Sigils of Power FAQ

Sigils of Power and Transformation FAQ


Q: Step 4 seems quite powerful. Can I use it with other magick?

A: Yes. Whenever you use the ’emotional transmutation’ found in other books, you can add Step 4 from Sigils of Power. It is one of the greatest secrets of magick that we know.

Q: Why are some of the powers the same as powers in other books?

A: This book contains completely new rituals for health, personal healing and many other areas. There is also a lot of overlap with other books. As I say in the book, having more magick to use is a good thing, and this is a completely different method of magick that may (or may not) get you better results. The overlap could have been left out to make a shorter book, but that would have meant withholding a lot of magick from you, which I’m sure would have caused more complaints. However, the book is not cheap, so before you buy you might want to have a look through the Look Inside feature on Amazon, or download a preview and check out the contents. It won’t appeal to everybody, but if you’re drawn to this, it can do so much for you. There are at least 30 powers that aren’t covered anywhere else in our oeuvre, and many more new powers than that, if you notice that that powers are actually quite different in the way they are applied and the way they manifest.

Q: Why is the book so expensive?

A: We try to keep price low, but the large number of high quality images makes physical and ebook distribution much more expensive. The other option was to print small sigils and cramped text, but we’d prefer to sell a superior product, because that works well for you. Also, if just one power actually works, that’s probably  worth the price of the book. As I write this answer I’ve just seen a review on Amazon that says, “Getting money out of the blue worked with my first try!!!!!!!. Unreal !!!” There are many similar comments.

Q: There seems to be a sigil missing. After the title Inspiring Others, there’s no sigil.

A: All the sigils are there. Inspiring Others is a section title – so it has no individual sigil. As you can see when you read that page, it introduces the ideas that follow and does not describe and individual power. Within the section called ‘Inspiring Others’ there are several chapters, all of which have their sigils. If in doubt, have a look at the Table of Contents on the Look Inside (top left of Amazon sales page) which sets out the Contents more clearly than they ever look in an ebook. The section titles (each with chapters containing the sigils) are:  THE MAGICK OF THE MIND, INSPIRING OTHERS, EXTENDED PERCEPTION, FORTUNE, LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP, BREAKTHROUGH MAGICK, SPIRITUAL MAGICK, PERSONAL STRENGTH, PEACE MAGICK, PROTECTION MAGICK, PERSONAL HEALING, HEALTH MAGICK, WISDOM AND EDUCATION, BUSINESS AND FINANCE and EMPLOYMENT MAGICK.

Q: How do I use this magick to help other people?

A: Please read the chapter called The Flow of Magick.

Q: There are many ‘sigil charging’ methods in other Gallery books. Can they be used on these sigils?

A: They can, but the purpose of charging is not to make the sigil more powerful, but to make your connection to it clear. We talk of charging the sigil with energy, but that energy is a way of making sure you are on the same wavelength as the sigil, that you have absorbed the sigil into your consciousness and that it’s clearly connected to you. If you’re trying to make the sigil more powerful, you need to ask yourself why. If this desire comes from doubt or fear that the magick won’t work, or an attempt to force the magick to work faster and more effectively, it may not be the best thing to do. A relaxed approach, where you assume the magick just works is better than trying to bash the magick into existence. Magick already exists, and only needs to be experienced. But, if you enjoy the sigils, feels a connection to them and want to charge them to feel a stronger connection, you can. I should make it absolutely clear that this is an optional extra. Use the book as written and it works. But if you want to you can use Light From The Dark from Magickal Riches, or the Image Fire technique from Wealth Magick, and there’s also a technique called Magickal Chaos Energy in my book The Master Works of Chaos Magick. In all cases, perform any charging before Step 1 of the ritual. Once the charging is complete, continue the ritual as usual.

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36 thoughts on “Sigils of Power FAQ

  1. I just want to post this lil gem (Kindle Loc.1179) RECOVER FROM STOMACH SICKNESS. Never thought this can powerfully help me get rid of my tummy aches due to anxiety in grad school (probably on the verge of developing ulcers due to the inability to squeeze in structured time for eating). I think even the Angels & Demons would say “you’re on your own when it comes to time management – that ain’t our problem” hahahah 😀 guilty as charged & learning & incorporating all the Words of Power & Sigils for organization etc.

    That being said: I love my G.O.M masters I don’t know what kind of incantations, rituals, charging Mr. A.B. & the rest of his “crew” (sorry slang for friends :D) poured on these sigils *sigh* all I can say is thank you.

    I don’t have the choice right now to testify on Amazon as an act of gratitude, because I wanna remain secret, ergo why I’m active here so that people would know the G.O.M ‘s magick is not just magick BUT REALITY. As always with much gratitude.S.M.888

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    1. Thank you for sharing that. Great to hear – there have been a few stories here and elsewhere this week about this particular sigil. (If ever you want to post to Amazon you can change your ‘pen name’ I think they call it to Amazon Customer. But all your reviews then appear under that name, even ones written previously – so it’s a personal choice whether or not to do that. I know lots of people want to share their love, but need privacy – this is one way around it. They have instructions on the site somewhere.)

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      1. Hi Mr. AB I will experiment with the Amazon name change (my account on Amazon – dunno – probably because of their logistics is tied under my Author Name – before I tried changing it when I encountered my 1st G.O.M book & it won’t let me). Fast forward to, when I encountered my 1st G.O.M book I went here & all the comments sections were closed HAHAHHA 😀 I was like “universe are you trying to tell me something?” “keep it to myself this is not the right time? ok got it” hahah 😀 But will come back to Amazon & see if they have changed any policy with Author account, Amazon is a psycho when it comes to reviews, ergo I think why they are so strict when it comes to changing names so that no one can post fake reviews under one account & just keeps on changing the “name of reviewer”. 😀 as always with much (fun, happiness) & gratitude.S.M.888

        *G.O.M’s Magick is finally giving me the ability to have fun & happiness other magick was just making me gloomy & irritable* I think even Scrooge & the Grinch wouldn’t wanna hang out with me before they’d probably say to each other “damn, just kill me now bro – her again?! with her angry & angrier attitude?! Even when she smiles she looks angry! End my life Bro pls.I’ll pay you!” Hahahah 😀


  2. Once more in the act of gratitude just wanna share this lil gem from the book (Kindle Loc.589). “Why was one person ignored by an angel, when another begged and was helped? It was down to sincerity, to inner conviction. This is not about belief, but about what you see as being right for you” -ADAM BLACKTHORNE

    I’m glad to see this again in my “notebook” – because sometimes as a human being you’re physically tired. This wise words from Mr. AB reminded me that it’s about sincerity. I akin this to, say for example you’re talking to a foreigner who doesn’t speak YOUR language fluently. The grammar doesn’t matter right? Because most often than not – you can feel the sincerity being conveyed (also applies to flowery words BUT full of insincerity).

    I guess this is why all the G.O.M masters have been saying “it’s the feeling it’s the emotions” maybe because most often than not – feelings & emotions rarely lie. If you’re angry you’re angry even if you can’t articulate it in words – same thing with being truly grateful. If you’re grateful it will show (with words or without words). So with much gratitude to all the G.O.M. masters, thank you for the life lessons, the magickal skills, the effort & dedication & generosity in sharing all this to your readers.S.M.888 🙂 😀


  3. Hi Adam
    I purchase a few of the GoM books. I’ve been working with many of the sigils however, I think I did some sigils that I did not need. However, because this is magic I would like to cancel a few of the sigils that I did not really need, how do you cancel a sigil after you have engaged it?
    V. Daisy


    1. Hi there; If you’re talking just about sigils from this book, you don’t need to do anything – the magick is so personal, and so wound into your being, that if you change your mind the magick is released. Some effects may still manifest because the wheels are already in motion, but these will probably be very minor and it will all just fizzle out quickly.


  4. Adam,

    Once again! Praises be to God for you and the marvelous work you do. I have been reading the reviews on Amazon about this fascinating book and find it incredible that this magick works without the appointment/employment of a single entity. I considered myself an intermediate magician before GOM increased my capabilities to an advanced level. But, In all of my experiences, I have never heard of magick without the employment of entities. I read a comment about the same thing I’m about to ask you, from someone else on another blog post you have about this book. I still don’t understand exactly how this works; I’m nosure doubting, I’m just very analytical. How or what is shifting these coincidences in accordance with the will when these sigils are employed if no entity is being used?


    1. Before I answer, can I check; have you read the book yet? There’s a fairly extensive explanation in The Source of The Sigils. Do you need more than is in there?

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  5. I attempted to buy the Ebook for this. Upon attempting to purchase, it told me since I bought the paperback version that the ebook was free; but I never bought the paperback. I also bought magickal servitores and that gave me a kindle price. I’m not sure what to do as I’m afraid of any repercussions. What should I do as amazon is not giving me the option to purchase the ebook “sigils of power”.


    1. Thanks for that, and thanks for letting us know. If I contact Amazon, they’ll ask me to provide all the customer details etc, so could I please ask you to press the Help button (usually in the middle of the screen, at the top, around the middle, so small you could easily miss it), and tell them exactly what’s happened. I will also put in a general enquiry about this, to see if that can help, but that can take weeks – if you contact them directly they should be able to clear it up within 24 hours. I hope.

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      1. I called Amazon, they explained that a glitch occurred from an order back in January that was cancelled. The gentleman admitted that they aren’t sure exactly how or why this happened. I explained I want to support the author so I want to pay for the ebook. He told me to buy the paperback version and gave me $15.00 credit towards the purchase and free one day shipping. I asked him how the author would feel about this and he said the author should be fine since this is Amazon Fulfilled (something like that). Am I clear to go?


        1. Great, thanks, you are very much good to go. I appreciate the support and hope you get a lot out of the book. (I checked the history and there’s been a fair bit of weirdness with this book, as I’ve asked them to look into it – glad it worked out for you!!!) AB

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  6. I just wanna say I combined 111 Magickal Sigils to Receive Fair Legal Decision with Greater Words of Power today before meeting with the people who have the potential to pull the “power play” out of their butts . I got what I TRULY & FAIRLY DESERVED the money that’s supposed to be mine to begin with.

    As always I promised myself to always testify (to show my gratitude & reciprocity to the spirits & the authors a.k.a. G.O.M masters). Looking back to my life prior to G.O.M’s secret magick — would never wanna go back to that. Thank you to the G.O.M masters’ generosity of spirit – sharing their knowledge to ppl who are willing to learn. And to the spirits who would always come when called, always without fail would hear me. I Thank you. With much gratitude, S.M.888


  7. Adam when I saw this ” A relaxed approach, where you assume the magick just works is better than trying to bash the magick into existence. Magick already exists, and only needs to be experienced.”
    I laughed my ass off!! You nailed it!! It immediately made me think of Tim the Toolman Tayler from Home Improvement. Electricity already exists, everyone else uses it and gets great results and expect what they get. He always has to magnify it, thinking it’ll be better but it never works right, if at all, and often blows up in his face. I love all the analogies you all use. Makes it sooooo simple to understand. Thank you!!!

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  8. One thing I love about Mr. AB’s book (aside from my very 1st G.O.M book Chaos Magick) is that with the sigils – esp. for the past two weeks I can’t even articulate my emotions into words. This book just “speaks” to me all I need to do is transfer my emotions & what I see in my mind’s eye on the sigils. Life has been a roller coaster ride for the past two weeks as an expat & my emotions are more palpable than words. I am at peace that I have in my arsenal Mr. AB’s book to transmute the emotions as opposed to let the emotions control me. In hindsight this probably why I like Chaos Magick too, esp. with the Olympic spirits. There are times, I wanna call on to the “holy names” or the spiritual beings on all the G.O.M’s books. But there are times I just wanna be silent because words can’t express what goes on inside. With gratitude, S.M.888


    1. Glad it’s connecting. I just said over on the other page (with the new post) that how we relate to magick shifts and changes – sometimes, you find one thing that works so well, and when it does, that’s a great thing.


    1. No, this is about curses from others, whether or not they are intentional. For negative self talk try Silence The Negative Voice in the same book.


  9. Adam could you please give a brief summary of the four steps in performing one of the sigil magic sessions. I have memory problems and can’t remember what I’m supposed to do for each of the steps and how I am supposed to do it. I keep rereading and more confused. I am thoroughly enjoying the book and find it extremely positive. But maybe I need a quick summation on how to do it.Thank you for some very inspiring works. I bought both your books and look forward to reading more of your works in the future.


    1. Thanks for buying the books. The danger with summaries is that people skip straight to them. They’ve been included in other books, and we’ve found that people just go straight to the summary and hope that will work. It doesn’t. Half the problems and half the questions we get are because of this. I didn’t want that for this book and a summary alone won’t work. It’s so important to understand each step fully before trying it. So I can give a summary, to help jog your memory as you work, but should say that it is effectively useless and meaningless unless you’ve already understood and absorbed what the steps mean and how they work. If you have understood them, this might help.

      1. Look through the sigil as desire builds.
      2. Move your gaze to the outer rings, and make a decision that the current situation will end.
      3. Look at the black lines within the sigil and imagine the feeling of the problem solved.
      4. Soften your gaze and imagine the situation as seen from the future. (This one is really hard to summarise, and you really need to read this bit until you understand the feeling that’s being described. I hope that it’s clear from what’s written there.)

      If this doesn’t help, a better solution may to be take your own notes or write your own summary of your understanding.



    Good morning !
    maybe a small exemple how I use both sigils of powers combined with the 72 angels of magick. My *** is beginning a training of 6 months for medical qualification. She said after a week that she had troubles to “put her brain back in gears”, because the training is very intense. It has been 20 years since she was in school. She needs this diplom to get forward with her life, and is really happy with her **new** choice of career. Well, I asked her if she would like some help, and also if she though she would really give her best no matter what. She is motivated and want to succeed. So I used a sigil of power to enhance the concentration as a quick fix to start. In parallel I worked with the angel Mahasiah for peace of mind and learning like a genius as a long term help. Like you instruct in the books, I imagine how (good) I (will) feel when I see her success. It works beautifully and really quick.
    THANKS A LOT for this beautifull magick!!!
    So far, nothing I did with your books failed 🙂
    *** Juliana ***

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  11. Hello Adam,
    First, i just ordered the kindle version on amazon – so I have not read the book.
    I am somewhat in need of a miracle right now and I won’t mind if it happened yesterday 😉
    I work in a place where the contract that’s keeping me employed is about to end (in 60 days or thereabout) with a VERY slim chance of contract renewal. So, while I have the grace to be in employment till the contract expires, its hard not to think about life after that because 2 months is not long enough to give any real comfort.
    But, while I do want to keep my job if possible, I don’t want to miss the opportunities that may be out there. So, with my profile, which part of your book will you direct me to.


  12. Great book Adam, Step 2 (the decision) is a bit of struggle for me. Is it a statement or a belief? I’m just having some trouble with it. More examples would further me along. Thanks.


    1. It’s more of a feeling than a statement or belief. You don’t have to force yourself to believe that you’re going to the fridge to get that lat slice of pizza – you just decide, you get that feeling you want pizza, and off you go. You don’t need to make a statement or affirmation that you’re ask your boss for a raise – you just decide. These decisions are feelings, usually, often with a swirl of thoughts attached. In Step 2 you’re making that decision and getting that feeling. Doesn’t have to be a big explosive feeling, just a decision.

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  13. Hello, Adam. I have performed two rituals from this book, one was a total success, but I have a question about the second one. I performed the ritual “Heal a Damaged Relationship” it worked but only for about a week, the dialog started but all of the sudden he is leaving the house. My question is should I repeat the ritual? FYI. this is again for somebody else, not for myself. Also, a curious note, she doesn’t seem to last with a partner more than 2 years, now this has been happening since I know her which is 20+ years. Any recommendations on how to proceed? Once again Adam, thank YOU!!! needless to say, I am LOVING this book!



    1. Thanks, and glad to hear it’s working. When magick works like that, it’s difficult to decide whether it’s a disappointment or an insight. Is it a clue that more needs to be done. A bandaid might not be enough. It could be that truly fundamental things needs to change about each person. You could try again, capping way, see if progress is made – if not, then it may need a more targeted approach. And, well, given what you say about never lasting more than two years – this can mean many things. It can mean nothing at all – she’s either unlucky in choice, or lucky that she see’s there wrong and doesn’t settle too easily. Or it could mean she’s not into commitment and pushes relationships to break after a while. All guesswork, but I see that all the time. I suppose you need to look at how much this needs to be healed, or whether she’d be better off moving on to something that’s going to be more stable – or was to make her or those around her more stable in terms of relationships. Not easy, and really not easy when you’re the third party.


    2. Hello, Adam- I can’t help to share my experiences with the 2 ritual that I performed. After I performed “Heal a Damaged Relationship” for my sister, he left the house; well, he came back, and they are trying to work on the relationship. I can’t tell you how AMAZED! I am with this development. And to make things more exciting, the other ritual that I performed again to help my sister was ” Make your enemy find peace” it worked in days but, it got better. She when out on vacations and came back super sweet, and also, she related the info that she was going to therapy, to help her FIND PEACE OF MIND!!!! I am not kidding you, my sister said that she almost fell out of her chair! HA!!!


  14. adam…i bought your new book and sigils are really mesmerizing thanks for sharing with us such gems !!!…as you know wall street is now driven by quant based trading or high frequency trading…can you refer me angels/rituals from GOM books which can help me in learning programming language(python & R) and can make me think out of the box while designing algorithmic models for quant trading..and adam what do you think the investment bankers,analysts,traders,hedge funders or any wall streeter do they also use magick and occultism to excel in their profession…i recently read WALLSTREET & WITCHCRAFT BY MAX GUNTHER..thats why curious to know what you think and what you have found !!!!

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    1. Thanks for buying the book. Glad you like it!

      There are rituals for learning in this book, also in the 72 Angels and The Greater Words of Power. Which specifically apply to you – well, I can’t tell. You’ll have to work that out. But if you want to excel in a profession, then all the posts on here about breaking the magic down, and finding the magick that suits your needs; that’s what you need to do next! You probably have all the magick you need to get started. But it’s now time to get the magick out of the book, and do the magick to feel the results.


  15. lets suppose i want to do the ritual “see near future” and “see far future” it is given in “sigils of power and transformation” as well as in “the words of power”… snippet view of “sigils of power and transformation” gives the clean view of powers.. but in preview of “the words of power” names of god are given in place of powers…


    1. Magick is often about making a decision and seeing it through, with magick oiling the wheels. Choosing a book is the first decision. If you’re finding it impossible to choose between two books, you may find the magick a bit too impractical as it requires a lot of personal decision making and you need to trust your intuition. The first place to do that is choosing which book to buy – get an intuitive feel and get the one you like the vibe of. But if you want a further hint, the answer may be in your question. Words of Power uses divine names and angelic names. Sigils of Power connects to a human stream of success. Decide which of those magickal styles appeals to you the most and you know which book you want!


    1. Thanks for asking, but not really – I have no idea what your needs are. You should try the Look Inside feature on Amazon and see the table of contents to both and see which appeals. Words of Power remains very popular and easy to use, but I don’t know if it has what you need.


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