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This page is for questions relating to Magickal Servitors. 

Q: It sounds like servitors can do anything. Are there any practical limits?

A: It’s largely down to your starting point. One person’s miracle is another person’s mundane. And this applies to all magick, not just servitors. Servitors can bend reality, but not sidestep it altogether. I think the answer is in the book, where I say, “Ask for results that would not be obtainable without magick, but not for results that you’d regard as a miracle. As an occultist, you fashion a good life by creating many magickal leaps that help your life progress, rather than drawing down one huge miracle. If you can keep that in mind, and allow your servitor to do its job, you will get the results you seek.”

Q: How would a servitor motivate a person who has been suffering from a lack of motivation for years?

A: If you create a servitor to change that aspect of your personality, it can direct the change for you. You’d have to be motivated enough to create it and sustain it, but that’s all.

Q: If servitor can boost character traits, can they also diminish negative belief systems?

A: Yes. The magick is very open to adaptation and interpretation.

Q: I’m not sure if my plan for sustenance is good. What do you think?

A: In the book it says, “Often, merely acknowledging the servitor’s existence is sufficient to provide it with continued life.” Anything above and beyond this should be good enough.

Q: Can you program a servitor to help out a certain number of hours a day?

A: Yes. Work this into the Timing of Action.

Q: Can servitors use negative energy for sustenance? If they are used to help out with knee pain, can they use the inflammation and negative emotions as a source of nourishment?

A: Yes, but be aware that when the problem is solved, the servitor will be gone. If the problem returns, you may need to create a new entity.

Q: I’ve got an idea for a servitor that I want to create. Do you think it would work?

A: If you feel that a servitor could work, give it a go. Your intuition will guide you.

Q: Can I create a servitor to help someone else? If so, does the person have to be aware of that situation?

A: You can, and the other person does not need to be aware of the servitor. You should house and maintain the servitor yourself, and it does not need to be physically connected to the other person.

Q: Can I discuss my servitors with others?

A: Be cautious for all the obvious, mundane reasons. Our worst enemies are usually the people who were close to us once. Other than that, there is no reason why not.

Q: Do servitors need to rest?

A: There is no need for rest, and many are set up to work continually.

Q: Can I house my servitor in…?

A:  You can house it in whatever you want. Obviously, I prefer the method in the book, but you really can use anything.

Q: Isn’t this magick too advanced for beginners?

A: Where other books say ‘do this, do that, and here’s your result’ this requires far more input from you. But that’s also where its power lies. It is more advanced, in that it requires you to intuit and decide what to do. It also requires imagination. From what I’ve heard, beginners can get a lot out of it. It’s important to remember that servitor magick was invented centuries ago, but made workable and popular largely by young adults in the eighties who were willing to try anything – so it can be quite loose and free and non-exacting. The more you let go of perfection, the easier it is to get a result. I think it can be intimidating as it feels like you have to make a lot of decisions, but that is the beauty of the system. Each decision gives you fine-tuning, control, power.

Q: Is there a limit on how many tasks you should give to each servitor? I’ve heard you shouldn’t give them too much to do.

A:  I think each servitor should have a general area of operation, but can be assigned many tasks so long as they are within its remit.

Q: Do I need to program my servitor to be curious and to learn?

A: Being born of your desire, it will be as curious, wise and cunning as is required to get the result. When you have children, you make love and get a baby – you don’t have to wire up the brain and program the instincts. It’s all there, as if by magick. Servitors are the same – you create them with a purpose and the magick that is required goes on under the hood.

Q: How can I make a servitor stronger?

A: Set the servitor tasks that it can achieve. When it is working well and achieving results, set it slightly harder tasks. If need be, recall the servitor and retask it, taking into account the more powerful results. That is, be guided by the specific results you want, rather than a general desire for ‘more power’.

Q: Is there a way of verifying the servitor’s existence?

A: The best way is to use the servitor as planned, and see the result you seek. Other than that, if you’re trying to prove that it’s real, you’re burdening your magick with doubt. Accept the servitor’s reality, rather than seeking proof. That way, you expect results and they come. There’s no better way to know your servitor than that.

Q: I can’t feel the servitors presence, but I really want to. How can I?

A: Some people do, some don’t. It isn’t important, but if you get hung up on it then you may stifle results. Instead, act as though it is real, and results will come. The result are what you are seeking, after all – any sensation of a servitor as a real entity is a bonus or side-effect, depending on your point of view, but is certainly not important and absolutely should not be your main purpose.

Q: You’ve been doing magick for decades but I’m new to this, so how can I possibly be good enough at visualisation?

A: As the book says, ‘The visual aspect is not all that important.’ It also says, ‘If your visualization skills are not good, you can still get worthy results.’ I cannot make it much clearer than that. You do not need to be an expert at visualisation, and as detailed in the book, so long as you use the methods as described, you will be doing it right.

Q: You mention emotion in the sustenance stage, but not in the creation/birthing stage. Why?

A: I don’t think it’s required. If you do, feel free to modify the method.

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127 Comments on “Magickal Servitors FAQ

  1. I love the books and I own almost all of them. I need to ask for advice. What powers do I need to give a servitude to bring more passion for completing tasks in my life and more creativity I lack drive that I need for success. I am wanting to work from home and write books along with website affiliate marketing
    Thank you
    Much love to you.

    • Hi. Thanks for buying the books. It sounds to me like you’ve answered your own question. If you want a servitor to help, you should give it the powers to bring you more passion for completing tasks, more creativity and more drive. Servitors can work in this way. If you have my Sigils of Power and Transformation book, also have a look at the stuff about willpower and procrastination, and many others that may help. Cheers, Adam.

  2. I’m sure the gallery of magic has heard the account of Alexander David Neel the explorer who traveled to an area forbidden to tourist in Tibet then creating a servitor with arduous effort spending 6 months gestating it in a dark cave to the point where she was able to see it visibly without effort. Is it true that a servitor can be gestated to the point where it has so much power your are able to see it yourself without effort within the physical world? Has anyone at the gallery ever accomplish this? This is a question just out of curiosity I understand this isn’t necessary to get results.

    • I don’t like to make claims or tell too many stories, because they can sound ridiculous, but yes, I’ve seen this done. A lot depends on context, where you are and what’s happening, and lot of things have to be right. But in many areas of magick, things can be achieved that are seen by others.

  3. I read your book. It was so interesting for me. All the time I had this feeling that we are servitors of another consciousness. Is it?

      • Thank you adamblackthorne. My another question is that between servitors, angels and demons, which one is a better option? Which one is stronger or more practical for amateurs?

        • It is entirely personal and depends on how well chosen the magick is for your situation. Having said that, a lot of people find my book, Sigils of Power an Transformation is one of the easiest ways in (because there are not spirits called), but if you want to work with spirits then Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand is great, because there’s everything from really easy sigil work (to get started) through to more complex work you can use when you feel more at ease. Adam B

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