Sigils of Power


One hundred and eleven sigils to change and control your life. Introducing Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne.

Here’s what you can expect:

“There are one hundred and eleven sigils in this book that can help with anything from self-confidence to luck, from healing to protection, and from inspiration and intuition to love.

When you work with the sigils in this book, you throw out all the confusing magickal garbage and get straight to the power of change. Sigils provide you with a visual code that unlocks the essence of magick.

This book does not contain anything to do with witchcraft, spellcasting, kabbalistic ritual, evocation or any other method of magick that you might be familiar with.

A sigil is nothing more than a drawing, but in this case, the drawing is so much more than you can imagine. These drawings bypass the conscious mind and connect you to a stream of pure magick. This is not dark magick, but magick of light. You can do no harm with this magick, to yourself or to others.

The magick works because you have access to one hundred and eleven secret sigils, handed down from ancient times. Every one of them can work wonders in the modern world.

You will discover The Magick of the Mind, Inspiring Others, Extended Perception, Fortune, Love and Friendship, Breakthrough Magick, Spiritual Magick, Personal Strength, Peace Magick, Protection Magick, Personal Healing, Health Magick, Wisdom and Education, Business and Finance and Employment Magick.

The magick presented here is not bound to any religion, and it requires no magick words. You don’t have to learn any difficult pronunciations, or say a single word out loud. The magick requires no visualization and no equipment. You won’t light a candle or wave a wand. All you need is this book, your own strong desire and the will to carry out the instructions.”

A couple of years ago, members of The Gallery of Magick whispered about a secret project known as Book A – this was a text that we wanted to share as our final work. Over time, a few of its secrets slipped into other works, because we couldn’t resist. We also found that Book A was going to be such a massive, multi-volume hardback that it would be unaffordable to most, and so overwhelming that nobody would read it. We treasure this work, so that would never do.

The challenge we faced was this: how can we take the material and make it workable without dumbing it down or missing out the good bits? The challenge continues, but I was given the honour of completing the first volume, based on materials from Book A. Sigils of Power and Transformation was originally the title of just one section of Book A, but it’s available to you now. (The rest of Book A will be revealed gradually, over the years.)

Sigils of Power and Transformation is over 300 pages long, to make room for 111 high-quality sigils that appear throughout. This has pushed up printing costs, and even the cost of the eBook (as we get charged for high-res images), but we’ve kept the price as low as possible.

We’ve been really cautious about publishing any form of Health Magick, because as Damon pointed out years ago, those who sell false hope and fraudulent healing, make us sick. But after much thought, and some gentle bickering, it’s fair to say we all agree that it’s only right to share the healing magick that we do have.

The book is not cheap, so before you buy you might want to have a look through the Look Inside feature on Amazon, or download a preview and check out the contents. Lots of the powers you’ll see in there are already found in others books, so there’s lots of overlap. What’s different about this system is that you don’t call on any spirits. It’s a unique way of connecting to magick. It won’t appeal to everybody, but if you’re drawn to this, it can do so much for you.

-Adam Blackthorne



UPDATE: Here’s a small section of quotes from early Amazon reviews:

“After I read it, I tried one working. I had results in 12 hrs! Wow!”

“Amazing how quickly my wish for some urgent cash worked.”

“I did “Money from out of the Blue” this morning, and I won $500 this afternoon.”

“Getting money out of the blue worked with my first try!!!!!!!. Unreal !!!”

“I worked on two sigils yesterday and I had results today.”

“I used a sigil from this book 2 days ago to pass my CDL driving test and guess what? Exactly that I passed.”

“Very revolutionary technique for performing magick. Every ritual is effective and only takes a couple of minutes.”

“It works if you allow it to work. Amazing how quickly my wish for some urgent cash worked.”

If you have questions, see SIGILS OF POWER FAQ 

86 Comments on “Sigils of Power

  1. Don’t worry, and thanks for your concern, but it’s not a mistake at all. (Please direct questions about this book to the 72 Angels FAQ page rather than this post – if you could repost this there, that would be great.)

    It’s been addressed a few times here. If you look for info on in the internet it won’t always agree with what’s in books. Which is most reliable and effective??? You choose. But you may find good books have more interesting and hidden methods, even though they’re not as widely known.

    There are many traditions. The verses you find elsewhere can be used, usually in Latin – they work too. The Hebrew verses we use appear in other texts and traditions and are correct. They work, as I’m sure you can see. Each verse contains seven words, and each contains the angel’s name, spelt out in Hebrew, buried within the verse. Very clever, and very deliberate.

  2. Hello Mr. Blackthorne,

    Just bought the book yesterday and am enjoying it so far. Excellent price too for the Kindle edition. The info is definitely worth more than what you are charging as with all GOM material.

    I’m a neophyte, about a year and just been using “The 72 Sigils of Power” by Zanna Blaise & have had success much to my surprise. I have a recurring rat problem & it’s driving me nuts despite using the conventional methods. Since you have so much experience I could use some advice regarding which Sigils to use from your new book.

    Which ones would you advocate to get rid of rats?


    • Thanks Ernie. I appreciate that a lot. I can think of lots of ways I might try, but I had a chat to somebody about this not long ago. Let me see if I can dig up what was said, and get back to you. It might be a better idea than mine. Or not. Give me a few hours…

        • OK, the bad news is I couldn’t dig it up, or contact that person. Let’s forget that and think about what might work from the new book. The way the sigils work is personal. One person will read the description and get a certain vibe, and somebody else will get another – this is part of the process, the way it all works. So me saying too much might be messy. But if it was me I’d try Bring Peace to a Home (because they take your peace) . Or if you create servitors, that’s a good direction to head. But only if you like servitors and how they work. That would be my first line of attack, these days, if conventional methods weren’t working and there was no cat to borrow. There’s also Chahuiah in 72 angels, for repelling pests!!!

          • Hello,

            Thanks for the help, i appreciate it. “Bring Peace to a Home” was my first choice so it’s a coincidence you should mention it. I will try that. Conventional methods are helping but not as much as I had hoped for.

            I never did any Magick before until the “The 72 Sigils of Power” came out a little over a year ago. I had some trepidation about doing Magick but the “The 72 Sigils of Power” felt right for me and safe to do. I’m glad you have this new book out since I can add so much more to my Magick with it. Lots to choose from.

            I like the idea of servitors & I have Mr. Brands book on the subject. I would have some small concern something might go wrong with the servitor though. My concerns about Magick are a lot less after working Sigil Magick though. I guess it’s because I am still new to this so I have trepidation in certain areas.

            Regards and Happy New Year.


          • Hello,

            I did Bring Peace to a Home as you suggested and there was no noise at all for over 24 hours but maybe it was a coincidence, I don’t know. It was awful fast. I only did it once so I’m doing it three times now as recommended. Could wait a few days and then do it three times again rather than everyday?

            One thing I thought I noticed was I felt peaceful while doing the ritual. I like this type of Magick & I will try other rituals from the book. There’s lots to choose from & it’s easy to do.



  3. Hi Adam,
    thank you for the great book! ” A life without magick is too difficult, too ordinary. I think we can do better then that” – is my favorite quote. There are so many sigils to make our lives easier. The method of accessing magick directly and not through any spirit is very familiar. I feel like I have been practicing this type of magick my entire life, I just didn’t have sigils 🙂
    So yesterday I did a few rituals from the book, and the jury is still out on those. But today I did “Sharpen your mind”, and I have to tell you this little ritual is absolutely mind-blowing, or maybe mind-sharpening. Just after a couple of hours my mind felt so fresh, the brain fog lifted, short-term memory and even my speech have improved. My ability to recall small details is so much better. And it’s only day one! Thank you so much – your book is amazing. It will improve lives of so many people. Just hang in there, I know social media is rough sometimes 🙂

    • Thank you. When you said, ‘ I feel like I have been practicing this type of magick my entire life, I just didn’t have sigils’ I have had that sort of experience many times. I think I know just what you mean. It’s a good feeling.

      And wow, that’s great to hear. I know quick results happen, but love hearing about it. The results can take way longer, but I like seeing it get off to such a good start! Cheers.

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