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380 Comments on “The Gallery of Magick FAQ

  1. Hi, Damon.

    Bought 4 of your books: Words, 72 Angels, Cashbook, and Servitors. I commend you on your writing style for this, as it’s very succinct and reader-friendly.

    Admittedly, I was confused when starting with ‘Words’ and reading the Hebrew from right to left then the power words from left to right, and I actually started reading the power words right to left as well when I did my first rituals.

    I re-did them correctly, and began a ritual with Ariel a few days later as you suggest to help know what it is I truly want, and for some quick abundant money.

    Well, the abundant money is now on it’s way (10 d into the ritual). A relative sold a house in less than a week (after 6 months of trying unsuccessfully) and my wife and I are getting a cut of the proceeds in the amount I was desiring.

    Also, I did a ritual for Making Your Money Go Further. It’s working like a charm!

    But, since starting the rituals, I’ve had some unusual negatives occur.
    a) the day after starting a words of power for being well thought-of/win a competition, a former client called in and threatened to sue me for something I didn’t do.
    b) within a week, a new client came in screaming at my wife and me (we work together) about a lack of signage around our building (which we rent, not own…and which has adequate visible signage that has worked for thousands of others in 16 years),
    c) within a week, I took a small chunk off my chin shaving, taking 20 minutes to stop the bleeding (unusual as this has never happened in 34 years of shaving)
    d) and within a week, some kid in a school bus gave me the ‘middle finger’ when I was in my car waiting for the bus to drive by.

    None of these is going to ruin my life, but they are trivial little annoyances that make no sense to me.

    So, if I am supposed to accept that the “good” coincidental occurrences that happened with the money are a result of the magick, what am I supposed to think of these unusual pesky annoyances?

    I have had experience in perceiving “entities” (soul fragments or other forms) in my personal space/energetic body that I have used in the past in a servitor-like fashion. Would/Could they feel some spite/jealousy because I’m now doing magick, rather than continuing to use them???

    I’d appreciate your insight/opinions.

    And again, well done on your books. Your writing style is very pragmatic and for an application-based (how-to) learning method, is superb. Kudos to you. I will likely buy whatever you write.

    Kind regards,


    • Hello Michael, and thanks for your kinds words.

      Although it seems really convenient for me to say, ‘good coincidences are magick’ and ‘bad coincides are not magick’, I do think that is the case most of the time. If there’s any fear or trepidation it’s easy to focus on issues and assume they are caused by magick. All the things you list can happen on an ordinary day. Or maybe not. Only you can know that.

      If you are ever bothered, just throw in the basic rituals from Magickal Protection and you will be fine. But the most magical life is never free of all issues. Please see:

      Also see these articles:

      And I’m sure you saw this in the FAQ above, but if not, here it is:

      Q: I felt anxious/tired/melancholy after performing the magick, and then several things went wrong and I had disturbed sleep/nightmares. Is this the magick going wrong?

      A: A very small number of people find some initial discomfort when starting magick. The magick generally requires that you use emotional transmutation, and dealing with such deep emotions can stir things up within you. This is more likely if you have some resistance or guilt regarding the use of magick, or if you feel uncomfortable using magick to manifest money or other results. If you do feel uncomfortable, you can simply stop, and then start again at a later date and see if things improve. Many people, however, find that continuing for a few days helps them to get a clearer understanding of their emotions, and the discomfort soon passes. As for other apparent side-effects, these are most likely not caused by magick. As I once said in an article, ‘Bad things happen to people every day, so when somebody writes to me and says, “I started doing magick and my cat got sick,” I assume that cat just ate something bad. Magick is safe unless you deliberately go out of your way to attract trouble.’

  2. I have been using the Master Curse from Magickal Attack. The process is extremely cathartic and I feel as though I have been through a clearing session every time I perform the MC. My enemy has yet to be affected directly, as far as I can tell, but it takes some time for information to filter back to me. He may have protection, so I am continuing to repeat it as long as it takes until I get results, whether this be three times or three hundred.

    I have discovered that he tried to kill me a while back and I would like to return the favor and put him out of misery with finality. None of your other books seem to have magick for this purpose and I would prefer not to resort to rotting lemons, dolls, rusty nails and cursing oil. Do you have recommended death curses?

    • It is more than likely that your enemy is being affected. You’ve probably heard me say this before, but people go to great lengths to hide their pain in order to appear strong. In cases such as this it’s usual to discover at a later date that the curse had a stronger effect than you ever realised.

      I’m glad to hear it’s cathartic and I can only advise to aim for catharsis, and let a peace come over you. Many people report great relief, and that’s ultimately what you’re looking for. If you seek a death curse, it’s not really death you want, but relief. If you’re seeking vengeance, that can eat away at you as you’re still being cooked in the flames of the experience. Far better to find peace.

      Also, despite many wild claims, I find that death curses are not effective. Certainly, the sort you mention are rarely able to shake the foundations of reality. Although we can kill with a movement of hands so small it’s barely perceptible, the ability to change the course of another’s life so radically through magick is not granted so easily. To be effective, death curses require the same level of commitment (or casual disregard for life) that would be required to actually murder somebody. And I obviously don’t advocate that, so I can’t advocate reaching for that state of mind. The purpose of the magick is to find relief and peace, so I hope it can do that for you.

  3. Hi Damon…. I have two questions I didn’t see yet here (I sincerely looked and hope I didn’t miss an already-written answer…) Here goes: 1. I’m working with the wealth book (the original with both demons and angels) and the new love book. I don’t feel I am lusting for results. I feel actually quite patient. But, I yearned to try some of the rituals I hadn’t got to yet. I enjoyed them so much that I’d like to do, say 3 or 4 of the wealth rituals and love rituals at the same time. Would there be any problem doing multiple rituals at once from these books, so long as one is patient for results and adhering to each ritual’s timings?

    2. I know Book A might not be released for some time. Since it is expected to be expensive, is there a range of pricing that it may be? That way those of us who really want this publishing can at least have a roundabout figure and be prepared to purchase it?

    Thanks very much.

    • Hello.

      1. No harm in mixing magick per se, but with the Wealth Book its recommend that you do things in sequence, partly because each section builds on the last and it’s better to let the work of one section feed into the next.

      In the FAQ above, there’s this question and answer, which might help.

      “Q: Can I perform magick from several books at the same time?

      A: Yes. Many people find exactly what they’re looking for using one book alone, others get the best results using combinations. You might, for example, use the Cashbook, Magickal Riches and the Job Seeker if that suits your circumstances. Others may use just one book. Other people want to try seduction at the same time as money magick. This is all fine, so long as you feel you have the energy to commit to the magick with full concentration. Given the relative ease of the rituals, that is fine for most people. When it comes to angelic work the first book says, ‘One perfectly chosen angel will do a better job than three that might help the situation.’ This is true, but if you feel the need to combine several angels, or several forms of magick, you can do so. The most important thing is to ensure that you don’t do this out of desperation or to make the magick happen faster. It’s better to take a calm approach to getting results in stages than to do everything at once.”

      2. This is out of my hands now, but I get the feeling that Book A is several years away. There are many, many books to come before then, and right now nobody’s in a huge rush. The new authors do not write as fast as me, so books are going to be coming slowly and steadily. (There will be five or more in the next six months, but it might slow down for a long time after that.) As for cost, nothing has been decided. It might be released at a low cost for a limited time, or a high cost for a long time, or some other combination. We don’t want to make it unaffordable for people who want it, but we’re also fairly keen that it doesn’t go out to casual users. When there’s news it will be posted here. Thanks for your interest.