The Magickal Job Seeker FAQ

The Magickal Job Seeker by Damon Brand

Frequently Asked Questions


This page is for questions relating to The Magickal Job Seeker. 

Q: If I get more than one interview, do I need to repeat the ‘interview’ ritual?

A: Yes. Perform it each time you have an interview.

Q: Some spirit names are spelt differently to those in your other books. Why?

A: The books generally use the spelling and pronunciation that we used at the time each type of magick was developed. You are free to use alternate spellings and pronunciations, but there is no obligation to do so.

Q: Has this actually worked for anybody?

A: There are many stories posted here, and on the success stories page and in Amazon reviews. This is highly effective magick?

Q: Why don’t you give this book away for free?

A: We have considered this, but when you give something away it is not taken as seriously. There is no doubt that if you can save up a few dollars to buy this, you will have more success than if it was given away for nothing. If you receive it as a gift, however, it will work so long as your need is real.

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  1. Hello Adam, I just performed the magick to pass the job I was trying to get and it was to request the spirit to let me pass the interview on that day. However, the job did not interview that day, so is there any consequences if the spirit do not have tasks to perform after we called them?

    Secondly, do we perform any rituals that suit us or performs all? do we perform the last 2 ritual on the same day?
    Thank you for your answers and understandings in advance

    1. Hi, there are no consequences except you may need to do it again on the actual day, if you can. You can perform whichever you feel like using, and it may not be all. Sometimes circumstances will mean the last two rituals work well on the best day, and sometimes not, and you can use your own judgement with that. Cheers, Adam B

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