Damon Brand’s Magickal F.A.Q

Many of the questions are answered in the books already, so please ensure you read carefully. Magick is easy, but the instructions should not be skimmed over.

It is better to experience magick and learn for yourself, than to seek too much advice.

Archangels of Magick

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: I’ve been a reasonably successful novelist (under another name) for over 25 years, because it’s important to have a life beyond magick.  I’ve never claimed to be famous, although some people have accused me of this. For the record, I am not a household name. I also have a few business interests. You can read an interview here: An Interview with Damon Brand.

Q: Are you retiring?

A:  I remain a member of The Gallery of Magick, but in the shadows for the foreseeable future. Two or three more books are in progress. Other members of The Gallery of Magick will do an excellent job of maintaining this blog and writing magickal instruction.

Q: Did you once say…?

A: Probably not. I have only published posts on this blog/website and, in the past, on The Gallery’s Facebook page.  If you’ve seen anything anywhere else, it wasn’t me. All posts and updates from late 2016 onward are by Adam Blackthorne.

For a general overview of the books see the About page.




IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION please see The Gallery of Magick FAQ.

320 Comments on “Damon Brand’s Magickal F.A.Q

  1. Hi Damon (or Adam) are there any books that that can help my country/nation turning from worst to best? Thank you
    I don’t know if these is selfish or selfless act of my desire

    • Hi there. Adam here. Thanks for your question. This is from the main FAQ:

      “Q: Is there a ritual to end poverty, end war and save the environment?

      A: If there was a ritual for World Peace, we would be performing it. That is, if there was a ritual that worked. There have been many large rituals, over the decades, aimed at this. And people do use magick in politics. But there is nothing we can do to just cure the world, because magick is about affecting our sphere of influence. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do. The influence of one individual on any given situation can be enormous. But as always, with magick, the key is to see what you can change, and then break that problem down and direct the magick at those changes. When you change your own world, it has a ripple effect. So if you are able to change a few minds, or bring more peace to a place, or more rationality, that is good. But can you affect the feelings of Congress with magick? Highly unlikely. There are too many other factors in play. But you can affect the minds and hearts of those you know. The ripples will be felt. If you move in political circles, the ripples will be felt in more influential places. Magick is used by pressure groups, political campaigners and others who affect that state of the world, and it makes a difference, but it is all about finding what change you actually want to make, and then supporting your real-world efforts with magick.”

      • oh ok,thank you for your reply. and another question: about the magickal attack book, does it work on attacking (any name) of the group or organization, and even on unidentified/unknown enemies? Thank you

        • https://galleryofmagick.com/magickal-attack-faq/
          “Q: Can I use this magick against a group of people? A: Yes, but it is often worthwhile directing your attack at individuals who are important members of the group, to undermine the group.”

          To expand on that, yes to an organisation, but it helps if you know people personally. If it’s just a company you’ve taken a dislike to, but you have no involvement with any of the people, much harder. But even just on relationships (of any kind) can help.

          Unidentified enemies, no.

  2. {Edited out the original question, which was posted and answered on the Magickal Cashbook FAQ. It remains there]

    I was given the advice to “just ignore it” by someone else on this site. Either this person isn’t a Magician or has no knowledge of how powerful magic or entities work, or he thinks money is naturally self-replenishing and grows on my trees.


    • Yes that was me. I’m running this site now as Damon is required elsewhere. But he has given the same answer on this site many times. There are 17 members of The Gallery of Magick (including myself), and collectively we have over 500 years of practical magick experience. Does that make us perfectly knowledgeable? No. But every one of us is very experienced with the spirit you asked about – Nitika – and every one would agree that the spirit does not linger or keep working after a specific request. Of course, a request may take time to manifest, which means the spirit is still working for you during that time. But the advice remains the same – if you no longer want this spirit to work for you, that’s it, it’s over. You may not like this answer, but bear in mind that Nitika is a personified virtue, not an angel or demon, and so responds in ways that are not textbook. If you take your focus of Nitika, the spirit takes the focus away from you. Your modifications to the ritual, mentioned in your original post, may have confused matters, but still wouldn’t make the spirit linger.

  3. Hello.
    I am using Magical Seduction. I finished first 5 days ritual two days ago and today I started 11 day ritual.
    But the thing is, my target stopped contacted me at the end of August and we are very long distanced. There was no fight or anything, he just, well, changed, so there is no way I can hear or see him…
    Would magick from Magickal Seduction still work? Or you can recommend me something better to make him contact me again?

    • Hello there. I think most of this is covered over at this page: https://galleryofmagick.com/magickal-seduction-faq/

      It’s not great for long distance! Weirdly, the magick can be ironic – if you stir up somebody to feel something, they resist and go a bit cold. It could be that. But with long distance, magick struggles to work. There are sigils for attracting and maintaining love over long distance, in Sigils of Power and Transformation, and they can work – but I don’t want to give false hope. If it has fizzled out, and if the feelings are gone because they aren’t ever going to go anywhere, then the feelings are gone and the magick won’t change that. But it’s your choice as to whether or not to try something else – you might have a feeling that there is still potential. Cheers, Adam B.

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