An Angel Before Me

The first time I stood in the presence of an archangel, I was overwhelmed. It’s a story I don’t often tell, and with good reason. Most stories about magick sound like they’ve been made up.… Read More An Angel Before Me

The Underlying Dream

Discover your underlying dream, and unlock magick.… Read More The Underlying Dream

The Perception of Magick

Throwing a banana peel across your kitchen may have more to do with magick than you realize, as Adam Blackthorne explains. When I eat a banana I should probably be sensible and walk over to the recycling bin, and drop my banana peel where it belongs. But most of the time I throw my banana… Read More The Perception of Magick

The Angels of Alchemy

In recent months it has become clear that one of the best ways to get magick working, is to work on personal transformation first. When you have clarity within yourself, magick works more easily. And that is why I’m delighted to announce the publication of The Angels of Alchemy. Here’s what it says on the back… Read More The Angels of Alchemy

The Alchemy of Happiness

Are you drawn to magick because you feel it’s always been a part of your life? Or because you believe there has to be a better way to get what you want, than pure effort? Or are you seeking to be more spiritual? From what I hear, most people come to magick because they sense… Read More The Alchemy of Happiness

The Master Works of Chaos Magick

Many years of my life were spent in the world of Chaos Magick, and you could argue that I never completely moved on. One of the aims of The Gallery of Magick is to simplify magick. We do that, for the most part, using a complex methodology that involves evocation and contemplation, but I can’t… Read More The Master Works of Chaos Magick

Do You Believe In Magick?

I am never sure why some people believe in magick, and others don’t. Until you get a result, why should you believe in magick? Thankfully, most people with an interest in magick get an inkling that reality will yield to the magick they perform. The willingness to try magick, with an open mind, is often… Read More Do You Believe In Magick?