The Hidden Books

Wealth Magick, Magickal Seduction and Adventures In Sex Magick were withdrawn from publication some time ago. Due to extreme demand for these books , they have all been republished. Secondhand copies often sold for hundred of dollars, and Wealth Magick was selling for many thousands of dollars. This didn’t seem fair to readers who want access to the material.

The books were initially withdrawn because some of the material from them was scheduled to appear in other books being written by The Gallery of Magick. We have, however, received countless requests for the originals, so they remain on sale for now.

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You can find FAQs for those books here: Wealth Magick FAQ, Adventures In Sex Magick FAQ, Magickal Seduction FAQ.

Although the books all received some updates before republication, these are minor changes and there is no need to buy the books again if you already own them.

It is also worth noting that for the sake of efficiency, Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels were long ago combined into one volume, called The 72 Angels of Magick. The original books have been unpublished and are no longer available.

The 72 Angels of Magick

If you own any of our ebooks and want to print out the images, you can take screenshots of the images or photograph your screen and print the image out. It’s easier to just use them in the ebooks. There is no need to dispose of the talismans when they are used in the ebooks.

Images From The Gallery of Magick Book 1 and Images From The Gallery of Magick Book 2 have been replaced with a single paperback called Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick, containing images from Magickal Riches, The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Protection and Magickal Cashbook.  It does not contain images from The Magickal Job Seeker, Words of Power, Wealth Magick, Magickal Seduction or any other books. This paperback is an optional extra, made available only because some people have requested hard copy color images. It is not required for the magick to work and should be seen as an additional luxury purchase. If you want hard copies of the images from Wealth Magick, Words of Power or other books, please buy the paperbacks. Although a luxury item, we’ve cut this down to the essentials to keep the cost as low as possible. The main reason for purchase is to access physical copies of the seventy-two angelic sigils, with the angels’ seals printed in red.

61 Comments on “The Hidden Books

  1. I used part of ritual 2 to contact Arzale then only called on Sisera. Then said “I require and command thee to enflame the body and mind of N with passion for me. Send my desire into her heat so that she returns it 1000 fold.” Then said the the rest of the invocation “Be though…

    Then I added the “I seal… moves on” at the end.

    In the magical Riches book the “I seal…” is at the end of the genius rituals. I figured it was necessary here as well although not 100 percent sure. Im hoping structuring it that way it is still constrained and made safe by Arzale.

    I plan to do it for 11 days.

    I did the sword banishing before and after. I was wondering about your general thoughts on what I did above and if the ritual should still be constrained doing it that way and if sealing the request at the end is still needed if your are not calling the angel as well.

    • There’s no harm in adding it, but it’s not required. If it was required, I can assure you that we’d have included it in the book.

      • Thank you for responding. The “I seal…” I meant is the one there at the end of the entire ritual 2. I wasn’t sure if it was needed cause I wasnt doing both parts just the first part. Looking at the structure of the other rituals and a sudden intuition I added it in. I felt as if they where standing there waiting for something and had the thought to recheck the end pop into my head. Felt like a gentle correction.

        I know this is prolly beyond the scope of the forum here so I appreciate that you responded at all. I just wanted to make sure nothing was gonna eat me fer missing or adding the “I seal” :-p.

        • Nothing will ever eat you, and mistakes rarely cause problems. The worst that can happen is that the magick slows or stifles, but what you suggest will do no harm.

  2. Hi Damon. In the first working of magickal seduction is it possible to do the ritual to seduce more than one person – 2 or 3 specific people. Would that require a separate ritual for each person? thank you

    • The books are not available as pdfs, I’m afraid. The ebooks can be read on any Mac or PC that can use the free Kindle app, as well as Kindle devices, an iPad using the Kindle app, and many others. There’s also the option of paperback if you want hard copies of images.

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