Words of Power and Magickal Images

Two new Damon Brand books have been released, and these will be the last for quite some time.

First is the long-waited Words of Power now available on Amazon.


Also, due to many requests, we’ve created Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magickcontaining over 115 images from Damon Brand books. There will be no ebook version. This (unfortunately expensive) book is not essential, but for people who want high quality copies of our images – with color in most of the images – it’s an option. We created it only because so many people asked. If you want physical copies of the angelic sigils (from The 72 Angels of Magick), in color, this is how to get them.

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16 thoughts on “Words of Power and Magickal Images

  1. Hello Damon, I recently bought your book Words of Power and have just used the “Appear Valuable to Someone Important” words of power. Can you explain to me more fully about what kind of force / being I have contacted when I did this?


    1. The book uses divine words of power derived from the various so-called Names of God to contact angels. Of course, all these words have such strong connotations, and many people even have hangups about angels and god. But this can be used by atheists and people of any religion and it still works. But it’s not demonic, if that’s what’s concerning you.

  2. Hi Damon, bought the book and had a question: For the activation ritual, would repeating the activation ritual help or hinder results? Say if I wanted to increase the odds or strength of the words of power, or just to strengthen my connection to them? Thanks Damon.

  3. Have a look at this page: http://galleryofmagick.com/about/

    It’s a tricky question. Magickal Cashbook makes use of Nitika, one of the Genii of the 12 hours. Some see such beings as angels, others see them as demons. Magickal Seduction uses a non-angelic approach in Ritual 1 and 3. Wealth Magick uses some angels, but some of the spirits are not angels. Adventures in Sex Magick is a non-angelic approach. I will publish several books on demons, but it’s a difficult topic. Many people are afraid and immediately think the devil will get them. Some people would not purchase Words of Power, for example, if they knew I also supplied access to demons. Nevertheless, it is our task to share as much of the magick as we can, so there will be books on demons, and other forms of magick too.

    1. Thank you for your reply, I know everything I wanted to know. I’d love to read books about demons, I actually prefer working with them than angels. I have two of your books, I am planning to get the Seduction one. Thanks again.

  4. Hello,

    I have one question about this book. That words of power, where they come from? I mean is their origin like for example angelic? Was just curious if I can work with them.

    1. It’s difficult to give an accurate, short reply, but they are essentially angelic names and words used to call on angels (which are derived from various methods used to encode sacred names), and words that contact the intelligences of angels. So, in short, this is a quick, easy way to contact angels. It’s obviously not as detailed and directed as the contact in Magickal Angels, but it is still contact.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Do you have any books with techniques that doesn’t require to contact angels?

  5. I have two questions about the Words Of Power. Is the activation supposed to be done once ever, or once before using the words of power for each situation? Also, can Be The Center Of Attention be used to get the attention of somebody on the Internet, such as LinkedIn or other business sites?

    1. Hello. Thanks for buying the book. On the second line of Activating The Words of Power it should say, ‘The following ritual needs only to be performed once.’ I should perhaps have said, ‘once ever’. The ritual you mention is more for direct social interaction rather than online use, but some people have used it online with success. The key is to take note of the sentence, ‘The magick works best when there is a fairly large crowd and some sort of competitive element to being seen.’ That is, you need a fairly large crowd, but not a massive one. So a crowded room is great. A section of LinkedIn might also work, but you wouldn’t want to use this to be the most popular person on such a massive site. But it can work if you aim it at a specific ‘crowd’.

  6. It’s an interesting question, and the book is meant to be pronunciation-proof, to the extent that even if you said Yah, the sigil should have sorted this out for you. But we can’t be sure, so you might want to repeat it. There’s no harm in doing so. As for overdoing it, there is no harm so long as you have the time and energy. I only advise against it if people are trying everything they can out of desperation. Ideally, magick should be done with calm confidence. But there’s no harm, in doing it together – the forces won’t cancel each other out, unless you were to, for example, use opposing forms of magick. That is, imagine you do a ritual to appear invisible to others and one to be famous – that’s going to clash. I hope that makes sense.

  7. Hi Damon,

    On page 19 of my book (Activating the words of power) there is a small error, in the description it says “Now vibrate the words below the sigil, starting with BAG-EE-TATZ and ending with TZUH-YAH.”, while under the sigil the end is “TZUH-YAT”, i choose the YAH ending, but i think it might confuse some people.

    And my question is that you say normally do the process once, but what would you say how long does the effect last: for example the words of power “Be The Center of Attention” does it work for a party you choose, like the upcoming party, or will the effect be longer lasting?



    1. Thanks for that. There was a problem during upload (where an earlier version was uploaded by the cop editor, I believe), so I’m getting my techie people to check it’s all correct now. When the book is updated, you can update it through Manage Your Kindle. YAT is actually correct, and the earlier description a page earlier was wrong. As for the length of time, it’s directly proportional to your request. I’ll update the FAQ… If you request it generally, it will be general. If you request it for one week, for a special event it will be for one week. If it’s for an hour it will last an hour. But, if at any time you want it to stop, it will stop. Thanks for raising that.

      1. Glad that you corrected it, so it won’t confuse others as it has me.

        But should I repeat the process with YAT, once again?

        And I know you answered the question with regards about using the workings with Nitika along with the wealth magick, but we have now many different approaches to use your work to tackle our issues, is there a way to overdo/ lessen the general effect, by doing too much at the same time?

        For example in order to get a more active private life, one could use the processes of magickal seduction, call on the help of one angel from your angels book and enhance everything with a workings of the words of power book, now in this example would the forces work together in some way(like a puzzle),or would they oppose each other ?, considering my intention is the same in all of these workings.

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