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Archangels of Magick

This page is for questions relating to Archangels of Magick.

Q: Does this book cover everything there is to know about archangels?

A: Not at all. It’s a 312-page book that’s designed to reveal the most useful practical archangel magick. If you’re interested, click on the image above and download the free sample or use the Look Inside feature to see if it looks like something you’ll enjoy using.

Q: Some of the Hebrew letters appear to be wrong. Did you make a mistake?

No, everything is as it should be. Please see the same question on this page for more details.

Q: Can you help me to pronounce the words in this book?

A: Here’s an audio/video guide. Your own voice will sound different, so you don’t have to copy this exactly.

This video might seem overwhelming, with so many words being spoken, but remember that in practice you will be learning just one or two words at a time, in most cases. That makes it very easy.

Q: Is  DE pronounced the same as DEE?

A: You can say it like the DE in DESK, or the DE in DETAIL. You will even hear it sounding more like DEE in the video above, because it flows well, which goes to show you can be very relaxed about pronunciation. Use the version you prefer.

Q: Can this magick be done to bring results for somebody else?

A: The instructions are aimed at changing your reality. But you can use this for others, by making their reality part of yours – you see their problem as something you want to solve in your life. When you study the book you should be able to work out where and how this can be done. It will probably work best when you’re already good at getting results for yourself and when you feel you really understand the magick. If in doubt, you can try it. Damon explores this at a few points in the book, but most clearly in the chapter called Crisis Magick. The advice given there could apply to most of the book.

Q: I’ve heard that archangels have powers that aren’t listed in this book. Can I use them?

A: Damon has listed the powers most likely to work with these methods, but if you’ve read elsewhere of other powers, there’s no harm in trying. (Be aware that the internet is one of the worst sources of information, with just about every power ascribed to every archangel if you read for long enough.) The book, as written, is your best guide to the most effective magick. You should also know that many powers are revealed only when you read the whole book deeply. When you get to invocation and evocation you will have an understanding of the archangels that can then be applied to earlier rituals. The book wasn’t written to be obscure, but to ensure that only through a deep reading of the text can you gain full access to the powers. This ensures you have fully absorbed the required concepts that get the magick working.

Q: I’ve learned about all the various angelic powers spread throughout the book, so can I use each power with each method? Can an Evocation Power be used with the Archangel Sigils of Power, for example?

A: Building on the above answer, Damon wants this to be down to personal interpretation and insight, for very sound magickal reasons, so I won’t say too much, but you should know that what’s presented in the book is the best and most likely way for the magick to work. The powers listed for the sigils are the most likely to work, but it doesn’t mean they are the only ones, as he says. You can try other powers for that angel, using the sigils, once you’ve worked out what they are, but it should be clear that the book sets out what’s most likely to work with each method. And some methods, of course, dictate the magick that applies – invocation powers, for example, are quite clearly intended for the invocation method only. In time, you may gain a broader understanding of the angels by working with them, and then everything becomes more fluid and flexible, and all powers possibly become available with all methods, but when starting out it makes sense to work with what’s in the book exactly as it’s set out. The exception to this is evocation, where your intuition based on the descriptions and the knowledge gleaned from the rest of the book can lead to a wider interpretation of powers from the outset, and the process of evocation itself will often reveal more powers to you.

Q: Many people claim Raphael is an angel of healing, but in this book it says Raphael is on there ‘to aid with healing.’

A: See above. And to elaborate, if you get to Invocation you will see that Raphael heals the self directly. And for Evocation it says, ‘Raphael can assist in all manner of healing.’  Note that Damon says, ‘The powers are all there, but you will need to work out what has to change in your life, and what ritual is most appropriate for your development and the result you seek.’ That means that the path to healing may be more than just ‘a healing ritual’, but you may work on energy, emotions and other aspects of the underlying issue. This brings far greater results than rituals that are too simple and limited in scope.

Q: Before a ritual, should I used The Sword Banishing from Magickal Protection or The Circle of Power from this book?

A: With both methods available, most people use the Sword Banishing daily or twice daily for general protection and magickal alignment (or not at all if it’s not part of your practice), and The Circle of Power for the rituals. It is, however, up to you how you use the magick that’s here.

Q: Can I ask for several results at once?

A: The book repeatedly conveys the importance of wisdom and patience. Note that Damon says, “Do not just hammer out countless rituals in the hope that more is better. The ideal approach is to choose well and combine rituals wisely.”

Q: In the divination ritual, do I speak the question out loud?

A: You contemplate the question in your mind, and then speak the request to the angel out loud. This is, however, open to interpretation. If you prefer to do everything out loud, you can. If you prefer to do everything in your mind, you can.

Q: Can you suggest which archangel or which method would be best for my problem?

A: The best way to work is with your own understanding of the powers. Damon talks about this at some length, in various parts of the book. A full reading of the book and an awareness of what is on offer is the only way for this to work. When you have read everything, it should become quite clear, and there are guidelines in there on how to work out what you want. A good starting point is the chapter called Choosing Your Magick, but that is only a starting point, and only by reading the whole book will you be able to make the best choices.

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133 Comments on “Archangels of Magick FAQ

  1. Hey, how can i use divination for a future event that is separate from me? For example, the resault of a football match. Or price of something in the near or far future. Something like just predicting the future. How can I receive a number from the archangels related to this prediction? Is there a better way to do this? Like words of power or magickal servitors?

    • Well, we haven’t written a complete divination book yet – there’s just divination scattered through. So there’s nothing for this sort of gambling, betting, predicting type thing. I mean, you can try it, but as many have found, it’s less likely to work than stuff that’s sincere and close to you. The gabling ritual in Magickal Riches works though, if there’s skill involved. You can try servitors, but really, I think divination is more about knowing and finding choices rather than seeing what will happen. Having said that, there are a few rituals in my book and Words of Power for seeing the future – no harm in trying.

  2. hi. i had a question about the book “72 angels of magick”. what do we do if 3 days into the ritual we realize we were doing something wrong? like, not facing East, for example? or forgetting to do the opening gesture..? do we just continue like normal? thank you

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gallery of Magick, Damon Brand, Zanna Blaise & Adam Blackthorne.

    My life moved from desperation to empowerment (one of the best things that could happen to a person in my position)

    i came across your work mid last year (Jun-July-August 2017) but the changes i have witnessed make me think of myself as a Magus ;)….

    I managed to increase my salary using “Magickal Riches”, i discovered childhood issues and faith issues using “72 Sigils”and, i achieved peace of mind and harmony with “Sigils of Power and Transformation”.

    I am currently working with “Archangels of Magick”, and damnnn!, this is serious power.

    I am discovering a lot about myself using this Magick. I am Falling in love with myself as i rediscover my oneness with the Universe and creation… and it is now that i realize the importance of life.
    So much has happened since last year that i cannot put into words.

    Thank you… Thank you.

    My Deepest Gratitude to G.O.M for showing me that there is more to life.

    Allow me to ask:
    I got a sense to look into Demons of Magick last month, i purchased it, then as i was going through it, i could not find a way to comprehend the Magick, but there was strong feeling when i came to “Wielding Power”. i then took that part and mixed it with Circle of Power as part of my ritual Opening before performing any magick within ‘Archangels of Magick”.

    After a few experiments with it, i discovered that this actually helps me with the Magick, i knew it was not necessary, but it certainly added a serious boost and connection to my Magickal Practice.

    Now, i am still interested in Demons of Magick because of the powers there, but i realized that maybe i wasn’t ready for it, so i wanted to know what are your thoughts in using “Archangels of Magick” to obtain the powers in the Demons of Magick? Will the “Ladder of Ascend” work, or should i wait until i am ready to perform Demons of Magick?
    (Apologies if the Question belongs to the ‘Demons of Magick Page’)

    • That is high praise and very much appreciated. I relished every word and always make sure messages like this get passed on to the others. As for your question, experimenting is something I love and if it works, that’s great. If you’re starting out with demons, I’d actually advise against using an experimental method. Not that there’s danger, just that going by the book is usually the best way. Follow what Gordon says, and you’re really quite likely to get results. Patience is one of the great skills of magick and I’d wait until it feels like something you want to do. Thanks again. Adam B

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