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This page is for questions relating to Magickal Seduction. 

Q: What’s this book about?

A: Magickal Seduction is all about finding new lovers, making people attracted to you, and getting everything from casual sex to a new relationship.

Q: Is it fair to mess with somebody’s free will like that?

A: Seduction magick is not about tricking people, as the book makes clear. If you don’t like the idea of seduction magick, then don’t use it. But you need to be aware that when we do anything other than stay locked up at home, we influence others and affect them, and we disturb what is merely an illusion of free will. The world is a swarming chaos of interaction and you constantly disturb the free will of others, without magick.

If you ‘seduce’ somebody in the traditional way, by dressing well, being interesting and charming and kind, then you are definitely meddling with free will. It’s just a matter of perspective. The book makes it very clear that kindness is a key component of true seduction, and that the magick only works to reveal the best version of yourself to somebody. It is not coercion or deception. Although such magick exists, that’s not what this is, and we openly say that if there’s no initial attraction you can’t ‘drug’ somebody into liking you with this magick. It can tip the scales, remove fears, and ease a situation into being, but that’s a long, long way from bewitching somebody who doesn’t actually want to be near you. Is it manipulation? No more than witty conversation is manipulation.

Q: Isn’t magick like this disrespectful?

A: See above. The book (as is clearly stated on the Amazon sales page) makes it very clear that, ‘At its best, seduction is a gift to the one you seduce. This is not a book of coercion or deception, but is based on arousing genuine attraction within the confines of respect and consent.‘ Try using this to coerce somebody who’s unwilling and it just won’t work. Seduction is the art of revealing your best and arousing potential. People who think this is a shortcut to sleaze will be disappointed. This magick brings out the best in people and their potential for attraction.

Q: The book invites spirits to feed on my sexual energy. Will they feed off me forever and leave me drained?

A: The offering refers to the initial feelings that you’re focussed on in the ritual – and even in a great, lustful relationship, feelings change after a few days or weeks. And then, the flavour of that energy changes and is no longer on offer. It is thus safe, and it’s worth noting that what’s offered is not a vampiric pact; you are not being drained of energy. You’re giving the tiniest gift which will not be noticed by you, but will be greatly appreciated by the spirits. Imagine breathing out, and then somebody else breathes that air; you lose nothing. People enjoy scaremongering and implying that you are being drained, but such suggestions are either based on fear or propaganda.

Q: Somebody said the spirits used are Djinn (or Jinn). Djinn are evil, so is this true?

A: Not even slightly. The Djinn are well documented, and the spirits used in this book are not listed in books about Djinn. This book works with various spirits from the angelic to the elemental, but it’s all quite benign. It’s a popular hobby in online forums and websites for people to say, ‘Oh no, beware, that spirit’s a Djinn,’ without providing any evidence and without having done proper research.

Q: Somebody said these talismans are from The Black Pullet but that an important part is missing, making it unsafe. Is this true?

A: No. The talismans are derived from a source that shares the same foundational imagery, but these are not the talismans found in any version of that text. The workings are made safe by the various structures of the ritual.

Q: What if the seduction magick doesn’t work straight away?

A: The best way to get seduction magick to work is to avoid desperation. Make sure you are often out in good social situations, and be attractive without a trace of being needy or trying to seduce. If you meet people as though you only want to meet friends, the magick has much more chance of working. Be the kindest, warmest and most genuine you can be – without fawning or trying to impress – and you will seduce far more effectively than if you try to psychically control people. Seduction is an act of generosity and sharing. The book is working well for a lot of people, so if you follow this advice it should work for you.

Q: Is there ever feedback from the seduction magick? Might I fall in love with a ‘target’?

A: Yes. In short, be careful with this magick, because when you seduce the magick can work just as effectively on you.

Q: Will this work on a person I hardly ever see, or a person who lives on the other side of the country?

A: It can, but the odds are greatly reduced.

Q: Can I use Ritual One and Three at the same time?

A: Yes. Many people use Ritual Three to create general attraction, and then when things are going well, they use Ritual One for somebody specific.

Q: Can the seduction book attract a soulmate?

A: It can, but that’s not it’s primary purpose. For that, see The Angels of Love.

Q: I performed the seduction magick for one person, but other people started taking an interest in me. Coincidence?

A: This is an often-reported side-effect of the magick.

Q: If I use a photograph, do I have to dispose of it along with the sigil?

A: If you printed a photograph out especially for the ritual, then you should dispose of it along with the sigil. If it’s a photograph that you already own, you can simply return it to the place you usually keep it.

Q: In Ritual Three, when it says, “Speak directly to the spirits,’ do I make a direct statement, like in Ritual One?

A: No. In ritual one, you repeat the names, chanting or speaking (depending on your preference), and then later you speak a direct command. In Ritual Three, there is no such command, and you are guided to speak/chant while picturing the images until the process is complete. There’s no need to say anything else.

Q: Was there a Words of Power sigil that could help with this process?

A: Please see Words of Power FAQ.

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149 Comments on “Magickal Seduction FAQ

  1. Hi Adam, this is going to sound really silly but in my effort to avoid Lust for Result after the fifth night of performing the first ritual I forgot about ritual completely and as a result I forgot to bury the sigil etc. So the sigil is still hidden away somewhere awaiting burial at a later date but now for the life in me I can’t find it anywhere.

    Should I try the ritual again from the start next moon cycle or do you think I completed enough of the steps that the spirits will be forgiving?

    • Might be worth just leaving it and seeing if you hacked the system.

      • Well I performed both the Sword Banishing and Circle of Power before each ritual so perhaps they will make the rituals shine bright enough on the astral plane even though the burial step was skipped.. If it does work we’ll call it testament to the power of those rituals! Haha. Thanks again for everything Adam

  2. Hi Adam,

    Last night I performed ritual 1, everything was going well up until the very end where the ritual request needs to be burnt before performing license to depart. Well, I read out loud the request but did not proceed to burn it until after performing license to depart. I thought it was going smooth overall, however, certainly better than the first time I did it. My question is, would the ritual still be effective ? I can certainly perform it again, although I am aware of overkilling it and lusting after results.

    Another thing I have noticed rom performing encourage trust to foster trust from a guy I like (72 Sigils of Power), right after the first time, the next afternoon, an incident happened that did not directly indicate that he should trust me, but is indirect in a way that made him see that I wasn’t betraying his trust In short, he thought I was telling people his stories, but in fact it was someone else that did, and the truth was revealed soon afterwards. And he said sorry for doubting me. Would that be seen as a sign that the ritual is taking effect ?

  3. Can the three rituals be performed by imagining saying all the words in your mind or do they have to be spoken?

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