Indulge and Dream with Magick

Magick is whatever you want it to be, and knowing this can have a big practical impact on your results. You can dream and indulge and in doing so, find out who you are and how to get what you want.… Read More Indulge and Dream with Magick

Making Space for Magick

Sharing magickal knowledge has brought us all immense pleasure. But this hunger for new magick has perhaps made some people miss the value of what’s already available.… Read More Making Space for Magick

Angels of Wrath

Discover the Angels of Wrath in Gordon Winterfield’s final book for The Gallery of Magick.… Read More Angels of Wrath

The Magickal Shortcut

Is there a magickal shortcut? Combining magick can bring surprising results.… Read More The Magickal Shortcut

Demons of Magick

The magick of demons can lead to a life of success, power and extraordinary peace. Demons will demolish enemies, enrich bold ventures, satisfy material desires, and provide you with wisdom, charisma, healing and persuasive dignity. … Read More Demons of Magick

How to Say the Words of Magick

A video guide to pronunciation, and news about our new books.… Read More How to Say the Words of Magick

How To Do Magick Badly And Still Get Results

Magick can work when it’s sloppy, poorly planned and badly performed. When you understand why, there’s a chance your magick will work more often.… Read More How To Do Magick Badly And Still Get Results