31 New Angelic Powers

I am often asked if it’s wise to work with several angels at once. Sometimes, it is. If you’ve got a large problem that needs to be dealt with on many levels, you may use one angel to increase your ability, another to stop people from interfering with your project, and another to help make… Read More 31 New Angelic Powers

The Skills of Magick

When I first discovered magick, I was led to believe that the way to obtain occult power was through intense discipline, controlled breathing and exceptional visualisation skills. Only with those skills mastered, I was told, would I be able to make use of secret knowledge. That is why I spent hours staring at colored shapes while… Read More The Skills of Magick

The Greater Words of Power

Introducing The Greater Words of Power by Damon Brand. It’s available as a paperback and an ebook, and this is what it says on the cover: “When your need is real, speak The Greater Words of Power, and you will bring magick to life. The ritual process is deceptively simple, and yet the rewards can… Read More The Greater Words of Power

The Alchemy of Happiness

Are you drawn to magick because you feel it’s always been a part of your life? Or because you believe there has to be a better way to get what you want, than pure effort? Or are you seeking to be more spiritual? From what I hear, most people come to magick because they sense… Read More The Alchemy of Happiness

Take Part in a Worldwide Ritual

On Sunday August 7th 2016 we will be performing our long-awaited group ritual. You can join in wherever you are in the world. Details regarding the exact purpose and nature of the ritual will be published in mid-July. For now we can say that it is a form of ‘road opening’ – a way of… Read More Take Part in a Worldwide Ritual

The Master Works of Chaos Magick

Many years of my life were spent in the world of Chaos Magick, and you could argue that I never completely moved on. One of the aims of The Gallery of Magick is to simplify magick. We do that, for the most part, using a complex methodology that involves evocation and contemplation, but I can’t… Read More The Master Works of Chaos Magick

The Magick of Change

When you perform magick, you attempt to change something in the real world. You may want more money, more success, increased popularity. Something has to change and magick facilitates that change. But something else changes when you perform magick. You. If you’ve performed magick to change your self, you already know this. There is a… Read More The Magick of Change