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Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand

Frequently Asked Questions


This page is for questions relating to Magickal Cashbook.

Q: Might this magick cause an accident to bring me money?

A: No. If magick worked liked that we’d be very miserable people. It’s completely safe. For more details on this old superstition please see: Magickal Safety FAQ

Q: Who is the spirit Nitika?

A: Nitika is thought of as a Genius Spirit or ‘personified virtue’. Nitika is a very gentle yet powerful spirit, and is listed as one of The Genii of the Twelve Hours in the Nuctemeron, attributed to Apollonius of Tyana from the First Century AD. Nitika was made known to European readers through a French translation by Eliphas Levi in his 1897 book Transcendental Magic, which was eventually translated to English by A.E. Waite. The magic of Nitika has been around for a long time, but remains relevant and workable today. We believe that Genius Spirits are an embodiment or expression of angelic power; they personify the virtues of angels in the form of unique spirits, and these spirits have specific natures. Nitika is a distinct spirit who channels the power of angels to assist with the chance attraction of financial fortune. For more details on genius spirits please see: The Genius of Magick.

Q: Instead of paint, can I use colored card? Can I use lined paper in the Cashbook? Can I use crayons or pencils? Which is the best product to use? Is a spiral-bound book ok? Can I glue sigils to the cover?

A: Yes to all of these, and so long as the colors are approximately correct, it doesn’t matter what you use. Most importantly, you may need to read this article, to ensure you’re not overthinking things.

Q: What color should the spine of the Cashbook be?

A: It doesn’t matter, but you can avoid black as a tiny number of people found this affect results slightly. If it is black then simply paint it or tape over the spine if it concerns you. If it doesn’t bother you, it can be left black without any ill effects.

Q: If I print the sigils on white paper, do I need to color them as well? What size should they be? What color ink should I use?

A: No. The system is extremely robust and works easily. So long as you can see them, any size is fine. Any ink is fine. Again, please see this article to avoid overthinking or worrying about the details.

Q: Can I print the sigil out so that it’s stretched out to fit my book more easily?

A: Circles are important and the sigil works best when it is the right shape, with no alteration or elongation. A smaller printout would be a better solution.

Q: I made a mistake/spilt some paint, when making the Cashbook. Should I start again?

A: If you can still see all the text and the sigil, don’t worry about minor mistakes. It’s not a sacred item, but a tool. So long as you can perceive the sigil and the text, it will work. If you start again, there’s no harm done. A casual confidence is vital, and is far more important the precision.

Q: When I’ve finished with a Cashbook, how do I dispose of it?

A: Stop thinking of it as a magickal item. When it no longer feels magickal to you, it is safe to trash it as your would any other notebook – this might take a second, or a few days. If it never feels unmagickal to you, you can wrap it in black cloth, put it in a box, or something similar, and leave it for a few months where it won’t disturbed. When you come back to it, the book should feel quite ordinary and can be disposed of in the trash.

Q: I just received $2400, but I used magick to get $2300. Is this coincidence or a magickal result?

A: Magickal results are usually close to the amount you ask for, so yes, this is a magickal result.

Q: I just received the exact amount I asked for, but as an increase to my credit card limit? Is this magick?

A: It could be, but you may need to ask Nitika to ensure the debt can be paid. If you are the sort of person who is able to pay off your credit card, every month, you can welcome this. If not, and if your credit card accrues debt, then you should follow up this result by asking Nitika for money to enable your credit card to be paid off in full. That way, you can use the ‘money’ that’s been made available. This quirky twist seems to happen when it’s the easiest way to get ‘money’ in your hands, but most people find it only happens once. Treat it as a sign that you’ve made contact with Nitika and keep working.

Q: But couldn’t it just be coincidence? Wouldn’t I have got the money anyway?

A: Magick usually works by shifting coincidences in your favor. If you dismiss coincidence then you are dismissing your magick. Enjoy your results and you’ll get more. Also note that often (but not always) results come after three days, three weeks or three months. Keep good records and you may see this pattern in your results.

Q: I seemed to get a magickal result, but it wasn’t the exact amount I asked for. Should I wait, or start a new ritual?

A: If the result felt magickal, consider it complete and start a new ritual.

Q: I tried to get $10,000, but nothing happened.

A: When starting out, aim for an unexpected amount that would surprise you if it turned up out of the blue, but don’t aim for something impossible. The amount you aim for might be $20 or $10,000 depending on your current earnings. If you’re poor, $10,000 won’t turn up first time. Start small and learn to trust the magick. I get emails from people who have built up slowly, and they are now attracting large amounts. I also get emails from poor people who tried to win $10,000 in the first week, and that will never work. Always push the magick just a little beyond your current possibilities, but don’t aim for something that’s too far from your current life. Many small improvements are better than one big win.

Q: You seem to ignore astrology. Should I time my workings to fit more closely with planetary influences?

A: If it matters to you or worries you, then go ahead, but I know that astrology turns off a lot of beginners, and I’ve tried to streamline the system so that it’s connected to the right astrological currents without needing exact timing. Keep it simple when you can.

Q: Somebody said you were using the wrong sigil on the cashbook.

A: Everything in the book is correct. In an early version one sigil was mislabeled, for a few days, and that is all. The sigil has always been correct.

Q: If Nitika is a good-natured spirit, why has your sigil been constructed to constrain?

A: Beginners will use this book without the usual magickal safety-nets (such as banishings), and Nitika has free will. The sigil has been constructed to keep things safe, and to guide and encourage Nitika.

Q: Is Nitika male or female?

A: It depends who you ask. You may get a sense of this as you go. Personally, in years of contacting this spirit, I have sensed no gender.

Q: The book says to ask for dollars, but I am in in another country. What should I do?

A: Simply write in your own currency.

Q: I can’t find or understand the meaning of NAH-KAH.

We use the Hebrew word NawKar, which can be pronounced NAH-KAH. (For those with an interest in Hebrew, this is spelt Nun Kaph Resh.) This word usually means ‘recognized’, but when stated in the active form it can mean ‘to recognize’. So you are saying that you ‘will recognise’ God. Google the phrase “Strong’s Hebrew H5234” for more details.

Q: Is it ever worth doing the Cashbook ritual for more than 11 days?

A: There are a few reports of this working. In general, I believe it is better to do magick for a short period of time, let go and move on. If you do a lot of magick you let go of the results more readily, and the results are more likely to manifest. Some people, however, report success when they consistently make the request day after day until it manifests. Feel free to try this, but at this stage, consider it to be experimental. Also, ensure that this approach doesn’t lead to frustration or disillusionment – only try this if you have a calm confidence, and a detachment from the need for a result.

Q: Do I create a new circle on a new page each day, or a new circle on the same page?

A: Please re-read the chapter called Using Your Cashbook to Attract money, and follow the steps exactly as set out. You create a new circle each day on the same page until the ritual is complete.

Q: I’ve been doing the ritual for a few days and no results yet. What’s going on?

A: The more patient you are, the faster results come. When you can genuinely wait a year, you get results in hours. If you want results in hours, you might have to wait a year. Never write off a ritual as failed, because you never know when it will bring you a result. When you complete a ritual, move on to something else, and avoid lusting for the result. I often talk about the magick working instantly or in days because often, that’s exactly how it is. But it’s important not to get trapped into expecting instant results.

Q: I tried for some time and got no results? It works for others, so what’s going on?

A: There are many posts on here that can help. The most important one is: The Secrets of Money Magick.

You should also read:

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And the series that starts with: Five Ways To Get Magick Working: Part 1

That’s a lot of reading, but if you want results, take the time to enjoy these.

If you have read them already, it may be worth considering your level of frustration. If there’s any sense of frustration, it’s worth giving up to an extent. This doesn’t mean abandoning the magick altogether, but truly letting go in the sense that you no longer care about the result and no longer try to get one. When there’s zero frustration, the doors to magick open. If the only way to get to zero frustration is to stop, then stop. And then look back in a few months and see if something did turn up when you least expected it. But try to avoid thinking of it as failed. When you declare that magick has failed, you can seal that failure. Leave the way open for a result. Think of it as a work in progress that you’re leaving alone. I understand that you buy a book like this to make money, fast – which happens for many people – so it’s frustrating if it doesn’t work, but you will see lots of stories here and on the website where people found that something made the magick click for them. For many, it works instantly without effort. For others, the first result is the hardest, but once it comes, everything flows.

Q: I noticed that the cover of Magickal Cashbook was changed in early Feb 2016. Are the contents the same as before?

A: Not entirely, but you don’t need to buy the new version as the changes are very minor. If Amazon consider the changes major they update the e-book for everybody, but they haven’t done that in this case, because mostly it’s just a slight re-ordering of information. A few words have been changed, to reflect current practice, but it is nothing that requires you to purchase the book again. What you have will work. The latest version of the sigil, which has become more effective over time, can be found here.

Comments are no longer open. Please enjoy the answers that we have already – just about everything you could want to know is here. If you need to know why, please see The Answers of Magick.


114 Comments on “Magickal Cashbook FAQ

  1. Hello just book your Magickal cashbook, i will like to know if base on your faith and trust in KNEE-TEA-CAH, can the money manifest physically please?
    Thanks very much

    • Hello just bought your book Magickal cashbook, i will like to know if base on your faith and trust in KNEE-TEA-CAH, He can manifest the money physically please?
      Thanks very much

      • Hi. Thanks for buying the book. You don’t need faith and trust, so much as an ability to let go; that is, don’t wait for results, or look for results or get impatient. If you can do that, yes. People get money in all sorts of ways; hard cash is one way, but it can also mean a reduced bill, a bigger payment to your bank and all that sort of stuff. But yes, it can work physically and often does. You might find this post useful:

    • Hi! I answered this below and it looks like you posted twice. On the comments box it should say, “Comments may take some time to appear. Replies may take a week or more. Please be patient,” but I think that’s hard to see on some devices. AB.

  2. I was into the ritual for 3 days and going for the 4th day until I was detained for 2 days. I never did continue. 1. Im puzzled whether i am to continue or mark it as finished. 2. Is it dangerous or harmful if I never completed the 11 days?

    • You can carry on and hope for the best, but I’d write it off, let go and try again. You’re working with very safe spirits here – the most dangerous thing that can happen is that noting happens. And if that’s the case, let patience rule – then things do happen! Cheers, AB.

  3. Hello Damon and/or Adam,

    I have few questions about building the Cashbook.

    First though, I bought a Black Moleskin journal and some Gray and Orange Acrylic paint for the Covers. The Front cover and Spine came out great…..They are both completely Gray with a few nice smooth coats using a brush. But I’m having the hardest time painting the back cover Orange? I’ve applied several coats to make sure the Black was covered. The Back cover seems to soak up the paint and the Orange is being more difficult to mask the Black and provide coverage than the Gray was on the front. The coverage is uneven because the Orange is almost translucent for several coats with the Black underneath bleeding through and soaking up the paint.

    So my first Question is: Should I just keep going with the paint until it’s completely and totally Orange with NO hints of black shading showing through? Does it matter that the Orange Back cover is going to be really ‘textured’ and uneven because of SO much paint layers with a brush. I’m trying not to overthink things. It looks ‘basically’ Orange now after like 6-8 coats but ‘some’ areas are not as Orange as others because of that Black underneath persistently trying to come through. But I’ve put SO much work into building it already that I don’t want the undertones of black under the Orange to affect the success of the ritual. Is it fine if the Orange Back is ‘Basically’ Orange or should it be completely totally Orange with no hints of the original Black cover underneath? Should I start over trying something different with other materials or Keep painting?

    My Last question about this specific journal is that it has a 1st ‘page’ that’s thicker cardstock almost like a 2nd cover and not really the 1st page of regular paper. Should I write the Ritual down on that 1st cardstock ‘page’ since it’s ‘technically’ 1st OR try to tear it out or skip it altogether and write the ritual on the 1st real regular paper page?

    Any advice here would be appreciated. Again I’m trying to not overthink things but I want to make sure I followed the basic the steps correctly and do the Ritual right with a properly constructed book and full confidence. I have to FEEL confident doing magick. Any doubts about how well I’ve constructed the book will sabotage my efforts I feel. So I just need to know how specific these cover colors need to be and where I should write that opening Ritual……the 1st Technical cardstock page….or 1st paper page?


    • Hey Jaimie. I completely get that you have to feel confident coming magick, but the confidence needs to come first. If you tell yourself you’ll only feel confident with a perfect cashbook, you are setting yourself up for failure as you’ll always be able to find fault with it. I’ve cobbled together the ugliest cashbooks you can imagine, with covers that are more beige than orange. They still work. And that was in the early days, not after loads of experience. So It doesn’t matter about the colours, and you can write on the third page if it feels right to you. I know this all goes around in circles – you want to feel confident, but you feel more confident if it looks good etc. But although the cashbook is a tool, it is only that – a physical representation of the contact you’re making with Nitika. And that’s all that counts. If you make contact, it works. The book is a way to make that happen, and it can be very far from perfect. If so, why make a book at all, and why not make it purple? Well, the book and the sigils and the writing and the colours, they do all combine to make something that assists that contact, but each detail is only that – one detail. Trust me – if it’s a bit orange and has the writing somewhere, it works. But work on the feelings, the emotions, the confidence that it will work – that is what really counts in magick. There are loads of posts on here are about it, and I hope they can help.

      • Thank you so much for the reply Adam!! I’m usually very confident and perform The GOM rituals with Sigils or Words of Power with proper conviction and divine will and authority. I’m able to do this because I trust the GOM’s collective knowledge and KNOW your Magick gets results. The Sigils and Rituals and Words are LEGIT. So I’m always able to perform the Magick itself and transmute my emotions and feelings from what I desire to what I know I will receive and get great results. I work with confident knowledge that the Magick will work and I don’t care when it takes effect because I know it’s real and effective. I avoid the lust and get pretty fast results which reinforces just how powerful ALL of your collective books together are….I have almost all of the GOM Books now.

        I was just kind of ‘off’ with my confidence here with the Cashbook….not because I don’t trust the Sigils or Ritual or Nitika….but because I was hung up on the actual making of the Book myself. ‘I’ was a new variable……not wanting my possible clumsy Book building efforts to affect the potency of the Magick. I was equating it to almost ME making a Sigil or Ritual itself from scratch in building the book and not knowing if MY work would be right.

        But your response has alleviated my concerns!! Now I feel confident again. As long as I get the ‘general details’ of the colors remotely close and write anywhere in the book it will work. I get now that the Book itself is just a ‘Tool’ really. A means to an end. The most important part is the Ritual itself and speaking directly to and making a connection with Nitika like I would other spirits in other rituals and express my will and desire and then transmute my emotions to the feeling of the result with gratitude!! Thank You so much for helping me to see that the construction of the book and how it looks is no where near as important as the performing of the Ritual itself properly.

        P.S. I just recently purchased your 111 Sigils of Power and Transformation. I’m reading the early portions right now and it’s just FANTASTIC. I look forward to working with it soon too. Thanks for providing us with another GREAT book. Especially including the Health Magick for the first time!!

    • i was using acrylic marker and it gets messy. due to the plastic cover on moleskins, it can smudge. So i use clear tape over the paint to prevent smudging. I also print the sigil on clear sticker paper. If i were to do the book over again. I think the easiest way is to buy grey duct tape and orange duct tape and tape the covers. Then print the sigils on clear sticker paper to tape on the cover after the colored duct tape is put on.

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