The Hidden Books

Wealth Magick, Magickal Seduction and Adventures In Sex Magick were withdrawn from publication some time ago. Due to extreme demand for these books , they have all been republished. Secondhand copies often sold for hundred of dollars, and Wealth Magick was selling for many thousands of dollars. This didn’t seem fair to readers who want access to the material.

The books were initially withdrawn because some of the material from them was scheduled to appear in other books being written by The Gallery of Magick. We have, however, received countless requests for the originals, so they remain on sale for now.

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You can find FAQs for those books here: Wealth Magick FAQ, Adventures In Sex Magick FAQ, Magickal Seduction FAQ.

Although the books all received some updates before republication, these are minor changes and there is no need to buy the books again if you already own them.

It is also worth noting that for the sake of efficiency, Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels were long ago combined into one volume, called The 72 Angels of Magick. The original books have been unpublished and are no longer available.

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If you own any of our ebooks and want to print out the images, you can take screenshots of the images or photograph your screen and print the image out. It’s easier to just use them in the ebooks. There is no need to dispose of the talismans when they are used in the ebooks.

Images From The Gallery of Magick Book 1 and Images From The Gallery of Magick Book 2 have been replaced with a single paperback called Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick, containing images from Magickal Riches, The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Protection and Magickal Cashbook.  It does not contain images from The Magickal Job Seeker, Words of Power, Wealth Magick, Magickal Seduction or any other books. This paperback is an optional extra, made available only because some people have requested hard copy color images. It is not required for the magick to work and should be seen as an additional luxury purchase. If you want hard copies of the images from Wealth Magick, Words of Power or other books, please buy the paperbacks. Although a luxury item, we’ve cut this down to the essentials to keep the cost as low as possible. The main reason for purchase is to access physical copies of the seventy-two angelic sigils, with the angels’ seals printed in red.

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  1. Hi Damon,

    For some reason my previous question didn’t go through…

    I had a period in my life a few years back when I was pretty wealthy, then lost it all. Then there was a period when I had pretty good income, and now that income is gone for some reason, and I’m again really struggling financially.

    I have already completed the rituals in Magickal Riches, and want to move onto Magickal Wealth (I have already purchased a copy). Do I really have to wait until my financial situation becomes better before starting the rituals from Magickal Wealth?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Damon,

    I have another question regarding the wealth magick – I had a period in my life a few years back when I was pretty wealthy, then lost it all. Then I had a period when I had pretty good income, and now that income is gone for some reason, and I’m again really struggling financially.

    I have already completed the rituals in Magickal Riches, and want to move onto Magickal Wealth (I have already purchased a copy). Do I really have to wait until my financial situation becomes better before starting the rituals from Magickal Wealth?

    Thank you!

    1. You don’t have to wait, as such, but the point if the warning is to ensure that really poor people don’t expect to be millionaires. If you start from a poor place, the working will still work, but the wealth will be relative. Building slowly is more important than expecting a quick miracle. So you should be fine. But if you feel you have any blockages related to money, which may be the case, it might be worth working on those first, to ensure you feel comfortable with wealth. If that’s a none issue, ignore. Otherwise, the 72 sigils of power is good prep.

      1. Thank you for clarifying! I don’t think I have any blockages regarding money – I was raised in a relatively wealthy family and don’t have any issues/guilt related to money.

        By the way, I’m having really wonderful results with the aura of attraction magick! I don’t think I’ve ever received this much attention from females. I’m extremely happy! 🙂

  3. Hi Damon. Quick question. In Magickal seduction working 1. for the metal block to secure the paper with the persons name in the ring. The metal block that I have has some words on it – is this a problem? Can i use it or should i rather use a stone? Thank you

  4. Wow, thank you! A million thanks to you! You don’t know for how long I’ve been looking for a book like Magickal Seduction! I’m a really handsome man, always had an extremely high sex drive, dress nicely, but no matter how hard I tried, I seemed to get almost no women interested in me sexually. This was extremely discouraging, and I even stopped going out and trying to meet new women, which seemed pointless. Now this will FUCKING change! 🙂

    Please answer my two questions:
    1. In ritual number 3 (to create an attraction aura around you), do we have to place the Pyrite over the paper with spirit names (like in ritual number 1)? Or is this ritual being done without the Pyrite?
    2. I had good success with your Servitors book, and my servitor created a few situations for me to start interacting with beautiful women. However my mind always freezes, and I have no idea what to say. I KNOW what to say (I’ve been studying seduction for years), but at the moment my mind goes blank, and I simply stand there saying nothing. Once the interaction is over, my mind is full of wonderful ideas of what could be said. 🙁 I’m unable to start interactions with women for the same reason – my mind goes blank when I see a woman I’m attracted to. What kind of magick would you recommend to get over this problem? I’m currently working with the 72 Angels of Magick, but I have no idea what angel to call for this issue.

    I’m a big fan of your books, you make my life better. Thank you again! 🙂

    1. Thanks. Glad you like the books.

      1. In ritual 3 it should say, “Place this scrap of paper etc etc… and then cover them with your pyrite or other object.”

      2. It’s difficult to know what magick to use, because I’m not certain of the problem – but it looks like it’s either nerves or perhaps it’s that you’re trying to be too exacting. That is, if you;ve studied seduction for years, you may be trying to run scripts or say the right thing. I think it is far more effective to throw that all out and just be as genuine as you can be. Show a genuine interest in the person. Want to know. Want to hear. And then you will be asked questions in return and answering them will be easy. Take the effort out of it. Don’t treat it as an opportunity. The less you try to seduce, the more likely it is that you will. I’m just suggesting you try something different… and I have found that this approach works better than playing it as a game.

      However, if you want magick, then The 72 Sigisl of Power by Zanna Blaise is the best book for working on inner change, blockages and resistance.

      1. Yeah, exactly! I’m treating this as an opportunity, probably that messes it all up. When I’m not trying to seduce I’m acting totally normal, and the girls like me. I have that book, will take a closer look at it. Thanks!

      2. Right, I somehow missed the part with pyrite in ritual 3, it is indeed there!
        Just one more question – Is there a point in adding words “you may feed on the energy and ecstasy of our sex…” in ritual 3 to make it more powerful? Thank you!

  5. I used part of ritual 2 to contact Arzale then only called on Sisera. Then said “I require and command thee to enflame the body and mind of N with passion for me. Send my desire into her heat so that she returns it 1000 fold.” Then said the the rest of the invocation “Be though…

    Then I added the “I seal… moves on” at the end.

    In the magical Riches book the “I seal…” is at the end of the genius rituals. I figured it was necessary here as well although not 100 percent sure. Im hoping structuring it that way it is still constrained and made safe by Arzale.

    I plan to do it for 11 days.

    I did the sword banishing before and after. I was wondering about your general thoughts on what I did above and if the ritual should still be constrained doing it that way and if sealing the request at the end is still needed if your are not calling the angel as well.

      1. Thank you for responding. The “I seal…” I meant is the one there at the end of the entire ritual 2. I wasn’t sure if it was needed cause I wasnt doing both parts just the first part. Looking at the structure of the other rituals and a sudden intuition I added it in. I felt as if they where standing there waiting for something and had the thought to recheck the end pop into my head. Felt like a gentle correction.

        I know this is prolly beyond the scope of the forum here so I appreciate that you responded at all. I just wanted to make sure nothing was gonna eat me fer missing or adding the “I seal” :-p.

        1. Nothing will ever eat you, and mistakes rarely cause problems. The worst that can happen is that the magick slows or stifles, but what you suggest will do no harm.

  6. Hi Damon. In the first working of magickal seduction is it possible to do the ritual to seduce more than one person – 2 or 3 specific people. Would that require a separate ritual for each person? thank you

    1. The books are not available as pdfs, I’m afraid. The ebooks can be read on any Mac or PC that can use the free Kindle app, as well as Kindle devices, an iPad using the Kindle app, and many others. There’s also the option of paperback if you want hard copies of images.

  7. I would like to join a group to be able to meet like minded people .to learn more magik and would like to belong to a group to teach me and help me learn and practice . Thanks any advice .i am from the uk .

    1. Starting an occult group of any kinds is always different. There’s no template. And my experience is from decades ago, so probably wouldn’t be of much use. Maybe other people will reply here, or maybe you want to use a site such as meetup. Best of luck with it.

  8. Hi Damon,

    I bought and read “Seduction Magick”, which should be now the 10th book of the GoM I have bought or something like that, and I have a question about something maybe I didn’t understand well.

    1. Are we sure this magick will keep the free will of the other people intact? What I mean is, I don’t want that a woman be with me because she would be “bewitched” and reacts as she does just because her free will has been altered by spirits, exactly as if she drank some drug, so to speak. So can we consider this magick both powerful AND respectful of the free will of the others? Are people manipulated or do they remain free?

    2. Actually, that leads me to another almost similar question, about your whole system of magick. Whatever the one of your book I use (even though that may concern more these 3 “hidden books”), if I want that the other people keep their free will intact, must I have this intent innerly within me, or are these different rituals built in such a way that this condition is respected in any case?

    Thank you very much for explaining,

    All the best,


    1. I think I should probably put this in the FAQ.

      Firstly, if you don’t like the idea of seduction magick, then don’t use it. But you need to be aware that when we do anything other than stay locked up at home, we influence others and affect them, and disturb what is merely an illusion for free will. The world is a swarming chaos of interaction, and you constantly disturb the free will of others, without magick.

      If you ‘seduce’ somebody in the traditional way, by dressing well, being interesting and charming and kind, then you are are definitely meddling with free will. It’s just a mater of perspective. The book makes it very clear that kindness is a key component of true seduction, and that the magick only works to reveal the bet version of yourself to somebody. It is not coercion or deception. Although such magick exists, that’s not what this is, and I openly say that if there’s no initial attraction, you can’t ‘drug’ somebody into liking you with this magick. So it can tip the scales, remove fears and ease a situation into being, but that’s a long, long way from bewitching somebody who doesn’t actually want to be near you. Is it manipulation? It may be, but no more than witty conversation is manipulation.

      And in regards to the second question, no, when you do magick you are making choices for yourself. The moral question comes down to how you use magick. I believe that when you obtain more for yourself, you are more empowered, more able to deal with spiritual questions, more able to help others, more able to express the best version of yourself, than when you are poor and struggling. Lack is not nobility.

      Magick won’t make you a good person, but it won’t make you a bad person. The magick itself is neutral, and you choose what to do with it. Yes, money magick might mean money comes to you rather than somebody else, but the same is true if you get a better job than before – somebody else misses out. But if you were running a business and put up a good advert, the same would be true. Is your advert immoral or evil or just good business? I do not believe that missing out and having less makes you more spiritual. The world is unbalanced, and there is not an equal share of wealth in the world. It’s the most unequal system ever invented, but choosing to have less does not mean it will automatically go to somebody more ‘worthy”, whatever that means.

  9. Hi Damon, do you do wealth magick for people or businesses who pay, or is your role just as a teacher?

  10. Hi Damon, Is it possible to say how long it would take to achieve a result with the first ritual in magickal seduction?

    1. As with all magick, the less you try to force the result, the fast it comes. I often say that if you can wait a year, you get it within minutes. In reality, we often compromise with something less extreme than that. You might get stirrings within hours, or it can take weeks. If the magick is done well, and if you aren’t lusting for result, then it’s can be down to the current mindset of the target – at any moment they may slip into a more receptive mood, and then the magick can kick in.

  11. Hi Damon. Ritual 1 in Magickal seduction says to do the ritual at night. Would it also be effective to do it in the early morning at around 6am – if its not possible to do it at night? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions. i really appreciate it.

  12. Will Wealth Magic and Adventures in Sex Magic be back on sale as well? Wealth Magic is the one I missed and want. For some reason a few days ago I woke up hearing Ubatel in my head over and over again. It didnt want to go away and I was searching for who or what it was and realized/thought it was/might be Elubatel. I did the sword banishing but was still hearing it off and on for a day or so. I did the Sword Banishing but it kinda felt like I was getting resistance in the form of distracting thoughts and the visualization didnt want to cooperate. It has been that way for a while now. Starting to think I need to do the Master Banishing ritual again. I’m not sure though if it was him contacting me to get me to work with him after reading some stuff about him/her or just some thing that got stuck in my head like an old song.

    I was looking at Ritual 2 in Seduction Magic and wondering if I could modify the words when you are talking directly to the spirits to get things to work more like I wanted. By leaving Jazer out and just saying passion instead of love. There is more then one woman I want passion with to see if I want love and I dont want to do Ritual one for 5 days over and over and over again lol.

    I was also wondering if you could use the Arzel chant to directly contact any of the spirits of the hours in the other books and tell them what you want in a similar manor. I read an article online about some one using the main NAP ritual that contacts Arzel and just talking to the spirit and telling them what they wanted. The Arzel contact chant seems like an abbreviated version of the NAP ritual to do that with. A day after reading that article about NAP is when I woke up with the Ubatel name running over and over in my mind.

    1. Yes, all three books will soon be on sale.

      You can certainly modify a ritual, but always consider it an experiment. It may not be as effective as currently constructed. But it may be, so feel free to try. But the overall vibe of that ritual is love, so love may be what you get.

      You can contact any of the genius spirits in this way, but the very basic descriptions in the Nuctemeron do not give great insight into how they actually work. It’s clear with some, but not so with others. We will publish something on this one day, but in the meantime feel free to experiment. They are relatively easy to contact.

  13. Is it possible target a specific person for seduction magick if you don’t know their name? Also, when doing general attraction, is there a way to specify traits or qualities you want those attracted to you to have or not have (example…not be married)?

    1. You can’t write the person’s name, but if you have an image of them you could use that instead. But it’s probably best to find out the person’s name. As the book says, there needs to be actual interaction in the real world for the magick to have an outlet. Although magick can compel somebody to cross the room to talk to you, it takes an enormous amount of magickal effort to influence somebody in that way. The best way is to cross the room yourself. Some contact, before the ritual, to at least find out the person’s name, would be worthwhile. And after, you will need contact for the ritual to work.

      General attraction really is general, and not fine-tuned to traits. (That’s something that will be covered in Gordon’s book). But during the initial contact with a person it’s fairly easy to determine whether you like the person or not, and if not, you move on politely.

  14. Hello, I’ve worked with all of your material and have had great results. But I’m having a little trouble getting ritual #3 in magickal seduction to work, and I think it could be because of my visualizations. Could you give a little more detail on the “orange-rosy light” we’re supposed to visualize? I usually imagine it as an orange orb over the talisman. Also does it matter how the three red candles are arranged?

    Many thanks

    1. If the arrangement of the candles was important it would say so in the book. Equally, no more detail is required for the orange-rosy light, as it sounds like you’re doing it right. In fact, there is no right way. So long as you can visualise some form of light that looks orange-rosy, you are going to be fine. The exact details are not as important as approaching the magick with some confidence and self-assurance. The instructions may seem vague, but that is because the magick is robust – many occultists will make you spend months learning the exact workings of a ritual, and then have you worry about getting every detail right. The overall symbolic value of a ritual is important, but getting it technically perfect is nothing compared to your own sense of confidence in then ritual. I hope you enjoy it.

  15. Hi Damon, what sort of magick is Magickal Seduction that is again for sale for a limited time? I mean, is it only with angels, or does it involve some unpleasant work with demons?

    1. Magickal Seduction uses a mix of spirits, including angels, archangels, genii and others that are regarded as salamanders or fire spirits. To some people, they are demons. There’s nothing unpleasant about the work, because as I often say, angels can be violent and disruptive and demons can be gentle – it’s all about the purpose, style and intent of the magick. But if you have any concerns, I suggest that you steer clear of this kind of magick. There is plenty of angelic magick available in my other books, and possibly the safest magick is The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise.

      1. Thank you for replying. Anyway, I suppose that these entities you mention (genii & salamanders) are all constrained by Angels in the rituals, aren’t they?

          1. Ok. What about these constraints that are not angelic? They are constraints by who? 🙂

            1. In ritual 1 and 3 the ritual structure itself, and the alchemical rite that us spoken, given you authority to command the spirits, and thus they are constrained. Ritual 2 uses angelic constraints.

              1. Hi Damon,

                May I add these 2 questions please?

                1. That’s very interesting that you wrote “as I often say, angels can be violent and disruptive and demons can be gentle – it’s all about the purpose, style and intent of the magick.” If demons can be gentle, that means there should be a lag between what one usually sees as “demons” and what would really be some of these entities? What is a “gentle demon”, if it is not an oxymoron?

                2. You wrote in the book this ritual is alchemical. Having been myself fond of alchemy for years, I don’t see the link here with the “solve & coagula” alchemical process… What is it exactly here? And is it possible to get the original text in Latin? Having studied Latin, I would be happy to get it directly in Latin (if possible of course).

                Thank you very much!


                1. It’s not an oxymoron, it’s just that traditional views are not always accurate. Are demons fire-breathing raging Hollywood monsters? They are not, and experience shows that they are something else, far more subtle and complex. It would take a book to go into this fully, but it may help to think of the spirits as potential servants – they work for us, and although they have styles and manners of operation, and specialisation, they do what they are asked. If asked to work in a gentle way, they won’t rage.

                  Alchemical is used to imply that the text suggests a change, a transformation of on thing to another. The Latin is not available right now (please see the general Gallery of Magick FAQ).

  16. Dear Damon Brand,

    I sought after Adventures in sex magick just as it was discontinued, and the remaining copies are extortionately priced (secondhand of course) but I have found it on ebook format on the net, I have downloaded it but only briefly skimmed through as I respect the concept of mutual exchange, so I ask if I can have your permission and be given a reasonable price and payment details for what this book is worth and I will send you this cash amount (paypal etc) before using the book out of respect. I know you have stated that much of the work in this book will be updated/integrated with Gordon Winterfield’s upcoming work but I ask you to Please allow me to do this and I will be very grateful, as I really resonate with this book and with your work specifically. Thank you, best wishes, Arem

    1. That book is pirated, so no, we can’t condone that. Also, all pirated copies are cursed. Also, we do not take cash, and to do so for a pirated book would be illegal. Also, if we made the books unavailable, why would we accept cash – we may as well just republish it. In fact, that will now happen. We will republish these books to get around the rampant theft of these books that occurs on a daily basis, so that nobody has an excuse.

      1. Thanks for your reply, I have not read the ebook (as I said), and tbh I clicked on the google link and it just opened up in adobe reader as an ebook, so I actually didn’t intend to download it any way – my intentions are good – hence the polite email/message I sent you. I look forward to the re-release of the book.

        1. Believe me, I do appreciate your polite approach. Many people don’t ask; they tell me what they are doing. As mentioned on the FAQ page, I am passionate about this because I have worked in publishing for a long time, and I see writers just giving up in the face of piracy. So thanks for taking the time to ask, and for your interest in the books.

  17. Are we going to get more works like Seduction Magic? . The use of the words soul mate and the focus on angels alone makes me unsure of whether I want to purchase Zana’s book or not. I’m wondering if any of the ritual focus on drawing sex alone or not.

    If I use ritual one in “Seduction Magick” can I just burn the circle and name paper after the ritual instead of burying it? Since they are fire spirits. I thought burning was for fire spirits and burying was for earth spirits. I have a burn barrel out back for burring paper in already. Having to bury it or dump it at a crossroads is keeping me from doing the magick.

    I dont like that ritual 2 is said to effect you as well. Can it be done in a way as to have no effect on you and still powerfully affect the person you are using it for?

    1. Yes. “As for Magickal Seduction, the magick in that book will be covered in an expanded form in one of Gordon Winterfield’s later books, some time in the future.” So the material will be similar, but there will be more of it and more subjects that should appeal to you. It doesn’t sound like Zanna’s book would be a good fit.

      Yes, any form of ritual disposal works, as does the act of no longer regarding the object as magickal and trashing it. But that can take longer, so burning will be fine. There is some symbolism in the crossroads that can help, but it’s not essential.

      Most magick has an affect on you as well as the intended target. Not always, but often. You might want to wait for the follow which, as mentioned above, will be written by Gordon Interfiled. It should be out within the next couple of months.

  18. Is is ok to photocopy Magickal Seduction and store on my computer, just being overly cautious in case I lose my original. I do not want to run afoul of any possible “Anti Piracy” magick placed on the title. Thank you.

  19. Hello, I recently purchased Magickal Seduction on EBay for over a hundred dollars. It definetly appears
    to look like the original title, just going by the look and feel of the book itself and comparing it to other books from GOM I have purchased thru normal channels.
    My questions then:
    – Is it ok if I go ahead and use this book, will I run afoul of any “Anti Piracy” magick placed on the book? ( I realize I should have asked this prior to purchasing but I had to quickly purchase the book once I saw it listed )
    -Is there any harm in loaning it to others to use, close friends? Thank you.

    1. Secondhand books are a normal part of the publishing world.Piracy is when people steal and distribute, so this is entirely different. You will be fine.

      Lending a book is also fine. If you copy the book and share it, that is duplication not lending. A loan occurs when you give the book to somebody else and no longer have it with you sing that time. Simply lending a book to somebody else is absolutely fine.

      Your comments all went in the Spam queue for some reason, which is why I’ve only just found them!

  20. Hi. I have been using Wealth Magick since October 2015 and am having great results with it. I had to scour the internet to find a copy! I eventually found one in America. I really want a copy of Magickal Seduction and it seems that there are no copies to be had anywhere! What can I do? I am desperate to attract a certain person and need this book!!

    1. There is plenty of other magick that can be used for attraction a specific person. The Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise is aimed at finding a soulmate, but you can use the individual rituals to attract a specific person. There’s also a lot of angel magick that might be appropriate. The workings from Magickal Seduction will appear in an enhanced form in a book by Gordon Winterfield in April or May this year.

      1. Is this a separate book from the intended work on Influence?
        I am eagerly looking forward to any publications by Mr. Winterfield.
        His Attack Magic is a goldmine.

        1. No. Gordon has written a large amount of his more definite book on Sex Magick, but given that we decided to republish Adventures and Seduction, he’s put it on hold – it isn’t exactly redundant, just not so urgently required. It will appear one day, but he’s writing at least two others before he gets back to that.

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