Pain, Trauma, Habits, and Trance Magick

The New Book Will Work in Two Ways

We have a new book coming from Adam Blackthorne in August, and from what you’ve told us, it’s precisely what you’re longing to discover. We know there’s growing excitement about this, and we can’t wait to show you what’s inside.

Trance Magick

What if you could find a way to enter into a trance and install magick directly within yourself? Can you imagine how useful it would be to know that you’d left the magick inside of you, working on everything you want to heal, improve, or change?

That power is difficult to achieve. In the past, getting into this kind of effective trance would take hours or even days of skilled work. Often, you’d need help from a large group of cooperative occultists.

For most people, it was just about impossible.

We’ve taken the essence of that magick and applied it to thirty-five years of experiments with hypnosis, magickal trance, and occultism to create something unique.

You get a video that’s fifteen to twenty minutes long. It’s yours to own forever, and it will work forever. Use it on anything from a phone to a TV. 

You look at the images on the screen and hear my voice guiding you into a deep, safe, and effective magickal trance.

You are gradually exposed to motion sigils, audio sigils, and distortion pattern processing, which alters the sounds and images, encoding the magick beneath perception. These sigils are like watermarks on reality; motion becoming magick.

In fifteen minutes, the magick finds its way down to the most practical level of your unconscious.

Use the magick just once on each problem, and it continues within you for as long as you want it to work. Connected to the archangels in this way, you will feel the recovery.

The first three sessions of Trance Magick are:

Defeat Chronic Pain

Break Habits and Addictions

Release Inner Pain and Trauma

Although our Patreon membership comes with ten free books and hundreds of rituals (with more coming this year), you don’t have to be a member, and you can claim access to Trance Magick at our Patreon Shop by clicking the images above.