The Underlying Dream

Think about magickal success for a moment. When magick works, you can travel to that country you’ve always wanted to visit. You can have money to spare. You can be with the people you want, and relax and enjoy life in a way that once seemed impossible. It’s not always instant and easy, but you’ve read the reviews, you’ve heard the stories. The possibilities are astounding. But remember that when magick doesn’t work, there is always something to be gained, and sometimes it can be the most important thing of all. A magickal failure can lead you to the power of your underlying dream.

When magick works, everything goes well – great, that’s what we’re looking for. We want magick to work most of the time, and we’ve never seen so many reports of success as in recent months. Sigils of Power and Transformation was something we knew would be a big deal, and many people find it’s unlocked magick. Some find that the method can be used alongside other magick, and it’s making everything easier. But although there’s lots of good news, and many stories and anecdotes of success that just make you go WOW!, there are still people who don’t get what they want.

Today, I heard from somebody who’s been using magick for nearly three months without success. The good news is, I can sense that this reader still believes in magick, so hope is not lost. Sooner or later, something will click.

We live in impatient times, and many people expect success quickly, or give up. And who can blame them? Time is short, life is hectic and magick is a pretty big step aside from the ordinary world. If you believe in magick, you’re opening yourself to dreams and possibility. That’s something most people don’t do. It can feel risky to hope. The act of magick is an act of courageous belief in your connection to reality.

I think a lot of people see our books, they see the reports of instant success (which we love, by the way, so never stop telling them – it’s pure inspiration), but then they think that’s the only way. It’s difficult to convince people that, sometimes, you might have to wait longer than the person who got a result in three minutes.

These are amazing days if you’re interested in the occult, because the best magick is being poured out into the world for everybody to use. Not that many years ago it was almost impossible to get your hands on any good, practical magick, without putting in years of effort and spending a lot of money. So, great, the magick’s there, but what if it doesn’t work instantly? Is it your fault? Have you done something wrong? No, but you just might have missed the underlying dream.

Before I get to that, I should say that in some cases, yeah, let’s be honest, it’s not the magick that’s at fault – people flip through the books without reading the details, they ignore instructions, they make sloppy mistakes, they ask for $10,000 when $50 would be a good starting point. They never read these posts or the FAQs. They demand one result and they demand that it comes in one way at one time or else they blame the magick. I must win a fortune tomorrow! If not, then magick is a lie. Ok, that type of person, we can’t help. But if you know that you’re connected to magick, if you believe that magick could work for you, then it will work for you. Sometimes, it can take a few adjustments.

In the past few weeks I’ve had messages from people saying that the floodgates have opened. All their magick has started working. And what’s the key that unlocked the magick? Partly it was persistence; it came from a deep belief that magick was going to be important and would one day work. Partly it came from trying different types of magick until something clicked. Partly it came from taking baby-steps, gradually targeting magick on small problems until the big ones just fell away. But the main thing I found is that it all started working because people discovered their underlying dream. When you start to work with magick, then the sense of what you really want, what you’ve always hoped for – that dream starts to nudge at you.

The underlying dream is the thing you really want, and it might not be so obvious. Everybody wants more money, and it’s easy to think that’s all you want. Get money and all your  dreams come true! Well, money’s a great problem solver, and yeah, I love money. But sometimes we focus on money to avoid facing up to a deeper dream, a deeper need. When you sense the underlying dream, you might find you’re not as desperate for money as you once thought.

I often hear from people who perform a ritual, but then change their mind and want to cancel it. This isn’t because people are fickle, but because doing magick gives you insight into what you want. Doing magick is powerful, because it makes you see what is possible, and with that power comes freedom of choice. Magick gives you the power to choose the life you want, and as you use magick you begin to sense this; you can make things happen. That gives you a sensational level of freedom. When you truly know you can have anything – even if you only sense or believe that for a moment – you start to sense your underlying dream.

You may think you’re certain about what you want, but is it possible the things you’ve always dreamed of were put there by somebody else? Or perhaps you were trying to prove something about yourself. Did habits and rules forge these desires? Did a lifetime of belief about yourself (imposed by others) limit your dreams? Is it just possible that something else might occupy your heart?

You know that saying, ‘Do what you love and the money will come to you,’ or something like that? I’ve seen enough struggling artists to know it’s a big lie. Do what you want and you might nearly starve. But sometimes I think that’s because the tormented artist shouldn’t be an artist at all. If your work is tormenting you, could it be that you’re chasing the wrong dream?

This does not mean that everything should be easy (hard work is essential for good art or endeavour of any kind), but if there is only struggle, and no flow, and if it’s always like getting blood from a stone, then your dreams may have gone astray. (Often it’s the other way around. The daily grind at the office is horrible because really you should be writing that symphony.)

Many times, I have seen this: when you use  magick to find out who you are and what you want, you start to get the life you want almost automatically. And yes, somehow the money will flow into place too. Sounds too simple? Not when you’re working with magick. This doesn’t mean you should shun money magick. Do money magick with joy and expectation. But don’t forget what’s driving you, what’s urging you on. Do you sense a greater love, another passion?

So what is it you really want? If you’re asking for the wrong thing, it’s not your fault. You’ve been loaded up with dreams and expectations since you were a kid, but are they genuine? Success may be simpler that you think, or it might be a whole lot more complex. This is down to who you are.

Damon and I knew somebody who spent his early life trying to be a novelist, and doing quite well, but what he had to face, eventually, is that he really wanted to be a film director. Not in an idle, fantasy-driven way, but from the core of his soul. That meant learning hundreds of new skills, training, committing and risking everything for many years, with little hope of any success. But that was his underlying dream.

For some, though, it goes the other way. You think you want to be a famous movie star, or a successful business owner, but then you find all you really want to do is ride horses on the beach.  Or you give up being an opera singer to sing folk songs in bars, because that’s what stirs your soul. Or you close down your winery because you want to teach sailing. These are real examples, as you can probably guess. The trick is not to dream big, or to dream small, but to dream honestly. The underlying dream is your truth, and it changes, evolves and grows as you do.

How do you find out about this dream? When magick starts to work, the simple act of planning a ritual will help you understand your feelings. As you think about desires, you notice your emotions. If it’s fear, you can move past it. But if you feel a sense of deeper unease, like something’s not right, it might be your intuition telling you that you’re chasing the wrong dream. If you do magick for something and never get a result, that’s also a strong indicator. Yes, you may have inner blockages – guilt about money can stop you getting money, for example. But it could also be that, really, money isn’t what you need right now. You’re focussed on money and convince yourself it would make you happy because you daren’t face the truth that you’d rather be sand sculpting, or flying kites or running a restaurant.

If money magick has never worked for you, then forget about money magick for a while. Truly let go. Don’t pretend to let go. Actually, stop expecting the results you aimed for, and move onto something else. Money often shows up when you do this, but you have to genuinely give up on it. The best way to do that is to do something else. Work magick for something else that you want.


It sounds like I have a downer on money, but no; money is lovely, and if you do your money magick with warm, comfortable expectation, go for it.I’ve only used money as an example in this post because lots of people think money will solve all their problems. It never will! Money makes everything else in life easier, and it’s so much fun to have so don’t let me put you off. Enjoy your money magick, and get what you can. But if you’re feeling uptight, worried, desperate and restricted and trapped by a need for money, it could be that money magick should only be casually off to one side, rather than being an obsession.

Don’t stop doing magick. The feeling you get when you’ve finished a ritual can be – as we’ve seen – a great guide, an opening to intuition. It leads you to know who you are.

If you have The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise or The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand, this is a direct way to find out who you are and what you want. These are the books that show you your underlying dream. There’s no one ritual, no one way. Read those books with an open mind and you’ll see a way, a hint at your truth and a journey you can begin. And then you have magick to help you achieve those dreams.

For some, magick is a desperate attempt at one quick fix. That’s fine. It can work. But you may find that magick is something more. It leads to your underlying dream, helping you admit to the desires that burn within you. When you know what it is that you want, the magick begins to work so easily you wonder how it could ever have been a problem. When you discover your underlying dream, it comes with the confident knowledge that if you give magick time, it will always open a pathway to whatever it is that you desire.

-Adam Blackthorne


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  1. Hi, I’ve been wanting to leave a nice review of your Sigils of Power, and this article has provided the opportunity to communicate before comments are turned off. I really enjoy the Sigils, and have purchased a number of GoM books before this one (the Magickal Cashbook being the first). I enjoy the concepts and writing, and have worked through numerous rituals, feeling a bit odd about the Hebrew letters because I associate them with the Torah and Jewish religion more than I do magickal practice. The Sigils of Power was extremely helpful in breaking that hangup and giving a more abstract focus to the strength of ideas.

    I’m still working with SIgils of Power, and enjoy the mind-altering effects of the double circle and changing focus. The practice is so simply, fast, and effective for calming worries and helping to focus on issues.

    I had also noticed a previous version of one of the books included sigils with Latin, which I would very much like to work with, as it gives a feeling of success and antiquity, from my location in the USA.

    Thanks, so much for all your work, and for those on your GoM group. I am truly enjoying the Sigils, and found that it’s now easier to accept the Hebrew in the other volumes, within the context of Magickal practice. I feel you’re doing very good work, and you’re helping people. That is to be commended.

    • Ahhhh, thanks. (I don’t seem to be turning the comments off at all, really, but you never know! So thanks!) I get that Hebrew can feel weird to a lot of people, but I just see it as an old language that many source texts were written in. Well, that’s not all I see it as (it can be magickal in itself), but that’s one way of integrating it into other belief systems etc. Glad the Sigils are helping, though, and glad you’re enjoying that double-circle – I love it too.

      Latin can work really well, and it is used here and there – we adapt the books according to what we like best, or what seems to be working for most. But there is more Latin around, in lots of the stuff we have yet to publish. Cheers, Adam B.

  2. Fantastic post, Adam! Money magick can be a sticky wicket during these though economic times, and I’ve read a lot of books on the topic, both from GoM and others. One thing that I keep noticing though is that all of these books tend to be written for a certain middle-class socioeconomic bracket, or at least from that perspective. But a lot of the readers of these books fit into a somewhat more desperate bracket, where every day brings a new existential crisis. It can be a little jading to see, “Gee wouldn’t it be nice to have the money for a vacation,” when the notion of a vacation is something you’ve never known and when taking one would likely result in the loss of a job and a homeless family, to say nothing of the heartbreak caused by lost hope.
    Likewise, encouraging people to dream and to use magick to find their path is excellent advice that I wholeheartedly endorse and can attest to the power of, but only as long as the pragmatic perspective of the desperate magician is taken into account.

    Now like most magicks GoM is solid and works, and unlike most magicks you guys have made your system easy and accessible. As you’ve stated above darn near any questions a person has can be solved by either rereading the text or FAQs and by smartly targeting areas of malleable probability, but I think that for a lot of people it can be difficult to do that when they’re on their third day of no food or when an angry landlord is banging on the door. As a kid who was raised in a devoutly Catholic but somewhat poor home, I can certainly empathize- we can develop a very adversarial relationship to money sometimes.

    I may have hangups about money, but I sure don’t have them about food. Until Nitika starts paying out in hamburgers I’m stuck with peanut butter sandwiches when I can afford them, but magick has definitely helped me to appreciate them more and I get more out of them. So I have to wonder- is there a good way to take the money out of material magick, to get those needs of food and shelter and physical/mental health taken care of without using that thing that so many of us see as a blockage? And if so, could you guys pretty please print that up in big bold bullet points in a pamphlet that people can quickly turn to in case of emergency? Pleeeeease? 😁

    • Thank you very much. Although it may seem to be written from a middle-class perspective, it’s way more complicated than that. I’m richer than middle class, but used to be extremely poor. This is mentioned in some books and posts, and it is important. There are some books out there on making money that make me flinch because they immediately talk about investing, and I go, ‘Are you kidding, most people are struggling to get out of debt.’ I mean, yes, investing makes sense when you have spare money, but spare money is already wealthy in my head.

      Damon, myself and several others in the group have experienced extreme poverty. Others were born into wealth, and thank god they were, because we learned from them. You don’t want to take financial advice from those who can’t pay the bills. Those are the other books that make me cringe – some ‘author’ wearing a cheap, badly fitting suit, who obviously doesn’t know money and yet is writing about being a billionaire.

      In short, I get what you mean, utterly, because I’ve been poor. I’ve also had money and then lost it again. I’ve had a difficult relationship with it. But that’s the key. Getting past the bad feelings about money. When you say you have hangups about money, but not about food, I feel what you mean, but I also know that getting past those hangups is the magick. I’ve even known rampant anti-capitalists, who loathe the concept of money, who have had to find some sort of ease with money if they are to do the effective work they want to do in the world. Money is not fair. It’s not a fair representation of labour and product. It’s meant to be, but it isn’t. The current system does not reward hard work, but rewards those who often do the least work, while those who work their fingers until they bleed can barely get by. This, I understand. But I also know that money has been around for so long that it is understood, fundamentally, within magick, and by the spirits that work magick with us. Money will respond to magick if we can stop blocking it.

      This is why we now urge people NOT to buy the Cashbook if they can’t afford a few dollars, for example. Desperation is amplified by magick. And my solution is what? Well, Nitika does pay out in unexpected ways. It’s not always cash. It’s often a bill going away, a debt being smaller, luck that makes money go further. That sort of thing. And then there’s the usual advice we give, which is to use the 72 Sigils book to break through the hangups about money. This can sound like we’re saying ‘you’re poor because you want to be’, but we would not, and could not say that, given where we have been. No blaming the victim here. But your post acknowledges aspects of upbringing and belief that you feel could be stifling money. I bet you are right, and I bet that if you can smooth those out, money will come more easily, even without specific magick.

      The economic times are irrelevant. I was at my poorest when my country was thriving, and my richest during the opposite time. I mean, obviously, on the ground, that makes no sense. You’re in a collapsing town with no jobs, there are no jobs. But what I mean is that, on a grander scale (when you can get to the grander scale), there is no downturn that can affect you. Of course, getting to there from here is the trick. It can be done. I am living proof.

      Why do I tell you to dream of a vacation? Because if you only dream of food, that’s as far as you will get. My personal struggle went on longer than it should have done because it’s hard to see great potential from a place of need. The good news is that once it builds it can build quickly. What seemed like a year’s wage to me once, soon became a month’s wage. And on it goes. I don’t have the time or space to really go into the whole story of this, but I do know that talk of wealth and riches can seem painful when you’re truly poor. But one of the first steps to get past that is to lose the feeling that a vacation is almost insulting. (As I say, I know what you mean. Poor and ill, sitting in a doctor’s surgery, I read a magazine which talked about ‘this season’s Must Have bauble’ – a nasty little necklace that cost $30,000. Who were they kidding???? I must have food and health!!!!) But it’s important to dream, to know that there can and will be more ease, that doing what you want is going to happen. It’s important to see beyond immediate problems, or those problems continue to feel like that’s all there is in life.

      It is a difficult balance, because dreaming of being a millionaire by the end of the year when you can’t eat – nobody would recommend that. But if you think you are poor so you will always be poor, then you are sentencing yourself to that. Finding some pleasure in the thought of more, rather than only resentment – that’s the difficult magick we have to do ourselves.

  3. This is a fabulous article! I actually enjoy creating my own spells. I once had a “spell” come to fruition when all I had done was think about what I wanted and how to create the spell for it!

    But I do love the simplicity of the spells from the Gallery of Magick! I have read several of the books and practiced a bit but I just haven’t had anything I wanted or needed lately.

    I am sending the link to my two Wiccan students. One, in particular, needs to not only find her underlying dream, she needs to believe in it. We were discussing manifestation a couple of weeks ago and I asked her about her “Creative Workshop” (an Abraham-Hicks concept where you really think about and sort of lay out what you really want and even some details.) and she mentioned a dream she has and then she said, “But I have to be realistic.” I stopped her at that point and we discussed how you can defeat the magick and manifestation by deciding in your head that its not really possible or by telling the magick how its going to work.

    Thanks for all the great books and all the new ways to do magick!


    P.S. Your comment “Or you give up being an opera singer to sing folk songs in bars,” hit a chord (pun intended) since I gave up classical singing a couple of years ago and am now considering starting a Celtic band!

    • Thanks a lot. It’s funny, that example about the opera singer – I have another as well, but couldn’t really use it without identifying my friend. But when I included that story I had the feeling that it would really resonate with somebody out there. Glad it did.

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