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This page was originated by Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfield. It is now maintained and updated by Adam Blackthorne.

This page is only for questions about Magickal Attack.



Questions are moderated and may take a few hours or more to appear. If yours doesn’t appear, it may be because it’s already been answered in the book or in this FAQ. Questions that speculate about theory won’t be posted as the focus has to remain on practical magick.

This page will be open to new questions from time to time. A thorough reading of the book and some patient contemplation will answer almost any question you have. Please read this FAQ and also read the main Gallery of Magick FAQ before asking a question.


Q: The Master Curse didn’t appear to work. How long should it take?

The Master Curse is extremely effective, and reliably so, but after twelve days of magickal effort you probably want to see an obvious and fast result or it can get frustrating. As Gordon says, the magick works (its been working for many people for a long, long time), but it can be ‘subtle, harsh or brutal.’ Discerning which of these is never easy, and it can be that the Master Curse is taking great effect, exactly as expected, but the target of your attack hides the result from you. After all, the sort of person that is deserving of such attacks is often deceitful and an expert at manipulating emotions and hiding the truth. It is quite possible that the mild and calm person you see is undergoing great turmoil. Indeed, one sure sign that the curse is working can be that the target becomes calmer than usual. If your enemy seems stronger, more steady and at peace, you can be certain that the magick is working, and this response is a desperate attempt to hide the pain. Often, you see subtle signs. Sometimes, a total collapse and the target descends to regretful weakness. Part of the power of this magick is the relief you feel when it works well, so if you see nothing, it can be frustrating. What you may notice, even if nothing else is obvious, is that the target has less power over you, and that if you are willing to notice it you feel free, powerful and at ease after the ritual. It may begin to work immediately, or the effects may simmer and stir over many weeks or months. As with all magick, timing is entirely down to circumstances, and timing is the last thing you should focus on. Sometimes the results are clear and obvious; there are many reviews of the book where readers allude to this. At other times, nothing may be obvious. And of course, let’s be honest, sometimes magick fails. So do aeroplanes. A shame, but true. Gordon, quite rightly states that, ‘This magick works,’ but he never says, ‘This magick is guaranteed to work every time under all circumstances.’ There are many reasons that magick can fail from time to time. If the target has protection in place, then it’s not that there’s any failure, but that you are in a war of attrition. If you lust for result too much, that can scupper things. There are many posts on this site that can help. And note that, despite its power, it may be that to get the magick to work you need to target your magick, attacking from many sides. (Read this site thoroughly for ideas that get magick to work.) And hopefully, somewhere along the road you will find peace. Of all our books, this one is (at the last count) the one with the highest percentage of positive reviews, so you can trust that the magick does work. Focus on that trust and relax, knowing your target is feeling the effects, and you are much more likely to get the result you seek than if you let frustration rule you.

Q: I don’t care about revenge but want to stop somebody from hurting me. Can this book help?

A: Of the Master Curse, Gordon says that it “destroys your victim’s ability to operate successfully in the world.” It’s not revenge, but a way of stopping a person from harming you. You can make them so weak and regretful that they no longer hurt you. 

Q: How often should I perform The Ritual To Wield Power?

A: It can be performed at your discretion. Performing it once with great intensity can set you up for a considerable time. In The Lesser rituals, however, you are instructed to repeat the ritual each time you work the magick, due to the fact that no other constraints are present in the rituals. When it comes to The Greater Rituals and The Workings of Silence, do you feel you have the authority to command angels and demons? If your initial performance of the ritual gives you the conviction to continue, do so without repetition. If you have any doubts, repeating the ritual will remove those doubts. Even if you have no doubts, you may find that the ritual helps to empower a ritual by re-establishing your sense of command, while firing up your imagination. In such cases, The Ritual To Wield can be performed every time you work a ritual. It is not required for Disruption Magick.

Q: Can The Ritual To Wield Power be used with other forms of magick?

A: In any ritual where you work with angels or demons, this ritual will ensure that the spirits respect your authority. The magick can work without this ritual, of course, which is why the ritual isn’t included in every book, but it can be used with other rituals. You can use it before beginning a series of rituals, or every day that you perform a ritual; the choice is yours, and you should be led by your intuition. Magick doesn’t have to be complicated, so if you get good results without this ritual, don’t feel obliged to add it in unless directly instructed – but at the same time you are free to use it if you so wish.

Q: What about karma and magickal backlash?

A: This is non-issue and is addressed fully in the book. If you are uneasy with the subject, do not use this magick.

Q: In the Ritual to End a Relationship, do I perform it twice a day, or just once?

The ritual should be performed once a day, either before sunrise or after sunset (for thirty-three days).

Q: Why do you use angels to constrain the demons? Can’t I just work with demons?

A: There are many systems for working with demons and you are free to use those if you choose. Some traditions employ angels to constrain demons, and that method is used here, because it is safe and affords ready contact. Read about Rudd, if it interests you.

Q: Can I use this magick against a group of people?

A: Yes, but it is often worthwhile directing your attack at individuals who are important members of the group, to undermine the group.

Q: What do I do with the paper from the ritual To Regain the Upper Hand?

A: You can make a ceremony of burning or burying, or even storing the paper somewhere secret so that you remain aware of it, on a very subconscious level. Or you can think of the magick as over and done, and just trash the paper, as it’s nothing more than paper.

Q: Is Gordon writing more books?

A: Not many, but one or two.

Q: Why doesn’t Gordon respond to questions personally?

A: Gordon takes a keen interest in the success of his readers, but has no interest in the daily interactions that take place online.


299 thoughts on “Magickal Attack FAQ

  1. Hello, Mr. Blackthorne

    After purchasing Magickal Attack, I was curious about a peculiar detail: can these curses be used on people if you know their faces, but not their names? Example: maybe a relative is being bothered by someone, but they refuse to tell you this person’s name.

    Or would the curses work against someone you only know online? Meaning, you only know their alias, not their name or face.

    There is the ritual to discover your enemies, but judging from the context, this only identifies someone who has targeted you personally, not someone else. And it doesn’t specify that it would reveal their name.

    Basically, I’d like to know if these curses would be weakened and/or ineffective if you don’t know an enemy’s name and/or face. Thank you, Mr. Blackthorne.

    1. The name really works well. I know people do workarounds, and I’ve helped with that a bit here: if you can only visualise or label the person, then that’s enough. But if you don’t know the enemy’s name or face or any details, it becomes much less likely to hit home. We’ve used blanket curses against named people, and got mixed results – it can work. For what’s in Gordon’s book, the name really helps and it’s worth getting it if you can find a way. And yeah, the ritual to discover enemies is personal (the magick is really about finding personal relief from a direct enemy, so this makes some kind of sense), but often that ritual *does* reveal the name. But the rituals work in so many ways, there’s never any way to know how it will work for each situation. But a personal knowledge is way better better, ‘That person who stole my car last week.’ But as I often say, work with what you’ve got. If that’s all you’ve got, it’s probably better than nothing.

      1. Hello again, Mr. Blackthorne

        Thank you very much for your swift reply. I suppose through use of the Gallery of Magick’s other books, tasks such as discovering names or faces could be accomplished in time. Perhaps Chaos Magick and Servitor magick would be the most appropriate out of the available books.

        I have only one more question. As Mr. Winterfield described, Magickal Attack is more about bringing justice than hurting people. Which makes me wonder about potential vigilantes who buy this book. Given a name and face, what if they wanted to use curses on known criminals, or corrupt politicians?

        Obviously you can’t curse every bad guy out there, it’s too time-consuming. But would the Master Curse possibly stop a criminal from committing more vicious crimes? Would it stop a corrupt politician ,whether through ruining their life until they quit, or exposing their misdeeds? (Assuming the politician doesn’t use magick, because I’m sure the Gallery suspects or outright knows that some people in influential positions use magick)

        I mean, if this book gets *very* popular, I think more people would try to use it not just for their own protection, but for vigilante work. Thank you again, Mr. Blackthorne 🙂

        1. There need to be a personal connection, I find, and after that it’s really a case of a labelling the act. And I don’t think any of these books will ever be *very* popular, because magick is not for everybody.

  2. Hi Adam,
    The sigil to wield power has a different size on my ipad and on my desktop screen. I just wanted to know the actual size as It looks like the size of the sigil increases as my computer monitor increases.

    1. Hi Shane. So long as you can see it, it works – (on a phone is not so good, because I don’y think you can see it) – but there is no actual size other than the one you display it at. The various originals we have are all sorts of sizes.

  3. Hello. Last Sunday was my 33rd day of the ritual to end a relationship. And it has not ended. It’s a couple that it’s engaged and the wedding it’s supposed to be in 2 months or so. Is there anything else that I could do? I’m sure I’ve done everything and follow all the steps. Thanks

    1. Hello! Magick can take time, as I’m sure you know, so try to adjust ‘it has not ended’ to ‘it has not ended yet’ – because that state of being more allowing to give it time makes it a 10 times more likely than feeling, ‘it must end on day 33’. It could be that the magick is perfect and working, but taking time to manifest.

      On the other hand, if this unwanted wedding is getting closer and closer, what options do you have? Well, if it’s a genuine and unshakable love, as the book says, not many. One approach is to curse one or both parties, cause general disruption and illness, or stir new feelings of love, of find other ways to disrupt their live or that of the around then. These are quite desperate measures, but it can be a way of making sure that people are under pressure. That is when they crack.

      Alternatively, know that marriage is never a sealing of the deal – it is an experiment, a time when people see if they can stand being together forever. If you wait patiently and strike again when the bloom is off the rose, yes, there is more that can be done. But try to avoid the lust for result, as described in many posts on this site as that can stifle and tighten up the magic when it needs to be loose and free.

  4. Dear Mr. G 🙂 😀 I know you don’t read the comment section due to being busy on your much anticipated book by the ever studious Secret Magickian hahaha 😀 it’s true though. In any case I can’t wait to get a hold of this book so I can influence people, I would concur in advance that sometimes INFLUENCE is more POWERFUL than an ATTACK. June will be perfect for that release. Because I would be in a crossroads of my life & transition due to me spending much of my time hanging out with 3 Angels. I miss my demons though! :D, with much gratitude. S.M.888

  5. Hi Adam,

    I asked a question (or numerous questions I guess) with regards to “Foiling an Enemy,” I believe… on March 18th.

    So… I have been going through some strange and unusual experiences. As a matter of fact, some quite interesting, unsettling, and pleasing ones all bunched together; from seeing the other-side if you will (e.g. spirits, demonic presences, various creatures, animals) in the middle of the night while sleeping; to simply driving in broad daylight and seeing all sorts of fantastical creatures in the grass lands and hanging around trees (even the trees themselves were more conscious and alive than I have ever imagined); to meditating and seeing a being (it was not an angel that’s for sure) before me.

    These experiences were wonderful and quite poetic don’t get me wrong (just like the movie, titled, The Spiderwick Chronicles” with a twist, a flavor if you will of Gordon’s cover to this book… It just so happens that when I opened my eyes at just the right moment (while asleep) or being in the right mind-state… well I catch glimpses of darkly things 🙂 floating above and all around me, which is nothing new except for one small element… none of this stuff has occurred for quite some time, up until I performed this ritual, and it seems it has opened up some new, frequent experiences.

    Adam the thing is, I have also been having nightmares (horrible ones) almost every night starting at five days in after I had performed up until now (well I do have it under control with a few techniques I have been using to put a stop to it but is not quite a 100% bullet proof as these “beings” seem to sneak in a bit every now and then partially).

    Why is this so?

    Why does it feel like I am the victim, that this ritual is against me rather than the enemy of intent?

    Perhaps can it be “entities” trying to derail my attempts at creating a more harmonious life by entering my dream-states because they know I will be less resistant (cowards)?

    Perhaps it is the fire spirits themselves making their presence known in a rather harassing way, maybe because they got a taste of what I have to offer and their hungry for more 🙂 (plus there were really no constraints on these spirits were there, so they can get to me if they want?).

    I mean, I know Gordon placed protection within these rituals but it doesn’t feel that way (at least with the nightmares I am having that are almost always aimed at my weaknesses).

    Anyhow, Adam, can you shed some light within this darkness that I am entangled within so that I can untangle these limitations that so bind me from seeing and understanding?

    I really feel that this ritual may some how be a failure, a dud, a misguided energy, or on the other hand, maybe, just maybe, I have caused some attention, unwanted attention, because I did such a powerful working that others have noticed the great potential that is within me 🙂

    Basically, I feel like I am being foiled, foiled from achieving the right mindset to make the magic work effectively in order to foil another.

    1. Hi there. Not sure how much experience you have – so if this is all new, or a development in your magick. But assuming this is new, this could easily just be a few side effects, as you adjust to the planes of magick, so to speak. It depends on the person, but some people find they get all sorts of reactions and visuals – doesn’t mean anything is attacking you, just that you’re tuning into magick. This post might be useful:

      Try not to see it as darkness and being a victim, but of being opened into the supernatural. If you don’t like it, run through the rituals in Magickal Protection and you’ll shut that stuff down – the chance of this being a misguided energy are so low I wouldn’t even consider it, but Protection sorts that stuff out. But you do need to be wary of what we call ‘self cursing’ which is that state you get in where you’re saying so many negative things about yourself and your magick that you’re defeating the underlying emotional state you’re trying to achieve. So phrases like ‘failure, a dud, a misguided energy’ are feeding into that vibe. But I could be reading that wrong, because you also seem to note the great potential. Focus on that. If you have Zanna’s 72 Sigils book that can be a great way to get centred and balanced when magick feels confusing.

  6. Dear Adam. I apologise for this. I have another question that I should have included in my last post but which I didn’t. I really appreciate your thoughts on this other issue. Can magick work effectively on targets that live further away from us, say on people who live outside this country? Thanks so much.

    1. It can, and does, but magick often works best when you are actually interacting with the other person. When you are in the same space, looking into that person’s eyes, the chances of your magick getting through are much greater, because your connection to them is much greater.

      1. Adam, oh no, I am concerned about your comments. I have done rituals on the guy’s partner whom I do not know personally but I know her full name and have her pics. Does it mean that my rituals would not work so well on her? 🙁

        1. You’re worrying too much! Remember all the posts on this site, and how confidence and calm is more important than anything else? That’s the key. Getting as many details right as possible is ideal – if you know every name and so on. When planning, you do what you can. But then you work with the situation you have, and release fear that it won’t work.

  7. Dear Adam
    Thank you for your reply and your link on target magick. I hope you don’t mind providing me with some more guidance.
    1)when I performed the ritual to end the relationship, I imagined the couple divorcing. Does this imagination not have helped to enforce the idea to the demons that divorce is the ultimate goal, not just a lost of interest with each other? 2) I completed the ritual for a total of 33 days, as suggested in the book. However, there was one night that I couldn’t do the ritual because of a lack of privacy. Has this affected the outcome? 3) can I use a servitor or specific demons like leraje or asmoday to encourage divorce? Or What magickal rituals would you suggest to stir things up ? Thank you again for your time and help. Appreciate them.

    1. 1) Yes, that will have made your intention clear, but given the construction of the working – which achieves its result by causing a loss of interest – it may not be the inevitable result. As I say, divorce is effectively a legal decision more than an emotional one. That’s a different game altogether.

      2) Better to do it right if you can, but not essential. See this post:

      3) Demonic work could help, for sure, and a servitor could be effective, but your focus may need to shift to bringing about the decision to divorce.

      I can’t actually tell you what would be best to stir things up, as I can’t know the situation. One way is to curse and make everybody sick and weak, but for some couples, that brings them closer together. Another way would be to cause general disruption. Another, more creative, would be top bring them peace and happiness, so that they speculate about a life beyond the drudgery they are stuck in. But, I have to say, this is a tough one, because it’s hard to follow up in the real world, which is always an important part of magick. If you were talking to one of them, and putting thoughts in their head, that would help back up your magick. Some real world effort goes a long way, and may not be possible here. In a couple of months, Gordon will release a book that includes work for influencing with demons. That could help.

  8. Dear Adam

    I appreciate if you would offer me some advises on the following issues: 1) I finished performing the ritual to end a relationship, in September 2016. Since then, nothing significant has happened to and between the targeted couple. In fact, both individuals are unwilling to end the marraige even though they have been seperated for many years. I know that the love between them is not strong. The man did not want a divorce and the woman has done nothing either. Should I repeat the ritual or wait a little longer? I do not want to appear impatient or disrespectful to the demons involved in the magickal ritual. Do you think the ritual cannot succeed because one of them is a strong Christian? 2) I’ve also referred to your Chaos Magick book and undertake a simple ritual based on your past experience ,4 times. This involved moving apart 2 black candles (not anointed with any oil); one candle representing the man and the other representing the woman targeted. What have I done wrong? Would you suggest anything else? I apologise for the long comments. It’s been a little over 6 months and I am not sure what else I could do. Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello. That ritual is really aimed at getting the couple to lose interest in each other, rather than to compel a legal divorce, so I don’t think repeating it would work. What’s more likely to get them to move on? A new lover! Or something like that. This is where your can get creative with magick. If one of them meets somebody new, or gets a job on the other side of the county, it can stimulate change. Without that change, stagnation will continue.

      If somebody has strong religious beliefs, then yes, that’s like any conviction or determination – there may be a very strong will to keep the ting going, despite the lack of love. How do you defeat that? Well, I saw exactly this once, and he was determined to stay married forever, but when she was coaxed into a passionate relationship – really passionate – it urged her to file for divorce. He has no say in the matter.

      So, with the candles, you’ve done nothing wrong. It sounds like they’re apart, but living together. You need to go about it a different way. Some people would curse and cause chaos, but others might jut try to stir their reality up, or get one of them to really move on. That’s more likely to work than just taking them further apart – the love is already down to friendship at best, from what you say, so you need something more to urge a real change.

      Exactly how you do this is down to your knowledge of them and the situation . This one can help:

  9. I have a question regarding the relationship break up ritual that uses Caspiel, Barmiel and Acreba. I am only very familiar with one person in this relationship. The other half of this relationship is pretty much a complete stranger to me. I know his name, I have his picture and his birthdate. But that’s about it.
    Will this ritual be effective for the situation?


  10. re Master Curse, is there any way to amend if the name is not known but to name target as ‘those who caused the death of….’?
    Sincere gratitude to the GOM for their writings which aid so many

    1. If you absolutely can’t get a name, then an image (mental or otherwise), or a description like that might work. It’s less likely to, but it can. A short, simple and precise definition is better than something long, so what you suggest is good. If you can get the name, even better.

  11. Hi Adam, for the master curse, can I stop before the fourth demon, glasya-labolas? This is because I do not want to hurt my target physically. First to third demons of master curse would be more than enough to damage my victim. Would the master curse still work without using the forth demons?

    1. You can. Its designed as a complete working with everything in harmony, but I know people stop and it still work. It might work more slowly and with less effect, but there’s a lot in place, so it won’t be pointless.

  12. I am preparing to do the ritual to destroy a relationship but I do not know exactly what the woman looks like. But I do have some of her hair (If that’s at all useful in this). How would I work out picturing them splitting up if I cannot picture her at all? Do I just create an image to represent her?

  13. Save me Adam. I have completed End a relationship ritual on 2 March and make a request to Hagith to end the couple relationship for 20 days (ritual ended 23 March) ritual but the couple got married on 27 March !!!!!! What should I do now? I know the couple do not have unshakable love. Should I repeat the rituals to end their marriage? I am very upset with myself now and the whole situation. I almost lose faith in magick but I pick myself up again. I need to know what mistakes I have done so that I don’t repeat them. 🙁

    1. Horrible to hear that. As you heard me say, sometimes people can react to attacks by getting close – but NOT like this. I can see why your faith in the magick must be shaken. What I can say is that situations like this may need a very large sense of perspective. If you are sure they don’t have unshakeable love, then remember that most marriages end in divorce, and of those, most end within the first year. This may be their attempt to seal their love, but could lead to their undoing. Or you may need to look deeper and make sure you’re not deluding yourself about their love. If, after introspection, you know you are right – then you can leave the magick that you have done in place, move on as best you can and let things unfolded slowly. What seems like an eternity now will seem like nothing in a decade. See Step 4 in Sigils of Power to see what I mean. Might not help much now, but, well – I can say I was once in a similar situation where all seemed absolutely, utterly and completely lost (twice!) and then it wasn’t.

      1. Thank you Adam. I am still grateful to you and GoM books. During and after the ritual, in order not to lust for results, I unfollow the guy’s FB so that I would not check on the results. Nevertheless, today the guy told me that he is married a few days ago; My whole world sunk. I know they do not have unshakeable love as the guy kept complaining about the girl (wife now). I will move on for now and let things unfold by itself. But if nothing happens, should I repeat the end a relationship spell after 6 months?

        1. I’d wait that long, or even a year, unless you see signs of trouble for them. But don’t look or wait for such signs. Just be passive, and then if in six months or a year you wish to try again, that’s the time.

          1. Thank you Adam. I still believe in Magick and it would let magick run its course naturally. Just another question: Should I try chaos magick to break their marriage? I have not use chaos magick before and I have nothing to lose anyway.

  14. About this Ritual to End a Relationship. When i imagine how the couple are wrong for each other, should I imagine the actual ways in which it is wrong, with both of the couple in the same image? The instructions say to imagine disgust for the wrongdoer, but not both. If you could give your take on this ritual it might prove beneficial. When I imagine the relationship ending, is content necessary, or just my feelings? It’s one of the longer rituals and takes a fair bit of time, I’d like to get it right.
    Also, is there any angelic magick I could use in the Gallery collection that would achieve the same purpose?

    1. Make sure you read the paragraph that starts with, ‘The process involves an act of will and imagination…’ There’s a lot of detail tucked away in there.

      As for the idea of a wrongdoer, that’s only one example ‘for the sake of argument’. Gordon goes on to say that ‘you have decided, for whatever reason, that you wish to separate them.’ And so on, meaning that your feelings are what count here, not any objective truth. Focus on your personal feeling about how it’s not right etc, and feelings are more important than the actual pictures. Picture it symbolically, actually, or whatever – just don’t try to problem solve; don’t try to work out the how and why or the mechanics of how it will end. Just get the feelings you want to feel when you ‘imagine that the relationship ends and the world is put to right.’ It’s quite a lot to control and feel in one ritual, as you say, but you get into a rhythm and it’s easier than it looks if you don’t overthink it but just focus on the feelings.

      Angelic magick can work, but you’d probably need a bit of experience with particular angels to get a feel for whether they’d work this way. You can use angels to confuse and stir a situation, but best if you’ve some experience with them already – you have to read between the lines of the basic powers as outlined to understand how the angels can work reverse effects. “Yes” is the answer, but it would take a fair bit of work to get that experienced, (and there’s no direct instruction in the books) and Gordon’s ritual is way easier.

  15. Thank you so much! I’m really grateful for having this magick in my life! Thank you Adam, Damon and the whole GOM!

  16. Hi Adam,

    I’m in the 3rd day of doing the Master Curse. I didn’t do the Ritual to Wield Power though because I thought it was only necessary to do it where mentioned. However I did the Master Protection Ritual a few month ago.
    Do you think that I should do the Ritual to Wield Power from now on? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do magick light hearted and read the books faithfully.

    And one more thing: When Mr. Winterfield says to start the work after sunset, does that mean any time of the night?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey there. It’soptional. See the full answer above under: Q: How often should I perform The Ritual To Wield Power? It’s really at your discretion. But, you know, Gordon likes to hint rather than be direct, so if you’ve got an intuition to do it for the MC, then do it! No need to start over, I’d say – just keep at it. After sunset on that day, so before midnight is best – but it’s pretty flexible.

    1. I’d says so, yes. You can be loose about magick, and it’s good to not obsess about details – but it’s also good to get it right and do it by the book when you can.

  17. Hello and To Whom it May Concern:

    I have just completed the “Ritual to Foil an Enemy,” everything turned out right when performed except one single element within. As I was calling out to the names of the spirits (I am not quite sure and still do not know if I did) I felt that I repeated the name Estamos twice, before proceeding to the the next name.

    My question is:

    If this is the case and I really did repeat Estamos twice… should I repeat the ritual and assume it as a failure, or should I continue on and just assume the ritual was a success?

    Also, even if I did repeat the name twice does it really matter, would this really screw up the whole entire ritual?

    So the main question is… is the ritual in this case considered a dud that needs to be repeated.

    1. Hi Michael. No problem at all. Often people say names or words three times to ensure they are heard or emphasised – chants are even based on this principle. We keep it simple, so once is enough, but two won’t do any harm. Even if you stuff up badly and decide to repeat a ritual, try to avoid the feeling of ‘assume it as a failure’. We have lots of posts on here about trying to assume the magic always works – it’s not happy new age positive thinking, but a way of linking to the success of magick and getting it into your future (which then becomes your present). I hope that sort of makes sense. It’s an interesting point though, and I am writing a blog post about it – we often say that you should go easy and not worry, but we also want you to be careful and get things right. Because there is so much power and potential in this lovely little contradiction, I’m going to explore it in full. But, for now, I’d say worry not one tiny bit!

  18. Adam – what I was trying to convey my rather verbose posts is that I want the recipient of the curse to feel what is being presented to me in the dreams etc. I have no guilt or qualm or feelings of love whatsoever:) TY!

  19. Adam – thank you! I’ll just take the weird dreams as a sign that the spirits heard my request and its being fulfilled – its just concerning that they are making me feel guilty – its not a feeling I feel but AT ALL but, one that is being presented to me – if that makes sense. If there was any guilt or remorse I wouldn’t have considered the master curse – and when I did it I had no qualms whatsoever because the situation warrants it. And yes, I do agree with Gordon that sometimes we want a peaceful outcome but, in this case I want my due diligence and am not looking for a peaceful anything. Just tit for tat that will give me peace of mind because some people are just nasty and viscious and get away with things maybe due to their good luck but, still need to be put in their place. The Master curse I hope will come thru. I’ll let you know if the outcome is weird. Thank you so much!!

  20. Update: I’m now 16 days into the Ritual to end a relationship- to get rid of a love interest’s ex, and I feel am getting some definite signs it is starting to work! He has been deleting her comments on his posts on Facebook – I am excited by this because when I am communicating and visualising the disgust I feel about her still trying to act close to him, one thing I mention is how her comments on FB irritate me and then in the part where you visualise the relationship ending, part of what I visualise when their connection does, is him deleting her from Facebook! This hasn’t yet happened but he’s twice now deleted comments by her. So I’m feeling this is a definite something is starting to happen and soon she’ll be deleted from his actual life too. Acreba, Caspiel and Barmiel rock! 🙂
    P.s. – I seem to get impressions of Caspiel in my mind when doing the ritual – keep getting the image of a very handsome young blond-haired man who looks like a prince or a king. I don’t know why – can demons appear this way? Barmiel I feel hangs back in terms of making himself known to me. Although, last night for the first time when calling on him, I saw when I closed my eyes a vague shape of a face that looked like what an ogre or something similar. Quite small. I don’t really sense Acreba at all, apart from I notice the candle I have lit often flickers or flames very high when I call on him.

    1. When demons are evoked directly, we often urge them to appear in a more acceptable form than, say, an ugly toad. If you see them, then the constraints of this magick should make them appear fair. Most people see nothing, but if you do, it will generally be fair. If not, it doesn’t actually matter, so long as you don’t let it bother you. My bank manager looks like an ogre, and we still get along.

      1. Haha, thanks for your comments. I found it didn’t scare me as much as made me think ‘wow I actually saw that very clearly with my eyes closed.’ I just stay calm and act with respectful authority, as suggested in the book. This is very new to me as I’ve never worked with demons before and so I’d been a little wary as I’d read a lot of the scare stories online. Also partly a result of my Catholic upbringing I think…but the book put my mind to rest and so now I don’t find it a problem.

  21. Dear Adam and GOM – I’m not sure if my earlier post came thru so, please excuse if this is a repeat. I did the master curse towards some really nasty people who did me and my family tremendous wrong and suffering. This was not the kind of “forgive and forget” occurrence but, a mean spirited, vicious attack that needs rectifying. After having positive results with the 72 Angels (on another area of my life) I decided to go ahead and use the Master curse to give me peace of mind and right the wrong that was deliberately done. To give you brief background in relation to my current dilemma – when I used the 72 Angels I was AMAZED (to say the least) when the Angel actually contacted me via a dream – being a newbie I didn’t know what to make of it. All the coincidences (there were many others) seemed so normal – but, when I put on my analytical cap it is beyond logic! I am happy to report that things are moving along nicely with the many “coincidences” and are leading me to my wish. These positive results led me to the master curse which brings me to my current conundrum.
    After I did the Master curse – I went my merry way – BUT, I had one dream where I dreamt of my wrong doer and in that dream and I was madly in love with him and regretful that we are not together. How can this be!!! I never dream of this person – those feelings were never there and could never ever be – and anyone who knows me or knew that person will say the same!!! I let it go as just a dream and my mind playing tricks. Then a few days ago I had another similar dream – it was very, very disturbing and basically the complete reverse of my request – which is to ensure this person experiences what I experienced and not that I am regretful of not loving him!! In addition, I was doing dishes one afternoon and a very strong feeling overcame me – my aunt – who is another piece of work – but, who was not part of my Attack ritual – sending me profound feelings of love – this is very, very strange because this woman doesn’t like anyone – least of all me – and to have such a strong rush of love from her shook me to my core. So, my question is this, do you think the Master curse is somehow doing things in reverse – and maybe I need to do it again? The messages – which are very, very profound – are the COMPLETE opposite of what I had wanted and not at all in my periphery!! Did the wires of communication get mixed up? Can this happen? Or should I take it that this the entities way of letting me know that they heard me. Is this normal? Please advise if I should redo the master curse. Also I should add that the master curse was towards three particular people and I did one ritual for all three (not including my aunt). Thank you so much!!

    1. Glad to hear your good results. Exciting! But, yes, this kind of thing, it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes a dream is just that, a psychological processing of what you did! If it’s more spiritual or supernatural, or an echo of that, then it’s a sign the magick worked or is happening now. Don’t forget how Gordon goes on about peace being the ultimate aim. That doesn’t mean you fall in love with your enemy, but any symbolism that reflects peace is to be expected, sort of. There’s zero chance of the curse working in reverse, so I’d just see this as a good sign, even if it’s an uncomfortable one.

  22. Thank you so much for your fast answer!

    So I will not put anyone in danger by doing Magick at their place? I mean is there a possibility that some demons manifest at their place and cause havoc?

    Thank you for all the great knowledge you share!


  23. Dear Adam,

    I have a question regarding the place you’re doing the magick at:

    I’m about to do the Master Curse and a few of the smaller rituals like ‘A ritual to bind an enemy’.
    I do the rituals at my place. But what if I go to someone else’s house within the 11 days and do the rituals there for a few days? Do the people who live there get affected by the rituals in any way? I don’t mind seeing/dealing with demons but I don’t want anybody else to get involved in it by any means.

    And can I do the Master Curse (or any other ritual) twice in a row if I have to deal with two different targets?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. No practical reason not to, but I have to admit that some people might sense something is going on. Usually, it’s fine, but then one day somebody freaks out. Honestly, it’s rare, but I feel it only fair to say that if you do wander into the house of a very psychic person, they might get an idea of what you’re doing. There won’t be blood going down the walls, but, you know, the atmosphere might change. But most likely not.

      Yes to twice in a row. On the main FAQ page there are a couple of questions about this around “Q: Can I perform several rituals at once?” which might be worth reading.

  24. Very interesting book to say the least. Not my cup of tea (for now). It will stay on the shelf until a day comes when this sort of work will be needed. Happy to say Magickal Protection has been an invaluable resource and has calmed the passions to go on the offense. Very good work from GOM!

    1. Yeah, I get that. I do think that sweetening the life of an enemy can be just as rewarding as an all out attack – you make them so happy they leave you alone. I hope you never need to use the book, but if you do, it’s good to know it’s there. When you thrive, the needy and cruel can be drawn to your light and it’s good to have a way to stop them in their tracks.

    1. You can use a mix of magick to achieve this – a servitor to attack the company, angelic magick to bring bad luck to its deals, that sort of thing. But then Magickal Attack can be used to pinpoint individuals who are irreplaceable. Of course, in a good business, everybody should be replaceable, but often there are one or two people who are needed to be there all the time. Mix it up like this and you can get a result. It’s a big undertaking, but it can work. I’ve seen it done, but I also should add that if it’s for reasons of competition, it’s often best to weaken the competition rather than ruin them. If you destroy them, somebody better and more efficient and more challenging may take their place. Often, better to leave the competition there but make it weaker. If you have other reasons, it can work very well.

  25. I am 11 days into the Ritual to End a Relationship to get rid of an annoying ex from my love interes’s life. I’ve noticed that she seems to be more active last few days, on his social media – one of the few ways I have of monitoring her so to speak. Could this be a sign that it’s starting to work? I’ve heard that in separation spells, sometimes the people involved initially appear to get closer, which is a good sign if one of them is trying to cling on as it means they are feeling the effects? Just be grateful for your thoughts on the matter. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, well I hope so. It is *very* common in this type of magick – and others that involve emotions especially – for people to resist and fight back. My guess is yes, the effects are felt, and so the slinging and attempting-to-hold-it-together begins. This is why sometimes people throw in other curses and disruption to weaken generally and create pressure – it makes success more likely if everybody is losing it a bit.

      1. Thanks v much for your thoughts. Yea, I also did the binding on her to stop her influence. I’ll post on the thread about it in more detail, but just got your sigil book and chaos magick ones and blown away by them. They are brilliant and already getting results in terms of bringing him closer. wow. The sigil magick seems to have suddenly kicked everything else into gear, where things had been slow moving with him for months.

        1. Thank you. We always believed the sigil magick would be a big deal, because it’s tapping into such fundamental power, but it’s really rewarding to see so many reports of success with Sigils of Power.

          1. It really is working for me and I love the additional step of imagining you’re looking back from the past – this really works for me. I just imagine I’m talking to a good friend and telling them about ‘oh I remember when my life was so different back then, ‘ – look at how happy I am now, etc. I find it makes it seem more real to me and easier to imagine. Because this is often how I’ll have chats with friends remembering past things.

  26. ‘m doing the Ritual to End a Relationship and need to pause the ritual 5-7 days before the end for a little less than a week. Is all lost, or can I just carry on when I can get back to it? Is there some “pause magick” I can use, maybe “any desire” from Words of Power? Can I explain to the demons that I’ll be back in a few?

    1. Hi Niles. Two ways of going about this. One is to carry on, and the other is to restart. That sounds so obvious, sorry – but it’s partly down to what you feel will be right. If you can feel confident to carry on after a break then just get back to it and know the magick was bubbling away. If you’re filled with doubt, start again. This isn’t the sort of magic where you commune directly – so no explaining, and mixing in Words of Power (which is angelic) would probably just confuse matters. The pause needs to be for a good reason, too. If it’s just that you can’t be bothered, that feeling gets into the magick. If it’s a good reason, then you can feel good about it and restart when you want.

  27. Stop a known enemy, option two… My enemy has a large back yard and I could easily get small waded up bits on the property, albeit a considerable distance from the house (within view), is this acceptable? How close does it have to be? Just so long as it is on the property ok?

  28. I have a question regarding chapter 26 – Disrupting a Relationship.
    In my particular situation there is a very long term, deep rooted friendship of many years that I need to disrupt. I view one of the individuals as my enemy and I don’t want to mess around. I don’t necessarily want to kill that friendship totally, not that I’d care, I just get the feeling it’s not necessary, but I don’t want things to be repaired either. I would like to cause doubt/disruption/chaos in that friendship, the more severe the better. This particular spell seems just right. The problem is that I do not have any way of obtaining the enemy’s personal objects, nor samples of handwriting. However, I was able to obtain a poor-quality photo of the enemy from social media.

    Can I use that photo instead of a personal item or handwriting? Part of the spell offers instructions to cut a photo of two people apart and separate the pieces, which I’d be inclined to do as well, but I won’t be able to get a photo of them together (I can get a photo of the other person but they won’t be together in the same pic), Can you help modify this spell for maximum effectiveness please? Also, is there any “supporting magic” you would recommend to bind the enemy or further encourage that person out of the scene somehow? I don’t necessarily wish to harm, I just want this person to GO AWAY and STAY AWAY. I will probably do the magic from one of the Words of Power books to make the enemy fear me, as I feel that would be of benefit. Please, let me know, in your experience, what might work best to combine a couple spells without overkill. I just get a very strong feeling I may need to hit this from a couple angles.

    Thanks so much in advance!! I cannot stress enough how much I love all the GoM books I have purchased!!

    1. You can always adapt magick and ‘chaos it’ a bit, but for that particular working it’s all about the ‘stuff’ so it might be a bit weak without the physical connections. Same with the photo – there’s something about a real, captured moment that won’t work as well as something cobbled together. I mean, you know, it’s all about symbolism, so you could just write each name down in a circle, and separate them, or gather objects that you pretend belong to them – with enough imagination it might work. But then it’s really a sort of chaos experiment, and not the potent ritual that Gordon wrote. It’s a good ritual, but it does require the tricky part – getting the physical stuff. Might be worth an adaptation, but that’s up to you. Might be better to use the Ritual To End a Relationship instead – it has a different quality to it, that may or may not be right for you. But it works.

      As for supporting magick, one quick fix is to just lay on a little extra trouble. UNLESS trouble makes this partnership stronger. Which sometimes happens. But the usual fix is to send some other trouble their way – not a full curse, but that book has lots that can torment, bind and weaken. Do that, and any other magick will hit harder.

      1. Makes sense, glad I asked! I’ll read up some more, meditate on it. Between that and your advice I’m confident I’ll find the best solution. It’s funny you mention that a little trouble could make the relationship stronger, as I do feel that is a definite possibility….definite support system with each other. I want them to be disgusted with each other and lose trust. Got any rituals that will help an enemy show their true colors and have their nasty side exposed, shoot themselves in the foot, so to speak? LOL!! I’ll keep reading before reaching a decision, thanks again and this website is just amazing for support, I’m impressed with everything.

        1. I’d consider using a chaos approach, or maybe a servitor, for that – if I actually wanted that specific a result. If they absolutely had to show their true colours. But is that the only way? If you fill them with torment, with the ritual mentioned above, that might be enough – people under pressure show their true colours.

          1. So the G.O.M masters are sharing their magickal skills & life’s wisdom too? I’m so fortunate 😀 #quoteofyear2017 “people under pressure show their true colors” wisdom courtesy of Mr. A.B let me start pressuring people around me now HAHAHAHAH be safe Mr.AB , with much gratitude.S.M.888

  29. Hi, I am trying to perform the ritual for ending a relationship. English is not my 1st language and perhaps my English is quite bad. I am wondering if the demons can still hear and listen to me if I still pronounce the names very differently from an English speaker , even though I have gone through the prounication guide? I have followed the steps very closely.

    1. The better your knowledge of English, the better it will be – but it doesn’t have to be perfect. (You can find a lot about that here: But it does need to sound something like the English equivalent. There are some online sites that show you how to pronounce words. They won’t include the magick words, but they may include the English words we use for comparison. So, in that ritual, the name Caspiel is explained at the end of the book using the words pass, pea and bell. If you learn how to say those, you’ll be closer. This might be time consuming, but could give you more confidence. You could try

  30. Hi seekinginnerpeace – Just ask Mr. AB 😀 I feel like I’m comparing homework notes & will run the risk of getting in trouble hahahaha. All I can testify is this: G.O.M masters have decades of magickal skills way more than myself. And the faith & trust I have for their work comes from the fact that their magick is easy but effective. No one has the time to gather toads & herbs & dance under the moonlight (not saying this won’t work for some practitioners but I honestly don’t have the time for that). Also I wanna move on to Magickal Riches & busy on that right now. The Chaos Magick by Mr. AB is amazing, I wanna keep in touch with Arathron once I’m done with other things. Every time I would do the G.O.M’s magick I would always remind myself “what is time in the spiritual world?” NOTHING. Ergo, I don’t rush the magick I try to enjoy the rituals. I wish you the best in your Magickal Attack journey 🙂 MR. AB is here as the best “go to” person I’m just a novice. S.M.888

  31. Hi Adam, if I want to continuously punish my abuser, can I perform the Master curse annually? Or it is a bad idea as the master curse would work continuously?

    1. Personal choice. Remember Gordon’s words – worth re-reading. You’re aiming to seek personal peace, not a lifetime of attack. To do so is to hand too much power over to the person who hurt you. The aim should be to find satisfaction and peace. Endless hated leaves you the weaker one. In practical terms you can do it as often as you want, but if you;re not reaching peace by doing so, reflect on whether it’s worth it.

  32. No problem Sir 🙂 Mr. AB – I didn’t know the logistics hahahah sorry for the ignorance. Just wanted to reply – didn’t want to think I’m brushing off people. I’m laughing because I’m imagining the G.O.M Masters as invisible like (Harry Potter) & would just be KAZAAM you’re caught! Been watching you hahaha 🙂 Be safe Mr. AB

    1. :). since AB removed your message, can you share what results you got, please? Just don’t say anything that could get GOM in trouble. I like to hear success stories as it gives me more confidence and looking forward to the results for mine. I might learn from you to repeat the same every year as continuous punishment is needed for my abuser who landed me in clinical depression hospital for weeks (not just that). Did you finish the MC on the target’s birthday or starting the MC on the target birthday? sorry for the questions as I am trying to learn from you.

  33. Hi, i have a question regarding one of your answer” Also, the magick responds to you and what you put into it – if the person is subdued and your heart changes, the magick loses its fire quite automatically.”

    I have guilt and feel bad and have sympathy occasionally after I have performed the master curse on my abuser- do it mean that the power of the master curse would lose and the magical would lose its fire. I know that Gordon has warned in his book to be wary of guilt and sympathy. I have performed the master curse after much thoughts and it was done when I was calm and 7 months after I stopped all contacts with my abuser.

    1. I hope Mr. AB won’t mind me replying to this – I’m just replying in the name of knowledge exchange & out of gratitude.

      I did the Master Curse & got great results. I’m reinforcing the curse again on the day of the target’s birthday (or maybe a day before).Why you might ask? Some occultists believe that for one year your soul travels around & the only time it returns to you is on your birthday. Therefore it’s weak – and what if your soul can no longer find you? Hence that’s why I’m reinforcing MC on the birthday of my target. The other reason why I’m reinforcing MC (because I’ve gone no contact with the target) I want the continuous punishment. I have NO REMORSE NO GUILT. And after communing with the Demons in the book like Glasya Labolas, Raum etc – after the ritual – there’s a sense of inner peace in me 🙂 (the irony of giving a Master Curse huh? for me it gives me peace).

      Just a side note: yesterday I did the Master Curse on my STUDENT LOAN OFFICER – she keeps on making my life hard (it’s that simple – you make my life hard – you need to get out of the way) once more NO GUILT nothing. I just want my life the way I WANT IT TO BE on MY TERMS 🙂 & like the “Masters” here on G.O.M would say “it’s better than hiring an assassin” I’ll “yeap it’s more empowering communing with Glasya” hope this helps 🙂 . S.M.888

      1. Hi, thanks your reply. I always could learn from other practitioners. :). Can you share what results you got, please? I like to hear success stories as it gives me more confidence and looking forward to the results for mine. I might learn from you to repeat the same every year as continuous punishment is needed for my abuser who landed me in clinical depression hospital for weeks (not just that). Did you finish the MC on the target’s birthday or starting the MC on the target birthday? sorry for the questions as I am trying to learn from you.

        1. secretmagickian – hello. You wrote a reply to this that we cannot put on the page, for legal reasons. As mentioned in the FAQ we don’t like censoring things, but the content of that post would compromise us legally. I can happily remove that paragraph and post it, but can’t let it be posted as is.

  34. Hello Mr. A.B 😀 just a quick question: A few minutes ago, I was doing my usual everyday meditation/ritual. This time though, I wanted to start a working relationship with Glasya Labolas. As always, my candle was lit (during the ritual which I always do). The difference this time, was that the candle flame all of a sudden went out. I’m not a “superstitious” person to be honest – so I can’t really read in between the lines of “signs”.

    I need your wise input on this – part of me is saying “this is a good sign I made contact”.

    I haven’t asked Glasya for anything yet, I just wanted “keep in touch” keep him posted on what has been going on in my life – when the flame died out all of a sudden, it didn’t creep me out – I just hope I didn’t piss him off for using the wrong candle color hahaha (I’m serious). Thanks Mr.A.B – I’ll be waiting for your wise & trusted input. S.M.888

  35. Hello GOM…I have a question whether Master Curse may be warranted. I am disabled senior and an animal lover. I had scrimped in order to have enough savings to move out of a rental room and bath into a small place of my own where I could regain some measure of health and quiet with my animals. A woman befriended me last year, posing as an animal rescuer, a wealthy successful realtor in Marin County selling luxury real estate. She pretended to be a friend and good person.,,,, took advantage, manipulated me and in order to save two dog’s lives who would have died without vet care, convinced me to loan her my savings. I got a promissory note, She knew I was in a desperate financial situation, trying to find housing, and needing this money back asap. She assured me that she was going to sell a property within a month, she is a luxury realtor who lives in a 2 million dollar home, drives a bmw, etc.etc, but told me she hadn’t sold a home in awhile and was short on cash until she made her sale. She has not made a single payment in a year, and every friendly attempt has been met with more and more hostile responses., and I lost my chance of moving bc of it. When the year was up on the promissory note, I sent her a demand letter via certified mail, which she refused to accept. When I went to small claims court, I was told that even if I win my case, which I could bc it’s very clear she owes me the $4600, it will be difficult to actually recoup the losses, but not impossible. She has taken more than what I am able to earn in a year’s time bc of my illness. I found out that she has been served before by another party, and apparently is a grifter. I am also concerned in that she can seem unstable and spiteful and I am unsure of how vindictive or vengeful she may be. I must stress she lives an extravagant lifestyle yet knowingly stole 1500 and 3100 from someone she knows is destitute and ill. I am considering the master curse, bc I have made several attempts to send her an amenable demand letter asking for her to contact to make arrangements for repayment, all to no avail. The attorney I spoke with thinks she is a professional scammer. The stress has greatly impacted my autoimmune disease, major depressive disorder and ptsd. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.What she has done has had a great negative impact on my chronic illness due to the stress, and I am in fear of becoming homeless. Thank you for all your publications and guidance to help so many.

  36. I have a question that isn’t addressed in the book or on this website (unless I missed it?). Anyway, someone I completely trusted has wronged me on many levels. I’m still meditating on the situation. I feel what has happened is severe enough that the Master Curse is in order. However, what happens if the target were to contact me at a later time truly sorry for their actions and/or wanted to make amends? Will the curse continue to play out? Even if this individual wanted forgiveness, I really do feel that this punishment is fair for how I’ve been hurt/humiliated/damaged, however, it’s in my nature to accept apologies if someone is sincere. So, I guess my question is what happens if a curse is in motion, or even completed……would accepting an apology, forgiving the target, or similar, go against this magick somehow? What is recommended in the instance of a target initiating contact at a later date? And, what if the target suspects that they have been cursed, has had more than they can take, and asks for it to be reversed? The target does practice energy work, although I don’t know to what degree, and I suspect it’s possible that he could figure things out and ask that I stop the torment, although I don’t know how probable this is. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. As I said, I’m still contemplating the situation as I don’t feel that magick of this level is anything to be taken lightly. I want to make sure I really think this thru and am completely understand what I need to know before I move forward. Thanks in advance.

    1. You can use the section called The End of War – the book is all about achieving peace, and that section look at an actual ritual to establish peace. You can do this before the person makes and approach, or when they do. Also, the magick responds to you and what you put into it – if the person is subdued and your heart changes, the magick loses its fire quite automatically. It’s a beautiful thing.

      1. Thank you so much, that is very helpful! I will say one thing……the situation has cut me deeply enough that it was the reason I purchased the Magickal Attack book. I read the opening few pages where it says that many times the rituals in the book aren’t even necessary, that just the feeling of empowerment can be enough to change one’s situation. Well, my target is already acting differently and wants to talk this evening so maybe none of this will be necessary. I can only hope. I’m not a very happy camper with how I’ve been disregarded by this individual. But, I’m willing to talk. and I’d prefer NOT to retaliate. Thank you again for the response and peace of mind, I’m so happy I’ve found a really good source for so much positive magick…..all the books I’ve explored thus far really resonate in a positive way for me and work well. Keep up the amazing work!

  37. I think I am going insane. When I perform the same ritual for same time( let’s say ritual to end relationship), I am treating the demons like friends now. For example, it came so naturally that I even say good night to them. I have followed the steps and emotions parts but is it bad that I am treating the demons like friends – I talk to them as if I am talking to a friend ?

    1. It’s best to let the magick be the magick, and then end it and go back to normal. Also, friendship is less likely to get result than calm authority. Just re-establish those basic points and it should feel more normal.

  38. Hello:
    I am working on the Master Curse. Was wondering if it’s alright to use the full name of the Target along with mother’s maiden name (since there are 2 people in my family with the same name). Although I do use all the focus I can muster on the Target when declaring the name the Spirits, maybe using the Target’s name along with his mother’s maiden name may keep the magick from going off course (I hope anyway). For instance, I am declaring: “Harming none other than N.—Son of —“…
    Thanks so much for all of your great magickal work, publications, and support.

    1. Hello there. Yes, that’s OK. If you know who it is, it works, so you can get away with saying, “Bob”, if you know who Bob is. But if the additional clarity makes it feel clear and confident for you, that’s no bad thing. (And thanks for the compliments!)

  39. For the master curse, if I am starting Saturday after sunset, does it mean that I have to repeat the ritual everyday after sunset? Can I vary the ritual at different timing of the day e.g sometimes night and sometimes day time. Do I need to perform the master curse roughly around the same time each day?

    1. Sat after sunset is best, but it’s optional – Weds breakfast works too! What I mean is, it’s flexi. Most workers find that some rhythm and a set time is better than just slotting it in before watching TV, but it doesn’t have to be super-strict. You can chop and change if you have to, but might get into it more if there’s a set time.

  40. In addition to the G.O.M “disciple” that posted about electronic demons. I also would put out my request to the G.O.M Masters 😀 hopefully they can come up with ONLINE INCOME & ONLINE INFLUENCE (sigils, demons, angels , any being & any thing). Since we all live in the digital world anyways. THANKS “masters” S.M.888

    1. Hi, yes I answered this below and think you’ve got it right there – it’s a digital world so that’s how money manifests. A lot of protection magick – there’s no way it was made for a digital world, but it works for one, because that’s where we live now. No need to narrow money magick to electronic or online, but if you have an online business then you can direct any magick you work with to that business or activity.

  41. hi gom guys !!!…as you guys have lined up books and sooner will write some posts i have got two things to ask
    1.) how can i open a portal in someone’s house/property to let in demonic and evil spirits so that no one can stay there..2.) it has happened with many guys that when they are doing GOM stuff if it is related with MONEY some people get electronic money in their banks out of blue..some people even after spending it or buying something when they check their bank statements the balance remains intact.with me what happened i had $500 in my online poker account for a month i didnt open it and when checked it after month it was $500+$10…can you guys give me a more directed magick to aim at electronic money or any DEMON/SPIRIT which can manipulate electrical and electronic based machines when asked !!!!

    1. Hey, 1.) We haven’t published anything on that, but if you’re trying to keep people out of a property there are loads of ways – servitors are good. A demon can make a place feel horrible and uninhabitable.
      2.) Yes, I do see this and hear about it, but I think it’s to do with the way money flows now. It’s more about binary codes than coins, so that’s just how money manifests. With money you make the request and let it come in any form, and that form will often be electronics. I mean, you could create a servitor or something like that, aimed at this type of funding, but I’m not sure it would ever do more than nudge the amounts.

      1. can you specify demon..and its an university..i want to make it deserted by opening a portal to infest the place with a horde of demonic spirits in second case i want it to decrease the price of a property..i am expecting a definite procedure or some tweaks you can suggest in magickal attaack!!!

        1. Afraid it’s beyond the scope of what I can do here to create an individualised tutorial/outline or adaptation. Sorry about that. There will be more published this year that can certainly help you achieve what you want.

  42. Sorry to bother with my questions again. I realize that the bully that causes my clinical depression has cursed me and my family in August 2016. My mum was recently diagnosed with cancer, coming from a tumor developed around August 2016 or later (the doctor said that the tumour is a few months old). Could it be a coincidence? I know it is bad but how can someone be so evil , dragging my family into this. They (the couple) had already caused me to suffer from clinical depression (and i even have to hospitalized for 3 weeks for this extreme depression). Is it too late to bind the bullies? Can I bind the bullies on behalf of my family? My family is innocent!!!!!!!!! I will curse them using the master curse for sure but can this stop their curse????

    1. You mention the unfortunate cancer, which I’m sorry to hear about, but yes, I would say that is coincidence. Most curses do not work that effectively, despite wild claims, unless you are delaying with somebody who is exceptionally experienced or talented. We can do a lot of self-cursing by assuming that people cursed us. Just believing you are cursed can be more harmful than some of the wishy-washy curses that are actually out in the wild. But the magick is absolutely designed to stop bullies, and it’s never too late, so if you know somebody has caused you harm, you can fight back. I can’t recall if you use Magickal Protection, but when you feel under attack, protection is as important as retaliation.

  43. Can I repeat the Master curse let’s say after 6 months (for reasons isn’t disappointment or frustration) but more like I want the person who caused my extreme clinical depression to be punished more as the effects may seem too weak or subtle or unnoticeable . I know the demons are working hard and I am not lusting after the results (and of course I want the person to be punished). I know that the demons are doing their job too. I do not want to cancel out the effects or the workings of the 1st master curse done. I know it could even take much longer for the master curse to work.

    1. You can, but if you’re focussed on it being a disappointment now, before you’ve even started, that’s upside down – go into it expecting the best.

  44. Ah, i am so silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the 7th day of the performing the ritual to end a relationship and I just realised that i have forgotten to say this paragraph ‘El, Elohim, Adonai …………Anaphaxeton’ from day 5 to day 7. :(. I feel like crying now as I have wasted 7 days of ritual and precious time (anyway, maybe it is a good thing as I have some learnings from the process which i can improve now). My question is can/should i restart the entire 33 days of ritual to end a relationship immediately or should i wait a few more days to let the spell ‘cool down’ (since i have only performed it for 7 days) before restarting?

    1. Sorry that’s so disappointing, but yes, I’d restart – try to see it as a learning opportunity. You’re familiar now and can get the details right. But no calling down is required. You can start straight away.

  45. For the master curse, does it mean that the more angry i am, the better and stronger the results would be? Or will the results be the same regardless (it can be ‘subtle, harsh or brutal), if i perform the master curse correctly?

    1. Anger is more of a trigger than a fuel IMHO, so some anger flicks the switch, and more won’t improve or force a result. Some people get it to work with very little emotion. I say aim for the most you can, so long as you feel the CHANGE in emotion during the ritual. That’s essential. The style of eventual manifestation will depend on a thousand other factors, many of which are beyond your knowledge or control, so let it be subtle, harsh or brutal – whatever it will – without trying to make it go a particular way.

  46. Dear Adam, Damon and the Gallery of Magick! First of all, thank you so much for the knowledge you share! I have a question regarding Magickal Attack:
    There is someone who tries to destroy my career and my business (I’m sure it’s out of jealousy of my lifestyle, success, etc.). That particular person, with who I have no personal contact whatsoever, is a lawyer and tries to take advantage of his status as such. I had to go to court because of him last year (I used Magickal Protection and got off lightly) and now he’s making false accusations again and again I have to go to court.
    So I though about doing ‘A ritual to foil an enemy’ and/or ‘A ritual to bind an enemy’. I’m not sure if these rituals are vigorously enough in my case though. What do you think? Of course I could do ‘The master curse’, but does it stop my enemy to attack me? Or does it only make him suffer? I don’t really care about him suffering if it doesn’t make him stop. I’m not a revengeful person, I just want him to stop and get out of my life completely.
    Thank you in advance for your answers!

    1. Hey there, you’re welcome. Gordon says of the M. Curse that it “destroys your victim’s ability to operate successfully in the world.” So yeah, it’s not just revenge, but a way of stopping that person from harming you. Make them so weaken and regretful that they don’t keep hurting you. But if it’s a really vicious person with great intent, I’d use more – not trying to force the issue, but making sure you cover the bases. So bind, foil, and attack.

      A balance between these two posts might help:

      Do what’s required, but don’t do more than you need.

  47. Sorry for having so many questions; I am using the book like a Bible so hence so many questions. Can the Ritual To Wield Power be done in silence e.g on the train? For the master curse, sometimes I could not have full concentration as there are loud talkings in the house (even though I am alone and ‘locked’ in my own room. Does it affect the results or must I go to a place with no noise?

    1. Hey, glad you’re enthusiastic about the book, but you might want to devour the main FAQ as it will cover a lot of what you want to know, and acts as a good overall magick primer.

      This answer goes like this:

      Q: I can’t say the words of the ritual out loud, for reasons of privacy. Will it still work?

      A: Yes, so long as you imagine the sound of the words clearly, and imagine that you are calling to the ends of the universe.

      The FAQ is here:

      But I’d add to that and say that, yeah, do it anywhere if you can focus. But if it feels half-baked, crappy, weak or otherwise not like magick, avoid it, find a better way, get the privacy. It’s down to how you feel when doing the magick.

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