The Unfreezing Ritual

Magick brings flexibility to life, so that you get what you want. Instead of being locked onto a path of inevitable fate, you choose what happens. But there are times when reality seems frozen. No matter what you do, nothing will move or change.

When you come up against stubborn and locked situations, combined ritual magick can help. The Unfreezing Ritual will loosen reality so that difficult situations yield to your magick.

You don’t need to use The Unfreezing Ritual for everything. It’s only for those times when nothing else seems to work. We all come across situations that seem so locked in place, and it feels like we’re doing the magick all wrong. It can happen with anything from money and love to business and inspiration.

When something appears truly stuck, you need a way to nudge and undermine current reality so that things shift into place. The Unfreezing Ritual will do this for you.

The truth is that magick works best when a situation already has some flexibility, some potential for change. This is why magick sometimes works so fast and easily. But when you go up against a situation that is more firmly established and resistant, it’s less likely to shift. That’s why you need to soften things up first.

You don’t go jogging without stretching, and it’s a bit like that. When a situation has sealed into place, it needs warming up so that it will bend more easily.

How It Works

The ritual tackles this problem in a few crafty ways. One of the most important things is that unconscious resistance can fade away. We know many people are resistant to doing ‘inner work’ (because it seems boring or irrelevant), but the good news is it’s built into this ritual so that it all happens easily.

Even if you’re certain the situation is frozen because of other people and other circumstances, there is often a part of you holding it in place too. Magick can help you let go. The Unfreezing Ritual has been designed so that inner resistance is brought up gently and cleansed. You don’t even need to be aware of this happening, but you will probably feel some changes and even a sense of lightness.

The ritual has also been designed to tap into your unconscious knowledge and intelligence, combining that with the knowledge of the angels (who can see a bigger picture). Taking that knowledge, the ritual goes on to nudge, shift and loosen reality in the places that need to change. By working with this immense overview, you have more chance of success than when you use your surface thoughts alone.

You don’t need to worry about these details; you just do the ritual. But it can be helpful to know why this works or the content of the ritual might appear a bit strange. Know that it has been structured with the utmost care and is a safe way of working with blocked situations.

Getting Ready

You’ll need two books, and if you’re a regular reader of this site, you probably have them already. They are The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand and The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise. Before attempting the ritual, be clear about how to do the rituals in those two books.

The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand

Remember, the combination of rituals brings about the desired effect. You might look at the various angels and names, and think, ‘Hey, these don’t appear to be the right powers.’ What you get in this ritual is access to more profound, hidden powers that arise from the combined harmony.


The Unfreezing Ritual takes three days, and you can start on any day of the week. It’s not a massive amount of work, and it’s weirdly enjoyable. I’ve found this ritual brings a really pleasant warmth and relief as you sense the difficult situation beginning to loosen up.

When describing the ritual, I will refer to ‘the frozen situation,’ and this could be anything from money that won’t manifest to a lover who remains hostile, a person who won’t leave your street or a business partner who will never be influenced. Whatever the situation is, you will know it, and you will have an image, feeling, and sense of what is stuck and how you want it to change. When you speak of ‘the frozen situation’ in the ritual, you should have a clear impression of exactly what you are referring to. You do not need to explain it to the angel, as your knowledge is enough, so long as it’s clear in your mind.

You can work the rituals at any time of day, so long as you have some privacy and a calm place where you can focus on what you’re doing. For rituals from The Angels of Alchemy, you use the process from the chapter Tasking The Angels. For rituals from The 72 Sigils of Power, you use the Results Magic technique.

The Ritual Days

Day 1: Begin the first ritual with Karviel, The Angel of Unfolding, from The Angels of Alchemy. Perform the ritual as usual, and when you get to the point where it says, “You now make your request,” you say, “Karviel, unlock the frozen situation so that it yields to my magick.” This should be done as described in the book, with sincerity, from the heart. Conclude the Tasking ritual as described. You now move on to The 72 Sigils of Power and use the 72nd Name, Mum, pronounced as MOOM. Follow the usual instructions for Results Magic with your focus being on destroying the bonds that keep the frozen situation in place. With that done, the first ritual is complete.

Day 2: Begin the second ritual with Zachriel, The Angel of Instigation, from The Angels of Alchemy. Perform the ritual as usual, and when you get to the point where it says, “You now make your request,” you say, “Zachriel, melt and dissolve the frozen situation so that it yields to my magick.” This should be done as described in the book, with sincerity, from the heart. Conclude the Tasking ritual as described. (In normal use, Zachriel can cause disruption in your life, but will not do so in this ritual context.) You now move on to The 72 Sigils of Power and use the 71st Name, Hayi, pronounced as HAH-YEE. Follow the usual instructions for Results Magic with your focus being on your knowledge being used to unravel and destroy the frozen situation. (This does not fit with the powers usually described for Hayi, but it works!)

Day 3: Begin the third ritual with Gavriel, The Angel of Strength, from The Angels of Alchemy. Perform the ritual as usual, and when you get to the point where it says, “You now make your request,” you say, “Gavriel, destroy the frozen situation, so there is no resistance to my magick.” This should be done as described in the book, with sincerity, from the heart. Conclude the Tasking ritual as described. You now move on to The 72 Sigils of Power and use the 70th Name, Yabam, pronounced as YAH-BAHM. Follow the usual instructions for Results Magic with your focus being on an inner strength you know can completely overcome the frozen situation. As you complete this ritual, you should think of it as ‘the situation,’ knowing it is not frozen anymore.

It works best if you’re really familiar with the techniques, keeping your focus on the emotional work described in the books. Don’t worry too much about minor details such as timing, pronunciation or anything like that.

What happens?

If you’ve performed this ritual, it’s probably because you’ve already aimed some magick at the situation and nothing happened. If so, that magick you performed might still be  lingering, and you might get a result without doing anything else. But most people find it’s best to perform fresh magick on Day 4, aimed directly at the situation. Use whatever magick feels right to you now, even if it’s magick that you tried before, and then, as always, let go of the result and allow the result to come when it will. Patience and ease make it happen faster.

If you want to perform a long ritual (such as an eleven-day ritual from The 72 Angels of Magick), you don’t have to start on Day 4. Just start on the next Thursday following Day 4. But don’t wait longer than a week. A softened situation may harden again if left untouched.

The 72 Angels of Magick

So what’s next?

OK, I know what you’re thinking. Can I do this with all the angels and sigils, finding new powers and combining techniques? Well, you can, and I am a believer in experimentation – it’s how magick develops. But I can also assure you that in most cases, doing it just the way it’s written is all you need.

Every now and then we share a ritual like this that bends the rules because we’ve found it useful. But remember these extra rituals are extras; they are something that extends the magick, but they aren’t the basis of the systems. Mostly, doing it just like it says in the book is the best way. Of course, you can be tactical, and use several books at once, so you aim your magick at various aspects and issues within a situation, and that’s a great way to work.

If all you need is a simple ritual from Words of Power, then that’s all you need. If the situation you want to change isn’t frozen, then unfreezing it won’t do a thing. And that’s the good news; most of the time you won’t need this because magick just works. But when a situation is stubborn, give this a try.

– Adam Blackthorne

NOTE (26th July 2018): I’ve received a few messages from readers, worried that this ritual is essential for all magick. I cannot stress strongly enough that The Unfreezing Ritual is an optional extra, for those very rare times when things get jammed or struck. Some people have read this and assumed you have to unfreeze every situation. You absolutely do not. Magick is easy. You just do it and get results. But we thought we’d share a few more advanced combination rituals, such as the The Identity Ritual, and this one. In the two weeks since this was published, there have also been some excellent reports of success. But sometimes we forget what it’s like to be starting out with magick, and it’s important for us (and for me, writing the blog posts) to remember that all this info can be overwhelming. It took us decades to learn this stuff but you can buy it all in a day now. So I’ll try to remember that in the future. Cheers, Adam Blackthorne.

Archangels of Magick

‘A magickal MASTERPIECE. There are some rituals here that you won’t find anywhere else. Simply amazing – the most versatile and in-depth work.’ – Amazon Review

‘I’ve been practicing magick for over 30 years. I can honestly say that if I was going to be marooned somewhere and I could only take one magick book with me…this would probably be the one. Usually if a magician has something like this; they scribble it down in a journal and take the rest to the grave with them. I almost can’t believe that Brand is charging next to nothing for it.’ – Amazon Review

These recent reviews from Amazon are used under Fair Use Doctrine.

58 thoughts on “The Unfreezing Ritual”

  1. A very strange thing happened when I was finishing off the Mum aspect of Day 1. I suddenly had a flashforward of the future–as if entering into a tunnel where events occured in triple time–and I burst into serious laughter. Isn’t that strange? That’s happened to me once in a while, where, during the emotional transmutation I laugh almost maniacally. What do you think of that?

    1. Cool! Laughter is often release of tension, or stored emotion, and it’s not uncommon after a ritual. I often feel full of laughter afterwards. Sometimes sombre, but usually laughing. The time-flash thing fits with what we believe about magick. A lot of it is about sending messages, feelings and ideas through time, in both directions, and sometimes there’s feedback from that and you get insights like that. Sometimes they can be really useful, but mostly they are just a sort of noise or echo, showing the magick is working. For people who feel nothing at all, or get no experiences like this, that’s ok too – the magick works even when you don’t get these big experiences.

  2. Hello there, I utilised the 9 day Master Curse (GW’s book) where it says not to repeat unless you are certain the person has magical protection in place. This was the end of 2016. This may have failed because I waited until my emotions were calm and I could barely generate any anger or hate, mostly just sadness. My suffering caused by them remains however.

    If I used the Unfreezing ritual what other follow up magik could I used other than to repeat the curse?

    Blessings, K

    1. Well, like it says above, you might not need to do any more, but you can. If so, go for something easier than the MC – if you have Angels of Wrath that is best. But also read the FAQ for the MA book, because there’s quite a bit there on whether or not the magick has worked and what to do. But yeah, if you think it was actually locked in place for some reason, this ritual could help; but it may not be locked. It could just be, as you say, that the wrong emotions went into it. You’ll have a better feeling for that than me. Cheer, AB

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