch is telling me all the seasoned magickians that wrote those books you accused as “mumbo jumbo” ARE ALREADY WEALTHY in their own right. ERGO, why they’re almost giving away their books for free (not literal FREE because some people not saying YOU are SO LITERAL you need to spell things out for them) :D.

      I exercise loyalty if it is deserved in this case IT IS, which much gratitude to my G.O.M masters 😀 S.M.888

  25. Hi Adam,

    There is a person that will be traveling out of the country for two or three weeks, for business. Is there any ritual that you could recommend me to bring her back sooner?

    I have most of the Gallery of Magick books, but I could not find anything for this situation.

    Thank you.

    1. I do know of such magick, but not in anything we’ve published. The easiest way is to influence that person to choose to return – but that kind of magick is the opposite of the patient, allowing sort that we’ve published so far. Sorry about that. And I can’t really point you in the right direction, because getting to be that good takes ages! I mean, there are things you could try – quick rituals from Words of Power to make somebody kinder, that sort of thing. You have to look at why she’s away and what might shift that. It’s just possible there’s something in there, but only you can know because only you know the causes etc.

  26. Passed the exam! Didn’t ask for a high grade but I passed the exam – words of power included. Now I have to work on changing how my professor looks at me so he can write a great recommendation letter.

    I’m glad I’m already a practicing magickian thanks to the G.O.M masters & their wisdom & knowledge. If I weren’t I would have taken my passing grade as a low blow to my ego hahahah (which I used to do before).

    Now there’s more magick to do 😀 so nothing personal on the low but passing grade. The sigils I used did its. part – the spirits I called to in words of power did their part. I got what I asked for. I said passing grade I got a passing grade. Next time I’ll be more bold with my requests 😀 & more vivid in my imagination.

    With G.O.M’s materials? No more addiction to limitation, & with much gratitude, S.M.888

  27. I just wanna share this encouraging & yet facetious quote by Mr. AB (Kindle Location 1226) ” I don’t know about you, but I felt like after the age of twenty-five I’d peaked mentally” ON SIGIL: SHARPEN YOUR MIND.

    Hahahah so silly, 😀 just re-visiting the sigils for my exam a few days from now, as always with much gratitude & laughter.S.M.888

    p.s. I think your sigil is so powerful Mr. AB because you sound sharp to me (but I’m easy to impress) even boiling an egg can impress me. So I don’t know, I may have to report on this sigil after my exam 😀 to confirm your mental sharpness. Hahahah just being a jokester don’t send a demon my way, but if you do send pls. send Clauneck 😀 hahahha & all the wealth demons. I’ll direct message you my home address to make sure they don’t give my wealth to someone else.

  28. I just want to post this lil gem (Kindle Loc.1179) RECOVER FROM STOMACH SICKNESS. Never thought this can powerfully help me get rid of my tummy aches due to anxiety in grad school (probably on the verge of developing ulcers due to the inability to squeeze in structured time for eating). I think even the Angels & Demons would say “you’re on your own when it comes to time management – that ain’t our problem” hahahah 😀 guilty as charged & learning & incorporating all the Words of Power & Sigils for organization etc.

    That being said: I love my G.O.M masters I don’t know what kind of incantations, rituals, charging Mr. A.B. & the rest of his “crew” (sorry slang for friends :D) poured on these sigils *sigh* all I can say is thank you.

    I don’t have the choice right now to testify on Amazon as an act of gratitude, because I wanna remain secret, ergo why I’m active here so that people would know the G.O.M ‘s magick is not just magick BUT REALITY. As always with much gratitude.S.M.888

    1. Thank you for sharing that. Great to hear – there have been a few stories here and elsewhere this week about this particular sigil. (If ever you want to post to Amazon you can change your ‘pen name’ I think they call it to Amazon Customer. But all your reviews then appear under that name, even ones written previously – so it’s a personal choice whether or not to do that. I know lots of people want to share their love, but need privacy – this is one way around it. They have instructions on the site somewhere.)

      1. Hi Mr. AB I will experiment with the Amazon name change (my account on Amazon – dunno – probably because of their logistics is tied under my Author Name – before I tried changing it when I encountered my 1st G.O.M book & it won’t let me). Fast forward to, when I encountered my 1st G.O.M book I went here & all the comments sections were closed HAHAHHA 😀 I was like “universe are you trying to tell me something?” “keep it to myself this is not the right time? ok got it” hahah 😀 But will come back to Amazon & see if they have changed any policy with Author account, Amazon is a psycho when it comes to reviews, ergo I think why they are so strict when it comes to changing names so that no one can post fake reviews under one account & just keeps on changing the “name of reviewer”. 😀 as always with much (fun, happiness) & gratitude.S.M.888

        *G.O.M’s Magick is finally giving me the ability to have fun & happiness other magick was just making me gloomy & irritable* I think even Scrooge & the Grinch wouldn’t wanna hang out with me before they’d probably say to each other “damn, just kill me now bro – her again?! with her angry & angrier attitude?! Even when she smiles she looks angry! End my life Bro pls.I’ll pay you!” Hahahah 😀

  29. Once more in the act of gratitude just wanna share this lil gem from the book (Kindle Loc.589). “Why was one person ignored by an angel, when another begged and was helped? It was down to sincerity, to inner conviction. This is not about belief, but about what you see as being right for you” -ADAM BLACKTHORNE

    I’m glad to see this again in my “notebook” – because sometimes as a human being you’re physically tired. This wise words from Mr. AB reminded me that it’s about sincerity. I akin this to, say for example you’re talking to a foreigner who doesn’t speak YOUR language fluently. The grammar doesn’t matter right? Because most often than not – you can feel the sincerity being conveyed (also applies to flowery words BUT full of insincerity).

    I guess this is why all the G.O.M masters have been saying “it’s the feeling it’s the emotions” maybe because most often than not – feelings & emotions rarely lie. If you’re angry you’re angry even if you can’t articulate it in words – same thing with being truly grateful. If you’re grateful it will show (with words or without words). So with much gratitude to all the G.O.M. masters, thank you for the life lessons, the magickal skills, the effort & dedication & generosity in sharing all this to your readers.S.M.888 🙂 😀

  30. Hi Adam
    I purchase a few of the GoM books. I’ve been working with many of the sigils however, I think I did some sigils that I did not need. However, because this is magic I would like to cancel a few of the sigils that I did not really need, how do you cancel a sigil after you have engaged it?
    V. Daisy

    1. Hi there; If you’re talking just about sigils from this book, you don’t need to do anything – the magick is so personal, and so wound into your being, that if you change your mind the magick is released. Some effects may still manifest because the wheels are already in motion, but these will probably be very minor and it will all just fizzle out quickly.

  31. Adam,

    Once again! Praises be to God for you and the marvelous work you do. I have been reading the reviews on Amazon about this fascinating book and find it incredible that this magick works without the appointment/employment of a single entity. I considered myself an intermediate magician before GOM increased my capabilities to an advanced level. But, In all of my experiences, I have never heard of magick without the employment of entities. I read a comment about the same thing I’m about to ask you, from someone else on another blog post you have about this book. I still don’t understand exactly how this works; I’m nosure doubting, I’m just very analytical. How or what is shifting these coincidences in accordance with the will when these sigils are employed if no entity is being used?

    1. Before I answer, can I check; have you read the book yet? There’s a fairly extensive explanation in The Source of The Sigils. Do you need more than is in there?

  32. I attempted to buy the Ebook for this. Upon attempting to purchase, it told me since I bought the paperback version that the ebook was free; but I never bought the paperback. I also bought magickal servitores and that gave me a kindle price. I’m not sure what to do as I’m afraid of any repercussions. What should I do as amazon is not giving me the option to purchase the ebook “sigils of power”.

    1. Thanks for that, and thanks for letting us know. If I contact Amazon, they’ll ask me to provide all the customer details etc, so could I please ask you to press the Help button (usually in the middle of the screen, at the top, around the middle, so small you could easily miss it), and tell them exactly what’s happened. I will also put in a general enquiry about this, to see if that can help, but that can take weeks – if you contact them directly they should be able to clear it up within 24 hours. I hope.

      1. I called Amazon, they explained that a glitch occurred from an order back in January that was cancelled. The gentleman admitted that they aren’t sure exactly how or why this happened. I explained I want to support the author so I want to pay for the ebook. He told me to buy the paperback version and gave me $15.00 credit towards the purchase and free one day shipping. I asked him how the author would feel about this and he said the author should be fine since this is Amazon Fulfilled (something like that). Am I clear to go?

        1. Great, thanks, you are very much good to go. I appreciate the support and hope you get a lot out of the book. (I checked the history and there’s been a fair bit of weirdness with this book, as I’ve asked them to look into it – glad it worked out for you!!!) AB

  33. I just wanna say I combined 111 Magickal Sigils to Receive Fair Legal Decision with Greater Words of Power today before meeting with the people who have the potential to pull the “power play” out of their butts . I got what I TRULY & FAIRLY DESERVED the money that’s supposed to be mine to begin with.

    As always I promised myself to always testify (to show my gratitude & reciprocity to the spirits & the authors a.k.a. G.O.M masters). Looking back to my life prior to G.O.M’s secret magick — would never wanna go back to that. Thank you to the G.O.M masters’ generosity of spirit – sharing their knowledge to ppl who are willing to learn. And to the spirits who would always come when called, always without fail would hear me. I Thank you. With much gratitude, S.M.888

  34. Adam when I saw this ” A relaxed approach, where you assume the magick just works is better than trying to bash the magick into existence. Magick already exists, and only needs to be experienced.”
    I laughed my ass off!! You nailed it!! It immediately made me think of Tim the Toolman Tayler from Home Improvement. Electricity already exists, everyone else uses it and gets great results and expect what they get. He always has to magnify it, thinking it’ll be better but it never works right, if at all, and often blows up in his face. I love all the analogies you all use. Makes it sooooo simple to understand. Thank you!!!

  35. One thing I love about Mr. AB’s book (aside from my very 1st G.O.M book Chaos Magick) is that with the sigils – esp. for the past two weeks I can’t even articulate my emotions into words. This book just “speaks” to me all I need to do is transfer my emotions & what I see in my mind’s eye on the sigils. Life has been a roller coaster ride for the past two weeks as an expat & my emotions are more palpable than words. I am at peace that I have in my arsenal Mr. AB’s book to transmute the emotions as opposed to let the emotions control me. In hindsight this probably why I like Chaos Magick too, esp. with the Olympic spirits. There are times, I wanna call on to the “holy names” or the spiritual beings on all the G.O.M’s books. But there are times I just wanna be silent because words can’t express what goes on inside. With gratitude, S.M.888

    1. Glad it’s connecting. I just said over on the other page (with the new post) that how we relate to magick shifts and changes – sometimes, you find one thing that works so well, and when it does, that’s a great thing.

    1. No, this is about curses from others, whether or not they are intentional. For negative self talk try Silence The Negative Voice in the same book.

  36. Adam could you please give a brief summary of the four steps in performing one of the sigil magic sessions. I have memory problems and can’t remember what I’m supposed to do for each of the steps and how I am supposed to do it. I keep rereading and more confused. I am thoroughly enjoying the book and find it extremely positive. But maybe I need a quick summation on how to do it.Thank you for some very inspiring works. I bought both your books and look forward to reading more of your works in the future.

    1. Thanks for buying the books. The danger with summaries is that people skip straight to them. They’ve been included in other books, and we’ve found that people just go straight to the summary and hope that will work. It doesn’t. Half the problems and half the questions we get are because of this. I didn’t want that for this book and a summary alone won’t work. It’s so important to understand each step fully before trying it. So I can give a summary, to help jog your memory as you work, but should say that it is effectively useless and meaningless unless you’ve already understood and absorbed what the steps mean and how they work. If you have understood them, this might help.

      1. Look through the sigil as desire builds.
      2. Move your gaze to the outer rings, and make a decision that the current situation will end.
      3. Look at the black lines within the sigil and imagine the feeling of the problem solved.
      4. Soften your gaze and imagine the situation as seen from the future. (This one is really hard to summarise, and you really need to read this bit until you understand the feeling that’s being described. I hope that it’s clear from what’s written there.)

      If this doesn’t help, a better solution may to be take your own notes or write your own summary of your understanding.


    Good morning !
    maybe a small exemple how I use both sigils of powers combined with the 72 angels of magick. My *** is beginning a training of 6 months for medical qualification. She said after a week that she had troubles to “put her brain back in gears”, because the training is very intense. It has been 20 years since she was in school. She needs this diplom to get forward with her life, and is really happy with her **new** choice of career. Well, I asked her if she would like some help, and also if she though she would really give her best no matter what. She is motivated and want to succeed. So I used a sigil of power to enhance the concentration as a quick fix to start. In parallel I worked with the angel Mahasiah for peace of mind and learning like a genius as a long term help. Like you instruct in the books, I imagine how (good) I (will) feel when I see her success. It works beautifully and really quick.
    THANKS A LOT for this beautifull magick!!!
    So far, nothing I did with your books failed 🙂
    *** Juliana ***

  38. Hello Adam,
    First, i just ordered the kindle version on amazon – so I have not read the book.
    I am somewhat in need of a miracle right now and I won’t mind if it happened yesterday 😉
    I work in a place where the contract that’s keeping me employed is about to end (in 60 days or thereabout) with a VERY slim chance of contract renewal. So, while I have the grace to be in employment till the contract expires, its hard not to think about life after that because 2 months is not long enough to give any real comfort.
    But, while I do want to keep my job if possible, I don’t want to miss the opportunities that may be out there. So, with my profile, which part of your book will you direct me to.

  39. Great book Adam, Step 2 (the decision) is a bit of struggle for me. Is it a statement or a belief? I’m just having some trouble with it. More examples would further me along. Thanks.

    1. It’s more of a feeling than a statement or belief. You don’t have to force yourself to believe that you’re going to the fridge to get that lat slice of pizza – you just decide, you get that feeling you want pizza, and off you go. You don’t need to make a statement or affirmation that you’re ask your boss for a raise – you just decide. These decisions are feelings, usually, often with a swirl of thoughts attached. In Step 2 you’re making that decision and getting that feeling. Doesn’t have to be a big explosive feeling, just a decision.

  40. Hello, Adam. I have performed two rituals from this book, one was a total success, but I have a question about the second one. I performed the ritual “Heal a Damaged Relationship” it worked but only for about a week, the dialog started but all of the sudden he is leaving the house. My question is should I repeat the ritual? FYI. this is again for somebody else, not for myself. Also, a curious note, she doesn’t seem to last with a partner more than 2 years, now this has been happening since I know her which is 20+ years. Any recommendations on how to proceed? Once again Adam, thank YOU!!! needless to say, I am LOVING this book!


    1. Thanks, and glad to hear it’s working. When magick works like that, it’s difficult to decide whether it’s a disappointment or an insight. Is it a clue that more needs to be done. A bandaid might not be enough. It could be that truly fundamental things needs to change about each person. You could try again, capping way, see if progress is made – if not, then it may need a more targeted approach. And, well, given what you say about never lasting more than two years – this can mean many things. It can mean nothing at all – she’s either unlucky in choice, or lucky that she see’s there wrong and doesn’t settle too easily. Or it could mean she’s not into commitment and pushes relationships to break after a while. All guesswork, but I see that all the time. I suppose you need to look at how much this needs to be healed, or whether she’d be better off moving on to something that’s going to be more stable – or was to make her or those around her more stable in terms of relationships. Not easy, and really not easy when you’re the third party.

    2. Hello, Adam- I can’t help to share my experiences with the 2 ritual that I performed. After I performed “Heal a Damaged Relationship” for my sister, he left the house; well, he came back, and they are trying to work on the relationship. I can’t tell you how AMAZED! I am with this development. And to make things more exciting, the other ritual that I performed again to help my sister was ” Make your enemy find peace” it worked in days but, it got better. She when out on vacations and came back super sweet, and also, she related the info that she was going to therapy, to help her FIND PEACE OF MIND!!!! I am not kidding you, my sister said that she almost fell out of her chair! HA!!!

  41. adam…i bought your new book and sigils are really mesmerizing thanks for sharing with us such gems !!!…as you know wall street is now driven by quant based trading or high frequency trading…can you refer me angels/rituals from GOM books which can help me in learning programming language(python & R) and can make me think out of the box while designing algorithmic models for quant trading..and adam what do you think the investment bankers,analysts,traders,hedge funders or any wall streeter do they also use magick and occultism to excel in their profession…i recently read WALLSTREET & WITCHCRAFT BY MAX GUNTHER..thats why curious to know what you think and what you have found !!!!

    1. Thanks for buying the book. Glad you like it!

      There are rituals for learning in this book, also in the 72 Angels and The Greater Words of Power. Which specifically apply to you – well, I can’t tell. You’ll have to work that out. But if you want to excel in a profession, then all the posts on here about breaking the magic down, and finding the magick that suits your needs; that’s what you need to do next! You probably have all the magick you need to get started. But it’s now time to get the magick out of the book, and do the magick to feel the results.

  42. lets suppose i want to do the ritual “see near future” and “see far future” it is given in “sigils of power and transformation” as well as in “the words of power”… snippet view of “sigils of power and transformation” gives the clean view of powers.. but in preview of “the words of power” names of god are given in place of powers…

    1. Magick is often about making a decision and seeing it through, with magick oiling the wheels. Choosing a book is the first decision. If you’re finding it impossible to choose between two books, you may find the magick a bit too impractical as it requires a lot of personal decision making and you need to trust your intuition. The first place to do that is choosing which book to buy – get an intuitive feel and get the one you like the vibe of. But if you want a further hint, the answer may be in your question. Words of Power uses divine names and angelic names. Sigils of Power connects to a human stream of success. Decide which of those magickal styles appeals to you the most and you know which book you want!

    1. Thanks for asking, but not really – I have no idea what your needs are. You should try the Look Inside feature on Amazon and see the table of contents to both and see which appeals. Words of Power remains very popular and easy to use, but I don’t know if it has what you need.

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