Words of Power and Magickal Images

Two new Damon Brand books have been released, and these will be the last for quite some time.

First is the long-waited Words of Power now available on Amazon.


Also, due to many requests, we’ve created Sigils and Talismans From The Gallery of Magickcontaining over images from Damon Brand books. There will be no ebook version. This (unfortunately expensive) book is not essential, but for people who want high quality copies of our images – with color in most of the images – it’s an option. We created it only because so many people asked. If you want physical copies of the angelic sigils (from The 72 Angels of Magick), in color, this is how to get them.

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16 Comments on “Words of Power and Magickal Images

  1. Hello Damon, I recently bought your book Words of Power and have just used the “Appear Valuable to Someone Important” words of power. Can you explain to me more fully about what kind of force / being I have contacted when I did this?


    • The book uses divine words of power derived from the various so-called Names of God to contact angels. Of course, all these words have such strong connotations, and many people even have hangups about angels and god. But this can be used by atheists and people of any religion and it still works. But it’s not demonic, if that’s what’s concerning you.

  2. Hi Damon, bought the book and had a question: For the activation ritual, would repeating the activation ritual help or hinder results? Say if I wanted to increase the odds or strength of the words of power, or just to strengthen my connection to them? Thanks Damon.