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Wealth Magick, Magickal Seduction and Adventures In Sex Magick were withdrawn from publication some time ago. Due to extreme demand for these books , they have all been republished. Secondhand copies often sold for hundred of dollars, and Wealth Magick was selling for many thousands of dollars. This didn’t seem fair to readers who want access to the material.

The books were initially withdrawn because some of the material from them was scheduled to appear in other books being written by The Gallery of Magick. We have, however, received countless requests for the originals, so they remain on sale for now.

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You can find FAQs for those books here: Wealth Magick FAQ, Adventures In Sex Magick FAQ, Magickal Seduction FAQ.

Although the books all received some updates before republication, these are minor changes and there is no need to buy the books again if you already own them.

It is also worth noting that for the sake of efficiency, Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels were long ago combined into one volume, called The 72 Angels of Magick. The original books have been unpublished and are no longer available.

The 72 Angels of Magick

If you own any of our ebooks and want to print out the images, you can take screenshots of the images or photograph your screen and print the image out. It’s easier to just use them in the ebooks. There is no need to dispose of the talismans when they are used in the ebooks.

Images From The Gallery of Magick Book 1 and Images From The Gallery of Magick Book 2 have been replaced with a single paperback called Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick, containing images from Magickal Riches, The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Protection and Magickal Cashbook.  It does not contain images from The Magickal Job Seeker, Words of Power, Wealth Magick, Magickal Seduction or any other books. This paperback is an optional extra, made available only because some people have requested hard copy color images. It is not required for the magick to work and should be seen as an additional luxury purchase. If you want hard copies of the images from Wealth Magick, Words of Power or other books, please buy the paperbacks. Although a luxury item, we’ve cut this down to the essentials to keep the cost as low as possible. The main reason for purchase is to access physical copies of the seventy-two angelic sigils, with the angels’ seals printed in red.

61 Comments on “The Hidden Books

  1. Hi Damon, what sort of magick is Magickal Seduction that is again for sale for a limited time? I mean, is it only with angels, or does it involve some unpleasant work with demons?

    • Magickal Seduction uses a mix of spirits, including angels, archangels, genii and others that are regarded as salamanders or fire spirits. To some people, they are demons. There’s nothing unpleasant about the work, because as I often say, angels can be violent and disruptive and demons can be gentle – it’s all about the purpose, style and intent of the magick. But if you have any concerns, I suggest that you steer clear of this kind of magick. There is plenty of angelic magick available in my other books, and possibly the safest magick is The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise.

      • Thank you for replying. Anyway, I suppose that these entities you mention (genii & salamanders) are all constrained by Angels in the rituals, aren’t they?

          • Ok. What about these constraints that are not angelic? They are constraints by who? 🙂

            • In ritual 1 and 3 the ritual structure itself, and the alchemical rite that us spoken, given you authority to command the spirits, and thus they are constrained. Ritual 2 uses angelic constraints.

              • Hi Damon,

                May I add these 2 questions please?

                1. That’s very interesting that you wrote “as I often say, angels can be violent and disruptive and demons can be gentle – it’s all about the purpose, style and intent of the magick.” If demons can be gentle, that means there should be a lag between what one usually sees as “demons” and what would really be some of these entities? What is a “gentle demon”, if it is not an oxymoron?

                2. You wrote in the book this ritual is alchemical. Having been myself fond of alchemy for years, I don’t see the link here with the “solve & coagula” alchemical process… What is it exactly here? And is it possible to get the original text in Latin? Having studied Latin, I would be happy to get it directly in Latin (if possible of course).

                Thank you very much!


                • It’s not an oxymoron, it’s just that traditional views are not always accurate. Are demons fire-breathing raging Hollywood monsters? They are not, and experience shows that they are something else, far more subtle and complex. It would take a book to go into this fully, but it may help to think of the spirits as potential servants – they work for us, and although they have styles and manners of operation, and specialisation, they do what they are asked. If asked to work in a gentle way, they won’t rage.

                  Alchemical is used to imply that the text suggests a change, a transformation of on thing to another. The Latin is not available right now (please see the general Gallery of Magick FAQ).

  2. Dear Damon Brand,

    I sought after Adventures in sex magick just as it was discontinued, and the remaining copies are extortionately priced (secondhand of course) but I have found it on ebook format on the net, I have downloaded it but only briefly skimmed through as I respect the concept of mutual exchange, so I ask if I can have your permission and be given a reasonable price and payment details for what this book is worth and I will send you this cash amount (paypal etc) before using the book out of respect. I know you have stated that much of the work in this book will be updated/integrated with Gordon Winterfield’s upcoming work but I ask you to Please allow me to do this and I will be very grateful, as I really resonate with this book and with your work specifically. Thank you, best wishes, Arem

    • That book is pirated, so no, we can’t condone that. Also, all pirated copies are cursed. Also, we do not take cash, and to do so for a pirated book would be illegal. Also, if we made the books unavailable, why would we accept cash – we may as well just republish it. In fact, that will now happen. We will republish these books to get around the rampant theft of these books that occurs on a daily basis, so that nobody has an excuse.

      • Thanks for your reply, I have not read the ebook (as I said), and tbh I clicked on the google link and it just opened up in adobe reader as an ebook, so I actually didn’t intend to download it any way – my intentions are good – hence the polite email/message I sent you. I look forward to the re-release of the book.

        • Believe me, I do appreciate your polite approach. Many people don’t ask; they tell me what they are doing. As mentioned on the FAQ page, I am passionate about this because I have worked in publishing for a long time, and I see writers just giving up in the face of piracy. So thanks for taking the time to ask, and for your interest in the books.

  3. Are we going to get more works like Seduction Magic? . The use of the words soul mate and the focus on angels alone makes me unsure of whether I want to purchase Zana’s book or not. I’m wondering if any of the ritual focus on drawing sex alone or not.

    If I use ritual one in “Seduction Magick” can I just burn the circle and name paper after the ritual instead of burying it? Since they are fire spirits. I thought burning was for fire spirits and burying was for earth spirits. I have a burn barrel out back for burring paper in already. Having to bury it or dump it at a crossroads is keeping me from doing the magick.

    I dont like that ritual 2 is said to effect you as well. Can it be done in a way as to have no effect on you and still powerfully affect the person you are using it for?

    • Yes. “As for Magickal Seduction, the magick in that book will be covered in an expanded form in one of Gordon Winterfield’s later books, some time in the future.” So the material will be similar, but there will be more of it and more subjects that should appeal to you. It doesn’t sound like Zanna’s book would be a good fit.

      Yes, any form of ritual disposal works, as does the act of no longer regarding the object as magickal and trashing it. But that can take longer, so burning will be fine. There is some symbolism in the crossroads that can help, but it’s not essential.

      Most magick has an affect on you as well as the intended target. Not always, but often. You might want to wait for the follow which, as mentioned above, will be written by Gordon Interfiled. It should be out within the next couple of months.

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