The Magickal Job Seeker FAQ

The Magickal Job Seeker by Damon Brand

Frequently Asked Questions


This page is for questions relating to The Magickal Job Seeker. 

Q: If I get more than one interview, do I need to repeat the ‘interview’ ritual?

A: Yes. Perform it each time you have an interview.

Q: Some spirit names are spelt differently to those in your other books. Why?

A: The books generally use the spelling and pronunciation that we used at the time each type of magick was developed. You are free to use alternate spellings and pronunciations, but there is no obligation to do so.

Q: Has this actually worked for anybody?

A: There are many stories posted here, and on the success stories page and in Amazon reviews. This is highly effective magick?

Q: Why don’t you give this book away for free?

A: We have considered this, but when you give something away it is not taken as seriously. There is no doubt that if you can save up a few dollars to buy this, you will have more success than if it was given away for nothing. If you receive it as a gift, however, it will work so long as your need is real.

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25 Comments on “The Magickal Job Seeker FAQ

  1. Hi Adam,

    Just wanted to thank Damon and GOM for this book. The rituals from this book in conjunction with the help of Angel Sitael (72AoM) and Nuriel(AoA) helped me find a job a year ago. It was unusually tough job market for some reason, but I got the job I wanted. The job interview went so well – it felt like magick! Half way through I was absolutely sure I was getting an offer. Later on I was told that they interviewed over 20 people during the entire year just to fill that position. So, thank you!

    I wanted to ask if you could tell more about the spirit Torquaret. The book is very concise and doesn’t cover his/her background. Also, can I use the ritual with Torquaret off label if I need to negotiate with cable company or car salesman?

    Thank you so much for this book!

    • Love hearing about good results. Thanks for sharing! The book is concise, more than most, just to get the work done – to get the job! Background on (and more uses for) those spirits may be included in forthcoming books, but I can’t promise anything yet. Off-label use is always fine by me, but is always an experiment. Cheers, Adam B

      • Thank you, Adam. Really excited about your announcement of a worldwide healing ritual 🙂

  2. Hello Damon. I have a question reading scanning the letters in sigil. I was not able to find the answer within the book but are we supposed to scan from right to left or left to right? Other books mention right to left but nothing specified in this book.

    • It’s not a scan, just a gaze. You let your eyes take in the whole sigil. No need to scan like in the other books – just gaze. I think in a very old version is said ‘stare’, but people were *really* staring, and it’s more a case of just letting it rest in your vision. Cheers. Adam Blackthorne. (Damon moved on from the site a while back.)

  3. Hi Damon,

    I like to know if 2 people have the same intention (to work with your Cashbook magickal or job seeking), would it be better to working on it together (in the same room doing the ritual together)? Or should the magickal always be done separately and alone. Thank you for answering.


    • The difficulty there is that it’s not really the same intention – you can’t both have the same job or receive the same money. But if you’re both doing rituals for your own cash, your own jobs, then yes, working together can create a good energy. Depends on how much you trust each other. Might take a few goes to get over the weirdness of it, but if you like the idea then give it a go. It can work really well for some people.

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