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The Magickal Job Seeker by Damon Brand

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This page is only for questions relating to The Magickal Job Seeker. 



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.

Q: If I get more than one interview, do I need to repeat the ‘interview’ ritual?

A: Yes. Perform it each time you have an interview.

Q: Some spirit names are spelt differently to those in your other books. Why?

A: The books generally use the spelling and pronunciation that we used at the time each type of magick was developed. You are free to use alternate spellings and pronunciations, but there is no obligation to do so.

Q: Has this actually worked for anybody?

A: There are many stories posted here, and on the success stories page and in Amazon reviews. This is highly effective magick?

Q: Why don’t you give this book away for free?

A: We have considered this, but when you give something away it is not taken as seriously. There is no doubt that if you can save up a few dollars to buy this, you will have more success than if it was given away for nothing. If you receive it as a gift, however, it will work so long as your need is real.



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  1. Hello Damon. I have a question reading scanning the letters in sigil. I was not able to find the answer within the book but are we supposed to scan from right to left or left to right? Other books mention right to left but nothing specified in this book.

    1. It’s not a scan, just a gaze. You let your eyes take in the whole sigil. No need to scan like in the other books – just gaze. I think in a very old version is said ‘stare’, but people were *really* staring, and it’s more a case of just letting it rest in your vision. Cheers. Adam Blackthorne. (Damon moved on from the site a while back.)

  2. Hi Damon,

    I like to know if 2 people have the same intention (to work with your Cashbook magickal or job seeking), would it be better to working on it together (in the same room doing the ritual together)? Or should the magickal always be done separately and alone. Thank you for answering.


    1. The difficulty there is that it’s not really the same intention – you can’t both have the same job or receive the same money. But if you’re both doing rituals for your own cash, your own jobs, then yes, working together can create a good energy. Depends on how much you trust each other. Might take a few goes to get over the weirdness of it, but if you like the idea then give it a go. It can work really well for some people.

  3. I got the job seeker book recently. I have been unemployed since December of last year only having a part-time job so I work but not enough to maintain a roof over my head. I feel like either a spell was put on me or bad karma not sure. Employers don’t respond to me at all. I got the book 2 weeks ago. Got a call from a recruiter then nothing. I am really in a desperate situation for a job right now. I am trying not to lust over the results but applying to hundreds of jobs and nothing is quite concerning. I did the end back luck spell in words of power as well. I have quite a few of Damons books and nothing has really worked out for me. What could be my issue? I have faith that every spell will work then I leave it alone for weeks but nothing happens.

    1. Hey there, sorry to hear about the unemployment. What you’re doing sounds right, so it should work – in theory. If not, it is sometimes possible that there’s a curse or ritual been used against you, but this is actually far more uncommon than people think. Unless you know somebody who would actually put in months of ongoing effort to do this to you, dismiss it. Ok, you got the book two weeks ago, so the main thing here is that you should never try to put a time limit on this magick or say ‘I want it to happen exactly this way, at this time, or within this timeframe.’ Do the magick, keep doing what you’re doing, and the magick will need room to breathe and time to manifest. For some people it’s easy – the job is just around the corner so this ticks it over into reality. For others, it can take longer. Although difficult, you need to detach from a need for it to happen now. Two weeks is not long. Since December is a long time, but the magick is still new. Give it time. If you got a call from a recruiter, rather than writing that off as a failure see it as a possibility that the magic was in fact stirring things up for you, in a good way. Every time you acknowledge or see or feel a magickal step forward, and enjoy it, that makes the magick more likely to manifest. It’s often a very important part of the way you breakthrough. If you never see the good that’s happening, it doesn’t increase. I have been long-term unemployed in the very distant past, so I know what you’re going through – not easy to get excited about a call that leads to nothing. But try to see it as a possibility that the magick’s working. Also, try to get away from feeling that there may be ‘an issue’ with you – because that’s buying into the idea that we attract all bad things through our self and our thoughts. We don’t. It’s a dance of chaos and intent, and magick can be the force that clarifies and directs things for you. I’d also suggest reading as many of the blog posts on this site as you can. They really underline the important points that are sometimes only covered briefly in the books. A good starting point would be these:

      And if you have time, there’s a lot of info in the General FAQ – although a lot might not apply, there might be some bits that do. I strongly suggesting reading every word of this page:

      And one final thing. On a mundane level, if you’re doing things the same way – same CV, same cover letter, same interview style, same everything, try to change things – maybe not everything, but something. When you change things, magick gets more of a chance to find ways to get things working.

  4. Hello Mr. AB 🙂 I’m not sure if this is the right FAQ for this inquiry: I’m just hoping that the G.O.M masters would come up with a book (even a short one). That is primarily for entrepreneurs. I say this because from my perspective – entrepreneurs are not getting a lot of help. Maybe common denominator is mostly we’re “self starters”, but the universe knows we need a lot of help (not a free ride). I’m not looking for alms or free ride 🙂 but being an entrepreneur we are more susceptible to con-artists, etc etc. I just hope G.O.M masters’ expertise & magickal wisdom can be put into writing for this group of people (for us entrepreneurs). As always with much gratitude.S.M.888

    P.S. as an example I know in one of the G.O.M’s books – there’s a section attract a mentor. I hope there’s a section: attract an honest, well connected or equally financially able business partner will be in the book. The right ppl i.e. legal advice, etc marketing. I see a business & business partners sorta like a coven too hahah like the G.O.M’s bond in your group, we need that (e.g. you covered for DB when he’s not able so he can focus on writing) — we entrepreneurs need support from ppl we can trust & with integrity. I’ve experienced too much betrayal over dollar signs & lazy employees who won’t care for the business. THANKS MR. AB 😀 hope my request will be in the G.O.M’s magickal path of working.

    1. There may be a book looking at this sort of thing – probably will be, but it’s some way down the line. A few years, that is. What we say for now is that you can sort of put together your own plan, using the magick that’s already there. In books like The 72 Angels, there’s already magick that can be targeted to do exactly what you’re suggesting up there. We’re most entrepreneurs, and although we try to make the magick for the ordinary person in the street, it is written largely from the POV of entrepreneurs, so everything in the books already applies. It’s just a case of targeting it:

      1. Hi Mr. AB 🙂 I just started reading 72, maybe I should just do the “make more time available”. Lately due to “lack of time” internally I was feeling is there a direct line to any spirit that is for business primarily? I know I can do a sigil as you taught in your book *sigh* my energy lately is just being invested in the academia that I can’t even find the energy to charge a sigil 🙁 *gulp* – ergo why I thought “do the Masters at the G.O.M know a spirit for this that they are not sharing just yet?” hahahha :). It’s all good Mr. AB I hear you – will read the link.

  5. I can assure readers of the magical job seeker book does work in fact i got my old job back on temporary basis after 2 weeks of visualising the place i used to work at ,considering i was out of work for 6 years.

  6. Hello and thank you for your knowledge and time in creating your works and for answering my post. Forgive me for making it long but I wanted to give you as much info as possible to understand my situation in the hopes you can point me in the right direction. I just received your book for the Job Seeker and wanted your advice on which ritual to use(or if I need to do something different). I have interviewed for an awesome job and have been told I am #10 in a pool of 12 candidates that they definitely want to hire(there are about 8 openings with more coming later for this job). However there are two things that would “delay” the hiring. First, they have to wait for the guys upstairs to approve background checks which, once approved take 2-3 months. They are being very slow about it. The second is that they have to offer a job to all the people before me first. I have been told it could take up to 8 months before I get hired! I really want this job and feel like it’s a great fit- I get a lot of good energy/feelings about it and feel like this is the job I am supposed to have. My question is what ritual can I do to speed up the process? I have been on unemployment and will be running out within the next two months. I have started your cashbook (as well as applying to many other jobs(no luck)) so I’m hoping that will help. I visualize and ask my angels for help. I’m not sure what else to do. Thank you again!

    1. Thanks for the info, but magick is often about making room for results when they come. There is magick to speed things up, but it is highly advanced. And frankly, it doesn’t work all the time. In a situation such as this one, nothing may change their time schedule. However, people also report that, sometimes, everything speeds up all by itself to bring the result they want. The best advice I can give is to allow the magick to bring your results in its own way, and at its own time. You may have to wait, or you may be pleasantly surprised. Trying to force the issue may lead to a misfire or a different result.

  7. Dear Mr Damon Brand, I appreciate your efforts in bringing magic rituals, which were kept as secret, to all the people. I have bought kindle version of Job Seeker and performed every day for two weeks and did again for a week after a gap of 10 days. But, so far nothing materialized. Should I do again for few more days. Pl suggest me on this.

    1. Thanks for buying the book. Repetition isn’t as important as opening the pathways and being open to receive. To assist with this, please read the free ebook The Power of Magick, which is available here: Many people have used this to get the magick working. And make sure you don’t neglect the real world work. I’m sure you are already doing this, but just to make sure, you do need to be actively seeking work and opportunities for work. Every small effort is amplified by the magick. I hope that helps.

      1. Greetings beloved Damon Brand.
        I must say I love your books for they work and they are simple too. I have most of your books but I have only work with MAGICKAL CASH BOOK and I have seen result between three weeks after invoking NITIKA the genius of wealth. At the moment I want to work with MAGICKAL JOB SEEKER , I don’t have a job at the moment and I have not worked with any company before. I don’t have any certificate job (that is profession with certificate) but I can work in almost any field of civil engineering work. I live in an area where there are jobs but the people living in the area find hard to get a job. I have also tried but no way. So please which of the spells do you advice me to work with. Thanks. Bless Be!

        1. Thank you, and it’s great to hear that you got good results with the Cashbook.

          As for the Job Seeker, use all the rituals. The first two will be the ones you use first, to open the doors to opportunity. When you get closer – when you’ve applied for a job – then the other three rituals can be used. Even when work is short, this magick has still worked for people.

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