The shem talisman from The 72 Angels of Magick is available on the Angelic Templates page.

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These images are from Magickal Protection.





These images are from Magickal Cashbook.

If you came here from the website that shared the content of our ritual without permission, please buy your own copy of the book, and perhaps take note of this: “If you go into the process of magick and your first act is stealing, that’s not the best way to start – magick expands the feelings you hold on to, and theft comes from a feeling of poverty. As such, piracy will probably make you lose money.” More details of the curse we have directed at those who steal occult works is explained on this page.

The sigil of Nitika that follows was created through evocation by The Gallery of Magick, and is copyright to us. It is not a public domain image and is provided only for personal use by those who have legally purchased Magickal Cashbook. It may not be reproduced elsewhere, in any form, without our permission.

There have been several versions of the sigil on this site, but this is the most up-to-date. Click on the image to download it at full size.







These images are from Magickal Seduction.






These images are from Adventures in Sex Magick.


If you want to make your own physical copies of images, you can take a screenshot on your device (there are many instructions online), and print out the screenshot. Or you can photograph the screen and print the sigil out from your photograph. Downloading the above images is a simple solution.

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96 Comments on “Images

  1. Just a quick question. I don’t have a printer nor access to one that’s private where I wouldn’t have people asking me what I’m printing out. I have just been using the Orante Formula on the first talisman just on the computer screen. Will this work ok?

    • Hey Chris, I understand the problem. In the future we may create a print book containing all the sigils so you don’t have to print anything. I know of several people who have used the sigil on their device, and it has worked fine. They mostly said they preferred to use on device – say an iPad – rather than using it on a phone, iPad, laptop etc. – because then it feels like it’s in one place. I hope that helps.

      • Cool, thanks for the reply. I’m reading the book on Kindle for PC so yeah I got it all in one place. Thanks.

    • Around the end of Jan 2015 there will be a physical book with all the required sigils and talismans.

      • I can’t wait for this book it’s already 2017 – I know patience is a virtue 🙂 esp. in Magick but owning a copy of G.O.M all sigils & talismans in one book? It’s like owning a holy grimoire. I hope all the “Masters” in G.O.M will “bless” this book & all the buyers of this “encyclopedia” of G.O.M sigils & talismans. This can be an heirloom. S.M.888

        • It’s been available since August 2015. You can get it here:

          It doesn’t have everything, but sigils in colour (where it applies) from The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Riches, Magickal Protection, Magickal Cashbook, The Magickal Job Seeker and Words of Power. For other books since then, and books such as Wealth Magick, paperback is recommended – Magickal Attack is printed in colour, and the others don’t need colour.

          • Hello Mr. AB 🙂 – I’m gonna wait for Nitika to convince the G.O.M masters to give their loyal members 20% coupon on Amazon for the hard copy of all the sigils book 😀 I have faith that this is possible. It is done. Be safe. S.M.888

            P.S. today I FOUND A 5.00 euro bill lying on the floor! 😀 oh Nitika how fortunate am I? – special thanks to the generosity of all the G.O.M masters for sharing their knowledge (I can consider myself their magickal heir 😀 ).

            • I don’t think we can do coupons. I have nothing to do with pricing, but I gather that book almost runs at a loss, so any cuts are tough. We’ve been looking at a way to make it cheaper, so you never know. Something might happen.

              Glad to hear Nitika’s working.

              • Hi Mr.AB 🙂 I know a bit of logistics on Amazon (the author/s) can just choose on sale or 20% off for a limited time only, somewhere on their dashboard. Free shipping only applies if it is a direct product of Amazon (not 100% sure abt this ). & also the reason why I suggested the discounted price because logistically speaking – it generates more money. I’m taking Management & Organization 🙂 so bear with me on this hahahhaa . I love applying my magickal skills & my academic skills too whenever I get the chance 😀 hahaha.

                Sidenote: Nitika is just full of surprises. If it weren’t for the tons of responsibilities at school – I would have devoured Magickal Riches in one gulp. Because I know Nitika is there too & his more of like a “kick ass” version in that book. I can’t wait :\ – on your reply on “something might happen” I believe that too :D. I know one day we will just all be surprised that the most expensive book of G.O.M (with no kindle version). WILL BE ON SALE 😀 whoop whoop. Magickal things can happen ;D. #BELIEVE S.M.888

                • I’m told the discounting sales thing only works if you’re enrolled in KDP, which we aren’t. We can cut the price manually at any time, but I asked our sales person about this just now, and the printing costs for that book are astronomical. When I said it’s almost running at a loss, that’s true. Any cheaper and we would actually be giving it away. And that’s why we’ve been looking at a smaller version, or maybe even a different printer. Or we may just leave it as it is. One argument against cutting the cost is that the book isn’t needed! We aren’t trying to sell as many copies as possible, and indeed say to people, ‘Only buy if you really want it’. It was made available because lots of people asked for the images in this form. We’d actually prefer people to spend their money on our other magick books, because we think they’re more important than the printed sigils. This book is there only for those who truly want it. And that’s why there is also the argument that we should leave the price exactly where it is, so that most people just buy the magick! Anyway, I’ll pass on your comments.

                  “Nitika is full of surprises.” Oh yes!

                  • To be honest Mr. AB 😀 I’m aiming at the 300 bucks book that the G.O.M once released & is now out of print *sigh* why did I waste my time on those “lower magick” hahhaha the herbs etc 😀 & I regret not seeing that 300bucks book when it was out on Amazon:(. That’s okay I truly understand why G.O.M can’t cut costs. I was under the impression it was print on the demand OR printed in China that would go for $1.00 a book (regardless of the page count & book size). & bear with the grammatical errors – mentally drained. I’m majoring in 3 subjects: Business, Philosopy & MAGICK 😀 my 24hrs are devoted on these. Meaning at this moment my fingers are doing the thinking for me (on automatic reply mode hahaha) 😀 goodnight I need to do my meditation.S.M.888

                    Oh lastly, I envy you guys (all the G.O.M masters) that had the chance to see in person the book that is deemed “TOO HOLY TO PRINT” ) yeah I read in between the lines in all your books 🙂 *sigh* I wish one day I can see the G.O.M version of that book. But like a good student I wanna practice magick in your books in depth as opposed to superficially one time “one hit wonder”. In all honesty I’ve already memorized the sigil in Magickal Protection hahhaa I can’t help it 😀 it’s etched in my subconscious – I don’t even need the book.

                    • We never released a book for $300. If you mean Images From The Gallery of Magick: Book One and Book Two, people are selling those for over $300 on amazon, but there’s no reason to. Sigils and Power and Talismans From The Gallery of Magick was made to replace those two books – mostly it’s the same images. Is that what you meant? (The original price was similar – around $40-$50 I think.)

  2. I have enjoyed your books, and more especially your air of professionalism in the respondent comments that you have given to your reader’s remarks and questions. I believe you are the “real thing.” My email is *************

  3. Hi Damon,

    Any books on lottery wins in the works? 🙂

    • Hi. Yes and no. As I say in the Magickal Cashbook, lottery odds are so extreme that magick can’t do too much to help. As occultists often say, even if you make yourself 100 times more likely to win (which is a great magickal result) you still have little chance of a big win. With that said, there are two books which will address this because it’s something that people want so much, and because smaller wins are possible. The upcoming book on wealth making will address the fact that, for people in a 9-5 job, there may be limited avenues of income and that you can set aside a small amount of money for the lottery – but only at the beginning. Making your first $10,000 is the hardest part, and after that, wealth becomes easy. So, the lottery will be one option. But it should only be attempted in conjunction with all the other wealth-mkaing magick. It’s worked for small amounts, for people in our group. We’ll never put out a book claiming you can get a big win. The other book which will come out just before or just after the wealth book, will also have magick that works well for some gambling situations.

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