The Future of Magick

Our last few books are coming up in the next few years. But don’t see this as The Gallery of Magick winding down or cooling off. This is a crescendo. What we leave you with will be spectacular.

Damon Brand is about to release a new book using the Words of Power method in a way you’d never have imagined. What? More Words of Power? But we wanted something else! Don’t worry, this book is different, showing how far the technique can go. In just a few short weeks you’ll see what I mean. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a bit more mystical than other books, but you’ll soon see how practical it can be.

UPDATE: Mystical Words of Power is available now.


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But what about everything else?

We promised all sorts of other stuff. And between now and the end of 2021 you’ll get it all. And then we’ll close the box again, and that will be all from us.

The Holy Guardian Angel

Damon’s wrestled with how to share our practical ideas about the Holy Guardian Angel, and he considered giving it away for free. We’ve found, however, that people rarely download or use the things we give away for nothing. The Holy Guardian Angel ritual will now be published in 2021. The foundation work for the Holy Guardian Angel can be found with the seven major rituals in Mystical Words of Power. That’s not stated in the book, but if you use that magick you will be better prepared for the Holy Guardian Angel ritual.

New Magick

We talk about secrets, and not that long ago magick really was kept secret. There is now so much to choose from. And a lot of it’s great. Some of the magick isn’t so good, but lots of it is really cool, so we don’t sit here saying only we know how magick should be done. But what we do know has transformed our lives. That’s the magick we want to share.

Whether you’re a casual reader, somebody new to magick, or someone who loves our work, everything you want should be coming up in our last few books.

If you want magick that works, that’s what we love the most. And what’s coming up is practical, innovative, and Damon Brand at his best.

– Adam Blackthorne

Archangels of Magick


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